Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/Bleep/
Style   : electronic / ambient / modern classical /

LECABAN 1       HORLA                   FANTOMES                        LP      08.2019

        1       Opium Quartet
        2       Bois-Pierre
        3       Jumbo Score
        4       Haschich Jazz
        5       Qui Sont Ces Fantomes
        6       The Coconut Fall
        7       Frame-Ocean
        8       Veillee Pour Les Morts
        9       Pallissandre Spleen

'Fantomes' by Horla is a musical isthmus, a frontier seldom travelled, a sonic
corridor wherein animated bodies, sounds and dreams, instrumental and woody murmurs
roam. Composed over the course of two years spent in Madagascar, the writing of this
record bore witness to the insolent profusion and phantasmagorical incarnations of
tropical wildlife, to strange rituals and animism.
LECABAN    002  NEBULO                  PARALLAXES                      LP      06.2020

French composer and producer Nebulo (Thomas Pujols) presents his album 'Parallaxes'.
The album has been acting as a prequel to the EP 'Ascii Snake' released in 2019.
This chapter takes a final step in confirming an aesthetic turning point in Nebulo's
career, in which his polyphonic style, entirely concentrated on synthesised timbres
reaches maturity.
LECABANON  003  CRYPTO TROPIC           CRYPTO TROPIC                   LP      08.2015

(Note : LP , 140g vinyl housed in DIY cut-out jacket with "a map to find secial items
        in special places)
LECABAN 4       OTHELLO AUBERN          TWO-WAY SWITCH                  LP      08.2019

Born in 1987 from an Italian mother and a Swiss father, Othello Aubern is residing
in Omsk, Russia. At a young age, he became interested in sound synthesis. His work
led him to record his experiments and, later, to sequence them. Othello's first
release is the result of collecting, assembling and creating musical soundscapes.
LECABAN 5       YVANKO                  PLUVIOSE                        LP      08.2019

Yvanko is a French artist, whose first record has been composed on Reunion Island,
in Kiev, and Ivry-sur-Seine in France. 'Pluviose' is a written, sensitive,
asymmetrical, irascible world: wild at times, but always in control. Swarms of visual
sounds sweep through the landscape, breaking down in electronic beats.
LECABSA 1       CLUSTER LIZARD          EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE            LP      08.2019

Debut album from the Ukrainian darkwave/industrial/experimental duo, consisting of
Dmytro Fedorenko and Kateryna Zavoloka. 'Edge Of The Universe' is a conceptual project
that drives the listener into unique cinematic sci-fi atmospheres, developing a sonic
equilibrium between sensitivity and harshness, quietness and noisiness. A subtle
alchemy which evolves progressively with loud layered rhythms, psychedelic synths,
crackling noises and unexpected breaks.