Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/
Style   : world music / jazz / experimental / psychedelic / progressive /

KOS     1       NAKARA PERCUSSIONS      NAKARA PARCUSSIONS              LP      03.2019

        1.      Awa Mama
        2.      Balimba
        3.      KaŠinte
        4.      Kompaa
        5.      Le Pont Díla Riviere
        6.      Elixir
        7.      Honky Vahťa
        8.      Desert
        9.      Boutout Balata
        10.     NíDjolť

First time reissue of a cult French private press rarity at the intersection of
jazz, percussion and experimental sounds.
KOSMOS  5       KOSMOS                  AJAN PEILI                      LP      12.2019

Kosmos is a folk-progressive group from Turku, Finland. Their main influences come
from folk, progressive and psychedelic rock of the early seventies. The lyrics, sung
by their female singer Pšivi Kylmanen, are in Finnish, but English translations are
also included on their albums. The songs rely on strong atmosphere and interesting
lyrics. According to Olli Valtonen, the main lyric writer, the general idea in the
lyrics is "the other reality" (mainly the cosmic and mystic one). On the fifth album,
'Ajan Peili', Kosmos continues in their own original style! Lim. to 300 copies only.


KOS     008 LP  SIBUSILE XABA           NIGWU SHWABADA                  2LP     03.2020
KOS     008 CD  SIBUSILE XABA           NIGWU SHWABADA                  CD      03.2020

LP 1    A1.     Intro
        A2.     Abakhohlwanga
        A3.     Uqondile
        B1.     Mvelo
        B2.     Ngiwu Shwabada
        B3.     Tribute To Bafo

LP 2    C1.     Afrika
        C2.     Makwande Lwande
        C3.     Uyahlupha
        D1.     Phefumula (Feat Shabaka Hutchings)

CD      1.      Intro
        2.      Elihle
        3.      Umndeni
        4.      Uqondile
        5.      Mvelo
        6.      Ngiwu Shwabada
        7.      Afrika
        8.      Uyahlupha
        9.      Makwande Lwande
        10.     Abakhohlwanga
        11.     Tribute To Bafo

Guitarist and singer Sibusile Xaba hails from South Africa. He makes his own take on
Maskandi (Zulu folk music) music, mixing it with the avant-garde. Nigwu Shwabada his
new album. It translates as I Am with Shwabada, Shwbada being a spiritual lineage.
Features an 18 minute improvised track recorded with saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings
of Sons of Kemet and Shabaka & the Ancestors.