Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : electronic music /

KTW     6       PENELOPE ANTENA         ANTELOPE                        LP      10.2019

        1.      June'87                                         02:18
        2.      Mile Creek                                      03:08
        3.      The Cedars                                      03:14
        4.      33-1 Oak                                        02:58
        5.      Eau Claire                                      02:18
        6.      Above All Things                                04:10
        7.      Ride in the Name of Love                        03:45
        8.      211 Home                                        04:08
        9.      Nothing Back Home                               03:45
        10.     So It Ends                                      02:07

Penelope has taken it from her mother Isabelle Antena when it comes to creating
crossovers in musical genres. The common thread in her productions are definitively
her vocals. Experimenting instinctively with different techniques, Antena uses her
voice as a harmonic laboratory of emotions. Sometimes intimate, sometimes haunted.
Her debut LP 'Antelope' - entirely self-produced - proves that the music she creates
changes and evolves to perfectly match her personal story. All songs written in a
remote house in southern France, she added an electro-folky touch to the music full
of melancholia and heartache.
KTW     11      MONOLITHE NOIR          MOIRA                           LP      01.2020

        (A) 1.  Lichens
        (A) 2.  Blinded Folded ft.Rozi Plain
        (A) 3.  March for Nothing
        (A) 4.  Dream = Noise
        (A) 5.  Soulage
        (B) 6.  By Twos ft. Peter Broderick
        (B) 7.  Wave Flotation
        (B) 8.  Amok
        (B) 9.  Valsalva ft.Elsie Dx
        (B) 10. Dots

French musician Antoine Pasqualini was instrumental in the conception of several pop
bands in his homeland. He has since moved to Belgium where he spends his time working
under the name Monolithe Noir making drone and ambient music, albeit with the beats
and melodies of his pop past. His new album Moira features guest vocal performances
from Rozi Plain, Peter Broderink and Elsie Dx - artists are who are similar in that
they refuse to be pigeonholed.