Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : psychedelic / progressive /

LSLP    1       LONE STAR               EN DIRECTO 1974                 LP      02.2019

Previously unreleased 1974 live album by Spanish hard/prog rock band. Lone Star
was one of the great Spanish rock groups of the '60s, with an already impressive
discography, when in 1968, at the moment when pop ended and the strongest and most
devastating rock fury, established since 1969, was unleashed. In 1974 they recorded
a this album live in a radio studio, but it was never released at the time.
LSLP    2       LONE STAR               ADELANTE ROCK EN VIVO           LP      02.2019

Reissue of 1973 album by Spanish hard/prog rock band. Recorded on April 16, 1973 at
the Gema 2 studios in Barcelona with a dozen friends as audience, this is the first
live hard rock album recorded by a Spanish band. The album was recorded with the whole
group playing simultaneously.
LSLP    3       LONE STAR               SIGUENOS                        LP      02.2019

Reissue of 1976 album by Spanish hard/prog rock band. This was the first time that
Lone Star recorded in Catalan. Before 1975 this language was forbidden by Franco's
fascist dictatorship.
LSLP    4       LONE STAR               EN CONCERTO 1998                LP      02.2019

Previously unreleased 1998 live album by Spanish hard/prog rock band.
LSLP    5       LONE STAR               HORIZONTE                       LP      02.2019

Reissue of 1978 album by Spanish hard/prog rock band. This LP is composed of eight
songs (one repeated at the beginning and at the end as instrumental) in the line
of what groups like Genesis did, with lyrics of clear socio-political content that
constitutes an adherence to the newly born ideological freedom and expression.
For the first time they also used keyboards on this album.
LSLP    6       LONE STAR               OVEJA NEGRA                     LP      02.2019

Reissue of 1974/79 album by Spanish hard/prog rock band. Comes in the never issued
original cover designed by one of the greatest comic painters of Spain: Carlos Azagra.
Includes insert with painting. This disc was recorded in 1974 for Unic/Diresa.
The manager of that company turned out to be a gangster who disappeared overnight
with the royalties and benefits of several albums of the group, including part of
the earnings of the LP 'Adelante! Rock en Vivo' (Unic, 1973), the best-selling album
of the group. Five years later, this disc would see the light under the title 'Oveja
Negra' (Crculo, 1979).
LSLP    7       LONE STAR               ES LARGO EL CAMINO              LP      02.2019

Reissue of 1973 album by Spanish hard/prog rock band. Because album singer Pere Gené
was increasingly influenced by the vocal styles of Blood, Sweat and Tears or Chicago,
this album features songs in English and Spanish.
LSLP    8       LONE STAR               SINGLES 1972-1977               LP      05.2019

A collection of the best singles this Spanish-Catalan band released between 1972 and
1977, that shows their whole stylistic range. An essential chapter in Spanish rock
music. Limited to 300 copies on blue vinyl.
LSLP    9       LONE STAR               VIEJO LOBO                      LP+CD   06.2019

Reissue of last studio album, originally released in 1982 on Auvi, by Spanish band
Lone Star. Probably their best sounding and produced album. Comes in gatefold cover
and includes bonus CD and poster. Strictly limited edition of only 300 copies.
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