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                                        D-72497 Gammertingen


Distr.  : GE -
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : avantgarde / psychedelic / progressive / stoner / heavy metal /

KMR     001     ARC OF ASCENT           CIRCLE OF THE SUN               LP        .2011
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
KMR     001     ARC OF ASCENT           CIRCLE OF THE SUN               LP        .2011
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on purple vinyl)

        A1      Universal Form
        A2      Cosmic Eye
        A3      The Inner Sign
        B1      Absolution In Light
        B2      Godhead
        B3      Masters Of The Serpents
KMR     002     DATURA                  VISIONS FOR THE CELESTIAL       LP        .2011
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
KMR     002     DATURA                  VISIONS FOR THE CELESTIAL       LP        .2011
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on purple vinyl)
KMR     002     DATURA                  VISIONS FOR THE CELESTIAL       LP      09.2020
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on transp.-violet vinyl)

        A1      Magnetise
        A2      Sunshine In Purple
        A3      Reaching Out
        A4      Euphoria
        B1      Voyage
        B2      Mantra

CD      Cranium Music       CRM 004         1999        NZ
KMR     003/2   VIBRAVOID : VOID VIBRAVOID-10 TH ANN. DELUXE ED.        2LP     02.2012

LP 1    A1      Black And White
        A2      Creepy People
        A3      Adjustment
        A4      Echovoid
        A5      Silent Screams (Adjustment 7" Single B-Side)
        B1      Vivid Vision
        B2      Electrovoid
        B3      Void Vibration
        B4      Adjustment (7" Single Version)

LP 2    C1      Vivid Vision (Demo 1998)
        C2      Black And White (Demo 2002)
        C3      Creepy People (Demo 2002)
        C4      Vivid Vision (Demo 2002)
        C5      Vibra Void (Demo 1996)
        D1      Void Vibration (Live)
        D2      Black And White (Live)
                (Note : double LP , 750 copies total)
KMR     004     TUBER                   TUBER                           12"       .2012

        A1      Sex And Depression                              10:55
        A2      The Fall Of The Wall                            10:26
        B1      Lap Dance                                       6:44
        B2      Attack From Mars                                6:30
        B3      Smoked Up Notes                                 6:40
KMR     005/2   PYRAMIDAL               DAWN IN SPACE                   2LP       .2012
KMR     005/2CD PYRAMIDAL               DAWN IN SPACE                   2CD       .2012

LP 1    A1      Intronauts
        A2      Black Land
        A3      Kosmik Blizzard
        B1      Dawn In Space
        B2      Plastikleuten

LP 2    C1      Tempel Iaru
        C2      Mars Lagoon
        D1      Another Dimension (Bonus)
        D2      Opium Town (Bonus)

CD 1    1-1     Intronauts
        1-2     Black Land
        1-3     Kosmik Blizzard
        1-4     Dawn In Space
        1-5     Plastikleuten
        1-6     Tempel Iaru
        1-7     Mars Lagoon

CD 2    2-1     Another Dimension
        2-2     Opium Town
        2-3     Psychotic Hypnotic
        2-4     Bap'O Meth
        2-5     Isi (Neu! Cover)
KMR     006/2   VESPERO : Subkraut / U-Boats Willkommen Hier            2LP     06.2012

LP 1    A1      The Strangest Thing In The Ocean
        A2      Anpeilen!
        B1      Underwater
        B2      Target Selection

LP 2    C1      Angriff, Ran, Versenken!
        C2      ALARM...The Art Of Positive Thinking
                Bonus Tracks
        D1      Liventure N.8, Part 1
        D2      Liventure N.8, Part 2

KMR     007/2   DATURA                  ALL IS ONE                      2LP       .2012

LP 1    A1      Lost In Time
        A2      Astral Man
        A3      Journey Thru' Space
        A4      Man In The Moon
        A5      Phazer
        B1      Shine
        B2      Mountain
        B3      Happiness Grows

LP 2    C1      Reaching Out
        C2      Starshaker
        C3      Magnetise
        C4      Lost In Time
        D1      Astral Man
        D2      Journey Thru' Space
        D3      Into The Light
        D4      Into The Light (Studio Version)

CD      Cranium Music       CRM 002         1998        NZ
KMR     008/2   ABUNAI!                 UNIVERSAL MIND DECODER          2LP       .2013

LP 1    A1      Cosmo Gun                                       7:18
        A2      Inspiration                                     5:20
        A3      77 Gaza Strip                                   6:14
        B1      Suspension Bridge                               0:58
        B2      Gypsy Davy                                      5:46
        B3      Chromatic Moire                                 4:18
        B4      Calvary Cross                                   6:17

LP 2    C1      Quiet Storm                                     9:15
        C2      Dreaming Of Light                               8:58
        C3      Cosmo Gun (Silencer)                            1:52
        D1      Dropped From A Rocket                           6:00
        D2      Mirror Of Galadriel/Drinks The Young Wine       16:30
KMR     009/1   PYRAMIDAL               FROZEN GALAXIES                 LP      06.2013
KMR     009/1   PYRAMIDAL               FROZEN GALAXIES                 CD      06.2013

LP      A1      Altar Of Delusion World                         6:27
        A2      Beyond The Lost Orbs                            8:43
        A3      Sons Of Light                                   6:14
                Frozen Galaxies                                 (23:58)
        B4.A    Entering Into Crimson Planet
        B4.B    Abyss Of Cold Dust
        B4.C    Mothership Has Landed

CD      1       Altar Of Delusion World                         6:27
        2       Beyond The Lost Orbs                            8:43
        3       Sons Of Light                                   6:14
        4       Frozen Galaxies                                 23:58
KMRCD   010/1   VOCOKESH                SHADOWS OF THINGS PAST          6CD     03.2014

                Why Not Now?...Alan!
        1-1     Number 28                                       5:13
        1-2     Q(E)Z                                           1:57
        1-3     Nothing More Than A Hoax                        7:49
        1-4     Electric Waltz                                  3:21
        1-5     Why Not Now?...Alan!                            8:29
        1-6     Zombie Theme                                    3:12
        1-7     An Observation                                  7:42
        1-8     Why Not Now?...Alan! (Different Version)        11:17

                Welcome To My Cloud
        2-1     Tibet Blues                                     12:25
        2-2     Ghost Town Surfer                               5:10
        2-3     A Nice Interlude 3                              3:42
        2-4     1000 Words In One Picture                       6:10
        2-5     Meditation 7 (Under The Blacklight)             7:09
        2-6     In Case Of Fire. Break Glass                    7:46
        2-7     A Slight Return                                 8:36
        2-8     Welcome To My Cloud                             12:03

                CD 3 (Untitled)
        3-1     'Observation' Jam                               28:32
        3-2     Lloyd Thaxtob. Where Are You?                   9:01
        3-3     Take The Slow Train                             6:39
        3-4     The Hunting Of The Shark                        5:05
        3-5     Mr. Trip's Prelude                              14:53

                CD 4 (Untitled)
        4-1     Seeing It From The Other Side (Veriosn 1)       4:25
        4-2     A Simple Story. Told In A Series Of Brutal Edits13:49
        4-3     Aspirating Jimi                                 3:22
        4-4     Upon Further Examination                        11:08
        4-5     Chaos Jam                                       14:53
        4-6     Huxley's Final Trip                             16:44

                CD 5 (Untitled)
        5-1     In The Place Where You Live                     16:25
        5-2     Don't Play With Pointy Objects                  19:00
        5-3     Seeing It From The Other Side (Version 2)       7:40
        5-4     Reaction In 'A'                                 19:57

                CD 6 (Untitled)
        6-1     The Mangler                                     9:44
        6-2     3 Note SUB-Version                              11:20
        6-3     Disembodied Voices                              11:48
        6-4     Standing In The Garden (Assault And Battery) PT3.14:31
        6-5     Why Not Now? - Alan! (Live)                     7:14
        6-6     Ghost Town Mutant                               1:36
        6-7     Joe Got His Gun                                 7:40
                (Note : 6CD box , 300 copies)
KMR     011/1   VIBRAVOID               FREAK OUT BOLOGNA!              LP      06.2013

        A       The Golden Escalator Pt I                       20:23
        B       The Golden Escalator Pt II                      20:26
                (Note : LP , 750 copies on blue-red vinyl)
KMR     012/1   WEEDPECKER              WEEDPECKER                      LP      03.2014
KMR     012/1   WEEDPECKER              WEEDPECKER                      CD      03.2014

        A1      Berenjena Pipe                                  6:04
        A2      Mindbreath                                      4:39
        A3      Don't Trust Your Elephant                       9:10
        B1      Kraken                                          4:50
        B2      Sativa Landscapes                               8:19
        B3      Weedfields                                      6:30
KMR     013/1   PALM DESERT             FALLS OF THE WASTELANDS         LP        .2014

        A1      After The Storm                                 1:22
        A2      Chase The Sun                                   3:04
        A3      Johnny Goblin                                   5:20
        A4      Set Me Free                                     2:46
        A5      Yerba Mate                                      8:20
        A6      Grow Up My Little Man                           3:20
        B1      The Tempter                                     4:39
        B2      Adliwun                                         5:07
        B3      Jesus                                           3:07
        B4      Give Me More                                    2:35
        B5      Solar Trip                                      9:26

CD      BSFD                CD 007          2010        GE
KMR     014/1   PALM DESERT             ROTTEN VILLAGE SESSIONS         LP        .2014

        A1      Down The Odyssey                            08:04
        A2      Till The Sun Goes Down                      03:39
        A3      Ghulassa Saloon                             00:34
        A4      Mani                                        04:51
        A5      Damn Good                                   03:49
        B1      Shades In Black                             07:31
        B2      Orbitean                                    01:10
        B3      Acid Phantom                                04:58
        B4      White Wolf                                  12:55
KMR     015/2   ALLMEN JOY              RECORDED LIVE IN DENVER 1967    2LP       .2014

LP 1    A1      You're Gonna Miss Me
        A2      The Monkey Time
        B1      Walk With Me
        B2      The Merry Tripster

LP 2    C1      On Broadway
        C2      Need Your Love
        D1      Funky Broadway
        D2      Freak Out / Instrumental
KMR     016/2   VIBRAVOID : MINDBENDERS THE RADIO SESSIONS              2LP       .2014

LP 1    A1      Magic Mirror                                    2:43
        A2      Seefeel                                         3:22
        A3      Incense And Peppermints                         2:22
        A4      Doris Delay                                     3:38
        A5      Poupée De Cire                                  2:36
        A6      Vivid Vision                                    3:23
        B1      Ballspeaker                                     15:00
        B2      Black And White                                 4:43

LP 2    C1      Save My Soul                                    8:39
        C2      Gravitation Zero                                12:11
        D1      Poupée De Cire                                  2:39
        D2      Seefeel                                         3:23
        D3      Magic Mirror                                    2:40
        D4      Playing With Beuys                              2:50
        D5      Incense And Peppermints                         2:23
        D6      Mother Sky                                      6:25
KMR     017/1LP PALM DESERT : PEARLS FROM THE MUDDY HOLLOW              LP      01.2015
KMR     017/1   PALM DESERT : PEARLS FROM THE MUDDY HOLLOW              CD      01.2015

        A1      No Way Back                                     5:03
        A2      Lucky Bone                                      3:15
        A3      Tsunami                                         3:30
        A4      Favela                                          7:49
        B1      End Of The Road                                 4:04
        B2      Rise Above                                      1:54
        B3      No Pain No Sorrow                               4:59
        B4      Pearls From The Muddy Hollow                    2:54
        B5      Forward In The Sun                              8:19
KMR     018/1   DEAF PROOF              DEATH SOUNDS ANGRY              LP      01.2015

        A1      Death Sounds Angry And Hungry For More          6:40
        A2      The Sense                                       11:40
        B       Origin Of Pain                                  18:30
KMR     019/2   KNALL                   THE TWIN OF BAAL                2LP     06.2015

LP 1    A1      Arrive Before Start                             6:54
        A2      Rippeldelay                                     12:02
        B1      At The Beginning                                5:37
        B2      Pink Flash                                      6:06
        B3      Hal                                             10:12

LP 2    C1      The Seventh Son                                 9:23
        C2      Inbetween Those Two Flashes                     9:20
        D1      Here They Come                                  13:01
        D2      Wiedermaldasletzte                              6:32
KMR     020/4   VIBRAVOID               2001-15TH ANNIVERSARY ED.       4LP     05.2015

                Original Album - Re-Mastered And Restored Version
        A1      (She´s Just) 13                                 4:36
        A2      Lovely Lady Deb O`Nair                          5:51
        A3      Mystery Ship                                    3:02
        A4      Psychodrome                                     5:40
        A5      Wokboy                                          5:09
        B1      Ballspeaker                                     7:27
        B2      Inside The Electric Mind                        5:28
        B3      Tascam Mantra                                   6:48
        B4      Three Minutes For A Free Tibet                  3:00
                (LP 1 on yellow/blue split vinyl)

                Demo Recordings
        C1      Genesis Dreams (Demo 1994)                      1:39
        C2      Voices From The Looking Glass (Demo 1994)       6:03
        C3      Lovely Lady Deb O`Nair (Demo 1995)              3:37
        C4      Psychodrome (Demo 1995)                         4:19
        C5      She Is Just 13 (Demo 1998)                      2:21
        C6      Fuzzy Jane (Practice Room Recording 1991)       2:09
        D1      Lovely Lady Deb O`Nair (Demo 1997)              2:39
        D2      Mystery Ship (Demo 1997)                        2:01
        D3      Ballspeaker (Demo 1997)                         3:26
        D4      Psychodrome (Alternative Version 1998)          5:41
        D5      Three Minutes For A Free Tibet (Alt. V. 1999)   2:48
        D6      She Is Just 13 (2015 Version)                   3:36
                (LP 2 on clear red-splattered vinyl)

                Live At The Swamp Room Happening 2001
        E1      Three Minutes For A Free Tibet                  2:40
        E2      She Is Just 13                                  3:31
        E3      Ballspeaker                                     7:39
        E4      Mystery Ship                                    3:51
        F1      Astronomy Domine                                4:22
        F2      Vivid Vision                                    3:24
        F3      Void Vibration                                  13:32
                (LP3 on black/white swirl vinyl)

                Demo Recordings
        G1      Fire (Long Demo Version 1993)                   17:29
        G2      Keller Song (Practice Room Recording 1990)      5:34
        H       Journey To The Centre Of The Sun (Complete Demo
                1993)                                           24:14
                (LP4 on purple/white swirl vinyl)

Package includes:   Optical-Art-insert for weird psychedelic visions
                    Double-sided Poster
                    16-page full coloured booklet
                    4 printed inner sleeves
                    Preorder copies came with a free canvas bag.
KMR     021/1   F/i                     VENUSIAN HOLIDAY                LP      06.2015

        A1      Venusian Holiday                                9:41
        A2      Welcome To The Jewelled Forest                  10:17
        B1      860 Degrees In The Shade                        4:27
        B2      OM 17                                           15:29
KMR     022/1   VIBRAVOID               DISTORTIONS                     LP      11.2015

        A1      Random Generated Future
        A2      Eye Shaking King
        A3      Leave It All Behind
        A4      Save My Soul
        B1      Christmas On Earth
        B1      Mother Sky
                (Note : LP , 500 coloured copies)
KMR     023/1   VIBRAVOID               MINDDRUGS                       LP      11.2015

        A1      Seefeel
        A2      What You Want
        A3      Do It Allright
        B1      You Keep On Falling
        B2      Lost Intensity
        B3      Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
KMR     024/2   VIBRAVOID               GRAVITY ZERO                    2LP     11.2015

LP 1    A1      Gravitation Zero                                13:23
        A2      No Silver Bird                                  3:30
        A3      Photosynthesis In Darkness                      3:08
        A4      Travelling Without Moving                       1:38
        B1      Eruptions Of The Green Sun                      4:03
        B2      Shotgun Wedding                                 2:52
        B3      Get Out Of Here                                 4:14
        B4      The White Ship                                  6:20
        B5      Brainplane                                      4:32

LP 2    C1      La Vie En Düsseldorf (Previously Unreleased Alternative
        C2      All Stars Have Gone To Sleep
        C3      Radiation Zero (Previously Unreleased Alternative Version)
        D       Gravitation Zero (Previously Unreleased Demo Version)
KMR     025/2LP DEAF PROOF              BLOOD RED SKY SESSIONS          2LP     01.2016

LP 1    A       Far Beyond The Blood Red Sky - Part I
        B       Far Beyond The Blood Red Sky - Part II

LP 2    C       Ocean Of Sand
        D1      Dust And Bones Among Us
        D2      DMG-01 Sounds Angry
KMR     026/3LP VIBRAVOID : LIVE AT FINKENBACH FESTIVAL 2015            3LP     01.2016

LP 1    A1      Mother Sky Part I
        A2      Sky Saxon Mantra Part I
        B1      Sky Saxon Mantra Part II
        B2      Mother Sky Part II
        B3      Ballspeaker Part I

LP 2    C       Ballspeaker Part II
        D       In A Gadda Da Vida

LP 3    E1      Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun Part I
        E2      Journey To The Centre Of The Sun Part I
        F1      Journey To The Centre Of The Sun Part II
        F2      Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun Part II
        F3      Playing With Beuys
KMR     027/1   PYRAMIDAL : FROM OTHER SPHERES/SABBRA ARABIA            LP        .2017

                From Outer Spheres
        A1      The Rise And Fall Of Humankind
        A2      Dream Waves
        A3      Return To Earth
                Sabbra Arabia
        B1      Sabbra Arabia (Remastered)
        B2      Green Lights In Laurasia
KMR     028
KMR     029/1   RAMA                    RAMA                            LP        .2015

        1       RAMA
        2       Liquid Eternity
        3       Magnetic Wind
KMR     030/1   PATHOS                  ELIXIR                          LP        .2016

                Side A
        00      Portal                                          2:42
        01      A Haunted Vision                                6:12
        02      Sophie                                          7:53
        03      Untitled (Formerly Known As The God) Acts I & II6:04
                Side B
        04      Untitled (formerly known as The God) Act III    1:45
        05      Ankh                                            8:06
        06      The Wanderer                                    4:59
        07      Sequel                                          8:10
KMR/    31      VIBRAVOID               VOID VIBRAVOID                  LP      02.2016

        A1      Black And White
        A2      Creepy People
        A3      Adjustment
        A4      Echovoid
        A5      Silent Screams
        B1      Vivid Vision
        B2      Electrovoid
        B3      Void Vibration
        B4      Adjustment

CD      nasoni              NR 020          2001        GE
KMR     032     MOTHER MOOCH            NOCTURNES                       LP        .2016

        A1      This Tempest                                    4:49
        A2      Sinners                                         4:56
        A3      My Song 21                                      1:29
        A4      Into The Water                                  4:04
        B1      L.H.O.O.Q.                                      2:33
        B2      Misery Hill                                     4:15
        B3      Hive Mind                                       4:51
        B4      Out On The Western Plain                        4:14
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on black-brown marbled vinyl)
KMR     033/1   SIMONES                 CORRIDOR OF DREAMS              LP      05.2017

        A1      Peakin'                                         2:31
        A2      Colors                                          5:05
        A3      Look At Life                                    7:38
        A4      Purple Jam                                      4:06
        A5      Shot Down                                       4:40
        B1      Wizard Of Time                                  11:02
        B2      Sinsemilla Morning                              3:22
        B3      Fantasy Girl                                    7:57

LP      Purple Phrogg       P.G. 01         1992        US
KMR     034/1   SIMONES                 ENCHANTED FOREST                LP      05.2017

        A1      The Bee Song                                    4:23
        A2      Special Place                                   4:43
        A3      When We Were Children                           3:12
        A4      Sunday's Flight                                 5:26
        A5      Soundhole                                       0:44
        A6      Today's Song                                    2:47
        B1      Average Joe                                     3:03
        B2      Liquid Sound                                    5:22
        B3      Sunday's Flight (Part Two)                      2:26
        B4      Window                                          2:00
        B5      Enchanted Forest                                8:29

LP      Purple Phrogg       P.G. 02         1994        US
KMR     035/6CD VIBRAVOID : Loudness For The Masses-The Complete        6CD     05.2016
                Recordings And More - Extended Edition

        CD1-1   Save My Soul
        CD1-2   Magic Mirror
        CD1-3   Playing With Beuys
        CD1-4   Colour Your Mind
        CD1-5   Ballspeaker
        CD1-6   Alphawave
        CD1-7   Rheinflow
        CD1-8   Seefeeel
        CD1-9   In A Gadda Da Vida
        CD1-10  Black And White

        CD2-1   Mother Sky/Sky Saxon Mantra
        CD2-2   Alphawave
        CD2-3   Rheinflow
        CD2-4   In A Gadda Da Vida
        CD2-5   Seefeel
        CD2-6   Mother Sky/Sky Saxon Mantra
        CD2-7   Seefeel

        CD3-1   Save My Soul
        CD3-2   Magic Mirror
        CD3-3   Rheinflow
        CD3-4   Alphawave
        CD3-5   Tomorrow Never Knows
        CD3-6   Magic Mirror
        CD3-7   Alphawave
        CD3-8   Rheinflow
        CD3-9   Ballspeaker
        CD3-10  Colour Your Mind

        CD4-1   Playing With Beuys
        CD4-2   In A Gadda Da Vida
        CD4-3   Seefeel
        CD4-4   Vivid Vision
        CD4-5   Black And White
        CD4-6   Mother Sky/Sky Saxon Mantra
        CD4-7   No Silver Bird

        CD5-1   Mother Sky/Sky Saxon Mantra
        CD5-2   Ballspeaker

        CD6-1   In A Gadda Da Vida
        CD6-2   Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun/Journey
                To The Centre Of The Sun
        CD6-3   Playing With Beuys
        CD6-4   What You Want
        CD6-5   You Keep On Falling
                (Note : 6CD box , 1000 numb. copies)
KMR     036/3   VIBRAVOID               A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM           3LP     05.2017

LP 1    A1      Tomorrow Never Knows
        A2      Magic Mirror
        A3      Alphawave
        A4      Rheinflow
        A5      Incense And Peppermints
        A6      Colour Your Mind
        B1      In A Gadda Da Vida
        B2      Interstellar Overdrive

LP 2    C1      Astronomy Domine
        C2      Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
        D       Ballspeaker

LP 3    E1      Black And White
        E2      Listen Can't You Hear
        E3      Playing With Beuys
        F1      Doris Delay
        F2      Mother Sky

2CD     Clostridium         CRCD 009            2018        GE
KMRLP2  37      THUNDERMOTHER           NO RED ROWAN                    2LP     02.2019

LP 1    A1      Someday                                         13:41
        A2      Woman                                           3:17
        B1      Boogie Music                                    4:48
        B2      Country Lines                                   1:05
        B3      Lady (Lay By Me)                                3:39
        B4      Duce Blues                                      1:14
        B5      Watch Your Step                                 3:30
        B6      You Know Me Babe

LP 2    C1      Woman in My Life                                4:17
        C2      Come on Home                                    4:53
        C3      Rock Me Babe                                    6:03
        D1      The People Show                                 3:54
        D2      Boogie Music (Coke Version)                     4:50
        D3      Come on Home (Space Version)                    7:28

A quite mysterious release from mostly studio musicians, of which not much history
is known. 'No Red Rowan', an album of heavy blues, psych, acid rock was released in
1971. Out of the UK, the album is definitely a required rarity for any fan of early
'70s hard/psych stuff. Recorded in 1970-71 in Wakefield, England. Gatefold heavy
cardboard cover.

CD      Kissing Spell       KSG 003         1995        uk
KMR2    38      LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE    THE COSMIC UNION                2LP     04.2019

LP 1    A1      Born In The Rays Of The Third Eye               7:06
        A2      Lotus Of A Thousand Petals                      9:28
        A3      In The Mystic Light                             8:10
        B1      Give Yourself To Love                           6:56
        B2      Freedom In Your Mind                            8:00
        B3      Her Cosmic Light                                4:16

LP 2    C1      What Love Can Bring                             3:33
        C2      Tantra Asana                                    6:40
        C3      By The Grace Of Love                            7:11
        C4      Nectar of Devotion                              4:57
        D1      Lotus Of A Thousand Petals (Demo)               8:06
        D2      In The Mystic Light (Demo)                      5:07
        D3      Peaceful Life (Demo)                            7:37

Lamp Of The Universe is a solo project by Craig Williamson, who was the vocalist,
lyricist and bass player in the mighty Datura, but this is the total opposite of that
group's full-on rock overload. 'The Cosmic Union' is an incense drenched mellow groove
of an album, with sitars, tablas, flute, keyboards, spacious guitar and stoned trancy
drumming. The authentic eastern flavoured '60s sound is comparable to Dead Flowers,
Saddar Bazaar and Tangle Edge, combined with the hypnotic groove of Spacemen 3 abd
the spacier moments of Porcupine Tree. The perfect, opium-hazed soundtrack to those
"quiet nights in". This 2019 version includes unreleased tracks and demos and is
limited to 200 copies on black vinyl.

CD      Cranium Music       CRM 005         2001        NZ

KMRLP1  40      SIMONES                 BALLOON RIDE                    LP      05.2020

Reissue of Simones' third album, originally release on Purple Phrogg in 1998. All
songs are filled with intense psychedelic guitar music that invokes the energy and
passion of his influences, including Jimi Hendrix and Phil Keaggy of The Glass Harp,
whilst also possessing the mystery and spiritual intensity that surrounds '70s US
psych rock. ULTRA PSYCHEDELIC guitar FREAKOUTS from beyond the beyond! Remastered
in 2017 by Al Simones. In memory of Al, who passed away 3rd Oct. 2018. Comes on
randomly inserted different colours of vinyl.









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