KEY RECORDS                             10 Seaforth Ave.
***********                             Chessington
                                        Surrey KT3 6JP

Start   : 1968 (Chessington, UK)
          1972 (re-named to Kingsway)
Distr.  :
Style   : christian rock / contemporary folk / gospel / psychedelic /
          pop rock / baroque pop / blues rock / hard rock / prog rock /
          religious /

(m)     mono format

KE      001     THE OVERCOMERS          THE OVERCOMERS                  7"        .1969

        A1      By the Door
        A2      All Good Gifts Around Us
        B1      Lord, Bring Me Down
        B2      If You're Saved
SAM     101     V / A                   THE KEY COLLECTION              LP (m)    .1972

        A1      The Imperials           Time To Get It Together
        A2      Judy MacKenzie          Through My Days
        A3      Larry Norman            Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation
        A4      The Forerunners         The Song Is Love
        A5      The Crusader Youth Singers : When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
        A6      Out Of Darkness         On Solid Rock
        B1      The Forerunners         Hymn
        B2      Trinity Folk            Laugh
        B3      Whispers Of Truth       Reality
        B4      The Forerunners         Bethlehem
        B5      Judy MacKenzie          What Does It Mean To You?
        B6      Graham Kendrick         Sweet Fire
KL      001     THE FORERUNNERS         THE FORERUNNERS                 LP        .1968

        A1      You Can Tell the World
        A2      Times Have Changed
        A3      As I Was Walking
        A4      The Way
        A5      Jordan's River
        A6      You Don't Knock
        A7      Swing Low
        B1      Sing Allelujah
        B2      Bethlehem
        B3      He's Everything to Me
        B4      If I Had My Way
        B5      Pastures of Plenty
        B6      Redeemed
KL      002     V / A                   ALIVE!                          LP        .1969

        A1      Whispers of Truth       Psychiatrist
        A2      Roger & Jan             Ever Heard A Million People Cry
        A3      All Things New          Jesus Is Coming Again
        A4      Glorylanders            Too Many Folks
        A5      Whispers of Truth       Sunday Afternoon With Emily
        A6      Roger & Jan             And It's You
        A7      Nigel Goodwin           The First Time I Went to Church
        B1      Glorylanders            Moment of Time
        B2      Whispers of Truth       Ode to Arnold
        B3      All Things New          Show Me
        B4      Nigel Goodwin           Plastic World
        B5      Whispers of Truth       Reality
        B6      All Things New          Ones Twos And Threes
        B7      Roger & Jan             Three Crosses
KL      003     V / A : A TRIBUTE TO YOUTH PRAISE                       LP        .1969

        A1      The Crusader Youth Singers : We Shall Overcome
        A2      The Crusader Youth Singers : When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
        A3      The Navigators : Daisies
        A4      The Crusader Youth Singers : Calypso Carol
        A5      The Crusader Youth Singers : Early In The Morning
        A6      The Crusader Youth Singers : If I Tried
        A7      The Crusader Youth Singers : O Lord Our God (Psalm 8)
        B1      The Crusader Youth Singers : My Lord What A Morning
        B2      The Crusader Youth Singers : Think Again
        B3      The Crusader Youth Singers : When The Lord In Glory Comes
        B4      The Navigators : For Me To Live
        B5      The Crusader Youth Singers : Only Jesus
        B6      The Crusader Youth Singers : Send The Collecting Man
                From Your Gate
        B7      The Crusader Youth Singers : Surely Goodness And Mercy
KL      004     THE FORERUNNERS         RUNNING BACK                    LP        .1970

        A1      Hymn
        A2      Road To Freedom
        A3      Here There And Everywhere
        A4      Jordan's River
        A5      Tramp On the Street
        A6      Pride Of Man
        B1      I Know Where I'm Going
        B2      Feelin' Groovy
        B3      Windmills Of Your Mind
        B4      Where I'm Bound
        B5      Come With Me
        B6      You Can Tell the World
KL      005     JUDY MACKENZIE          JUDY                            LP (m)    .1970

        A1      New Song
        A2      Soapbox Song
        A3      What Does It Mean to You?
        A4      That's How It Is
        A5      Body and Soul
        A6      It's Not as Though
        B1      Sally Brown
        B2      Peter
        B3      What Is Love
        B4      One Man
        B5      Standing Alone
        B6      It's Up to You
KL      006     OUT OF DARKNESS         OUT OF DARKNESS                 LP        .1970

        A1      Us
        A2      Thank You Lord
        A3      On Solid Rock
        A4      Wings of the Morning
        A5      Moses
        A6      Lemonade and Peanuts
        A7      Closin in on Me
        B1      Who Is to Blame
        B2      Hustle Bustle
        B3      Dreamaway - Stevie's Song
        B4      There You See a Stranger
        B5      Homeland
        B6      Light
KL      007     V / A                   SOUND VISION IN CONCERT         LP        .1970

        A1      Judy MacKenzie - Standing Alone
        A2      Judy MacKenzie With Full Cast - Amen
        A3      The Overcomers - Hard Road to Travel
        A4      The Overcomers - If You're Saved
        A5      Trinity Folk - Working Man
        A6      Trinity Folk - Laugh
        A7      Judy MacKenzie - The Song of Love
        A8      Tony Hemmings - The Notices
        B1      Carol, John & Aubrey - Sunday Morning
        B2      Carol, John & Aubrey - Don't Bring Me Your Heartaches
        B3      Carol, John & Aubrey - Hands
        B4      Nigel Goodwin - God and the Prime Minister
        B5      Out of Darkness - Closing in on Me
        B6      Judy MacKenzie With Out of Darkness - One Man
        B7      Judy MacKenzie With Full Cast - The Lord's Prayer
KL      008     THE FORERUNNERS         GENUINE IMITATION LIFE          LP        .1971

        A1      The Song Is Love
        A2      Games People Play
        A3      Walk On By
        A4      O Happy Day
        A5      Bridge Over Troubled Water
        A6      I've Got The Love
        B1      Genuine Imitation Life
        B2      Revolution Now
        B3      Ain't Got Time To Die
        B4      Born Yesterday
        B5      It's Not As Though
        B6      When The Ship Comes In
        B7      The Song Is Love (Reprise)
KL      009     JUDY MACKENZIE : PEACE AND LOVE AND FREEDOM             LP        .1971

        A1      Peace and Love and Freedom, Part One
        A2      Spread Wide Your Wings
        A3      Love Is Fine
        A4      Peace and Love and Freedom, Part Two
        A5      No Time, No Inclination
        B1      Get Ready to Laugh
        B2      In Remembrance
        B3      Isn't It Hard
        B4      Never a Man Like This Man
        B5      Through My Days
        B6      Isiah Fifty-Five
KL      010     LARRY NORMAN            UPON THIS ROCK                  LP        .1972

        A1      You Can't Take Away the Lord                    2:00
        A2      I Don't Believe in Miracles                     3:11
        A3      Moses in the Wilderness                         3:09
        A4      Walking Backwards Down the Stairs               2:55
        A5      Ha Ha World                                     3:42
        B1      Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation                   4:13
        B2      Forget Your Hexagram                            2:23
        B3      The Last Supper                                 2:24
        B4      I Wish We'd All Been Ready                      2:19
        B5      Nothing Really Changes                          2:59
        B6      Postlude                                        2:06
KL      011     GRAHAM KENDRICK         FOOTSTEPS ON THE SEA            LP        .1972

        A1      No-One Ever Told Me                             3:43
        A2      Sweet Fire                                      4:54
        A3      Jerusalem Road                                  4:40
        A4      The Executioner                                 4:28
        A5      Simon's Song                                    3:04
        B1      Moving On                                       2:26
        B2      So It Was                                       3:47
        B3      The Harbours Are Broken                         2:14
        B4      Sympathy                                        3:32
        B5      Sunset                                          3:28
        B6      Half a Word                                     3:18
KL      012     THE IMPERIALS           TIME TO GET IT TOGETHER         LP        .1972

        A1.1    He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
        A1.2    Put Your Hand In The Hand
        A2.1    Rock Of Ages
        A2.2    Bridge Over Troubled Waters
        A2.3    My Sweet Lord
        A2.4    Let It Be
        A2.5    Amen
        A2.6    Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation
        B1      Time To Get It Together
        B2      Teach Your Children
        B3      This Train
        B4      Jesus Made Me Higher
        B5      Everything Is Beautiful

LP      Impact              HWS 3082        1970        US
KL      013     (unissued)
KL      014     JOSHUA                  JOSHUA                          LP        .1973

        A1      The Word
        A2      Revelation
        A3      The Secret
        A4      Keep Your Light Shining
        A5      New Life
        B1      If He Came to Your House
        B2      I Was Lonely
        B3      Caterpillar
        B4      Free Me
        B5      I Wish We'd All Been Ready
KL      015
KL      016     GRAHAM KENDRICK         BRIGHT SIDE UP                  LP        .1973

        A1      Fisherman's Song
        A2      Yours Faithfully
        A3      Stairway
        A4      I'd Like to Be a Martyr
        A5      End to End
        B1      Bad Friday Blues
        B2      Kingdom Come
        B3      Wildwood
        B4      The Postman
        B5      There's a Door
KL      017
KL      018     CHORALERNA              POWER                           LP        .1973

        A1      God Gave Me A Song, (Power)
        A2      Help Me Jesus	
        A3      Footprints Of Jesus
        A4      Live, Live, Live
        A5      I Want To Be More Like Jesus
        B1      Glory Hallelujah
        B2      Give Yourself To Jesus
        B3      To Me It's So Wonderful
        B4      He's Alright With Me
        B5      He's My All And All
KL      019     KEVIN GOULD             LET'S JOIN TOGETHER             LP        .1974

        A1      Let's Join Together
        A2      Pity the Poor Revolutionary
        A3      Dai
        A4      Mary, Mary
        A5      Born Again News
        B1      Smile, Jesus Loves You
        B2      Connetticut
        B3      Higher Power
        B4      Did You Know
        B5      Soap Box Opera
        B6      Today I Walked a Million Miles
KL      020     CHORALERNA              LET'S CELEBRATE                 LP        .1974

        A1      Wings of a Dove
        A2      Glory Hallelujah
        A3      Living Water
        A4      It Won't Be Long
        A5      To Me It's so Wonderful
        A6      God Gave Me a Song (Power)
        B1      Precious Lord / You've Got a Friend
        B2      Help Me Jesus
        B3      Hello Sunshine
        B4      That's Enough
        B5      Live Live Live
        B6      Give Yourself to Jesus
KL      021     V / A                   LIVE AT SPREE ALBUM             LP        .1974

        A1      Choralerna              In the Name of Jesus
        A2      Johnny Cash             The Last Supper
        A3      The Advocates           Jesus
        A4      Tedd Smith              Gone Away
        A5      Garth Hewitt            Let Them See the Light of God
        B1      11.59                   Here Comes Jesus
        B2      Cliff Richard           Jesus Is My Kind of People
        B3      Graham Kendrick         Kingdom Come
        B4      Aleksander John         Yesterday Today Forever
        B5      Malcolm & Alwyn         The World Needs Jesus
KL      022     MALCOLM AND ALWAYN      WILDWALL                        LP        .1974

        A1      I Feel Fine
        A2      I Love You More Than Yesterday
        A3      Spaceman
        A4      Someone to Sing to
        A5      I'll Carry You Through
        B1      Buried Alive
        B2      Stay With Me
        B3      I Love
        B4      Wildwall
        B5      England Goodbye
KL      023     CHORALERNA              LIVING WATER                    LP        .1974

        A1      Part I:The Lamb of God
        A2      Part II: To Be Born Again
        A3      Part III: Living Water
        B1      Part IV: Love
        B2      Part V: Peace
        B3      Part VI: The Holy Spirit
        B4      Part VII: Jesus Is Coming Back
KL      024     GRAHAM KENDRICK : PAID ON THE NAIL (W. PETER ROE)       LP        .1974

        A1      Beautiful Night                                 3:01
        A2      No Room at the World                            4:19
        A3      Caiaphas and the Temple Guard                   3:05
        A4      When the World Said 'No'                        4:07
        A5      How Much Do You Think You Are Worth?            3:56
        B1      Comforting Stranger                             4:02
        B2      You're the Perfume I'm the Jar                  3:03
        B3      Silence Reigns / Hosanna                        3:23
        B4      Love Is in the Things You Make                  4:16
        B5      Make It Soon                                    4:12
KL      025     THE IMPERIALS : FOLLOW THE MAN WITH THE MUSIC           LP        .1974

        A1      He's On His Way                                 3:15
        A2      More (Than You'll Ever Know)                    4:20
        A3      If My People Will Pray                          4:18
        A4      The Secret (I Met God In The Morning)           3:35
                Spread A Little Love Around/God's Mighty Peace  3:55
        A5a     Spread A Little Love Around
        A5b     God's Mighty Peace
        B1      Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life                     3:40
        B2      Why Me?                                         2:55
        B3      God's Love                                      4:12
                Reach Out And Touch/Two Hands                   6:16
        B4a     Reach Out And Touch
        B4b     Two Hands
        B5      Follow The Man With The Music                   3:26
KL      026     THE ARCHERS             THE ARCHERS                     LP        .1974

        A1      God's Love
        A2      I've a Friend
        A3      Put on Jesus
        A4      Life in Jesus
        A5      It Won't Be Long
        B1      As Long as I Know
        B2      Basically Roamin'
        B3      Jesus Is the Answer
        B4      God's Throne
        B5      For Me, for You

LP      Charisma            CH 7000         1972        US
KL      027     DANNY LEE & THE CHILDREN OF TRUTH : ESSENCE             LP        .1975

        A1      Get In Touch With The Savior
        A2      Wrapped Up
        A3      Jesus (He Is The Son Of God)
        A4      Sweeter Than
        A5      Don't Knock It ('Til You Tried It)
        B1      What Have You Got To Lose
        B2      God's Mighty Peace
        B3      Little Flowers
        B4      Came My Way
        B5      Let Him In Today
                PRAISE THE LORD VOLUME 1

LP 1    A1      I've Been On The Mountain
        A2      It's No Wonder
        A3      Gentle Shepherd
        A4      Jesus Is Lord Of All
        A5      To Be Like Jesus
        A6      God Is So Good
        A7      Bethlehem...Galilee...Gethsemane
        A8      Kum Ba Yah
        A9      Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is
        A10     Precious Name, O How Sweet
        A11     I Will Serve Thee
        B1      This Could Be The Dawning Of That Day
        B2      Speak, Lord (For Thy Servant Heareth)
        B3      Each Step I Take
        B4      Praise For The Lord
        B5      Jesus Is His Name
        B6      When I Prayed Through
        B7      Jesus, I Believe What You Said
        B8      My Faith Still Holds
        B9      Thank God For The Promise Of Spring
        B10     Even So, Lord Jesus, Come
        B11     Why Should I Worry Or Fret?
        B12     Rejoice, You're A Child Of The King

LP 2    C1      Joy In The Camp
        C2      A Parade Of Miracles
        C3      I'm Free
        C4      Joy, Real Joy
        C5      The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago
        C6      It's Just Like My Lord
        C7      The Church Triumphant
        C8      Something Beautiful
        C9      I've Just Seen Jesus
        C10     I Could Never Outlove The Lord
        C11     I'd Do It All Over Again
        D1      A Hill Called Mt. Calvary
        D2      Have You Had A Gethsemane
        D3      Since Jesus Passed By
        D4      All God's Children
        D5      In God's Tomorrow
        D6      Jesus In The Morning
        D7      Jesus
        D8      Surely Goodness And Mercy
        D9      The Longer I Serve Him (The Sweeter He Grows)
        D10     The Spirit Of Jesus Is In This Place
        D11     The King Is Coming
        D12     If It Keeps Gettin' Better
KL      033     THE RAMBOS              THERE HAS TO BE A SONG          LP        .1975

        A1      He's Ready To Come, I'm Ready To Go             2:16
        A2      Now You Can Walk With Me                        3:34
        A3      By His Love Possessed                           4:13
        A4      Jesus                                           2:48
        A5      Give Them All To Jesus                          4:35
        B1      Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City 4:08
        B2      Harbor In Time Of A Storm                       2:10
        B3      Shattered Dreams                                3:10
        B4      Another Mountain, Another Valley                3:12
        B5      I Call Him Lord                                 4:15
KL      037     HELMUT AND ELISABETH    GENTLE BREEZE                   LP        .1976

        A1      I Will Sing Of My Redeemer
        A2      In Your Way
        A3      Something Special
        A4      Sweet Song Of Salvation
        A5      Come To The Water
        B1      Oh I Need Him
        B2      Prince Of Peace
        B3      Only A Prayer Away
        B4      The Longer I Need Him
        B5      Jesus Is The Answer
KL      038     PRISCILLA BRAZIER       SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL             LP        .1976

        A1      He Is Lord / Something Beautiful
        A2      Wedding Song
        A3      Bless His Holy Name
        A4      Now Walk With God
        A5      I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me
        B1      There's Something About That Name
        B2      Do You Know Where You're Going To
        B3      For Me
        B4      Like Him
        B5      Say I Do
KL      039     THE BILL GAITHER TRIO   PRAISE                          LP        .1976

        A1      Songs That Answer Questions                     3:25
        A2      I Lost It All To Find Everything                4:15
        A3      Eyes Have Not Seen, Ears Have Not Heard         2:30
        A4      Reaching                                        4:55
        A5      Praise Be To Jesus                              3:47
        B1      It Is Finished                                  5:04
        B2      Peace Shall Come                                4:17
        B3      He Was There All The Time                       3:10
        B4      Layed Back (In His Love)                        4:00
        B5      Free To Go Home                                 3:26
KL      040
KL      041     BIRGITTA EDSTROM        THE KING IS COMING              LP        .1977

        A1      Guide Me Lord                                   4:03
        A2      The King Is Coming                              3:28
        A3      Oh, How Sweet It Will Be                        3:21
        A4      I'll Fly Away                                   2:27
        A5      Peace In The Valley                             3:44
        B1      He Is My Everything                             2:35
        B2      I'll Trust And Never Be Afraid                  3:58
        B3      The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power            3:44
        B4      Sweet, Sweet Spirit                             3:47
        B5      Amazing Grace                                   3:12