KER                                     ITALY

Distr.  : IT -
          UK - Boomkat/Bleep/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : electronic / IDM / jungle / industrial rhythms /

KER     001 LP  TRAIN TO ELTANIN        4D R.E.M. COMPUTATION           LP+DLc  02.2020
                (Note : LP , 350 copies)
KER     001 LP  TRAIN TO ELTANIN        4D R.E.M. COMPUTATION           DL      02.2020

        1.      Swimming Angels                                 04:46
        2.      Page Table Isolation                            04:01
        3.      Meltdown                                        01:51
        4.      Dainstah                                        02:53
        5.      Unexpected Store Exception                      04:11
        6.      Ariverb                                         05:05
        7.      Ricominciando Dalla Fine                        04:12

Time -- and its passing -- is our only certainty. As we sleep time dissolves and
during the R.E.M.-phase of sleep we enter a time warp. In this classy seven-track
release, Train To Eltanin combine solid electro-driven brain computations with
downtempo ambience. This is their attempt at a 4D R.E.M. in which you discover and
study what happens during the last hours of this phase of sleep: the R.E.M.-phase.
The parallelism between the emotions felt during sleep and those experienced in
real life is often unseen and untouchable, as everything that has value in our
lives. Sleep scientists might call what's accomplished here as a highly effective,
potentially dangerous man-made artifact. Train To Eltanin is a Milan-based duo
consisting of Leone Ciocchetti and Giuseppe Amaru. a 4D R.E.M. Computation is Train
To Eltanin's second release, following the V1 EP on CyberspeakMusic. It is the first
release for KER, a new label run by visual artist Jonathan Tegelaars and electronic
music producer Herve Corti (aka Herva, Planet Mu and All City Records). Includes
download code; edition of 350.