Sub-label of Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Owner   : King Khan
Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/
          NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : indie / garage rock / psychedelic /

KK      001     KING KHAN FT. NATALIA AVELON : BANDIT QUEEN             7"      03.2015

        A       Bandit Queen
        B       Upset The Night
KK      002     KING KHAN FT. IAN SVENONIUS : HURTIN' CLASS             7"      09.2015
EJRC    120

        A       Hurtin' Class
        B       Hurtin' Class (Instrumental)
KK      003     WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS    LET ME HANG YOU                 LP        .2016
EJRC    122

        A1      The Exterminator
        A2      Manhattan Serenade
        A3      Baboon
        A4      This You Gotta Hear
        A5      Disciplinary Procedures
        A6      The Afterbirth King
        A7      Lief The Unlucky
        B1      Let Me Hang You
        B2      Islam Incorporated
        B3      The Queen Bee
        B4      Clem Snide The Private Asshole
        B5      Gentle Reader
        B6      Quick
                (Note : LP , 500 opies)
KK      004     KING KHAN               NEVER HOLD ON                   7"+DLc  04.2016
EJRC    126

        A       Never Hold On
        B       A Tree Not A Leaf Am I
                (Note : 7" , pressed on neon orange vinyl and packaged
                with artwork by SHEPARD FAIREY/OBEY)
KK      005     KING KHAN               AMERICA GODDAMN                 7"+DLc  04.2016
EJRC    128

        A       America Goddamn
        B       Mule Train
                (Note : 7" , pressed on military marijuana colored vinyl)
KK      006     SABA LOU                PLANET ENIGMA                   LP      07.2017
EJRC    131

        A1      Lost & Found                                    2:29
        A2      Waiting For The Bus                             2:06
        A3      Our Fate                                        2:55
        A4      18 Years                                        1:53
        A5      Marzipan Revenge                                3:34
        B1      Until The End                                   3:15
        B2      Embrace The Sun                                 2:19
        B3      Nature Boy                                      2:04
        B4      Planet Enigma                                   3:32
        B5      Velvet Knight                                   2:23
KK      007     KING KHAN               KING KHAN'S MURDER BURGERS      LP      10.2017
EJRC    140

        A1      Discrete Disguise                               4:18
        A2      Itís Just Begun                                 2:39
        A3      Run Doggy Run                                   3:32
        A4      Itís A Lie                                      3:18
        A5      Born In 77                                      2:42
        B1      Desert Mile                                     3:57
        B2      Too Hard And Too Fast                           3:51
        B3      Your Teeth Are Shite                            1:29
        B4      Born To Die                                     3:19
        B5      Winter Weather                                  3:02
KK      008     THE BLACK LIPS+THE KING KHAN FAMILY : PLAY SAFE         12"     04.2018
EJRC    148

        A1      Play Safe
        A2      52 Drops
        A3      Too Much In Love
        A4      Play Safe
        A5      52 Drops
EJRC    152

        1       Three Hairs And You're Mine
        2       Kukamonga Boogaloo
        3       Fool Like Me
        4       Don't Walk Away Mad
        5       Saba Lou
        6       King Of The Jungle
        7       Live Fast Die Strong
        8       Que Lindo Sueno
        9       Tell Me
        10      Crackin' Up
        11      The Mashed Potato Itch
        12      Shivers Down My Spine
KK      010     THE KING KHAN EXPERIENCE : TURKEY RIDE                  LP      05.2019
EJRC    154

        A1      Turkey Ride
        A2      Fa Fa Fa (Love Song)
        A3      Come Levitate With Me
        A4      Hey Rudi
        A5      Le Responsable
        A6      Dr. Ruin-Yer-Life
        B1      I Got Love
        B2      Bob Log Stomp
        B3      Knock Me Off My Feet
        B4      No Regrets
        B5      Are You Serious
        B6      Keep It Simple Stupid
        B7      Hammer Ich Vermisse Dich

King Khan's adventures almost 18 years ago in the cities of Bordeaux and Berlin
finely documented in music finally got the vinyl reissue treatment. These recordings
were made while King Khan galavanted through Europe's most hedonistic cities and
collected a merry group of pranksters to make sweet sweet rock'n'roll with. This 13
song ode to bohemia is just what the doctor ordered, if the doctor was Timothy Leary
and the nurse was Traci Lords.... hammana hammmmana hammmana!!!! Featuring Fredovitch
(of the Sensational Shrines), Dan Ra and Spocko de Palma (members of Whitest Boy
KK      011
KK      012     SABA LOU                NOVUM OVUM                      LP      10.2019
EJRC    162

        1       Primrose Diner
        2       Novum Ovum
        3       Dirty Blonde
        4       Penny Roll
        5       On the Fields
        6       Telepathetic
        7       Silver Pill
        8       Violet
        9       Cherie Sherabou
        10      Humpback in Time

Second LP from Berlin based Saba Lou, daughter of King Khan, pop chanteuse, singer
songwriter since age 5. A different songwriting direction with bigger arrangements
and some soulful '60s strut.
KK      013     THE SADIES+KING KHAN    SPLIT SINGLE                    7"      01.2020
EJRC    172

        A       King Khan               Old Gunga Din           3:31
        B       The Sadies : The Most Despicable Man Alive      2:42