Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : techno / house /

Welcome to King Of Kong Records! As a joint venture by Central European
publisher, DJ and curator Artur8 and Scandinavian producers Anton Klint
& Edvin Edvinson, itís pretty clear it wonít be a yet another formulaic
record label. KOK is all about the baltic sea connection & befriended
artists from all around the globe.

KKTT    001     ANTON KLINT & EDVIN E : PATHETIC AESTETIC EP            12"     07.2019

        A1.     Pathetic Aestetic
        A2.     Pathetic Aestetic (Kasper Bjorke Rework)
        B1.     Pathetic Aestetic (Eric Duncan Version)
        B2.     Pathetic Aestetic (Newborn Jr. & Artur8 Version)
                (Note . co-release with Tryck & Ton label)
KOK     002     NEWBORN JR.             WORLD MUSEUM EP                 12"     09.2019

        A1.     What What What (Original)
        A2.     What What What (Yourhighness Wave Dub)
        B1.     World Museum (Original)
        B2.     NJ Public Pool (Original)
        B3.     NJ Public Pool (Warehouse Preservation Society Remix)