KINGDOMS                                FRANCE

Owner   : Francis Harris
Distr.  : FR -
          UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : ambient / shoegaze / techno / house / experimental / sound art /

KDS     001 LP  ARIS KINDT              SWANN AND ODETTE                LP      10.2017
KDS     001 CD  ARIS KINDT              SWANN AND ODETTE                CD      10.2017

        A1.     Swann and Odette
        A2.     New Gods of Prudence
        A3.     Several Wolves
        B1.     Taking 33
        B2.     Seagraves
        B3.     A Second Type of Problem
        B4.     Treatise
        B5.     Still Undivided

(Note : LP , limited edition marbled grey vinyl LP. Includes download code)

Ambient shoegaze duo Aris Kindt launch the new Kingdoms imprint with their second
album, Swann and Odette. Aris Kindt is the collaborative project of Gabe Hedrick and
Francis Harris (Scissor and Thread).

        1       Old Beginnings
        2       The Other Places
        3       Ritual
        4       Pedestrian Jazz
        5       Plasticity
        6       (re)Turn
KDS     003     LEAH LAZONICK : MOVIMENTI DELLA LUNA D'ORO              12"     03.2018

        01.     Movimento I Luna Scura
        02.     Movimento II Mezza Luna
        03.     Movimento III Luna Piena
        04.     Movimenti della Luna d'Oro (Petre Inspirescu Remix)
KDS     004     ADAMO GOLAN             EXILE AND THE NEW               LP+DLc  05.2018
KDS     005     RASMUS JUNCKER          OPHOLD                          LP      06.2018

        01.     Norddrum
        02.     Sora
        03.     Eksotisk Tirsdag
        04.     Cyklus
        05.     Havekunst
        06.     Cesura
KDS     006     EMIL ABRAMYAN           MOVEMENT                        LP+DL   08.2018

        01.     Flightplan
        02.     Winter
        03.     Foolky
        04.     4_24
        05.     Fever
        06.     Flightplan (Francis Harris Reform)

Building on the already incredible collection of music so far released on Francis
Harris's Kingdoms imprint, Emil Abramyan returns with the stunning Movement album.
Abramyan is a Brooklyn-based composer, musician, and producer, whose work traverses
various styles and disciplines.
KDS     007     HANNU KARJALAINEN       DRIFT                           LP      12.2018

        01.     Hannu Karjalainen       Sermon To The Birds
        02.     Hannu Karjalainen       Carnivorous Flower
        03.     Hannu Karjalainen       Untitled #34
        04.     Hannu Karjalainen       Sunless
        05.     Hannu Karjalainen       Nightfall
        06.     Hannu Karjalainen       That Obscure Object
        07.     Hannu Karjalainen       The Nile

Kingdoms welcomes Finnish composer, producer, visual artist and filmmaker Hannu
Karjalainen for Drift. His recording career now spans over a decade, beginning under
the pseudonym Hannu and later under his full name for A Handful Of Dust Is A Desert
(KK 101CD/LP, 2017) on Karaoke Kalk.