Distr.  : UK - Norman
       Style   : electronic /

FM      004 LP  FRANC MOODY             DREAM IN COLOUR                 LP      04.2020

        1       Dream In Colour
        2       Terra Firma
        3       Skin On Skin
        4       Charge Me Up
        5       Flesh And Blood
        6       Night Flight
        7       She's Too Good For Me
        8       Grin And Bear It
        9       Night Flight Reprise
        10      This Is A Mood
        11      A Little Something For The Weekend

Ned Franc and Jon Moody are electronic duo Franc Moody. The band came out of the
warehouse rave scene in London and hold disco funk sounds close to their hearts.
Dream in Colour is the follow-up to their 2018 debut, Dance Moves. If you like Jungle
and Daft Punk, this is definitely for you. On Juicebox Recordings.