Distr.  : US - Forced Exposure
Style   : techno /

Jujuka is a multidisciplinary art project and record label that involves rhythm
composer and DJ Julia Govor and London-based illustration duo Le.BLUE.
The project is about music, short narratives, true stories, comics, and illustrations
where the artists behind the project want to go beyond what the conventional record
label offers. Every piece will be unique, told through music and stories composed and
written by Julia, accompanied by artwork and comics illustrated by Le.BLUE.

JJ      001     JULIA GOVOR             001                             12"     07.2018

        A1      0031
        B1      1991
        B2      1984
                (Note : 12" , gatefold)
JJ      002     JULIA GOVOR/EMIT        RAW REFLEX                      12"     03.2020

Music written and produced by Julia Govor, featuring Ricardo Villalobos, and Emit,
aka Kamran Sadeghi. Mix and mastered by Kamran Sadeghi. Art and comics by Le. Blue.