Distr.  : UK - Norman
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LAUV    001
LAUV    002 LP  LAUV                    ~HOW I'M FEELING~               2LP     03.2020
LAUV    002 CD  LAUV                    ~HOW I'M FEELING~               CD      03.2020

Platinum-certified independent singer, songwriter, producer, and pop visionary Lauv
releases his 21-track debut album, ~how iím feeling~.
So Lauv (Latvian for 'lion' apparently) has proved pretty popular as a producer and
songwriter for hire. To date he has mainly worked behind the scenes on the work of
other artists but How I'm Feeling is his first full length as a solo artist. The
little men on the sleeve all form a facet of Lauv's personality on an album with
a credit listing so complex that you'll get a headache.