Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : reissue / cold wave / minimal / new wave /

KBDCO   1       MORROWYELLOW            MY COLOURS 1985/1988            LP      02.2016

        01.     WAKEFULNESS
        02.     NO SECRETS
        03.     WHERE SUN CLIMBS
        04.     MY WISE DOME
        05.     3000 DAYS
        06.     DON JUAN
        07.     THE WHEEL (SHAMANS ROSE)
        08.     THIS FILM

Founded in 1983 in the North-East town of Verona, after the spilt of the punk band Eva
Brown, by the collaboration between Mauro Marchesi (keyboards and electronics) and
Joyello Triolo (vocals and guitar), Morrowyellow debut with an electronic sound
experimentation supporting the fascination for thte arts and the oriental music. A
study that will lead to collaborations with avant-garde theater and contemporary dance
until in 1985, with the entry of Turkish max (bass and guitar), they begin to feel a
certain interest in live appearances. The band recorded a great demo ("My Colours") and
few other material all included in this anthology!
KBDCO   2       RED WEDDING             ANTHOLOGY 1981-1985             LP      02.2016

        01.     ALL DRESSED UP
        02.     FICTION THEATER
        03.     GODDESS NO MORE
        04.     TWIST
        05.     BERNARDO
        06.     SOMEWHERE
        07.     MARSHA IN PICTURES
        08.     THE FACE OF GOD
        09.     SATAN IN COLOGNE
        10.     FOUR A.M.
        11.     UNDER THE VEIL
        12.     THINK ABOUT IT

Red Wedding debuted at the Brave Dogo on Saturday, June 13, 1981 and formed on the
ashes of Hey Taxi, their previous punk band. They replaced the angry and fats power
punk with mysterious, trance-like electro-glam rock. With their 2nd EP, "Nails" on
Important Records, they decided to focus on their darker, homo-erotic material. In
March of 1985 recorded four songs for their third untitled EP. Produced by Ed Grundman
and Rick Hart, this was by far Red Weddins best and most important work. In May of
1985, burnt out from drugs and alcohol, Red Wedding called it quits. Right now, after
many years, youve chance to listen the best selection of this true "cult" band of the
KBDCO   3       THIS PERFECT DAY        NO FRILLS, JUST NOISE           LP      02.2016

        01.     SILHOUETTES
        02.     ADULT GAMES PART 1
        04.     ADULT GAMES PART 2
        05.     FIRST STEPS
        06.     HAPPY HOUSEWIVES
        07.     PAST TRAINS OF THOUGHT
        09.     ADULT GAMES PART 3
        11.     THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE

This Perfect Day was a band formed in Manchester, UK around 1981 by vocalist/blues harp
player John Sama Snowden and synthesiser player Mik Hayes. Think of a punk and
hallucinate version of music by Kraftwerk / Human League / OMD...
KBDISCO 1       STATE OF ART            AT WORK                         LP      02.2016

        01.     MAKE IT WORK
        02.     DOWNTOWN
        03.     DANTZIG STATION
        04.     SHOW ME
        05.     VENICE
        06.     SLEEPING TOGETHER

State Of Art are an italian new wave band formed in Milan in june 1981 on the ashes of
the bands Der Blaue Reiter and Incoherent Psyche. In february 1982 they recorded a
track called "Venice" for the album "Gathered" compiled by the italian new wave fanzine
"Rockerilla". During 1982 they recorded some tracks in various studio sessions, which
were recently published in the retrospective CD "Dancefloor Statements 1981-82" on
Spittle Records. In november 1982 Federico Di Bonaventura left the band to start a solo
career as Fred Ventura, one of the most influential name for the "Italo Disco"
movement. In november 2009 State Of Art made a reunin and re-recorded 5 of the old
tracks plus a Brand new one which appear in this mini-album "At Work".