KEELED SCALES                           Austin
*************                           Texas


Distr.  : US/CA - Secretly Distr.
          UK - Norman
Style   : indie / r+r /folk rock / shoegaze / dreamy pop / goth rock /
          experimental /alternative / blues /

Keeled Scales was started by two musicians in Austin, Texas. We put out our first
release in June 2014.

Seth Whaland plays bass in Tres Oui. He also played in the band Literature and co-ran
Natrix Natrix Records from 2004-2009, which was a cassette and vinyl label that also
hosted legendary house shows in southwest Austin. Acts that played the Natrix Natrix
House include Deer Tick, Woods, Real Estate, The Shivers, Jonny Fritz, Liz Isenberg,
Simon Joyner, and Charlie McAlister.    

Tony Presley has played music as Real Live Tigers since 2004, playing hundreds of
shows in the US, Canada, and Europe. He's lived at several house venues, including
the Natrix Natrix House, Jesse's Bed & Breakfast, and Track House in Austin, as well
as the Dinosaur House in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He also co-ran an art space in
Fayetteville called Lalaland that is still active.

Keeled Scales currently curates a house show series at Track House that hosts mostly
acoustic touring and local acts. You can follow our facebook page for news about those. march 21.2019

KS      001     THE ROOM OUTSIDE        THE ROOM OUTSIDE                LP      06.2014

        A1      Once Upon A Time
        A2      What Is Coming
        A3      The Room Outside
        A4      Busy Mind
        A5      Halo
        B1      Beauties Play
        B2      Heaven
        B3      Middle Of Nowhere
        B4      On Fire
                (Note _ LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)
KS      002     REAL LIVE TIGERS        TOMBOYS                         7"        .2015

        A1      Tomboys
        B1      Even Still
KS      003     THE SHIVERS             CHARADES                        LP      10.2014

        a1      Charades
        a2      L.I.E.
        a3      Soho Party
        a4      Kisses
        a5      Beauty
        b1      Violence
        b2      Bedroomer
        b3      Sunshine
        b4      The Shivers
        b5      I Could Care Less
        b6      Roses
                (Note : LP , black or white vinyl)
KS      004     MANDARIN DYNASTY        FEEDBACK TIME                   LP      09.2015

        A1      Feedback Time
        A2      Second Storey
        A3      Mouth of the Party
        A4      Olas
        A5      I'm Afaid of the Dark
        B1      Gull
        B2      Hell
        B3      More Bodies
        B4      Dear God Think I Got Good Feeling
KS      005     REAL LIVE TIGERS        DENATURED                       LP      04.2016

        A1      Denatured                                       3:10
        A2      Leave a Map                                     2:35
        A3      Interloper                                      2:20
        A4      Gave Up                                         2:55
        A5      Dreamsick                                       3:07
        A6      Mtn Dew                                         1:11
        A7      What Fort Worth is For                          1:37
        B1      50s Pop Song                                    1:56
        B2      Creekbeds                                       1:40
        B3      Winter Blues no. 2                              0:37
        B4      If I Was Someone You Could Love                 2:18
        B5      This Life, This Life                            2:58
        B6      Winter Blues no. 3                              2:19
        B7      Unknowable                                      3:12
        B8      Bess & Harry Houdini                            3:04
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on transp. smoky-grey vinyl)
KS      006     JUSTIN KINKEL-SCHUSTER : DATE WITH THE END              7"        .2016

        A       Date With The End
        B       Rosewater And Horseshit
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 60 copies)
KS      007     DUBB NUBB               IT'S WEIRD IN THIS WORLD        CS      03.2016

        A1      Sister's House
        A2      Cowboy
        A3      Wild Foal
        A4      Sing My BB 2 Sleep
        B1      Southbound Train
        B2      Foot of Your Bed
        B3      What Does Love Mean to You?
KS      008     CAITLIN KRAUS TORRES    CAITLIN KRAUY TORRES            7"      06.2016

        A       Waiting For The World
        B       Dead Man
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 200 black/50 on transl. violet/50
                on translucent gold vinyl)
KS      009     LRN GRN                 EASY SPIRITS/GRAPE PERFUME      CS      04.2016

                East Spirits
        A1      Quilts
        A2      Pinholes
        A3      Cabins
        A4      Uncharted Waters
        A5      Just Spells
                Grape Perfume
        B1      Imagined Pontoon
        B2      Grape Perfume
        B3      Busy Hours
        B4      Got Cruise Inside of Me
        B5      Cowgirl in the Sand
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
KS      010     ADAM TORRES             PEARLS TO SWINE                 CS      09.2016

        A1      Juniper Arms
        A2      Some Beast Will Find You By Name
        A3      High Lonesome
        A4      Morning Rain
        A5      Daydream
        B1      Outlands
        B2      Where I'm Calling From
        B3      Mountain River
        B4      City Limits
                (Note : cassette , 200 copies)

        A1      Whose Will Be Done
        A2      Headed South
        A3      False Dawn
        A4      Laid Low
        A5      Milky Cradle
        A6      Moccasin Blues
        B1      Half Broke
        B2      Brake Dust
        B3      Painting Houses
        B4      Shorthand Mythology
        B5      The Dirt, The Bells & I

LP      Big Legal Mess      BLM 0529        2016        US      white
CD      Big Legal Mess      BLM 0530        2016        US
KS      012     LINDSAY CLARK           HOME OF THE BRAVE               CS      09.2016
                (Note : cassette , 50 copies)
KS      013     LINDSAY CLARK           BEGIN                           CS      06.2016

Side A  1.      Down in the Water 
        2.      The Rainbow Sign 
        3.      Motherland 
        4.      Sweetgrass 
        5.      I Give
Side B  1.      Poets 
        2.      Remedy 
        3.      Robin Song 
        4.      The Dogwood Tree
KS      014     KNIFE IN THE WATER      REPRODUCTION                    LP      03.2017

        A1      Call It A Shame                                 6:29
        A2      Beware A Holy Whore                             4:32
        A3      Sex Change                                      4:57
        A4      Pain To Burn                                    6:21
        B1      Sweet Gene                                      6:06
        B2      Mary Alice                                      4:45
        B3      Morgellons                                      6:53
        B4      I Can Go On                                     3:35
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 clear copies)
KS      015     HUMAN BEHAVIOR : CANCER-AS SEEN FROM BASEMENT           CS      04.2017

        1       Darling Sylvia                                  11:46
        2       Miner                                           03:33
        3       Euphoric Recall                                 06:27
        4       Terrible                                        07:20
        5       Darling, Crippled                               04:12
                (Note : cassette , 50 copies)
KS      016     FUTURE MUSEUMS          VISIBLE NEST                    CS      01.2017

        A1      Lens Flare                                      04:20
        A2      Pi Subliminal                                   06:26
        A3      Visible Nest Pt. 1                              06:38
        A4      Salt                                            09:03
        B1      Visible Nest Pt. 2                              03:39
        B2      Vanity Mirror                                   03:44
        B3      Strobing Fantasmagoria                          06:40
        B4      The Golden Hour                                 03:04
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
KS      017     RF SHANNON              OTHER TRAILS                    CS      10.2016

        1       Had A Revelation                                3:52
        2       Banshee Canyon                                  7:49
        3       Ten Spirits Strong                              5:40
        4       Gone Vision                                     8:00
KS      018     JULIA LUCILLE           CHTHONIC                        LP      04.2017
KS      018     JULIA LUCILLE           CHTHONIC                        CD      04.2017

        A1      Eternally
        A2      Darkening
        A3      Plot Of Ground
        A4      Ariadne
        A5      I Don't Think I Can
        B1      Finery
        B2      Lie And Wait
        B3      Beneath The Spring
        B4      Let's Climb Up On The Car
KS      019     JULIA LUCILLE           BEDROOM TAPES, VOL.1            CS      11.2016

        1.      Indian Orchards
        2.      Darkening
        3.      The Corn
        4.      Night
        5.      Sunrise
        6.      Moonrise
        7.      Devotion
        8.      A Little Jolt
        9.      Buying Incense and Tea
        10.     Talk
        11.     Pretty, Nameless
        12.     Wine Blue Ocean 
KS      020     BRICE RANDALL BICKFORD : PARO                           LP      02.2017
KS      021     LRN GRN                 NO WATER                        7"      05.2017

        A1      No Water                                        3:40
        AA1     Only Light                                      3:50

(Note : 7" , 75 copies , super-minimalist square, clear lathe-cut records with
        a hand-carved woodblock print as cover art)
KS      022     MOSES NESH              NO LABOR-SAVING MACHINE         LP+DLc  04.2017

        A1      No Labor-Saving Machine                         3:46
        A2      Oh Lovin' Babe                                  3:55
        A3      Born To Ride                                    3:54
        A4      Bear's Choice                                   4:46
        A5      If I Call You Mama                              4:56
        B1      The Onion                                       3:59
        B2      I'm A Queen                                     4:22
        B3      Didn't Bring Nothing To This World And I Can't
                Carry Nothing Away                              5:31
        B4      North Carolina Blues                            3:58
                (Note : LP , printed inner sleeves with lyrics and artwork)
KS      023     ALEX DUPREE : YOU WINSOME, YOU LONESOME                 CS        .2017

        1       You Winsome                                     3:06
        2       Easy Bardo                                      3:41
        3       The Long Weekend                                4:07
        4       I Deal                                          4:27
        5       You Lonesome                                    2:20
        6       Swimmer                                         3:31
        7       You Gruesome                                    2:24
        8       Texas Doesn't Care                              5:16
        9       My Sweet Heart                                  3:52
        10      You Ransom                                      3:48

        1.      Grandma's Room and Trains in the Distance
        2.      The Middle Room
        3.      The Bridge
        4.      Papa's Workshop
        5.      The Kitchen
        6.      The Cellar
        7.      Our Garden
        8.      The Pasture
        9.      Prayers Goodnight
        10.         The Chapel
        11.         Listening to Changes

LP 1    A1      Motion Picture Song
        A2      Ode To A 1973 Chevy Open Road
        A3      Rubber Tree Cane
        A4      Maybe Separation Makes Us Stronger
        B1      I Had To Get Back East
        B2      Boulevard Of Broken Hearts Busted Dreams, Shattered
                Will, Booze And Pills
        B3      Pity Party
        B4      Halfway House

LP 2    C1      Michael Raines
        C2      Me First At The Expense Of Everybody Else
        C3      Sensitivity And Lynching
        C4      Jackson Crosses
        D1      Where The River Let Out
        D2      Vestige Gone
        D3      Pre-Invasion Jitters
        D4      Thank You For
                (Note : LP , black or transp.-purple vinyl)
KS      026     KATY KIRBY              JUNIPER                         CS+DLc  09.2018

        1       Tap Twice
        2       Peppermint
        3       Juniper
                (Note : cassette , 200 copies)

Produced by George Seay, Katy Kirby, and Joelton Mayfield 
Mixing: Buddy Hughen 
Mastering: Jeremy Ferguson 
Drums: John Lewandowski 
Bass: Kaden Vannorsdel 
Guitar: Gusti Escalante 
Keys: Nick Johnston 
Percussion: Joelton Mayfield 

Album Art by Lisa Carrot and Kyleah Kirby
KS      027     TWAIN                   RARE FEELING                    LP      10.2017
KS      027     TWAIN                   RARE FEELING                    CS      10.2017

        A1      Solar Pilgrim                                   5:20
        A2      The Sorcerer                                    4:12
        A3      Little Dog Mind                                 3:09
        A4      Hank & Georgia                                  4:23
        A5      Freed From Doubt                                2:25
        B1      Rare Feeling V.2                                5:57
        B2      Black Chair                                     4:14
        B3      Dear Mexico (Thank You For Joyce)               4:05
        B4      Good Old Friend (For Charlie)                   4:17
KS      028
KS      029     LAKE MARY               RIVER CEREMONY                  CDS     06.2018

        1.      River Ceremony                                  (25:30)
        2.      Deluge                                          (01:26)
KS      030     BUCK MEEK               BUCK MEEK                       LP      05.2018
KS      030     BUCK MEEK               BUCK MEEK                       CS      05.2018

        A1      Joe By The Book
        A2      Cannonball!
        A3      Ruby
        A4      Flight 9525
        A5      Exit 7 Roses
        B1      Maybe
        B2      Swan Dive
        B3      Sue
        B4      Best Friend
        B5      Fool Me
KS      031     SUN JUNE                YEARS                           LP      06.2018
KS      031     SUN JUNE                YEARS                           CD      06.2018

        A1      Discotheque
        A2      Slow Rise II
        A3      Young
        A4      Johnson City
        A5      Homes
        B1      Records
        B2      Apartments
        B3      Baby Blue
        B4      I've Been
        B5      Underneath

(Note : LP , 300 black/100 opaque sea foam green/100 white copies)
KS      032     TWAIN                   2 EP.s                          LP+DLc  01.2019
KS      032     TWAIN                   2 EP.s                          CS      01.2019

LP              New Miami Sound (Or: Rare Feeling, Side C)
        A1      Death (Or S.F.?)
        A2      Young God (Gotta Lotta Feeling)
        A3      Eileen
        A4      Big Dog Mind
                Alternator (Complete Tapes)
        B1      Nature Song
        B2      Black Chair
        B3      Prisoner
        B4      High Tide
        B5      Cold Beer In W.V.
        B6      Rare Feeling
DL +    11.     Holy Navigator 
        12.     Anything Can Happen 
        13.     Little Dog Mind (New Miami v.)
KS      033 LP  JO SCHORNIKOW           SECRET WEAPON                   LP      04.2019
KS      033 CD  JO SCHORNIKOW           SECRET WEAPON                   CD      04.2019

        1       Alright)
        2       When You Come Around
        3       Incomplete
        4       Only One
        5       Martingale
        6       Will You Miss E
        7       Ghosts
        8       Home
        9       Interspecies

Secret Weapon is Australian songwriter Jo Schornikow (keyboardist in Phosphorescent)'s
stunning label debut.
KS      034     SUN JUNE                JEFF DEMOS                      CS        .2019

        1       5 Years                                         2:56
        2       Jesus Christ Is My Girlfriend                   2:54
        3       Whataya                                         2:25
        4       Slow Rise                                       2:48
        5       Monster Moon                                    3:15
KS      035
KS      036 LP  JORDAN MOSER            LONG NIGHT                      LP      08.2019

Side A: 1.      Down With Me 
        2.      The Devil
        3.      Long Night
        4.      The Fool 
Side B: 1.      Love Is Gonna Test You
        2.      Between The Stars
        3.      How Long
        4.      Road To Trouble
KS      037 LP  ERIN DURANT             ISLANDS                         LP      08.2019
KS      037 CD  ERIN DURANT             ISLANDS                         CD      08.2019

Side A: 1.      Rising Sun
        2.      Highway Blue
        3.      Sand Dunes
        4.      Good Ol Night 
Side B: 1.      Take A Load Off
        2.      Winterlude
        3.      Islands
        4.      Another Town

Erin Durant is an artist who knows the difference between power and volume.
The Brooklyn-based pianist has her roots in New Orleans. Her piano led ballads have
a certain swagger, imbued with the spirit of her home town. Her style also recalls
For The Roses-era Joni Mitchell, Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor. Islands was
produced by Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio and features a guest performance from
Kath Bloom.