Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast / Clear Spot /
Style   : psychedelic / progressive /

KLBCD   4       KUNGENS MAN             STOCKHOLM MARATON               CD      09.2016
KLBCD   5       KUNGENS MAN             FORNEKAREN                      CD      12.2015
KLB     6       KUNGENS MAN             DAG & NATT                      2CD     07.2017
                (Note : double CD , 300 copies)
KLB     8       KUNGENS MAN             FUZZ PA SVENSKA                 2CD     08.2018

This time Kungens Man are digging deep, starting off very calmly and inviting us gently
to the ride. Off it goes, in many different directions and moods. Sometimes noisy and
fuzzy and creeping up on you from behind, but with a melodic and somewhat jazzy vibe.
Always in trance. 'Fuzz Pa Svenska' builds and breaks and ends with the deepest sound
trip Kungens Män have offered us this far into their journey. These Swedes are
certainly doing their best to make Sweden psychedelic again. Limited to 500 copies.