KWAIDAN RECORDS                         5 Rue Andre Messager
***************                         Paris, Ile de France


Owner   : Marc Collin
Distr.  : FR - Discograph
          UK - Norman/
Style   : indie / French pop / jazz / rock / chanson / ambient / downtempo /

KW      019     MAXENCE CYRIN           NOVO PIANO                      CD        .2009
KW      019 LP  MAXENCE CYRIN           NOVO PIANO                      LP      09.2016

CD      1       Where Is My Mind                                2:45
        2       D.A.N.C.E.                                      2:49
        3       Ivo                                             3:58
        4       Only Shallow                                    3:58
        5       Around The World                                3:30
        6       No Cars Go                                      4:02
        7       Lithium                                         3:54
        8       Kids                                            3:00
        9       Triangle                                        2:52
        10      Crazy In Love                                   3:52

LP      1.      The Pixies              Where Is My Mind
        2.      Justice                 D.A.N.C.E
        3.      Cocteau Twins           Ivo
        4.      My Bloody Valentine     Only Shallow
        5.      Daft Punk               Around The World
        6.      Arcade Fire             No Cars Go
        7.      Nirvana                 Lithium
        8.      MGMT                    Kids
        9.      Jacno                   Triangle
        10.     Beyonce & Jay Z         Crazy In Love
        11.     Yellow Magic Orchestra : La Femme Chinoise
KW      023     NOUVELLE VAGUE          COULEURS SUR PARIS              LP      10.2020
KW      023     NOUVELLE VAGUE          COULEURS SUR PARIS              CD      11.2010
KW      025     DORIAND                 LIEU-DIT                        CD      10.2011
KW      027     [ZHENYA LYUBICH]        C'EST LA VIE                    CD      12.2011
KW      029     OLGA KOUKLAKI           I U NEED                        CD        .2012
KW      032     YASMINE HAMDAN          YASMINE HAMDAN                  CD        .2012
KW      034 LP  BRISTOL                 BRISTOL                         LP      06.2015

        1.      ‘Safe From Harm’ performed by Clara Luciani
        2.      ‘Woman’ performed by Cecile de Larentis
        3.      ‘Roads’ performed by Jim Bauer
        4.      ‘Moog Island’ performed by Prudence Fontain
        5.      ‘Overcome’ performed by Dawn
        6.      ‘No Justice’ performed by Dawn
        7.      Windows By The Radio’ performed by Clara Luciani and Martin Rahin
        8.      ‘Paper Bag’ performed by Martin Rahin
        9.      ‘Gabriel’ performed by Jim Bauer
        10.     ‘Mad About You’ performed by Jim Bauer
        11.     ‘It Hurts Me So’ performed by Dawn
        12.     ‘6 Underground’ performed by Liset Alea
        13.     ‘Nothing Else’ performed by Martin Rahin
        14.     ‘All Is Full Of Love’ performed by Yasmine Hamdan.
KW      35      LA FÉLINE               ADIEU L'ENFANCE                 LP      11.2014
KW      35      LA FÉLINE               ADIEU L'ENFANCE                 CD      11.2014
KW      35      LA FÉLINE               ADIEU L'ENFANCE                 DL      11.2014

        A1      Les fashionistes (au loin)
        A2      La ligne d'horizon
        A3      Zone
        A4      Dans le doute
        A5      Adieu l'enfance
        B1      Reve de verre
        B2      Midnight
        B3      Moderne
        B4      La fumée dans le ciel
        B5      T'emporter
        B6      Le parfait état 
KW      43 LP   JAY JAY JOHANSON        OPIUM                           LP      06.2015
KW      43 LPX  JAY JAY JOHANSON        OPIUM                           LP+7"   06.2015
KW      43 CD   JAY JAY JOHANSON        OPIUM                           CD      06.2015

LP      A1.     Drowsy / Too Young To Say Night
        A2.     Moonshine,
        A3.     Be Yourself
        A4.     I Love Him So
        A5.     NDE
        B1.     I Don’t Know Much About Loving
        B2.     Scarecrow
        B3.     I Can Count On You, B4. Alone Too Long
        B5.     Celebrate The Wonders

7”      A.      Moonshine
        B       Capricorn.

CD      1.      Drowsy / Too Young To Say Night
        2.      Moonshine
        3.      Be Yourself
        4.      I Love Him So
        5.      NDE
        6.      I Don’t Know Much About Loving
        7.      Scarecrow
        8.      I Can Count On You
        9.      Alone Too Long
        10.     Harakiri
        11.     Celebrate The Wonders
KW      58 LP   BRISA ROCHE             INVISIBLE 1                     LP      06.2016
KW      58 CD   BRISA ROCHE             INVISIBLE 1                     CD      06.2016

        1/A1.   Lit Accent
        2/A2.   Echo Of What I Want
        3/A3.   Night Bus
        4/A4.   Baby Come Over
        5/A5.   Groupie
        6/A6.   A Minute
        7/B1.   Disco
        8/B2.   You Like A Fire
        9/B3.   Each One Of Us
        10/B4.  Diamond Snake
        11/B5.  Walk With Me
        12/B6.  Vinylize
        13/B7.  Find Me
KW      62      NADEAH                  WHILE THE HEART BEATS...        CD      03.2016

        1.      Met A Man
        2.      One Way Lie
        3.      Ordinary Colours
        4.      Kansas
        5.      Unknow
        6.      Run
        7.      Darling
        8.      Get Out Of Your Head
        9.      She Said
        10.     RH Jam
        11.     Pocketful Of Holes
KW      070 LP  NOUVELLE VAGUE          A COULD BE HAPPY                LP      11.2016
KW      070 LPB NOUVELLE VAGUE          A COULD BE HAPPY                LP      11.2016
KW      070 CD  NOUVELLE VAGUE          A COULD BE HAPPY                CD      11.2016

        1.      Athol-Brose
        2.      Love Comes In Spurts
        3.      I Wanna Be Sedated
        4.      I Could Be Happy
        5.      All Cats Are Grey
        6.      No One Is Receiving
        7.      Maladroit
        8.      Algo Familiar
        9.      Loneliness
        10.     La Pluie Et Le Beau Temps
KW      092 EP  LA FELINE               ROYAUME                         12"     05.2018
KW      110 LP  NOUVELLE VAGUE          CURIOSOTIES                     LP      04.2019
KW      110 CD  NOUVELLE VAGUE          CURIOSOTIES                     CD      04.2019

        1.      Sweet Dreams
        2.      My Girl
        3.      Girl You Want
        4.      Under The Flag
        5.      Brass in Pocket
        6.      I’m In Love With a German Film Star
        7.      Don’t You Want Me
        8.      Blank Generation
        9.      Mirror In The Bathroom
        10.     Sex Beat
        11.     Ghost Rider
        12.     Nowhere Girl
KW      137     V / A : 'Des Jeunes Gens Modernes Vol 3. [Post Punk,    2LP     12.2020
                Cold Wave, et culture Novo en France (1978 - 1983)]'

LP 1    A1.     Analoid - Sans Issue
        A2.     Alena - Les Ailes De La Nuit
        A3.     Abitbol & Desperiez - Substance M
        A4.     Martin Dupont - Nice Boy
        A5.     Warum Joe - Ralph Und Karl
        A6.     Les Magistrats De Syracuse - Genese
        B1.     Codek - Demo
        B2.     Tintin Reporter - Chocs Emotionnels
        B3.     Tokow Boys - Swinging-pool
        B4.     X Ray Pop - L'Eurasienne
        B5.     Elise Cabanes - Loup Garou
        B6.     Les Stagiaires - Charles-Hubert

LP 2    C1.     Les Anonymes - La Prochaine Crise
        C2.     Opera De Nuit - Ami! Amant!
        C3.     Takenoko - Lee Harver Oswald
        C4.     Nini Raviolette - Je Te Nous
        C5.     Megaherz - Manche Atlantique
        C6.     Performance - Merveilles Attendues
        D1.     Spleen Ideal - Encore Un Jour
        D2.     Berlin 38 - Guerre Apres Guerre
        D3.     Oto - Anyway
        D4.     Jours Meilleurs - Petruchka
        D5.     Raison Pure - Data Girl
        D6.     Atom Cristal - Boulevard Circulaire
KW      151     NOUVELLE VAGUE          GIRLS AND BOYS                  7"      06.2021
KW      158     NOUVELLE VAGUE          THIS IS NOT A BEST OF           LP      02.2022
KW      158 CD  NOUVELLE VAGUE          THIS IS NOT A BEST OF           CD      02.2022

        A1.     I Melt With You
        A2.     Just Can't Get Enough
        A3.     Ever Fallen In Love
        A4.     Love Will Tear Us Apart
        A5.     Heaven
        A6.     Guns Of Brixton
        A7.     All My Colours (Feat. Ian Mc Culloch)
        B1.     Making Plans For Nigel
        B2.     Blue Monday
        B3.     Teenage Kicks
        B4.     Dancing With Myself
        B5.     Master And Servant (Feat. Martin Gore)
        B6.     In A Manner Of Speaking
        B7.     Our Lips Are Sealed (Feat. Terry Hall)
        B8.     Too Drunk To Fuck
TPK     1 LP    NOUVELLE VAGUE          NOUVELLE VAGUE                  LP+MP3  04.2017

        1.      Love Will Tear Us Apart
        2.      I Just Cant Get Enough
        3.      In A Manner of Speaking
        4.      Guns of Brixton
        5.      (This Is Not) A Love Song
        6.      Too Drunk to Fuck
        7.      Marianne
        8.      Making Plans for Nigel
        9.      A Forest
        10.     Psyche
        11.     Teenage Kicks
        12.     I Melt With You
        13.     Friday Night, Saturday Morning
                (Note : LP , transparent vinyl)

The impetus behind Nouvelle Vague was two French musician/producers, Marc Collin and
Olivier Libaux, bringing in various female vocalists who had no knowledge of the songs
they’d be covering.
TPK     2 LP    NOUVELLE VAGUE          BANDE A PART                    LP+MP3  04.2017

        1.      "The Killing Moon" (Echo & the Bunnymen)
        2.      "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)" (Buzzcocks)
        3.      "Dance with Me" (The Lords of the New Church)
        4.      "Don't Go" (Yazoo)
        5.      "Dancing with Myself" (Billy Idol)
        6.      "Heart of Glass" (Blondie)
        7.      "O Pamela" (The Wake)
        8.      "Blue Monday" (New Order)
        9.      "Human Fly" (The Cramps)
        10.     "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (Bauhaus)
        11.     "Escape Myself" (The Sound)
        12.     "Let Me Go" (Heaven 17)
        13.     "Fade to Grey" (Visage)
        14.     "Waves" (Blancmange)

Repress comes in 180gr pink vinyl and includes MP3 download of the album.
Bande A Part is Nouvelle Vague's second album, initially released in 2006. Like their
eponymous first album, it is a collection of bossa nova cover versions of 1980s new
wave tracks. The music video for "Dance with Me" references the famous dance sequence
from Jean-Luc Godard's film Bande A part (1964).
Album by Nouvelle Vague called Bande a Part. Apparently they sold 200,000 copies of
their last album which if they sold them for a pound each would have made GBP200,000!