KEEP SCREAMING RECORDS                  Margate
**********************                  UK


Exist   : 2006-2012
Distr.  : UK - Banquet
Style   : punk / thrash / grindcore / HC punk /

KSR     001     RAISE THE WHITE FLAG    CALLING ALL CYNICS              7"        .2006

        A1      Raise The White Flag
        A2      Owl Girl Strikes
        A3      Burn Down The Disco
        B1      Yawn Yawn Yawn
        B2      Curse Of The Worst
        B3      Boys Will Be Boys
KSR     002     NERVOUS WRECK           WELCOME TO HELL                 7"        .2006

        A1      Drowned Rats
        A2      Vermin
        A3      In The Gutter
        B1      To Hell
        B2      Pest Control
        B3      The Plauge
                (Note : 7" , clear-red vinyl)
KSR     003     BRAIN DEAD/CRASH THE POSE : SPLIT                       7"        .2006

        A1      Brain Dead              No Evidence
        A2      Brain Dead              Swine
        A3      Brain Dead              Child Abuse
        A4      Brain Dead              M.R.M
        A5      Brain Dead              Servants
        B1      Crash The Pose          Clone
        B2      Crash The Pose          Crash The Pose
        B3      Crash The Pose          Issue
        B4      Crash The Pose          Never Again
        B5      Crash The Pose          Double Standards
KSR     004     WORKER AND PARASITE/THE MOTHERFUCKERS : SPLIT           7"        .2007

        A1      Worker And Parasite     Adopt A Handbag
        A2      Worker And Parasite     The I Didn't Do It Girl
        A3      Worker And Parasite     Call Of The Goatboy
        A4      Worker And Parasite : Now That's What I Call Hardcore 64
        A5      Worker And Parasite : T.R.E.A.M (Thrash Rules Everything Around Me)
        B1      The Motherfuckers       The Radical Decline Of Reality
        B2      The Motherfuckers       Carbohydrates
        B3      The Motherfuckers       No Bikes, No Blades
        B4      The Motherfuckers       Youth Crew Skate Thrash Go!
        B5      The Motherfuckers       I Hate Nike Dunks
        B6      The Motherfuckers       Bite It You Scum
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , 330 copies total)
KSR     005     RAISE THE WHITE FLAG/THE OUTPATIENTS : SPLIT            7"        .2007

        A1      Raise The White Flag    Raise The White Flag Pt.II
        A2      Raise The White Flag    Headcase
        A3      Raise The White Flag    Fuck Yourself
        A4      Raise The White Flag    Curse Of The Worst
        B1      The Outpatients         Sky High Expectations
        B2      The Outpatients         I Don't Get It
        B3      The Outpatients         Big Mouth
        B4      The Outpatients         Why Are You Here?
        B5      The Outpatients         I Hate Hardcore Kids
        B6      The Outpatients         You're So Blind
                (Note : 7" , 220 copies on black vinyl)
KSR     006     V / A                   THRASH WAR                      7"        .2007

        A1      Valhalla Pacifists      Who I Am, What I Want
        A2      Valhalla Pacifists      High School Is Such A Joke
        A3      Valhalla Pacifists      Just To Get By
        A4      Patient Zero            How's That For A World Exclusive?
        A5      Patient Zero            Alkatraz
        A6      Patient Zero : Go Be Alternative Somewhere Else (Poseur Part II)
        A7      Patient Zero            Skin: Models Own
        B1      Worker And Parasite	Bring The Beef
        B2      Worker And Parasite     Shower Of Shit
        B3      Worker And Parasite     Lights, Camera, Bullshit Part II
        B4      Worker And Parasite     Cluster Fuck
        B5      Brain Dead              Famine
        B6      Brain Dead              Miyazaki
        B7      Brain Dead              Stop The Cruise
                (Note : 7" , 550 copies on black vinyl)
KSR     007     THE SHITTY LIMITS       LIMITS APPEAR                   7"      01.2008

        A1      Limits Appear
        A2      Taking The Lead
        A3      Just Because
        B1      Who Is This They?
        B2      Faith In Man
        B3      Minds Eye
                (Note : 7" , two pressings , 330 copies each)
KSR     008     WARBOYS                 TOO DRUNK TO SKATE              7"        .2008

        A1      Metallica Hates You
        A2      BreakFAST
        A3      Sick And Tired
        A4      TV Brainwash
        A5      Too Drunk To Skate
        B1      Illusions Of Grander
        B2      Irony
        B3      Systems Broke
        B4      W.G.V (Woodhouse Ghetto Violence)
        B5      Fight Night
        B6      GRIND
                (Note : 7" , 525 copies with 3 different covers)
KSR     009     GODSTOMPER/BARBARIAN LORD : SPLIT                       7"      07.2008

        A       Godstomper              Chemical Free
        B1      Barbarian Lord          Clone Wars
        B2      Barbarian Lord          Poster Vs. Vinyl Siding
        B3      Barbarian Lord          Please Pre-Pay After Dark
        B4      Barbarian Lord          Holidays In The Sand
        B5      Barbarian Lord          Stump
        B6      Barbarian Lord          Pit Fight Club
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , 1054 copies)
                (The Birdshit Basement Sessions)

                No Messin About Style EP
        A1      No Messin About Style
        A2      Wrongcock
        A3      Doley Denied
        A4      Beer For Life
        A5      Barthur And The Knife
        A6      LS6 2
        A7      Crap Man
        A8      Dustbin Banquet
                Split With Khunnt
        A9      AA Intro
        A10     Fuck The 12-Step Plan
        A11     White String Vest / Spare Change
        A12     Tramp Busk Interlude
        A13     Docker Picker
        A14     Meths
        A15     Worn Out
        A16     Stupid Dickhead
        A17     Barthur And The Bike
                V/A Get In There Frank!
        B1      Suck Me Banger
        B2      Piss Town
                Split With Warboys
        B3      White Cider Rampage
        B4      Fuck The Bastards
        B5      Day In The Park, Night On The Park Bench
        B6      Pissed Again
        B7      Have You Got 20p For A Cup Of Tea?
        B8      Dustbin Banquet
                Live Set (In The Birdshit Basement)
        B9      Meths / Oily Groico's Backdoor Challenge
        B10     Beer For Life
        B11     Stupid Dickhead
        B12     Piss Town
        B13     LS6 2
                (Note : cassette , 200 copies)
KSR     011     VALHALLA PACIFISTS/PRUMYSLOVA SMRT : SPLIT              LP        .2008

        A1      Valhalla Pacifists      Fill Your Boots
        A2      Valhalla Pacifists : Adventures Of The Valhalla Pacifists
        A3      Valhalla Pacifists      Optimus Prime Listens To Thrash
        A4      Valhalla Pacifists      What's Goin On?
        A5      Valhalla Pacifists      Sniff Yer
        A6      Valhalla Pacifists      Just A Cunt
        A7      Valhalla Pacifists      Stuntcock
        A8      Valhalla Pacifists      Youth Of Today
        A9      Valhalla Pacifists      Teabag
        A10     Valhalla Pacifists      No Time To Waste
        A11     Valhalla Pacifists      If This Is Hardcore
        A12     Valhalla Pacifists      Book Attack
        A13     Valhalla Pacifists      Patting About
        B1      Průmyslová Smrt         Holokaust Lidskě Mysli
        B2      Průmyslová Smrt         Láska - Ne Sobectvi!
        B3      Průmyslová Smrt         Bahno
        B4      Průmyslová Smrt         Zahod' Svůj Zivot
        B5      Průmyslová Smrt         Vzkřišeni
        B6      Průmyslová Smrt         Prayda
        B7      Průmyslová Smrt         Krize Reality
        B8      Průmyslová Smrt         Vrazi
        B9      Průmyslová Smrt         Vulva Fermentation
        B10     Průmyslová Smrt         Provokace
KSR     012     BURNING TIMES           THE END IS THE BEGINNING        7"        .2008

        A1      Pride
        A2      Resisting Despair
        B1      Apron Strings
        B2      Dissipative Structures
                (Note : 7" , 400 copies on black vinyl)
KSR     013     SPOONFUL OF VICODIN     SPOONFUL OF VICODIN             7"      11.2008

                Side Pill
        A1      One More Second & I'll Explode
        A2      Stages Are Only Good For Stagedives
        A3      I'll Sew With Floss 'Till All My Teeth Rot
        A4      Grind Is Good For Acne
        A5      You Smell Like A Rotting Bag Of Dicks
        A6      Carful Of Potheads
        A7      Sacrificed For The Thrash
                Side Poppin'
        B1      Cycle Of Desolation
        B2      357 Channels Of Wide Screen Perfection
        B3      God Wins At Everything
        B4      My Idea Of Anarchy Is Taking A Dump On Company Time
        B5      Roadkill In The Lunch-Line
        B6      Tapeworms In Punk, A Documentary
KSR     014     VALHALLA PACIFISTS/BURNING THE PROSPECT : SPLIT         7"        .2009

                45 RPM
        A1      Valhalla Pacifists      All You Do Is Cry
        A2      Valhalla Pacifists      Sounds Like Fun
        A3      Valhalla Pacifists      High Cost Of Low Prices
        A4      Valhalla Pacifists      Thrash Business
                33.3 RPM
        B1      Burning The Prospect    Built On Hollow Words
        B2      Burning The Prospect:The Ballad Of A Fucked Off Congregation
KSR     015     THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN : PISSED AGAIN                  7"      01.2010

        A1      LS6 2
        A2      Daily Grind
        A3      Doley Denied
        A4      Thrash Potato
        A5      Fuck The 12-Step Plan
        A6      Wrongcock
        A7      Roy The Bread Boy
        A8      Beer For Life
        B1      Stupid Dickhead
        B2      Piss Town
        B3      Meths
        B4      Have You Got 20p For A Cup Of Tea?
        B5      Barthur And The Knife
        B6      White Cider Rampage
        B7      Docker Picker
        B8      White String Vest / Spare Change
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 520 copies total)
                (The Joogle Diaries)

                Split 7" With Cyborg
        A1      Good Morning Gentlemen
        A2      'Tache Thrash
        A3      Boozejoogler
        A4      Bus Fare Saviour
        A5      7 Deadly Tins
                Split 7" With OSK
        A6      Rusty Axe Through Aaron Turner's Head
        A7      Be A Dick
        A8      Mincegrind
        A9      Know Harder
        A10     S.M.B
                Live At Leamington Spa, 11/02/10.
        A11     Beer For Life (Live 11/02/10)
        A12     Hungry (Live 11/02/10)
        A13     S.M.B (Live 11/02/10)
        A14     Have You Got 20p For A Cup Of Tea? (Live 11/02/10)
        A15     Be A Dick (Live 11/02/10)
                'Pissed Again' 7"
        B1      LS6 2
        B2      Daily Grind
        B3      Doley Denied
        B4      Thrash Potato
        B5      Fuck The 12 Step Plan
        B6      Wrongcock
        B7      Roy The Bread Boy
        B8      Beer For Life
        B9      Stupid Dickhead
        B10     Piss Town
        B11     Meths
        B12     Have You Got 20p For A Cup Of Tea?
        B13     Barthur And The Knife
        B14     White Cider Rampage
        B15     Docker Picker
        B16     String Vest/Spare Change
                Live At Lille Winter Grindfest, 17/12/10.
        B17     Booze Has Been Spilled/Daily Grind (Live 17/12/10)
        B18     Doley Denied (Live 17/12/10)
        B19     Mincegrind (Live 17/12/10)
        B20     Good Morning Gentlemen (Live 17/12/10)
        B21     Know Harder (Live 17/12/10)
        B22     Fuck The 12 Step Plan (Live 17/12/10)
                (Note : cassette , 200 copies)
KSR     017     MAN HANDS/HUMAN JUNK    SPLIT                           CDEP      .2011
KSR     017     MAN HANDS/HUMAN JUNK    SPLIT                           CS        .2011

        1       Man Hands               Golden Axe
        2       Man Hands               Streets Of Rage
        3       Man Hands               Big Chin
        4       Man Hands               Superjugend
        5       Human Junk              Path Of Destruction
        6       Human Junk              Stand In A Line
        7       Human Junk              Impostor
        8       Human Junk              Never Abated
        9       Human Junk              Arrogant Loudmouth
        10      Human Junk              Lash Out
        11      Human Junk              Bad To Worse
KSR     018     GOD'S AMERICA/UMAN JUNK : SPLIT                         7"        .2012

        A1      God's America           P.L.P.
        A2      God's America           Reality Pt. 5
        A3      God's America           Latter Day
        A4      God's America           Fickle
        A5      God's America           In The End
        A6      God's America           Insomnia
        B1      Human Junk              Redundant
        B2      Human Junk              Buried
        B3      Human Junk              At What Cost?
        B4      Human Junk              Cashing In
        B5      Human Junk              Eyesore
        B6      Human Junk              Back In The Day
        B7      Human Junk              Building Walls