Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Bleep/
Style   : soul / funk / world / jazz / experimental house and techno /

KOS     1       NAKARA PERCUSSIONS      NAKARA PERCUSSIONS              LP      03.2019

        A1.     Awa Mama
        A2.     Balimba
        A3.     Kainte
        A4.     Kompaa
        A5.     Le Pont D’la Riviere
        B1.     Elixir
        B2.     Honky Vahéa
        B3.     Desert
        B4.     Boutout Balata
        B5.     N’Djolé

Komos Records open their account with the first reissue of a cult French private press
rarity at the intersection of jazz, percussion and experimental sounds. “Hypnotic
percussion tracks and organic soundscapes drawing on African, Asian, Indian & South
American traditions, recorded deep in the French countryside in 1984.”
Founded by long-time friends Gerard Kurdjian and Stéphane Olivier alongside compatriot
Christian Berthier in 1983, Nakara Percussions was a trio from the south of France,
fascinated with percussion instruments, rhythms and textures from across the world.
KOS     4       THE GRITNESS ACOUSTRONICS : MAHAKALI                    LP      10.2019
KOS     4       THE GRITNESS ACOUSTRONICS : MAHAKALI                    CD      10.2019

        1       Karmapa Chenno
        2       Universal Mother (feat Ballake Sissoko)
        3       Degi Degi
        4       Mahakali
        5       Malkauns
KOS     5       CHEIKH TIDIANE SECK     TIMBUKTU                        2LP     10.2019
KOS     5       CHEIKH TIDIANE SECK     TIMBUKTU                        CD      10.2019