Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   :

IUS     001 LP  PEACHES                 RUB                             LP+DLc  09.2015
IUS     001 CD  PEACHES                 RUB                             CD      09.2015

        1 (A1)   Close Up
        2 (A2)  Rub
        3 (A3)  Dick In The Air
        4 (A4)  Pickles
        5 (A5)  Sick In The Head
        6 (A6)  Free Drink Ticket
        7 (B1)  How You Like My Cut
        8 (B2)  Vaginoplasty
        9 (B3)  Light In Places
        10 (B4) Dumb Fuck
        11 (B5) I Mean Something
ECLP    001     V / A                   OUT OF ADDIS                    LP      11.2015
ECCD    001     V / A                   OUT OF ADDIS                    CD      11.2015
BABE    1 LP    BABE                    KISS & TELL                     LP      04.2017
BABE    1 CD    BABE                    KISS & TELL                     CD      04.2017

BABE, Glasgow's premier secret party band, are back after a two year absence with new
album Kiss & Tell, the follow-up to the excellent and unclassifiable 2014 debut Volery
Flighty (Moshi Moshi).
The band, made up of singer-leader Gerard Black (Findo Gask), guitarist Thomas Ogden,
bassist Amaury Ranger (Francois and the Atlas Mountains) and new drummer/producer
John Baillie Jnr (Bossy Love) have regrouped and refocused to deliver a record as much
for the quiet hours as it is for the house party.
AHR     001 LP  MILES COOPER SEATON     PHASES IN EXILE                 LP      10.2017
AHR     001 CD  MILES COOPER SEATON     PHASES IN EXILE                 CD      10.2017

        1       Out Here
        2       Pacts with Beasts
        3       I Am That
        4       It Just Does
        5       Litt le Prince
        6       Persona
        7       Division
        8       Nothing Lasts
        9       Death and the Compass
        10      Homes by the Sea

Miles Cooper Seaton will be known to some of you from his time in Akron/Family and
Michael Gira’s Angels of Light. His new album, Phases In Exile is the kind of music
you can immerse yourself in, wherever you may be. Whether it be losing yourself on
public transport, watching the sun rise or feeling a cool breeze on warm night.
GTB     008 LP  GET THE BLESSING        BRISTOPIA                       LP      09.2018
                (Note : LP , orange vinyl)
GTB     008 CD  GET THE BLESSING        BRISTOPIA                       CD      09.2018

Get The Blessing, who choose to broadcast the fact that they come from Bristol with
the fairly poor album title of Bristopia, are a mutant jazz group who liberally use
electronics, rock and post-rock forms, and party rhythms to take their music to
wherever they want to go. This one features bonus pedal-steel from Margerethe
Bjorklund and bonus guitar from Adrian Utley!