Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : rock / pop / wave /

LAZYEP  1       THE ECHO FIELD          THE ECHO FIELD                  12"     10.2015

Though this self-titled EP is soaked in'60s inspired arrangements and chord
progressions, it still sounds contemporary. The four tracks, in major key, were
written on an observation deck high above the trees.
LAZYGRE 1       GROWTH                  COLOUR, CUT & CLARIFY           12"     09.2016

Pressed on 12-inch vinyl are these bittersweet sensations of veiled seascapes,
frostbitten asphalt and endless spiral staircases. With the tone being both fragile
and threatening, this is slippery garage-rock that never chooses the easy way.
LAZYHN  1       HOLY NOW                PLEASE CALL ME BACK             12"     02.2017

The music of this Swedish band can be described as jangly fuzz pop in which euphoria
meets insomnia.
LAZYAPE 1       ANTI PONY               ALEXANDER                       10"     01.2017

Anti Pony from Sweden creates heartfelt and melodious pop, wrapped in lovely rattling.
LAZYLDA 1       LION'S DEN              LION'S DEN                      LP      08.2016

Top modern garage-post-punk played with ancient instruments, featuring members from
a.o. Wild Fangs, Holograms, Mind Traps and Martin Savage Gang.
LAZYTPS 1       PRESOLAR SANDS          THE BIG NOISE                   LP      04.2017

In Presolar Sands' music melodic, psychedelic and dark elements, as well as explosive
noise outbursts, create a world of their own. 'The Big Noise' features heart-beat
drums, vibrating guitars, reverberating piano, dark lyrics and the witchy voice of
Jessica. The album is inspired by Sweden's 17th century witch-hunt and the mass
hysteria that prevailed, called the Great Uproar ('The Big Noise'). Hundreds of women
were executed for performing witchcraft.
LAZYHNA 001     HOLY NOW                THINK I NEED THE LIGHT          LP      05.2018

        1.      Toronto
        2.      Feel It All
        3.      Glowing
        4.      Tainted Heart
        5.      Pearl
        6.      Time
        7.      Something Real
        8.      Say It Again

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, the band (consisting of members Julia Olander, Ylva
Holmdahl, Samuel Von Bahr and Hampus Eiderström Swahn), debuted in 2016 with the EP
"Sorry I Messed Up". The follow up EP "Please Call Me Back" was released in 2017 and
helped establish Holy Now as one of the more promising bands on the prosperous Swedish
pop scene. Following the releases the band played at both festivals and clubs around
Scandinavia and UK, earning them a reputation for their energetic and uplifting