KLIMT RECORDS                           3 Place Paul Verlaine
*************                           Paris

Distr.  : FR - Abraxas
          US - Forced Exposure
          UK - Volcanic Tongue/Piccadilly
          NE - Clear Spot
Style   : reissue - soul / funk / r&b / trad.music / space rock / pasychedelic
                    / blues rock / hard rock / garage rock / jazz / free jazz
                    free improv / blues rock / experimental / african / glam /

KLI     301     THE MOVING SIDEWALKS    FLASH                           LP      08.2009

        A1      Flashback                                       4:44
        A2      Scoun da Be                                     2:08
        A3      You Make Me Shake                               3:03
        A4      You Don't Know the Life                         3:54
        A5      Pluto-sept. 31st                                5:12
        A6      99th Floor                                      2:17
        A7      What Are You Doing to Do                        2:29
        A8      I Want to Hold Your Hand                        3:20
        B1      No Good to Cry                                  4:32
        B2      Crimson Witch                                   3:01
        B3      Joe Blues                                       7:41
        B4      Eclipse                                         3:35
        B5      Reclipse                                        1:19
        B6      Need Me (bonus)                                 2:14
        B7      Every Night a New Surprise (bonus)              2:58
                (Note : Texas trio feat.Billy Gibbson,later ZZ Top , 68)

LP      Tantara         TS 6919         1968    US
                : ONYE OBULA ZOBA ISI ONWEYA

        A       Ndo Ma Ike
        B       Onye Obula Zoba Isi Onweya
                (Note : Nigerian form of choral music , 1981)

LP      OTI             LP 2130         1981    UK
KLI     303     FELA RANSOME KUTI & HIS KOOLA LOBITOS : S / T           LP      08.2009

        A1      Signature Tune                                  0:22
        A2      It's Highlife Time                              5:24
        A3      Lagos Baby                                      3:35
        A4      Omuti                                           3:52
        A5      Olulufe                                         5:18
        A6      Araba's Delight                                 4:55
        B1      Wa Dele                                         4:08
        B2      Lal Se                                          4:14
        B3      Mi O Mo                                         4:44
        B4      Obinrin Le                                      4:49
        B5      Omo Ejo                                         5:05
                (Note : West African scene , 1965)

LP      Parlophone      PNL 1002        1969    Nigeria
                MARATHON SYSTEM VOL.1

        A       Juju Marathon System Jam 1
        B       Juju Marathon System Jam 2
                (Note ; Nigerian pop music)

        A1      Cool Money
        A2      Another Woman's Husband
        B1      Impossible
        B2      Afufu Uwa

LP      RAS             ASALPS 35       1981    UK/FR

        A       El Vampiro
        B       El Ataúd Del Vampiro
                SIKORU AYINDE : IWA

        A1      Iwa 	
        A2      Alhaji Rasaq Okoya (Eleganza)
        B1      Late Alhaja Sidikat Abeni (Haruna Ishola Bello)
        B2      Olabisi Ilori
        B3      Owolabi Ilori
        B4      Fuji Americano
        B5      Singing Roundabout

LP      Siky Oluyole    SKOLP 018       1982    Nigeria
MJJ     308     BILLY MARTIN            STRAWBERRY SOUL                 LP      08.2010

        A1      Funky Feelin’
        A2      One More Time
        A3      Egg Roll
        A4      Watermelon Man
        A5      Phillie Dog
        B1      It's Your Life
        B2      Moon Ride
        B3      Stax
        B4      If You Care
        B5      Prayer Meetin’
MJJ     309     DEMIAN                  DEMIAN                          LP      03.2011
MJJ     309     DEMIAN                  DEMIAN                          LP      05.2018

        A1      Face the Crowd                                  2:53
        A2      Windy City                                      5:18
        A3      Love People                                     2:48
        A4      Coming                                          5:30
        B1      Todd's Tune                                     3:19
        B2      No More Tenderness                              3:50
        B3      There You Go With My Baby                       4:54
        B4      Only a Loner                                    4:35

LP      ABC             ABCS 718        1971    US

classic Austin, Texan ‘60s psych-rock band Bubble Puppy. They changed from blistering
psych rock to a heavier sound that was peddled by the likes of Atomic Rooster at the
time. This eponymous record from 1970 was their one and only, and just like all proper
rock bands, they recorded it live in the studio.
MJJ     310     MOLOCH                  MOLOCH                          LP      01.2011
                (Note : formed in Memphis in 1968 by blues legend Lee
                Baker ; from 1970 debut LP)

LP      Enterprise      ENS 1002        1969    US
                OF DAN & DALE-BATMAN AND ROBIN

        A1      Batman Theme
        A2      Batman's Batmorang
        A3      Batman and Robin Over the Roofs
        A4      The Penguin Chase
        A5      Flight of the Batman
        A6      Joker Is Wild
        B1      Robin's Theme
        B2      Penguin's Umbrella
        B3      Batman and Robin Swing
        B4      Batmobile Wheels
        B5      The Riddler's Retreat
        B6      The Bat Cave
                (Note : orig.in 1966 , gatefold sleeve)

LP      Tifton          78002           1966    US      mono
MJJ     312     JOSEFUS                 DEAD MAN                        LP      12.2010

        A1      Crazy Man                                       4:00
        A2      I Need a Woman                                  4:20
        A3      Gimmie Shelter                                  4:05
        A4      Country Boy                                     3:15
        A5      Proposition                                     4:45
        A6      Get Off My Case                                 3:59
        A7      A Social Song                                   2:33
        B1      Situation                                       1:56
        B2      Dead Man                                        17:28
        B3      Feeling' Good                                   6:18
                (Note : great lost album of Southern hard rock , 1968)

LP      Hookah          LPH 330         1970    US
MJJ     313     THE LEGEND              THE LEGEND                      LP      03.2011

        A1      With a Girl Like You                            2:17
        A2      The Sky That Is Blue                            2:47
        A3      Zeppelin's Good Friday                          2:42
        A4      Where oh Where Is Mother                        3:03
        A5      Yesterdays Child                                2:31
        A6      Eyes of the World                               2:27
        A7      I Love The Little Girls (bonus track)           2:14
        A8      I Know (bonus track)                            2:11
        B1      The Kids Are Alright                            2:53
        B2      Cold Wind in August                             2:32
        B3      Sunny Day                                       2:11
        B4      You'll Be Sorry Someday                         2:14
        B5      Gigi                                            2:17
        B6      Baby Blue                                       5:27
        B7      Portrait of Youth (bonus track)                 2:44
        B8      Enjoy Yourself                                  2:51
                (Note : pop-psych.band from California)

LP      Megaphone       S/M 101         1968    US      mono/stereo, minus bonuses
MJJ     314 LP  THEM                    THEM                            LP      04.2011

        A1      I Keep Singing
        A2      Lonely Weekends
        A3      Take A Little Time
        A4      You Got Me Good
        A5      Jo Ann
        B1      Memphis Lady
        B2      In The Midnight Hour
        B3      Nobody Cares
        B4      I Am Waiting
        B5      Just A Little

LP      Happy Tiger     HT 1004         1969    US
MJJ     315     ARZACHEL                ARZACHEL                        LP      05.2011

        A1      Garden of Earthly Delights
        A2      Soul Thing (Queen St. Gang)
        A3      Leg
        A4      Clean Innocent Fun
        B1      Azatoth
        B2      Metempsychosis
        B3      Saturn / The Bringer of Old Age
                (Note : Brtit psychadelia , Evolution Z 1003 in 1969)
MJJ     316 LP  SUN RA QUARTET          THE MYSTERY OF BEING            3LP     07.2011
                : VOICE STUSIO ROME 2,7,8,13 JAN.1978
MJJ     316 LP  SUN RA QUARTET          THE MYSTERY OF BEING            3LP     12.2018
                : VOICE STUSIO ROME 2,7,8,13 JAN.1978

LP 1    A1      My Favorite Things
        A2      Moon People
        A3      Rome At Twilight
        A4      When There Is No Sun
        B1      Sun Steps
        B2      Exactly Like You
        B3      Friend And Friendship

LP 2    C1      The Horo
        C2      Sun, Sky And Wind
        D1      Springtime And Summer Idyll
        D2      Constellation

LP 3    E1      One Day In Rome
        E2      Bridge On The Ninth Dimension
        E3      Along The Tiber
        F1      Rebellion
        F2      The Mystery Of Being
MJJ     317     ALBERT AYLER            SPIRITS                         LP      06.2011

        A1      Spirits                                         6:36
        A2      Witches and Devils                              12:12
        B1      Holy, Holy                                      11:15
        BZ      Saints                                          6:13
                (Note : orig.on Debut Rec. , 1964)

LP      Debut           DEB 146         1964    US
LP      Transatlantic   TRA 130         1965    UK

        A1      Humus - The Life Exploring Force                18:57
        B1      Sita Rama Encores                               4:30
        B2      Actions for Free Jazz Orchestra                 16:31

LP      Wergo           SM 1010         1972    US
LP      Philips         6305.153        1972    UK
MJJ     319 LP  ALBERT AYLER : SWING LOW SWEET SPIRITUALS               LP      06.2011

        A1      Going Home
        A2      Old Man River, Take 2
        A3      Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
        B1      When The Saints Go Marching In
        B2      Swing Low Sweet Spiritual
        B3      Deep River
        B4      Old Man River, Take 1

LP      Osmosis         4001            1971    NE
                AND EXPERIENCE

        A1      Introduction
        A2      The Shepherd
        A3      The Echoing Green
        A4      The Lamb
        A5      The Little Black Boy
        A6      The Blossom
        A7      The Chimney Sweepers
        A8      The Little Boy Lost
        A9      The Little Boy Found
        A10     Laughing Song
        A11     Holy Thursday
        B1      Night
        B2      Introduction
        B3      Nurses Song
        B4      The Sick Rose
        B5      Ah! Sun-Flower
        B6      The Garden Of Love
        B7      London
        B8      The Human Abstract
        B9      To Tirzah
        D10     The Grey Monk

LP      Verve Forecast  FTS 3083        1970    US      gatefold
MJJ     321 LP  THEM                    THEM IS REALITY                 LP      07.2011

        A1      Gloria                                          6:00
        A2      Baby Please Don't Go                            4:43
        A3      Laugh                                           2:59
        A4      Let My Song Through                             2:32
        B1      California Man                                  2:06
        B2      Lessons Of The Sea                              3:40
        B3      Rayn                                            2:45
        B4      Back To The Country                             3:24
        B5      Can You Believe                                 2:40

LP      Happy Tiger     HT 1012         1971    US/CA
MJJ     322     HARUMI                  HARUMI                          2LP     11.2011
MJJ     322     HARUMI                  HARUMI                          2LP     05.2018

LP 1    A1      Talk About It                                   4:10
        A2      First Impressions                               3:10
        A3      Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do                    3:09
        A4      Hello                                           4:02
        A5      Sugar In Your Tea                               3:22
        A6      Caravan                                         3:05
        B1      Hunters Of Heaven                               2:52
        B2      Hurry Up Now                                    3:51
        B3      What A Day For Me                               2:47
        B4      We Love                                         2:17
        B5      Fire By The River                               3:35

LP 2    C1      Samurai Memories                                19:15
        D1      Twice Told Tales Of The Pomegranate Forest      24:00

2LP     Verve Foracast  FTS 3020 2X     1968    US

Mysterious Japanese artist Harumi recorded this album in 1968 with legendary producer]
Tom Wilson (Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan) at the helm. The album’s uniqueness comes
from Harumi’s wild ideas being restrained a touch by Tom Wilson and the natural clash
of Harumi’s culture with the Greenwich Village Scene. It all makes for a seamless
blend of ‘60s pop and experimental psychedelia. Harumi’s Parent’s even contribute.
MJJ     323     LAMBERT AND NUTTYCOMBE : AT HOME                        LP      11.2011

        A1      Morning                                         2:55
        A2      Time                                            2:36
        A3      Bird Song                                       2:45
        A4      My Own Beat                                     2:00
        A5      Something On My Mind                            1:42
        A6      Mouse                                           2:08
        B1      Ode To Drugan                                   2:15
        B2      Putting Myself Together Again                   2:18
        B3      Mr. Bojangles                                   3:39
        B4      Country Song                                    2:38
        B5      Heaven Knows (Where I've Been)                  1:53
        B6      Clover                                          2:39
                (Note : folk rock from LA , 1970)

LP      A&M             SP 4250         1970    US
MJJ     324     JUDY HENSKE & JERRY YESTER : FAREWELL ALDEBARAN         LP      11.2011

        A1      Snowblind                                       3:07
        A2      Horses On A Stick                               2:10
        A3      Lullaby                                         2:55
        A4      St. Nicholas Hall                               3:35
        A5      Three Ravens                                    3:30
        B1      Raider                                          4:27
        B2      One More Time                                   2:17
        B3      Rapture                                         4:09
        B4      Charity                                         3:17
        B5      Farewell Aldebaran                              4:21

LP      Straight        STS 1052        1970    UK
MJJ     325     COSMIC JOKERS           COSMIC JOKERS                   LP      11.2011

        A       Galactic Joke                                   22:38
        B       Cosmic Joy                                      19:24
                (Note : from Cologne , 1973)

LP      Komische Musik  KM 58.008       1974    GE
LP      Ohr             XBLY 840060     1974    GE      120 g.
LP      PDU             PLDSQ 6012      1974    GE
MJJ     326     SEIJI NAGAI+o : ELECTRONIC NOISE IMPROVISATION 1999     2LP     01.2012

        LP 1    Part 1 (17:27) //// Part 2 (6:51)
        LP 2    Part 3 (19:00) //// Part 4 (22.17)
MJJ     327     TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS    JULY 15 , 1972                  LP      12.2011
MJJ     327     TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS    JULY 15 , 1972                  LP      09.2019
                (Note : LP , 2019 repress on mustard vinyl)

        A1      Between 6:20 and 6:46 PM                        25:36
        B1      Between 7:03 and 7:15 PM                        11:15
        B2      Between 7:50 and 8:05 PM                        13:05

LP      CBS             SOCM 95         1972    US
                STOCKHOLM , 1ST & 9TH JULY 1971

        LP 1    I (29:46) //// II (28:53)
        LP 2    III (29:45) //// IV (29:59)
MJJ     329     CREATION                CREATION                        LP      02.2012

        A1      You Better Find Out                             3:47
        A2      A Magic Lady                                    3:37
        A3      Lonely Night                                    6:28
        A4      Tobacco Road                                    5:11
        A5      Fairy Tale                                      2:43
        B1      Pretty Sue                                      3:42
        B2      Got to Get Together                             3:48
        B3      Watch 'N' Chain                                 3:31
        B4      Feelin' Blue                                    7:55
        B5      Blues from the Yellow                           3:20
                (Note : LP , Kazuo Takeda's psych.band , 1975)

LP      Express         ETP 72072       1975    JA
MJJ     330     FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND  : ANYWHERE                      LP      02.2012

        A1      Anywhere                                        0:52
        A2      Louisiana Blues                                 15:49
        A3      Black Sabbath                                   8:53
        B1      House of the Rising Sun                         7:41
        B2      Twenty First Century Schizoid Man               13:25
        B3      Anywhere                                        0:57

LP      Philips         FX 8507         1970    EU
MJJ     331
MJJ     332     JOAO GILBERTO           JOAO GILBERTO                   LP      03.2012

        A1      Aguas De Marco
        A2      Undiu
        A3      Na Baixa Do Sapateiro
        A4      Avarandado
        A5      Falsa Baiana
        B1      Eu Quero Um Samba
        B2      Eu Vim Da Bahia
        B3      Valsa
        B4      E Preciso Perdoar
        B5      Izaura

LP      Polydor         2480 211        1973    FR
MJJ     333     CREATION                PURE ELECTRIC SOUL              LP      04.2012

        A1      Electric Soul Man
        A2      Tokyo Sally
        A3      Step Into the Light
        A4      All I Can Do Is Play the Blues
        B1      Spinning Toe-Hold
        B2      I'm a Rambler
        B3      Frankie and Johnny
        B4      See You in the Night and Leave You at Dawn
        B5      Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
                (Note : LP , led by Japanese guitar hero Kazuo Takeda , from 1977)

LP      Express         ETP 72234       1977    JA
MJJ     334     MASATO MINAMI           THE TROPICS                     LP      04.2012

(Note : Japanese folk singer , debut LP from 1971)

LP      RCA             JRS 7139        1971    JA
MJJ     335     KIM FOWLEY              LOVE IS ALIVE AND WELL          LP        .2012

        A1      Love Is Alive And Well                          1:34
        A2      Flower City                                     2:07
        A3      Flower Drum Drum                                2:58
        A4      This Planet Love                                2:10
        A5      War Game                                        3:07
        B1      Reincarnation                                   2:08
        B2      See How The Other Half Love                     2:00
        B3      Flowers                                         1:45
        B4      Super Flower                                    1:59
        B5      Me                                              1:45

LP      Tower           T  5080         1967    US      mono
LP      Tower           DT 5080         1967    US      stereo
MJJ     336
MJJ     337     THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP : THEIR FIRST ALBUM             LP      06.2012

        A1      My Babe
        A2      Dimples
        A3      Searchin'
        A4      Every Little Bit Hurts
        A5      I'm Blue (Gong Gong Song)
        A6      Sittin' and Thinkin'
        A7      She Put the Hurt on Me [bonus track]
        A8      I'll Drown in My Own Tears [bonus track]
        B1      I Can't Stand It
        B2      Here Right Now
        B3      Jump Back
        B4      It's Gonna Work Out Fine
        B5      Midnight Train
        B6      It Hurts Me So
        B7      Stevie's Blues [bonus track]
        B8      I'm Getting Better [bonus track]
        B9      Goodbye Stevie [bonus track]

LP      Fontana         TL 5242         1965    UK      mono , minus bonuses
MJJ     338     THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP : THE SECOND ALBUM              LP      06.2012

        A1      Look Away
        A2      Keep On Running
        A3      This Hammer
        A4      Georgia on My Mind
        A5      Please Do Something
        A6      Let Me Down Easy
        A7      Gimme Some Lovin' [bonus track]
        A8      Back Into My Life Again [bonus track]
        A9      Trampoline [bonus track]
        B1      Strong Love
        B2      I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water
        B3      Since I Met You Baby
        B4      You Must Believe Me
        B5      Hey Darling
        B6      Watch Your Step
        B7      Oh! Pretty Woman [bonus track]
        B8      Blues in F [bonus track]

LP      Fontana         TL 5295         1966    UK      mono , minus bonuses
MJJ     339     THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP : AUTUMN '66                    LP      06.2012

        A1      Together 'Til The End Of Time
        A2      Take This Hurt Off Me
        A3      Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
        A4      Midnight Special
        A5      When A Man Loves A Woman
        A6      When I Come Home
        A7      Stevie's Groove (Bonus Track)
        A8      Waltz For Lumumba (Bonus Track)
        B1      Mean Woman Blues
        B2      Dust My Blues
        B3      On The Green Light
        B4      Neighbour, Neighbour
        B5      High Time Baby
        B6      Somebody Help Me
        B7      I Can't Get Enough Of It (Bonus Track)
        B8      I'm A Man (Bonus Track)

LP      Fontana         T  5359         1966    UK      mono
LP      Fontana         TL 5359         1966    UK      stereo
MJJ     340     FOREST                  BBC CONCERT                     LP      06.2012

        A1      You Could Have Been A Gypsy
        A2      Leftover Wright
        A3      Everyday Laugh
        B1      What Happened To You?
        B2      Leave My Woman Alone
        B3      Regarding
        B4      Love's Memory Gone
        B5      Turning Of The Day
                (Note : rec.in May & october 1972 for BBC Radio 1 by DJ
                Bob Harris)
MJJ     341     TREES                   LIVE !                          LP      06.2012

        A1      Forest Fire                                     4:02
        A2      Prince Heathen                                  4:20
        A3      Tom of Bedlam                                   7:37
        A4      Cry of Morning                                  2:49
        A5      Bergen Polka                                    3:22
        B1      Friar Tuck Gets His                             6:30
        B2      The Innocent Hare                               1:58
        B3      Van Daemon's Land                               6:48
        B4      Polly On the Shore                              5:05
                (Note : UK acid folk band , rec.in 1971-1972 with DJ Bob
                Harris for BBC Radio 1)
MJJ     342     FELIX PAPPALARDI & CREATION                             LP      07.2012

        A1      She's Got Me                                    3:50
        A2      Dreams I Dream of You                           4:05
        A3      Green Rocky Road                                3:52
        A4      Preachers' Daughters                            2:52
        A5      Listen to the Music                             3:35
        B1      Secret Power                                    4:44
        B2      Summer Days                                     4:36
        B3      Dark-Eyed Lady of the Night                     4:22
        B4      Ballad of a Sad Cafe                            3:22

LP      A&M             SP 4586         1976    US
                -DISC RECORDINGS

        A1      New Way New Day
        A2      Johanna
        A3      Street Scene
        B1      Rising Sun
        B2      Lying Cheating
        B3      New York Woman Serenade
                (Note : led by Japanese guitar hero Kazuo Takeda,10.1978)

LP      Express         ELF 95024       1979    JA
MJJ     344     BRIGG                   BRIGG                           LP      01.2013

        A1      Hey Mister                                      3:17
        A2      Universe                                        5:33
        A3      Took It Away                                    3:36
        A4      New Found Rain                                  2:37
        B1      If Only You Could See Me Now                    3:23
        B2      The War Is Over                                 2:53
        B3      Linda                                           5:44
        B4      And You Know                                    2:48
        B5      Sneaker Tongue                                  0:32

(Note : school friends from Pasadena, US ; orig.issued in 1973)

LP      SSP             SSPLP 301       1973    US
MJJ     345     JAMES CHANCE & THE CONTORTIONS : BUY                    LP      09.2012
MJJ     345     JAMES CHANCE & THE CONTORTIONS : BUY                    LP      08.2018
MJJ     345     JAMES CHANCE & THE CONTORTIONS : BUY                    LP      07.2012

        A1      Design to Kill                                  2:44
        A2      My Infatuation                                  2:17
        A3      I Don't Want to Be Happy                        3:20
        A4      Anesthetic                                      3:50
        A5      Contort Yourself                                4:25
        B1      Throw Me Away                                   2:40
        B2      Roving Eye                                      3:06
        B3      Twice Removed                                   3:02
        B4      Bedroom Athlete                                 4:13

LP      Ze              ZEA 33.002      1979    US

Although James Chance’s Contortions had already appeared on Brian Eno’s legendary
"No New York" compilation in 1978, "Buy" was the group’s first full-length LP. An
angular and brilliant mix of free jazz and post-punk funk, this seminal 1979 album is
the quintessential No Wave release and the spark for much of what has come out of the
Downtown New York music scene over the past thirty years.
MJJ     346 LP  MAX ROACH               THE LOADSTAR                    2LP       .2012

LP 1    A       The Martyr, Pt. 1
        B       The Martyr, Pt. 2

LP 2    C       Six Bits Blues, Pt. 1
        D       Six Bits Blues, Pt. 2

2LP     Horo            HDP 9.10        1977    IT
MJJ     347     POPOL VUH               AFFENSTUNDE                     LP      11.2012

        A1      Dream Pt.4
        A2      Dream Pt.5
        A3      Dream Pt.49 
        B1      Affenstunde
                (Note : LP , 140 g.)

LP      Liberty         LBS 83460 1     1970    GE
MJJ     348 LP  KIM FOWLEY : THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL              LP        .2012

        A1      Cadillac
        A2      Pray For Rain
        A3      Night Of The Hunter
        A4      The Frail Ocean
        A5      Visions Of Motorcycles
        A6      The Man Without A Country
        B1      Prisoner Of War
        B2      I Was A Communist For The FBI
        B3      Birth Of A Nation
        B4      Long Live Rock N' Roll
        B5      The Day The Earth Stood Still
        B6      Is America Dead?

LP      MNW Sweden      MNWL-7P         1970    SW
MJJ     349     MILES DAVIS : LIVE AT THE PLUGGED NICKEL.22-23/12,1965  5LP       .2012

LP 1            December 22 1965 First Set
        A-1     Stella By Starlight                             12:49
        A-2     I Fall In Love Too Easily                       11:43
        B-1     The Theme                                       10:19
                December 22 1965 Second Set
        B-2     Four                                            5:05

LP 2    C-1     When I Fall In Love                             10:44
        C-2     'Round About Midnight                           8:42
                December 22 1965 Third Set
        C-3     Oleo                                            6:05
        D-1     I Thought About You                             11:03
                December 23 1965 First Set
        D-2     If I Were A Bell                                13:29

LP 3    E-1     Walkin'                                         11:01
                December 23 1965 Second Set
        E-2     My Funny Valentine                              13:52
        F-1     All Of You                                      10:39
        F-2     So What                                         13:36

LP 4    G-1     Agitation                                       10:48
        G-2     On Green Dolphin Street                         12:48
                December 23 1965 Third Set
        H-1     Milestones                                      11:49
        H-2     Autumn Leaves                                   11:56

LP 5    I-1     No Blues                                        20:06
                December 23 1965 Fourth Set
        J-1     All Blues                                       12:18
        J-2     Yesterdays                                      15:00
MJJ     350     MYSTIC SIVA             MYSTIC SIVA                     LP      12.2012

        A1      Keeper of the Keys                              4:28
        A2      And When You Go                                 4:50
        A3      Eyes Have Seen Me                               3:25
        A4      Come on Closer                                  3:24
        A5      Sunshine is Too Long                            3:13
        A6      Spinning a Spell                                3:26
        B1      Supernatural Mind                               4:16
        B2      Find Out Why                                    5:40
        B3      Magic Luv                                       3:24
        B4      Touch the Sky                                   3:51
        B5      In a Room                                       5:23
                (Note : leg.teenage psych USA private pressing)

LP      V.O.Rec.        VO 19713        1972    US
                HEROES OF THE PAST...

        A1      Pioneer                                         4:16
        A2      The Old One                                     5:03
        A3      Marcus Lied                                     9:42
        B1      Confucius Say Things Are Often Not What They
                Seem                                            4:11
        B2      Brumundi                                        4:23
        B3      Drummers's Nightmare                            8:38

LP      Illuminated     JAMS 27         1983    UK
MJJ     352     CARAVAN : IN THE LAND OF GREY AND PINK                  2LP     03.2013

LP 1    A1      Golf Girl                                       5:00
        A2      Winter Wine                                     7:35
        A3      Love to Love You (And Tonight Pigs Will Fly)    3:03
        A4      In the Land of Grey and Pink                    4:59
        B1      Nine Feet Underground                           22:40

LP 2    C1      I Don't Know Its Name                           6:08
        C2      Disassociation / 100% Proof
        D1      Aristocracy                                     3:15
        D2      It's Like to Have a Name Next Week/Winter Wine  7:48
        D3      Group Girl                                      5:14

LP      Deram           SDL-R 1         1971    UK

Pioneering album by Canterbury’s own, Caravan, originally released in 1971, and now
reissued with TWO FULL SIDES of bonus outtakes taken from the album’s original
recording sessions at A.I.R. and Decca studios in London in 1970-71. This was the
last album to feature the original Caravan line-up, before David Sinclair left to
form Matching Mo.
MJJ     353     MCDONALD AND GILES      MCDONALD AND GILES              LP      02.2013

        A.      Suite In C (Incl.:Turnham Green, Here I Am And Others)
                Flight Of The Ibis
                Is She Waiting?
                Tomorrow People = The Children Of Today
        B.      Birdman (Involving:The Inventor's Dream (O.U.A.T.), The
                Workshop, Wish-Bone Ascension, Birdman Flies!, Wings In
                The Sunset, Birdman-The Reflection)

LP      Island          ILPS 9126       1970    UK
MJJ     354     WEB                     I SPIDER                        LP      03.2016

        02.     I SPIDER
        03.     LOVE YOU
        04.     YMPHASOMNIAC
        05.     ALWAYS I WANT

Gatefold LP with inside pocket. For their third album, 1970s I Spider, The Web (now
simply called Web) brought in Dave Lawson on keyboards, mellotron and vocals, prompting
a major shift in the bands sound, away from psychedelia and towards a more progressive
rock approach. I Spider was also, unfortunately, the bands last album to feature the
stellar sax playing of Tom Harris whose departure prompted yet another change in the
bands name. For their next album Web would be known as Samurai, under which name they
released one brilliant album in 1971, before finally disbanding when Lawson left to
join Greenslade soon after.
MJJ     355     FUCHSIA                 FUCHSIA                         LP      04.2013

        A1      Gone With the Mouse                             5:01
        A2      A Tiny Book                                     8:04
        A3      Another Nail                                    6:56
        A4      Shoes and Ships                                 6:11
        B1      The Nothing Song                                8:26
        B2      Me and My Kite                                  2:32
        B3      Just Anyone                                     3:35
        B4      The Band                                        3:21
        B5      Ragtime Brahms                                  5:02
        B6      Ring of Red Roses                               4:02
                (Note : Brit prog.rock band)

LP      Pegasus         PEG 8           1971    UK
MJJ     356     V / A : THE BLUES-A REAL SUMMIT MEETING                 2LP     03.2013

        A       As-Salaam-Alikum                                21:47
        B       Akela                                           20:48

LP      Survival        SR 103          1973    US
MJJ     358     CENTIPEDE               SEPTOBER ENERGY                 2LP     04.2013

LP 1    A       Centipede - Trio / /Duet / Quartet //           21:39
        B       Centipede - Duet ///// Duet                     23:28

LP 2    C       Centipede - Quintet                             21:13
        D       Centipede - // Drums                            18:39
                (Note : UK free-jazz band incl.members of Soft Machine,
                Kink Crimson & Nucleus)

LP      RCA Neon        NE 9            1971    UK
MJJ     359 LP  DON CHERRY              RELATIVITY SUITE                LP      06.2013
MJJ     359 LP  DON CHERRY              RELATIVITY SUITE                LP      10.2020
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on clear vinyl)

        A1      Tantra                                          8:00
        A2      Mali doussn'gouni                               5:40
        A3      Desireless                                      1:22
        B1      The Queen of Tung-Ting Lake                     4:30
        B2      Trans-Love Airways                              6:50
        B3      Infinite Gentleness                             3:22
        B4      March of the Hobbits                            3:38

LP      JCOA            J 2001          1974    GE/UK
MJJ     360     HICKORY WIND            HICKORY WIND                    LP      03.2013

        A1      I Don't Believe                                 3:22
        A2      Time and Changes                                2:19
        A3      Maybe Tomorrow                                  3:05
        A4      Transit Blues                                   1:58
        A5      Country Boy                                     2:11
        A6      I'm a Man                                       3:43
        A7      Come a Little Closer                            3:20
        B1      Judy                                            2:46
        B2      The Loner                                       2:24
        B3      Mr. Man                                         3:24
        B4      New Albany Police Carnival                      2:38
        B5      Father Come With Me                             3:58
        B6      Red Shoes                                       2:27
        B7      Shuh Rah                                        3:10

(Note : country psych.trio from Evansville, Indiana ; orig.issued in 1969)
MJJ     361     TREVOR LUCAS            OVERLANDER                      LP      05.2013

        A1      The Overlander                                  2:33
        A2      Waltzing Matilda                                3:01
        A3      A Wee One                                       3:27
        A4      Lazy Harry's                                    2:56
        A5      It's On                                         2:42
        A6      South Australia                                 2:00
        B1      Shanties By The Way                             2:04
        B2      The Shearer's Dream                             3:48
        B3      The Flash Stockman                              1:51
        B4      Bluey Brink                                     2:57
        B5      On The Banks Of The Condamine                   4:09
        B6      Bold Jack Donohoe                               4:00
                (Note : Australia's greatest singer-songwriter from 60's)
MJJ     362 LP  SALMAN SHUKUR           OUD                             LP        .2013

        A1      Improvisations                                  16:38
        A2      Romance                                         8:08
        B1      Festival In Baghdad                             16:31
        B2      The Mountain Fairy                              8:05

LP      Decca           HEAD 16         1977    UK
MJJ     363     DHARMA BLUES BAND       DHARMA BLUES BAND               LP      07.2013

        A1      I Thought I Heard That Train Whistle Blow
        A2      How Long Blues
        A3      Diving Duck Blues
        A4      Big Road Blues
        A5      Bring It On Home
        A6      Boogie For Pete
        B1      Chicago Calling
        B2      Good Morning (Little Schoolgirl)
        B3      Viola Lee Blues
        B4      Mopper's Blues
        B5      Going Down Slow
        B6      Baby Please Don't Go

LP      Major Minor     SMCP 5017       1969    UK
MJJ     364     V / A : JAMES PATRICK PAGE-SESSION MAN                  3LP     12.2013

LP 1    A1      Pat Wayne And Beachcombers, The : Roll Over 
                Beethoven                                       2:57
        A2      Chris Ravel And The Ravers : Don't You Dig This
                Kinda Beat                                      1:50
        A3      Jet Harris And Tony Meehan : Diamonds           2:28
        A4      Zephyrs, The            Sweet Little Baby       2:39
        A5      Zephyrs, The            I Can Tell              2:45
        A6      Redcaps, The            Talking About You       2:23
        A7      Mickie Most             The Feminine Look       2:29
        A8      Carter-Lewis & The Southerners :Somebody Told
                My Girl                                         2:39
        A9      Neil Christian & The Crusaders : Get A Load Of
                This                                            2:38
        A10     Neil Christian & The Crusaders : Honey Hush     2:12
        B1      Dave Berry & The Cruisers : My Baby Left Me     2:03
        B2      Sneekers, The : I Just Can't Go To Sleep        1:57
        B3      Sneekers, The           Bald Headed Woman       2:32
        B4      Lancastrians, The : We'll Sing In The Sunshine  2:37
        B5      Lancastrians, The       She Was Tall            2:07
        B6      Blue Rondos, The        Little Baby             2:37
        B7      Blue Rondos, The        Baby I Go For You       2:10
        B8      Mickie Most And The Gear : Money Honey          2:22
        B9      Mickie Most And The Gear : That's Alright       2:09
        B10     Lulu And The Luvvers    I'll Come Running       3:01
        B11     Brenda Lee              Is It True?             2:20

LP 2    C1      Brooks, The             Once In A While         2:38
        C2      First Gear              A Certain Girl          2:21
        C3      First Gear              Leave My Kitten Alone   2:22
        C4      First Gear              The "In" Crowd          2:26
        C5      First Gear : Gotta Make Their Future Bright     2:00
        C6      Gregory Phillips        Angie                   1:58
        C7      Gregory Phillips        Please Believe Me       1:52
        C8      Billy Fury              Nothin' Shakin'         2:15
        C9      Wayne Gibson            Kelly                   2:34
        C10     Wayne Gibson  : See You Later Alligator         2:23
        D1      Jimmy Page              She Just Satisfies      2:02
        D2      Jimmy Page              Keep Movin'             3:31
        D3      Les Fleur De Lys        Circles                 3:04
        D4      Les Fleur De Lys        Moondreams              2:28
        D5      Les Fleur De Lys        So Come On              1:51
        D6      Lulu And The Luvvers    Surprise, Surprise      2:19
        D7      Authentics, The         Climbing Through        3:01
        D8      Authentics, The         Without You             2:25
        D9      Pickwicks, The          Little By Little        2:29

LP 3    E1      Nico                    I'm Not Sayin           2:50
        E2      Nico                    The Last Mile           2:26
        E3      Mickey Finn, The        This Sporting Life      2:33
        E4      Mickey Finn, The        Night Comes Down        2:12
        E5      Bobbie Graham           Zoom, Widge And Wag     2:36
        E6      Primitives, The         How Do You Feel         2:23
        E7      Primitives, The         You Said                2:19
        E8      Sean Buckley            Everybody Knows         2:11
        E9      Talismen, The           Casting My Spell        1:43
        E10     Talismen, The           Masters Of War          2:24
        F1      Untamed, The            I'll Go Crazy           2:13
        F2      Lancastrians, The:The World Keeps Going Round   2:26
        F3      Neil Christian & The Crusaders : I Like It      2:14
        F4      Donovan                 Sunshine Superman       4:31
        F5      Jake Holmes             Dazed And Confused      3:38
        F6      Mickey Finn, The        Garden Of My Mind       2:28
        F7      Yardbirds, The:Most Likely You'll Go Your Way   2:56
        F8      Yardbirds, The          Little Games            2:30
        F9      Scotty McKay Quintet : The Train Kept A'Rollin  2:23

(Note : James Patrick Page, born 9 January 1944, and better known to the
        record collecting world as the one and only Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin
        guitarist Jimmy Page, got his start in the music business as a London
        session musician)
MJJ     365     PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC : GET IT ON                    LP      07.2013

        A1      The Hunter                                      3:21
        A2      Long Handled Shovel                             3:31
        A3      Jelly, Jelly                                    6:39
        A4      Stormy Times                                    2:43
        A5      Live Love                                       3:21
        B1      Wade In The Water                               6:11
        B2      Cry, Cry, Cry                                   5:25
        B3      Motor City's Burning                            5:45

LP      Bright Orange   BO 701          1968    US
LP      Power           P 701           1969    US
LP      Charisma        CAS 1003        1969    UK
MJJ     367     THE TRIO                THE TRIO                        2LP     01.2014

LP 1    A1      Oh, Dear
        A2      Dousing Rod
        A3      Silvercloud
        A4      Incantation
        A5      Caractacus
        B1      Let's Stand
        B2      Foyer Hall
        B3      Porte Des Lilas
        B4      Veritably

LP 2    C1      In Between
        C2      6's And 7's
        C3      Green Walnut
        D1      Billie The Kid
        D2      Dee Tune
        D3      Centering
        D4      Joachim
        D5      Drum

(Note : "Featuring two American ex-pats on bass (Barre Phillips) and drums
        (Stu Martin), and English saxophonist (John Surman), avantgarde and
        free jazz)

LP      Dawn            DNLS 3006       1970    UK
MJJ     368     THE MIKE WESTBROOK CONCERT BAND : CELEBRATION           LP      01.2014

        A1      Pastoral
        A2      Awakening
        A3      Parade
        A4      Echoes And Heroics
        B1      A Greeting
        B2      Image
        B3      Dirge
        B4      Portrait

(Note : Celebration is one of the most important albums of the 1960s British
        progressive and avant-garde jazz scene)

LP      Deram           DML.SML 1013    1967    UK      mono.stereo
MJJ     369     ASHKAN                  IN FROM THE COLD                LP      12.2013

        A1      Going Home                                      6:35
        A2      Take These Chains                               4:27
        A3      Stop (Wait And Listen)                          5:51
        A4      Backlash Blues                                  7:42
        B1      Practically Never Happens                       5:56
        B2      One Of Us Two                                   5:43
        B3      Sligthly Country                                2:56
        B4      Darkness                                        12:08

(Note : featuring the blistering guitar work of Bob Weston three years before his
        brief stint with Fleetwood Mac.)

LP      Decca-Nova      (s)DN-R 1       1970    UK      
MJJ     370     AQUILA                  AQUILA                          LP        .2014

        A1      Change Your Ways
        A2      How Many More Times
        A3      While You Were Sleeping
        A4      We Can Make It If We Try
                The Aquila Suite
        B1      First Movement: Aquila (Introduction), Flight Of The Golden Bird
        B2      Second Movement: Cloud Circle, The Hunter, The Kill
        B3      Third Movement: Where Do I Belong, Aquila (Conclusion)

LP      RCA             SF 8126         1970    UK
MJJ     371 LP  NAOKI ZUSHI             III                             LP      12.2013

        A1      At Last
        A2      Yearning Of Flowers
        A3      Premonition On A Rainy Day
        B1      Drops Of Light
        B2      If I Could See You Again
        B3      Spirit In My HAir

(Note : Japanese guitarist Naoki Zushi was a founding member of '80s noise rock legends
        Hijokaidan, and has played on many albums with psychedelic folk group Nagisa
        Ni Te, as well as recording under his own name since the late '80s, was
        originally released on CD in 2005)

CD      Org Rec.        ORG 020 CD      2005    JA
MJJ     372 LP  ARC                     ...AT THIS                      LP      01.2014

        A1      Let Your Love Run Through
        A2      It's Gonna Rain
        A3      Four Times Eight
        A4      An Ear Ago
        A5      Great Lager Street
        B1      Hello, Hello, Monday
        B2      Perfectly Happy Man
        B3      Sophie's Cat
        B4      You're In The Garden

(Note : rising out of the ashes of British psychedelic legends Skip Bifferty, Arc
        released only ...At This, in 1971, before disbanding. Though, at the time, it
        was a mere footnote in the British progressive blues-rock movement, the years
        have been kind to Arc and its sole album)

LP      Decca           SKL-R 5077      1971    UK      stereo
MJJ     373     GERONIMO BLACK          GERONIMO BLACK                  LP      12.2013

        A1      Low Ridin' Man                                  4:15
        A2      Siesta                                          4:16
        A3      Other Man                                       3:03
        A4      L.A. County Jail '59 C/S                        4:16
        A5      Let Us Live                                     4:31
        B1      Bullwhip                                        4:18
        B2      Quaker's Earthquake                             2:51
        B3      Gone                                            3:12
        B4      An American National Anthem                     6:56
        B5      `59 Chevy                                       3:35

(Note : ex Mothers Of Invention/Magic Band member Bunk Gardner)

LP      UNI             73132           1972    US
LP      UNI             UNLS 126        1972    UK

        A1      With Terry's Help
        A2      The Dandelion
        A3      We'll Make It
        A4      Picture Tree
                Tales Of The Algonquin
        Ba      I The Purple Swan
        Bb      II Shingebis And The North Wind
        Bc      III The Adventures Of Manabush
        Bd      IV The White Water Lily
        Be      V Wihio The Wanderer

LP      Deram           SML 1094        1971    UK
MJJ     375 LP  GENE CLARK              ROADMASTER                      LP      06.2014

        A1      She's The Kind Of Girl                          2:56
        A2      One In A Hundred                                2:42
        A3      Here Tonight                                    3:27
        A4      Full Circle Song                                2:43
        A5      In A Misty Morning                              4:55
        A6      Rough And Rocky                                 3:15
        B1      Roadmaster                                      4:10
        B2      I Really Don't Want To Know                     4:35
        B3      I Remember The Railroad                         2:29
        B4      She Don't Care About Time                       3:36
        B5      Shooting Star                                   4:37

LP      A&M             87 584 IT       1973    NE
LP      a&m             27 897 ET       1973    GE
MJJ     376 LP  SHOCKING BLUE           SHOCKING BLUE                   LP        .2014

        A1      Love Is In The Air
        A2      Ooh Wee There's Music In Me
        A3      What You Gonna Do
        A4      Whisky Don't Wash My Brains
        A5      Little Maggie
        A6      Jail My Second Home
        A7      What's Wrong Bertha
        A8      League Of Angels
        A9      Fix Your Hair Darling
        B1      Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
        B2      That's Allright
        B3      Crazy Drunken Man Dreams
        B4      Beggarman
        B5      Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me
        B6      Where My Baby's Gone
        B7      Lucy Brown Is Back In Town

LP      Polydor         236 173         1968    NE
MJJ     377     THE SWEET               SWEET FANNY ADAMS               LP        .2014

        A1      Set Me Free
        A2      Heartbreak Today
        A3      No You Don't
        A4      Rebel Rouser
        A5      Peppermint Twist
        B1      Sweet F.A.
        B2      Restless
        B3      In To The Night
        B4      AC-DC

LP      RCA Victor      LPL1 5038       1974    UK
MJJ     378 LP  CHRISTIE                CHRISTIE                        LP        .2014

        A1      Yellow River
        A2      Gotta Be Free
        A3      I've Got A Feeling
        A4      New York City
        A5      Inside Looking Out
        A6      Put Your Money Down
        B1      Down The Mississippi Line
        B2      San Bernardino
        B3      Country Boy
        B4      Johnny One Time
        B5      Coming Home Tonight
        B6      Here I Am
        B7      Until The Dawn

LP      CBS             S64106          1970    UK
MJJ     379     LIVIN' BLUES            BLUE BREEZE                     LP        .2014

        A1      Shylina
        A2      Back Stage
        A3      Midnight Blues
        A4      Pisces
        A5      Bus 29
        B1      Blue Breeze
        B2      Pick Up On My Mojo
        B3      That Night
        B4      Black Jack Dilly

LP      Ariola          28430 XOT       1976    NE
MJJ     380 LP  LIVIN' BLUES            LIVE '75                        LP        .2014

        A1      Black Spider
        A2      I'm A Rambler
        A2      Hoochie Coochie Man
        B1      Crazy Joe
        B2      I Wonder
        B3      L. B. Boogie
        B4      Boney Marony

LP      Ariola          89243 XOT       1975    GE
MJJ     381     KILLING FLOOR           KILLING FLOOR                   LP        .2014

        A1      Woman You Need Love                             4:48
        A2      Nobody By My Side                               4:52
        A3      Come Home Baby                                  4:03
        A4      Bedtime Blues                                   7:29
        A5      Sunday Morning                                  1:02
        A6      Try To Understand                               2:37
        B1      My Mind Can Ride Easy                           2:28
        B2      Wet                                             0:41
        B3      Keep On Walking                                 4:57
        B4      Forget It!                                      5:30
        B5      Lou's Blues                                     2:36
        B6      People Change Your Mind                         8:20

LP      Spark           SRLP 102        1969    UK
MJJ     382     THE DREAM SYNDICATE     MEDICINE SHOW                   LP        .2014

        A1      Still Holding on to You                         3:39
        A2      Daddy's Girl                                    3:02
        A3      Burn                                            5:34
        A4      The Medicine Show                               6:29
        A5      Bullet With My Name on It                       6:20
        B1      Armed With an Empty Gun                         3:56
        B2      John Coltrane Stereo Blues                      8:48
        B3      Merrittville                                    7:20
        B4      Tell Me When It's Over (Bonus Live Track)

LP      A&M             SP 6.4990       1984    US
LP      A&M             AMLX 64990      1984    UK
MJJ     383     DON CHERRY              WHERE IS BROOKLYN?              LP      03.2015

Side A: 1.      Awake Nu
        2.      Taste Maker
        3.      The Thing
Side B: 1.      There Is The Bomb
        2.      Unite

LP      Blue Note       BST 84311       1969    US
MJJ     384     FRANCOIS HARDY          IN ENGLISH                      LP      02.2016

Side A: 1       This Little Heart (More – Hardy) Ce Petit Coeur
        2       All Over The World (More – Hardy) Dans Le Monde Entier
        3       However Much (More – Hardy) Et Meme
        4       It’s Getting Late (Hardy – Meredith) Il Se Fait Tard
        5       Only Friends (Miller – Hardy) Ton Meilleur Ami
        6       Say It Now (Skelton – Hardy) Dis-Lui Non
        7       Just Call And I’ll Be There (Blackwell) Le Temps Des Souvenirs
        8       The Rose (More – Coulier – Lacome) Mon Amie La Rose
        9       Only You Can Do It (Blackwell) Je Vex Qu’il Revienne
Side B  1        It’s My Heart (Meredith – Hardy) Tu Jeux Bien
        2       Another Place (More – Hardy) La Nuit Est Sur La Ville
        3       Autumn Rendezvous (Meredith – Riviere – Bourgeois) Rendez
                -Vous D’automne
        4       Find Me A Boy (Hardy) Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles
        5       I Wish It Were Me (Hardy – Samyn) J’aurais Voulu
        6       Catch A Falling Star (Pockriss – Vance)
        7       You Just Have To Say The Word (More – Hardy) Tu N’as Qu’un
                Mot a Dire
        8       So Many Friends (More – Hardy) L’amitié
        9       I Will Change Me Life (Costanzo – De Chiara – Morricone)
                Se Telefonando
MJJ     385     RIFF RAFF               ORIGINAL MAN                    LP      02.2016

        01.     ORIGINAL MAN
        02.     HAVAKAK
        03.     GODDAMN THE MAN
        04.     IN THE DEEP
        05.     THE WASTER
        06.     TOMS SONG
        07.     SPEED

The second album released by Britain's Riff Raff was a further study in the textures of
jazz-rock as they had been articulated not only on the band's issued debut, but also
with Tommy Eyre and Pete Kirkley's stint with Mark-Almond. Here are seven rather
extended forays into keyboard-drenched pop/rock that carried a jazz sensibility in its
beak and dropped it thoroughly onto blues-based progressive rock. This album has aged
exceedingly well over the decades. (All Music). Limited edition of 500 copies.
MJJ     386     AMON DUUL               PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND         LP      04.2016

        01.     IM GARTEN SANDOSA
        05.     KASKADOS MINNELIED
MJJ     387     DON CHERRY & GATO BARBIERI : TOGETHERNESS               LP      09.2016

        01.     FIRST MOVEMENT
        02.     SECOND MOVEMENT
        03.     THIRD MOVEMENT
        04.     FOURTH MOVEMENT
        05.     FIFTH MOVEMENT
MJJ     388     AHMED ABDUL-MALIK       SPELLBOUND                      LP      11.2016

Side A: 1.      Spellbound
        2.      Never On Sunday
        3.      Body And Soul
Side B: 1.      Song Of Delilah
        2.      Cinema Blues
MJJD    389     DONOVAN                 DONOVAN IN CONCERT              2LP     05.2018

        02.     YOUNG GIRL BLUES
        03.     THERE IS A MOUNTAIN
        04.     POOR LOVE (POOR COW)
        05.     SUNNY GOODGE STREET
        06.     GUINEVERE
        07.     CELESTE
        08.     EPISTLE TO DERROLL
        09.     PREACHIN LOVE

        02.     SAND AND FOAM
        03.     HAMPSTEAD INCIDENT
        04.     WRITER IN THE SUN
        05.     TO TRY FOR THE SUN
        06.     SOMEONE SINGING
        07.     THE FAT ANGEL
        10.     THE TINKER AND THE CRAB
        12.     MELLOW YELLOW
        13.     CATCH THE WIND (CODA BIS)

For the first time on vinyl the complete concert at the Anaheim Convention Center on
November 17th 1967. Lets catch a shiny document of the flower power era on KLIMT! "
(...)Flow in a Donovan concert is important, and here, presented as it occurred,
listeners can drift right into the tidepool of magic. The band is a quintet with
Harold McNair on flute and saxophones, Loren Newkirk on piano, Andy Tronosco on upright
bass, Tony Carr on drums, and John Carr on bongos. Donovan plays acoustic guitar
throughout. The hippy mysticism and flower power poet is everywhere here. This isnt
rock star excess at all, but an organic, drenched-in-sunshine concert full of
gentleness with a premium on good vibes (...)" allmusic.com Limited edition of
500 copies on celeste & yellow 180 gram vinyl 2LP.


        02.     UNTITLED (CARLOS WARD)
        04.     LIMBO (MARK HELIAS)
        05.     MOPTI (DON CHERRY)

The mid-1980s were a pivotal period for Don Cherry. Much of his energies had been
devoted to co-op projects like Codona and Old and New Dreams and he also helped
jumpstart the Leaders. The time being ripe to form his own ensemble, Cherry created
Nu, a quintet with saxophonist/flutist Carlos Ward, bassist Mark Helias, percussionist
Nana Vasconcelos and drummer Ed Blackwell. Live at the Bracknell Jazz Festival, 1986
confirms Nu to be an ensemble that vigorously and cogently articulated the various
aspects of the multi-instrumentalists multicultural aesthetic. This exceptional
concert recording fills a significant gap in Cherrys discography. (from liner notes
by Bill Shoemaker, taken from JAZZ TIMES) Limited edition of 500 copies.
MJJ     391     RARE BIRD               RARE BIRD                       LP      02.2019

        01.     ICEBERG
        02.     TIMES
        03.     YOU WENT AWAY
        04.     MELANIE
        05.     BEAUTIFUL SCARLET
        06.     SYMPATHY
        07.     NATURES FRUIT
        08.     BIRD ON A WING
        09.     GOD OF WAR

The band took off at the end of the 60s from the encounter between Graham Field
and Dave Kaffinetti, that, after the arrival of Steve Gould and Mark Ashton, decided
to call themselves the Rare Bird. Their keyboard dominated-progressive rock style
was immediately noticed by Tony Stratton-Smith with whom the band signed one of
the first contracts of the eclectic label Charisma Records (the others were Van der
Graaf Generator and The Nice). Rare Bird is the bands debut album released at the
end of 1969, that includes, among the striking tracks, the worldwide chart hit
Sympathy, that at the time sold more than one million copies. "They have everything
going for them, and theyre together enough to sustain it. Rare Bird are a rare find,
innovative, original, deeply musical. Theyre one on their own."
Tony Stratton-Smith
MJJLP   392     DROIDS                  STAR PEACE                      LP      10.2018

        01.     (DO YOU HAVE) THE FORCE
        02.     INTERSPACE
        03.     TCHOUNG FOU
        04.     BE HAPPY
        05.     SHANTI DANCE

The first and the only album by Droids, 'Star Peace' is a fascinating music
exploration of the outer space conceived by the brilliant mind of one of the
protagonists of the French disco scene, Yves Hayat. 'Star Peace' came out -years
ahead of its time- in 1979, and it's a magisterial blend of groovy, funky and
electrojazz sounds mixed with an old-school analogue touch. The album features
among the gems, the space synth classic '(Do You Have) The Force', and the album's
killer piece, 'Tchoung Fou'.
MJJ     193     DON CHERRY              WHERE IS BROOKLYN?              LP      11.2020
MJJ     394     ZZEBRA                  PANIC                           LP      02.2019

        01.     PANIC                                           4:39
        02.     YOUVE LOST THAT LOVIN FEELING                   6:18
        03.     KARROLA                                         4:06
        04.     LIAMO                                           6:11
        05.     DEATH BY DROWNING                               3:03
        06.     TREE                                            6:10
        07.     PUT A LIGHT ON ME                               5:04
        08.     LA SI SI-LA SO SO                               5:24

Zzebra were at the forefront of mid 70s progressive rock that threw jazz, rock, and
African rhythms into a huge fusion blender. Created by an amalgamation of two
important figures: the saxophonist Dave Quincy from IF, and the Nigerian flautist
and saxophonist Lasisi "Loughty" Amao from Osibisa, Zzebra, joined then by Tommy
Eyre, John McCoy Liam Genockey, Alan Marshall and the only 17-year old guitarist
Steve Byrd. PANIC is the second studio album of the band recorded during the summer
of 1975 and includes, among the others, the highly inventive instrumental
interpretation of "Youve Lost That Loving Feeling", the atmospheric "Liamo", the
groovy "Put A Light On Me", and concludes its journey with the killer tracks
"Return To Forever" and "La Si Si-La So So". Limited edition of 500 copies.
MJJLP   395     RANDY HOLDEN            POPULATION II                   LP      11.2018

        01.     GUITAR SONG                                     (6:11)
        02.     FRUIT & ICEBURGS                                (5:02)
        03.     BETWEEN TIME                                    (1:49)
        04.     FRUIT & ICEBURGS (CONCLUSION)                   (1:53)
        05.     WILD FIRE                                       (5:38)
        06.     SCARLET ROSE                                    (4:04)
        07.     BLUE MY MIND                                    (6:01)
        08.     KEEPER OF MY FLAME                              (10:07)
        09.     GOT LOVE                                        (4:02)
        10.     BLUE MY MIND                                    (4:10)

Randy Holden is an American guitarist best known for his involvement with the West
Coast blues-rock group Blue Cheer on their third album 'New! Improved!' (1969).
Holden obtained a sponsorship deal with Sunn amplifiers. Through this, he received
his legendary sixteen 200 Watt amplifiers. His new band was dubbed Randy Holden
- Population II which was a reference to the fact there were only two members in the
band as well as being an astronomical term 'Population II' that defines a special
kind of Star Group cluster type, having heavy metal in its composition. An appropriate
description of the original style of the music attributed to Holden's new band.
The band recorded its only album, 'Population II' in 1970. The album has become
a much-sought-after collectors' item over the years.
MJJ     396     LEGEND                  LEGEND                          LP      02.2019

        01.     NATIONAL GAS
        02.     HEATHER ON THE HILL
        03.     TOMBSTONE
        04.     COME BACK BABY
        05.     CITY
        06.     GOOD BOY, GROOVETTE
        07.     FOXFIELD JUNCTION*
        08.     WOULDNT YOU
        09.     DONCASTER BY-PASS
        10.     TWENTY CARAT ROCKER
        11.     BARTENDERS BLUES
        12.     GOOD MONEY
        13.     SHINDING
        14.     GEORGIA GEORGE
        15.     JULY *

Mickey Jupp is something of a minor legend, a roots rocker with excellent taste and
a cutting wit. Jupp is a pub rocker, a guy who specializes in laid-back good times,
so it shouldnt come as a great surprise that his first band, Legend, was proto-pub,
an unabashed celebration of old-time rock & roll, filled with three-chord Chuck Berry
rockers and doo wop backing vocals. Here presented the mighty first LEGEND album,
a killer psych beat masterpiece, complete with three bonus tracks. Limited edition
of 500 copies.
MJJLP   397     MATCHING MOLE           MATCHING MOLE                   LP      06.2019

Side A: 1.      O CAROLINE 
        2.      INSTANT PUSSY 
        3.      SIGNED CURTAIN 
        4.      PART OF THE DANCE 
        5.      INSTANT KITTEN
        2.      BEER AS IN BRAINDEER
        3.      IMMEDIATE CURTAIN 
        4.      MEMORIES MEMBRANE*
        *       = Bonus Track
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)

Recorded in an abandoned CBS studio in the cold winter of 1972, this is the historical
first album of Matching Mole, Robert Wyatt's immediate post Soft Machine grouping
featuring himself on drums and vocals and three of the most creative musicians from
the legendary Canterbury scene. Guitarist Phil Miller (Hatfield & the North, National
Health), keyboardist Dave Sinclair (Caravan) and bassist Bill McCormick (Quiet Sun).
Matching Mole is the quintessence of Canterbury sound. A visionary mixture of open
song forms, oblique lyrics and extended instrumental explorations. The opening
"Oh Caroline" is a rare gem of songwriting and the whole album is a timeless

MJJLP   398     MATCHING MOLE           LITTLE RED RECORD               LP      03.2019

                POLITICS AWAY
        02.     MARCHIDES
        03.     NAN TRUE'S HOLE
        04.     RIGHTEOUS RHUMBA
        05.     BRANDY AS IN BENJ
        06.     GLORIA GLOOM
        07.     GOD SONG
        08.     FLORA FIDGIT
        09.     SMOKE SIGNAL
        10.     HORSE*

From the 70's Canterbury scene, one of the greatest pieces of work in the genre.
Matching Mole was the first band formed by Robert Wyatt after the seminal Soft Machine
experience. An incredibly tight unit featuring Phil Miller (Hatfield and the North)
on guitar, Dave McRae (Nucleus) on keyboards, Bill McCormick (Quiet Sun, 801) on bass
and Wyatt himself on drums and vocals. Released in 1971 Little Red Record was Mole's
second album. It was produced by Robert Fripp and it features a cameo appearance by
Brian Eno. Compared to their previous work, Red Record goes way far beyond the limits
of Rock and Jazz. Even if mostly instrumental the album includes "Gloria Gloom"
a magnificent song and one of the very first Wyatt's critical reflections on Music
and Socialism. In one word, a classic!!! Pressed on color vinyl LP with a bonus track.

MJJLP   400     DEMON FUZZ              ROOTS AND OFFSHOOTS             LP      05.2019

        01.     GIRL
        02.     BAD, BLACK & BLUE
        03.     OUR WORLD TODAY
        04.     REMEMBER BIAFRA
        05.     PROVEN LOVE
        06.     PRETTY BABY
        07.     FUZZ ORIENTAL BLUES
        08.     AH PUT A SPELL ON YOU
        09.     THE WEIGHT

Back in the late Sixties Demon Fuzz was one of the most distinctive British Afro-Rock
acts of the time, a seven piece group formed by young musicians immigrated to England
from Commonwealth countries. After a period of local shows and during a trip to
Morocco, the band began messing up with Arab scales and tribal rhythms and eventually
got to a very peculiar blend of Funk, Rock, Jazz and African Music elements. Even
though Demon Fuzz's time was short. After their iconic first album (Afreaka) the group
disbanded in 1972 and it was not before 1976 that their second album, Roots and
Offshoots, was self-published on the mysterious Paco Media Inc label. A rare Afro-Rock
piece of vinyl including a dedication to Screaming Jay Hawkins (Ah Put a Spell on you)
and a heartfelt tribute to the Biafra republic. Roots and Offshoots stands as a unique
mixture of oriental flavoured Blues, psych guitars and organs, and a bunch of
infectious earthy grooves.
MJJLP   401     PETER GREEN             THE END OF THE GAME             LP      09.2019

        01.     BOTTOMS UP
        02.     TIMELESS TIME
        03.     DESCENDING SCALE
        04.     BURNT FOOT
        05.     HIDDEN DEPTH
        06.     THE END OF THE GAME

Peter Green's legendary debut album was released in June 1970, only a month after
leaving Fleetwood Mac the iconic band he formed in 1967. The End of the Game takes
a radical shift from Green's previous works with the band. The music, produced through
a long free form studio session based on almost non existent structures, takes us
through a deep hypnotic sonic experience. Green on guitar was joined by Alex Dmochowski
on bass, Godfrey Maclean on drums, Nick Buck on keyboards and British blues legend
Zoot Money on piano. End of the Game stands as one of the great psychedelic Rock
rituals of all times.
MJJLP   402     AUDIENCE : FRIEND'S FRIEND'S FRIEND                     LP      03.2019

        01.     NOTHING YOU DO
        03.     IT BRINGS A TEAR
        04.     RAID
        05.     RIGHT ON THEIR SIDE
        06.     EBONY VARIATIONS
        07.     PRIESTESS
        08.     FRIENDS, FRIENDS, FRIEND

Friend's Friend's Friend was Audiences second album and the first published by the
famous Charisma Records in May 1970. More than on their first album, here the band's
original Art Rock formula finally takes full shape. A peculiar combination of pop,
folk and jazz elements and a distinctive sound palette based on acoustic guitar,
banjo, saxophone, piano and vocals on top of a rock solid bass and drums rhythm
section. Pressed on color vinyl LP.
MJJLP   403     KEN ELLIOTT             BODY MUSIC                      LP      09.2019

        01.     DANCING GIRL
        02.     BODY MUSIC
        03.     I WANT YOUR BODY
        04.     JUMP TO IT
        05.     ONLY LOVE
        06.     PERFORMER
        07.     CARNIVAL
        08.     ARE YOU READY
        09.     ROCK-A-BOOGIE

Ken Elliott was the keyboard player for Second Hand and Seventh Wave, two obscure and
elusive bands from the Seventies British underground scene, and this is the first ever
reissue of his ultra rare gem released in the UK in 1979. After fourty years "Body
Music" still sounds as a highly eclectic album. This is groove oriented music based
on a series of both motoric and infectious Electro Funk rhythms and Synth Pop Disco
elements. In other words this is great fuel for dancing bodies.
MJJLP   404     HIROSHI SUZUKI          CAT                             LP      09.2019

        01.     SHRIMP DANCE
        02.     KURO TO SHIRO
        03.     WALK TALL
        04.     CAT 05. ROMANCE

At last, back from the oblivion, a long awaited reissue of one of the most rare Funk
Jazz albums of the Seventies. Originally released on Nippon Columbia in 1975 this is
trombonist Hiroshi Suzuki absolute masterpiece. Deep, soulful and ultra-groovy music
played by a wonderful band featuring Suzuki's highly elastic trombone, Takeru Muraoka
on sax, and the extremely sensitive and laidback rhythm section of Hiromasa Suzuki
- keyboards, Kunimitsu Inaba - bass and Akira Ishikawa - drums. From the 70's Japanese
electric Jazz scene, an ultra rare gem that can easily compete with any CTI or Strata
East production of the period.
MMJCB   405     FRACTION                MOON BLOOD                      LP      07.2020

Reissued as a PICTURE DISC-LP, with the addition of three bonus tracks, is one of
the most spectacular Christian heavy psych-rock albums ever. This mind blowing
masterpiece by the LA-based band was originally released in 1971.
MJJCB   406     GILBERTO GIL            GILBERTO GIL                    LP      07.2020

The third self-titled release from bossa nova and tropicalia legend Gilberto Gil
was originally released in 1971, while Gil was living in exile in London. That highly
regarded album is now reissued on TRANSPARENT YELLOW VINYL.
MJJCB   407     DOGFEET                 DOGFEET                         LP      07.2020

The sole album by UK psychedelic blues-rock band Dogfeet was originally released
in 1970. Though 'Dogfeet' was largely ignored by both press and audience back in
the day, the LP became a sought after collector's item through the years. And now
it's available on BLUE VINYL!
MJJCG   408     CURLY CURVE             CURLY CURVE                     LP      11.2020

        01.     HELL AND BOOZE                                  4:03
        02.     I'M GETTING BETTER                              4:43
        03.     ALL THINGS CLEAR                                2:21
        04.     BITTER SWEET                                    5:58
        05.     SHITKICKER                                      4:16
        06.     DREAM FOR TODAY                                 4:43
        07.     PATRICIA REPRISE                                3:48
        08.     QUEEN OF SPADES                                 5:01
MJJCB   409     LIVIN' BLUES            RAMBOOZLE                       LP      11.2020

        01.     L.B. BOOGIE
        02.     SUNRISE
        03.     KEEP ON
        04.     HITCH-HIKIN'
        05.     BAMBOOZLE SONG
        06.     OVERTURE
        07.     BLACK NIGHT
        08.     BIG CITY MAN
MJJCW   410     BILL EVANS              FROM THE LEFT TO RIGHT          LP      11.2020

        01.     WHAT ARE YOU DOING THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?       4:04
        02.     I'M ALL SMILES                                  5:20
        03.     WHY DID I CHOOSE YOU?                           5:03
        04.     SOIRE                                           3:25
        05.     THE DOLPHIN - BEFORE                            3:05
        06.     THE DOLPHIN - AFTER                             3:06
        07.     LULLABY FOR HELENE                              2:50
        08.     LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE                            5:35
        09.     CHILDREN'S PLAY SONG                            5:35
MJJ     411
MJJCB   412     FEVER TREE              FOR SALE                        LP      01.2021

        01.     I PUT A SPELL ON YOU
        02.     YOU ARE NOT THE SAME BABY
        03.     SHE COMES IN COLORS
        04.     HEY MISTER
        05.     COME ON IN
        06.     GIRL DONT PUSH ME
        07.     HEY JOE
                (Note : LP , brown vinyl)
                DOLLARS MORE

                (Note : LP , oxblood vinyl)