KASHUAL PLASTIK                         GERMANY
***************                         Berlin

Distr.  : GE -
          UK - Boomkat/Norman/Piccadilly/
          NE - Clear Spot/
Style   : electronic /

KASH    003     GEORGIA                 NO URTEXT, NO URSITUATION       10"     12.2015

        1.      No Urtext, No Ursituation
        2.      Excerpt 1
        3.      Middle East Broadway
        4.      Westie

(Note : 10" , screen-printed sleeve stapled to artwork. Includes sticker)
KASH    004     V / A : A Weird State of Experimental Experience        12"     06.2017

        A1      Philipp Matalla         Bonus Drums
        A2      Robert Bergman          Wiwi
        B1      Bear Bones, Lay Low     Lachentanz
        B2      Inkasso                 Art des Rassel
        B3      Herc E Rillen           Francisco Drive

(Note : lim. 12" EP on Kashual Plastik. Edition of 200 copies in hand crafted,
        screen-printed sleeve with poster + sticker)

KASHUAL 6       GROUP A                 CIRCULATION EP                  12"     08.2018

Japanese experimental duo Group A formed in 2012, comprising Tommi Tokyo (synthesizers,
drum machines and vocals) and Sayaka Botanic (violin, sampler and cassette tapes).
Their early shows came as a shock to most spectators, non-stop waves of avant-garde
noise, poetry, and performance art, such as semi-nude live painting.
KASHUAL 007     V / A                   NO ORDER IN DESTINY             2LP     12.2019

LP 1    A1.     Brannten Schnuere - Der Kuckuck Sprach Das Kann Ich Auch
        A2.     Keller Crackers - Anem
        A3.     Nar - Tayreen
        B1.     Brannten Schnuere - Immerzu Ein Fiepen
        B2.     Georgia - Church
        B3.     Nadine Byrne - Memory Is A Wave

LP 2    C1.     Steve Pepe - Interlude
        C2.     A K Koslowski - Wake Up Wake Up
        C3.     F Ingers - Orgy In The Country Homestead With Friends & Bondage
        D1.     Andre Uhl - Talking Head
        D2.     Milan W - Astra
        D3.     Lamusa II - Vipera Aspis
        D4.     Paul Arambula - Boom Bound Paralysis
                (Note : gatefold 2xLP + insert in screen-printed sleeve)

KP      009     V / A : Respect The Unexpected: In The Age Of Sci Fi    LP+CD   10.2020

A       1       Al Chem                 The Last Victorian
        2       LST                     Outer Limits Of Inner Atrium
        3       Innsyter                In Spite Of Everything
        4       Waswaas                 Aversion
        5       Andreas O Hirsch        Steamboat Jr
        6       Inkasso                 Astralkörper
B       1       A.N.I.                  Yes! Sure! If You Don`t Mind
        2       EEL                     App Beta
        3       K?¯r                    -asamaci
        4       TRJJ                    Before Planetary Scale
        5       Nkls                    Social Hypnosis
        6       XVARR                   Time Is Not Real

CD      1       K?¯r                     Altro Non E`'l Mi'amor
        2       Jorge Velez             El Tren G
        3       Shelter                 Sympathetique F
        4       LST                     Open After Minimal Pealing
        5       Hinosch                 9 Comp Edit
        6       Pose Dia                Canopy
        7       Al Chem                 The Other Side

(Note : limited LP & CD in silk screened sleeve, packaged inside a wire mesh frame)