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Owner  : Chris McFarlane (aka Suretoss)
Distr. : Shelflife
Style  : indie / fuzzy power pop / lo-fi pop / power pop / twee pop / pop punk /
         indie pop / shoegaze / jandle pop / twee 

Jigsaw Records is the label/mailorder that sticks up for the little guys, specializing
in indiepop, lo-fi pop, indie rock, powerpop, twee, punky pop and pretty much any other
kind of fun music that we fancy. We carry records/cds/tapes from small independent
bands and labels from all over the country and world, and strive to keep our prices as
low as possible.
[From: http://jigsaw-records.com/] jan 19, 2016

PZL     001     SURETOSS                SURETOSS EP                     7"EP    05.1995
                Passenger / Pillow / Anymore / On Purpose
                (Note : 7" EP 500 green copies)
PZL     002     CHARMS                  HAPPEN TO LULL                  CASS.   09.1995
                Happen / Different / Between Two Fires / Horizontal /
                Landmark / Only Reason I Pray / Fiona / Turning /
                Avalenches / Tidal / Book I Borrowed / Way She Died
                (Note : about 75 copies)
PZL     003     BOYRACER : Doorframe // Your Unspoken Desires           7"      06.1996
                (Note : 7" 700 red copies)
PZL     004     PILLOWCASE              DINE-N-DASH EP                  CASS.   10.1996
                Rotate , Translate / Nice Try / Back Against The Wall
                / Rarity / Life's Little Instructions
                (Note : 50 were pressed)
PZL     005     ROCKETSHIP              Get On The Floor (And Move It)  7"      05.1997
                // All The Pleasures
                (Note : 7" 1000 pressed on gold vinyl ; 800 re-pressed
                in april 1998)
PZL     006     CESSNA                  HOLIDAY ON ICE EP               7"EP    05.1997
                Utterly Alone / Floating / Garlic / Window Seat
                (Note : 7" EP 500 on white vinyl ; 500 re-pressed 04.98)
PZL     007     THE POCONOS             DAYS ARE GETTING SHORTER        7"EP    04.1999
                October / Booksmart / Waterslide / That's The End Of
                That / Valentine's Day / Ten Hour Drive
                (Note : 7" EP 1000 blue copies)
PZL     008     SURETOSS                Quiet Christmas / Snowless      7"      04.1999
                Winter / Forward To Snow
                (Note : 7" 500 white copies)
PZL     009     LESLIES                 OF TODAY - FOR TODAY            CD      06.1999
                Leaving The House / So Sincere / Any Day Now / That's
                Me / It's A Sin / My Perfect Pearl / Hey! I'm Here /
                It's Over / Blue Suede Shirt / Why Brother / # 5 / Bye
                Bye / Favorite Waste Of Time
                (Note : CD 1000 copies)
PZL     010     DUTCH ELMS              MUSIC FOR HAPPINESS             CD      10.2004
                Cleopatra / Knickers In A Twist / Doctoral Dissipation /
                Yesterday's Coffee / Don't Call Me Winston / Amelia Air
                Heart / Therefore Talk / Limp Around The Park / Died In
                A Lake / Dinner Train / Letters From
                (Note : CD 1000 copies)
PZL     011     PATIENCE PLEASE         PARALLEL PLOTS                  12".CD  09.2006

                Cynics And Critics / The Velveteen Rabbit / Little
                Mouthfuls / Too Forthright / Unpublished
                (Note : 12"/1-sided , 300 LP's / 1000 CD's pressed)
PZL     012     PREMISE BEACH           AT PROMISE BEACH                CD      09.2009

Touching Towns / Your Grave / Sidewalk Girl / Pleasure Amd-Or Pain / My Corpse /
Brother / Catching Up / I Should Know / Walt's / These People
PZL     013     SPRAYDOG                IMPRESS ANF DEFEND              CD      05.2010

Polaroids Not Portraits / A Slave's Briolette / Midnight Hockey / Trading Zeniths /
Captive Hearts / Stuck In This Bleed / Effort Syndrome / (sevensixes) / Cry Out Scream
Shout / Heartlight / Here Comes The Day Rise / Disconnected / Stop Your Heart
PZL     014 V   GOBLIN UNIVERSE         TRUE TO NOTHING                 LP      06.2010
PZL     014     GOBLIN UNIVERSE         TRUE TO NOTHING                 CD      06.2010

No Love / Comet / Wet Lips / Here Comes Gnome / Makes Waves / Saving The Paste ////
Hands / DOing Time / Sing For The Soul / Don't Carry On / For The Dinosaur Bones /
Hallelujah! / [Chinese/Midgets] / True To Nothing

(Note : LP , 25 copies)
                THE SAME AS MINE?)

Bus To vegas / Been Here Since November / Invincible / Dress Code / The Falling In Love
Part Is The Best Part , Anyways / Not Anymore , Not Anyways / Glided / I Don't Believe
In Stars Anymore / I'll Sail This Ship Alone / I'm Into Something Good / The Relatives
Song / Beachy Keen / The Last Time I Felt Like Dying / Sleepyhead / Must See T.V. /
Books On Tape And 45's
PZL     016     THE GAZETTEERS          WE ARE HERE.                    CDR     07.2010

Perennial Fringe Candidate / Monkees '67 / Trapped Inside A Skill Crane / (I Want To Be
A) One Hit Wonder / Contretempts / More People Should Resign / K.I.S.S. / The Family
Reunion / Song For Len Righi / Dispatch From The Fair And Festival Circuit
PZL     017     PILLOW                  LEARNING TO LABOUR              CDR       .2011

Two Weird Happenings / B-Home / Monday Suit / Right Is The Accusation , Wrong Is The
Accused / Goodbye 7:30 / This Is The Trick / Learning To Labour / Live Steward / Minor
/ And It's Over There / The Score / My Turning Fair / The Boy Who Wouldn't Listen /
Overruled By You / Happy Shoot-Out / The Shiny Going One / Starlet / Umbrella /
Backseat View / Thousand Miles / Speed Of Sound / You Did Not Hurt Me
PZL     018     PERU                    ACROSS BLUE SKIES               CDR       .2010

Driving / World Of Jason / Twisted Sister / Oasis / More Than Losing / Love's Young
Dreamer Strikes Again / Sammy / Friendlt Neighbourhood / Clueless / Precious Days /
Kim's Balloon / Horror Story / Down / Manic / The Honest Truth / Roundabout
PZL     019     ANTHONY ROCHESTER       HOT HITS '96                    CDR       .2011

You're A Singer Now / Friend Request Manager / Copenhagen / Fredrilstad , Canada /
Endeavourin' / At Kingston Beach / Excursion To The Planetaruim / Special Payment
Option / Even Your Retail Prices Won't Keep Me Away / A Dog Staring At An Aeroplane /
Come Back / Positively Man
PZL     020     THE EARTH EARTH         MATADOR IS DEAD                 CDEP      .2011

Matador Is Dead / Teresa / Queen's Secret / Misunderstanding / Birdeater / Goodnight ,
PZL     021     LYCKA TILL              RAKT OVER MUNNEN                CDR       .2012

Inget Ar Pa Allvar Och Sen Ar Man Dod /Trott / Tyvarr Och Tack Och Lov /Hogt Och Falskt
/ Nydala Runt / Bygg Din Egen Bibel / Det Basta Varsta Som Finns / Parlor For Svin /
Sommeren Rasar / Konsten Att Hata Sig Sjavl / Jeff mangums Texter
PZL     022     AMIDA                   MY LIFE AS A TRASH CAN          CDR     05.2012
                                                                        CD      10.2013

My Life As A Trashcan / A New Low / I Was Rude , You Were Fast / Thank Constantine /
Starstruck Forever And Ever / Let Me Do This For You / They Breathe Gas For Air So We
Lit A Match / Reversal Of Fortune
PZL     023     THE HIGH WATER MARKS    PRETENDING TO BE LOUD           CDR     08.2012

This River Never Ends / It's Gonna Be A Good Year / Pepin Le Bref / Pretending To Be
Loud / Satellite / Too Much Birthday / Can You? / Impossible / Spring Is On Your Heels
/ Accidentally On Purpose / Odd Sounds / Almost April
PZL     024     RAZORBLADE SMILE        RAZORBLADE SMILE                CDR     09.2012

Inst / Smoke Chain / Special / Elbow / Red Sleeping Beauty / Scorch The Seam / Stuck /
It Kills Me Inside / Vertical Orange / What's The Point? / This Accurate Pain / Sulphur
PZL     025     THE SPINNING WHEELS     WHEN THE MUSIC'S OVER           CDR     10.2012

Without You / Don't Get Me Wrong / Happy Happy Life / About You / Untitled / Evil Man /
Even Good Things Give Away / When The Music's Over / A Million Years / Because We're
Queers / Naked Ladies

Sarah Said / Changing / Today Will Be Yesterday So Soon / Bluebell Wood / What Happens
Now? / Mrs. Robinson's Daughter /Automatic Smile /Headfirst / Too Much / Recollections
/ Fresh Burst Of Tears / Forever's Better / Open Your Eyes / Fay / Something To Hide /
Seminal / My Fault / When You Sleep / Unspoken

Across The Waves / O'er The Grey, Green & Gold / Keep Your Eyes On The Prize / The
Time Is Right (For BMX) / Singing In The Chucrh / The Fans Can Only Deal With So Much
(Of The Funk)
PZL     028     BIRDS OF CALIFORNIA     ONE AND ONLY                    CDR     02.2013

Saturday / Laugh Out Loud / Minute On The Dancefloor / Great Expectations / You're My
Best Friend / No Time To Lose / Join Our Band / Man Of Affairs / Lovers Never Lose /
Golden Days / Wrecked On Aether / Goodnight Sleep Tight
PZL     029     PUNKY'S DILEMMA         REMOTE SENSING                  CDR     04.2013

Shooting Stars / Dream MTV / Echelon / Radiosonic / A Side Effect Of Violence /
Scandinavia / For Sale / Century Of Time / Grace / Halfway / Airliner
PZL     030     STANDARD UNIT           THE ART OF FALLING APART        CDR     02.2013

Get It Right This Time / Clifton Hill / Satellite / The Slippery Slope / Here We Go /
Get It On / It Comes And Goes / It Always Goes By Too Fast / Jesus Vs. Science /
Confessions / Suredo / Waiting
PZL     031     PLASTIC BUBBLE          TREBLE TREASURE CHEST           CDR     02.2013

In Love With The Band / Instant Crush / The Circle Of Time / Run For Your Life / The
Divine Right Of Kings / Something Better Than Love / Garden Party / Under The Snow /
Iften Wearing Headphones / Bending Smiles / Fly On The Wall / False Flag Attack / Red
China (With Green Moments) / (Burning All Our) Photographs / Superman Vs. El Toro /
Big Indian, New York / Certificate Of Achivement / The Living End
PZL     032     MUSICAL CHAIRS          RETRACED:1992-1999              CDR     04.2013

Bottled Up / Never Say That / End Of The Road / I Can't Take It / Where Do All The
Popkids Hide? / Setting Up / Try Again / The Beaten Path / Race To The Top / Turn And
Walk Away / Going Crazy / Dream Of Tomorrow / Wide Eyed For Now / Nothing Left To Say /
Turn Around And Sigh / Fourth Of July / I Couldn't Feel Safer / Song From The Scenic
Route / Simpler Time / Youth Anthem / Through Yesterday / Pop Is Not A Four-Letter
Word / Southern Fields / Hiding In The Rose Garden / Last Fall / Basement / Wasted My
Time / Day Away / Well Read / Wonderful Town / Not Afraid Anymore / 32. The Light Song
PZL     033 2.3 BEANPOLE                FROM BLUE TO YOU                CDR.DL  09.2013

You're Flying / Toss+Turn / I Should Know By Now / Destination / In A Muddle / Never
Again / Some Other When / Being You+Me / I'd Know You Anywhere / 120 Seconds / Secret
Crush / You're Such A Tool / Our Life / Hooked On You / A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit
You / Nowhere To Go / I Didn't Know / Upstairs Downstairs / So I'm Gone / Let It Snow
/ Now I Know / Things Turn Out Okay / Very Strange / It Wasn't Meant To Be / Far Away
From Anywhere / 26. Wonder Why
PZL     034     THE BENNETTS            DREAMKEEPER EP                  CDREP   10.2013
PZL     034 K   THE BENNETTS            DREAMKEEPER EP                  CS      10.2013

CDR     Dreamkeeper / Isabel A Hunt / Mother & Son / Monday / Naples / Don't Mind Me /
        What I Need After All
CS +    Summer Day

(Note : cassette , 20 copies)

1. Steve McQueen / 2. Same Shirt / 3. When I Was 7 / 4. Four Letter Word / 5. Nothing
Will Ever Happen / 6. The Nervous System / 7. I Was Raised As A Polar Bear / 8. Dexters
 Got A Sinister Heart / 9. Illya Nichovetch Kuryakin / 10. Let's Kiss And Break-Up /
11. My Best Friend / 12. Nastacular / 13. The Anatomic Bomb / 14. Pale Average Look /
15. Geography Of Me / 16. I Was Raised As A Polar Bear / 17. Once I Said I Was Your
Pumpkin / 18. Hairy Hairy But Not So Scary / 19. Same Shirt 
PZL     036     THE FAINTEST IDEA       THIS IS HOW FAST YOU GO         CD.DL   12.2013

01 - I'll Wear The Crown / 02 - Physically I Was At My Lowest / 03 - Don't Pick Up The
Phone / 04 - No Gravity / 05 - Another Sunny Day / 06 - Pay For Crumbs / 07 - If I
Could Write Spiteful Lyrics / 08 - Skip The Bridge / 09 - Unexpected Holiday / 10 - I
Felt My Soul / 11 - Serious As A Heart Attack / 12 - You're Gonna Wake Up One Morning
And Know What Side Of The Bed You've Been Lying On / 13 - Procrastination Of Everyday
Tasks / 14 - My Last Date With You / 15 - Ar 3000 / 16 - A Question Of Lust / 17 - What
Goes Up Must Calm Down / 18 - Let The Party Go On / 19 - I Wanna Be A Part Of Something
Small / 20 - The Barricades Became My Home / 21 - Donkey Love / 22 - Picnic In Panic /
23 - Eyes Like UFOs / 24 - Full Fledged Joy / 25 - Ready To Fall / 26 - Empty Phrase /
27 - Ready To Fall (radio session) / 28 - I Wanna Be A Part Of Something Small (radio
session) / 29 - Procrastination Of Everyday Tasks (radio session) / 30 - Everything Is
Black (radio session) / 31 - Capitol Between Brackets (radio session) / 32 - I Was
Raised As A Polar Bear (radio session) / 33 - Donkey Love (radio session) / 34 - The
Nervous System (radio session) / 35 - Let The Party Go On (radio session) / 36 - 
Nastacular (radio session) / 37 - untitled demo
PZL     037     CHARLIE BIG TIME        SALE OR RETURN EP               CDEP.DL 11.2013

A Sunday Afternoon Well Spent / Sale Or Return / Pitiful, Delightful And Alarming /
From The Cradle To The Bar
PZL     038     THE SKYWRITERS          EVERY TIME I PASS THE TEST      CD      01.2014

        01      Cherry Lips
        02      A Love Supreme
        03      How Did You Get So...
        04      An Empty Golf Course
        05      Tiger Tails
        06      My Friends Say
        07      Movie Star
        08      Everytime I Pass The Test
        09      Government Out Of My Backyard
        10      Maybe Baby
        11      King Of Noise
        12      Once A Year
        13      The Last Sorry
        14      Peter Astronaut
PZL     039     SCARY MONSTER : MAKEOUT PARTY AT WEREWOLF CLUB          CD      01.2014
PZL     039 3   SCARY MONSTER : MAKEOUT PARTY AT WEREWOLF CLUB          DL      01.2014

        01      New Country
        02      Jullianne Francis
        03      Hot Chocolate Girl
        04      Scary Monster
        05      Supermarket Fantasy
        06      True Love (Song For Daniel Johnston)
        07      99% Sure
        08      Tender Forever
        09      Love Park
        10      Talk To Me
        11      #1 Fan
        12      Phoebe Summersquash
        13      Speak Softly 

        01      The Lane
        02      Heavy Heart
        03      Lover Not A Fighter
        04      Can't Treat Me Right
        05      Pristine And Mean
        06      Neon Ant Colony
        07      Mirrorball
        08      Fire On The Lake
        09      Mostly Harmless
        10      Out And About
PZL     041     WATOO WATOO             UN SI LONGUE ATTENTE            CD      01.2014
PZL     041 3   WATOO WATOO             UN SI LONGUE ATTENTE            DL      01.2014

        01      Un Lundi Comme Un Autre
        02      Une Si Longue Attente
        03      Ce Vide
        04      Searching For Mr Right
        05      Minnax
        06      Le Soir
        07      Tes Histoires Invisibles
        08      Ne M'oublie Pas
        09      Un Simple Mot
        10      Correspondance
PZL     042     VEHICLE FLIPS : FRIENDS LIKE NATIONS 1994-1997          CD.DL   02.2014

        01      Diplomacy, Home and Abroad
        02      This is the Big Tree
        03      Our Returning Champion
        04      The Clean Slate (7” version)
        05      Vinaigrette
        06      Dodge Veg-o-matic
        07      Lockout Song
        08      Impressed Beyond Belief
        09      In the Offing
        10      Citronella
        11      Comet Song
        12      Independence Day
        13      O Tedium
        14      Household Expatriate
        15      Adios, Rancheros!
        16      Duophonic, Stereosonic
        17      Bachelor No. 3
        18      Terminus
        19      Salad Bar
        20      Ompompanoosuc
        21      Sterling
        22      The Incorrigible Optimists’ Songbook
        23      Expendable You (alt. version)
        24      Erin Go Bragh
        25      The Last of Mr. Clyde

(Note : aside from being remastered, all songs are as originally released except for
        2, 12, 17, 24, 25 (previously unreleased), 9 (new title), 11 (new mix), and 16
        (alternate mix))
PZL     043     NAR                     HISTORY                         CD.DL   02.2014

        1       Holiday Routine                                 2:32
        2       The Modern Man                                  0:59
        3       Bullshit Central                                1:48
        4       Drunk & Benevolent                              2:25
        5       S.O.A. Derby Park                               2:06
        6       What?!                                          1:33
        7       Popcorn Festival                                1:23
        8       One Moon Surprise                               2:18
        9       Blue Sky                                        1:46
        10      Red Ronigun                                     2:21
        11      I Am You                                        1:24
        12      Speedball                                       1:24
        13      Wrecklessly Inconsistent                        1:34
        14      Bad Thoughts                                    1:54
        15      Christopher Street                              0:56
        16      What I Saw                                      1:26
        17      Tradewinds                                      1:36
        18      Cool District                                   2:12
        19      Right Idea                                      1:57
        20      Renaissance Behaviour                           1:50
        21      Hi, We're Nar                                   0:05
        22      I Like Times                                    1:01
        23      Hat Trick                                       2:25
        24      Spacesuit                                       3:14
        25      False Claims                                    1:32
        26      Romano McNacho                                  0:36
        27      Longest Mile                                    2:00
        28      (You) Can't Tell Me Nothing                     0:57
        29      Play Safe!                                      0:41
        30      May '92                                         3:03
        31      The Bridge                                      1:38
        32      D.G.M.N.S.                                      1:46
        33      Birth Of The True                               1:45
        34      On My Pillow                                    2:49
        35      Boring Facts                                    2:38
        36      I Remember Everything                           2:01
        37      The Brides Go To Boston                         2:25
        38      Showdown                                        2:58
        39      Feelin' Proud                                   2:03
        40      Grey Sky                                        1:45
        41      Crystal Days                                    1:40
        42      I Do (live)                                     2:10
        43      Corvette Summer (live)                          3:17
PZL     044     CARAMEL SNOW            YOU WALK ON AIR                 CDEP.DL 02.2014

        1.      Come Back To Vegas
        2.      Aniline
        3.      Orange Crush
        4.      Jacquie Star
        5.      Limited Edition
PZL     045 A   SKITTLE ALLEY/THE TOMATOMETERS : SPLIT                  7"      01.2014

        A1      Skittle Alley           I Must Confess          2:40
        B1      Tomatometers, The       You Don't Know Us       2:40
PZL     045 B   PALE SUNDAY/POSTAL BLUE : SPLIT                         7"      02.2014

        A1      Pale Sunday             Emma's House            3:50
        B1      Postal Blue             The Last Goodbye        3:36
PZL     045 C   SUMMER TWINS/OLD LACY BED : SPLIT                       7"      03.2014

        A1      Summer Twins            All My Friends          2:59
        B1      Old Lacy Bed            Coastlands              2:43
PZL     045 D   AFRAID OF STAIRS/BEACH VACATION : SPLIT                 7"      04.2014

        A1      Afraid Of Stairs        Lied                    4:45
        B1      Beach Vacation          I Saw You               2:41
PZL     045 E   FIREFLIES/WALLFLOWER    SPLIT                           7"      05.2104

        A1      Fireflies               Underneath The Moon     3:36
        B1      Wallflower              You'll Be There         3:57
PZL     045 F   MATH AND PHYSICS CLUB/MONNONE ALONE : SPLIT             7"      06.2014

        A1      Math And Physics Club : It Must Be Summer Somewhere     2:02
        B1      Monnone Alone           Eddie                           3:35
PZL     046     ARTGRUPPE               OBJETS D'ARTGRUPPE              CDEP.DL 02.2014

        1       I Won't Survive                                 2:45
        2       Figment                                         4:09
        3       Naked Winter Trees                              4:00
        4       Mystery Song                                    3:32
        5       Until It Ends                                   4:20
        6       Wildest Dream                                   2:14
PZL     047     THEE AHS                COREY'S COATHANGERS             CD      03.2014
PZL     047 3   THEE AHS                COREY'S COATHANGERS             DL      03.2014

        1       The Boy Who Never Grew Up
        2       Corey's Coathangers
        3       Nothing In The Dark
        4       Does It Still Count?
        5       Dreams Of You
        6       Love Sleep
        7       I'm Not Angry Anymore
        8       Sad Sam
        9       Spooky Love
PZL     048     JAMES AND THE EXPRESS   YOUR FRIEND, JATE               CD      03.2014
PZL     048 3   JAMES AND THE EXPRESS   YOUR FRIEND, JATE               DL      03.2014
        01      All So Hard
        02      When Your Heart Is Breaking
        03      When You Don't Love Me Back
        04      One Lie At A Time
        05      Love Will Only Get In The Way
        06      They Didn't Know About You
        07      It's Only A Game
        08      Your Heart's Calling
        09      Tell Your Friends
        10      Bikes In Amsterdam
        11      My Friend, Jim
        12      New Luck 
PZL     049     FIREFLIES               IN DREAMS                       CD      04.2014
PZL     049 3   FIREFLIES               IN DREAMS                       DL      04.2014

        01      Everything Is Ending
        02      A Chance Someday
        03      Hiding Away
        04      Fourth Of July
        05      Staring At The Starlight
        06      Kira Kira
        07      Cartoons
        08      If I Tell You
        09      September
        10      I Thought I Knew
        11      Reve
        12      Seventy-Seven
PZL     050     V / A                   PUZZLE PIECES                   2CD     05.2014

CD 1    [1]     Fireflies               Snow Begins To Fall
        [2]     Peru                    Are We Lost?
        [3]     The Anthony Rochesters : The Time Is Right (For BMX)
        [4]     Boyracer                Already I Don't Want This
        [5]     Suretoss                Day Things Fell Apart
        [6]     Spraydog                Disconnected (fast version)
        [7]     Artgruppe               Autumn Day
        [8]     The Spinning Wheels     That's The Question
        [9]     Musical Chairs          How Am I Supposed To Feel
        [10]    Javelins                Same Shirt (live)
        [11]    Goblin Universe         Comet
        [12]    Standard Unit           Set The Fuse Alight
        [13]    Cessna                  Television Song
        [14]    The Bennetts            Summer Day
        [15]    Beanpole                Hooked On You (demo)
        [16]    The Poconos             In Love
        [17]    The Gazetteers          Contretemps (demo)
        [18]    Charms                  Different
        [19]    The Skywriters          Harden Your Heart
        [20]    Casino Ashtrays : The Falling In Love Part Is The Best Part,
                Anyways (live)
        [21]    Premise Beach           Lizard Brain
        [22]    Patience Please         Nevada Reno Amy
        [23]    Tripping The Light Fantastic : Night Right Here
        [24]    Leslies                 It's A Sin (live)

CD 2    [2]     Dutch Elms              Cleopatra
        [2]     Caramel Snow            No Place To Go
        [3]     Punky's Dilemma         City People
        [4]     Pillow                  Soft Hammer
        [5]     Birds Of California     Weight Of Mistakes
        [6]     Pillowcase              Back Against The Wall
        [7]     Scary Monster           Tender Forever (acoustic)
        [8]     The Earth Earth         Strange Love, Her Deep River
        [9]     Rocketship              I Don't Know If I'll Love (live)
        [10]    The Faintest Ideas      I Wanna Be A Part Of Something Small
        [11]    Vehicle Flips           Diplomacy (original version)
        [12]    Amida                   New York Sex
        [13]    Lycka Till              En Komplett
        [14]    James And The Express   JATE, the Hi Tech Lover
        [15]    Watoo Watoo             Décembre (MAUP remix)
        [16]    Thee Ahs                Panic Attack
        [17]    Charlie Big Time        Charlie Big Time
        [18]    Bulldozer Crash         Mating Male Disease
        [19]    The High Water Marks    Annual Rings
        [20]    Anthony Rochester       Dancing Days
        [21]    Suretoss                Simple
        [22]    Plastic Bubble          The Water Song
        [23]    Nar                     Walking Around
        [24]    Razorblade Smile        Restless Wave
PZL     051     MARK DZULA              BEGIN AGAIN                     CD      04.2014
PZL     051 3   MARK DZULA              BEGIN AGAIN                     DL      04.2014

        01      The Graduate
        02      Summer Song
        03      You And I
        04      The Rebel
        05      Cicatriz
        06      Begin Again
        07      Happiness
        08      Falling Snow
        09      Camera Lucida
        10      Automaton
        11      Home
PZL     052     AMIDA                   BORING BIRTH                    CD      04.2014
PZL     052 3   AMIDA                   BORING BIRTH                    DL      04.2014

        01      Lies About Violence, Lies About Love
        02      This Simple State
        03      Uncross Your Fingers
        04      Blue Scarf
        05      Are You On Fire
        06      Plastic Ballet
        07      Current Obsession
        08      For July
        09      Something Needed Is Missing
        10      Veil After Veil
        11      Solace In Stars
        12      IDST
        13      Her Long-Cherished Wish
PZL     053     CRAIG SALT PETERS       SONGS FOR HUNGRY GHOSTS         CD      04.2014
PZL     053 3   CRAIG SALT PETERS       SONGS FOR HUNGRY GHOSTS         DL      04.2014

        01      The Pick Up
        02      Seeing You
        03      Daydreaming
        04      Write You A Story
        05      Where Demons Dare
        06      Full Moon Constitutional
        07      Going Places
        08      I Don't Wanna Miss You
        09      Day In Pensacola
        10      The Year We Lived In Liberty
        11      Old Bug Bear
        12      Spectacles
        13      Let It Shine
        14      Patience
PZL     054     CONSTANTIN VEIS : THE GLAMOROUS LIFE SAVERS             CD      05.2014
PZL     054 3   CONSTANTIN VEIS : THE GLAMOROUS LIFE SAVERS             DL      05.2014

        01      Sweet Hill Observatory
        02      True And Diamond
        03      Always Been This Way
        04      Wish This Side Was Gold
        05      The First World I Ever Made
        06      Excess Rings Of Mellow Tones
        07      Swing The World By Its Tail
        08      Everybody Calls Her The Same Love
        09      Barb Wire Cuts
        10      One Night Between Two Days
        11      Jesus Fell In Love
        12      In 2000 Years From Now When We're All Still Around
PZL     055 1   THE ZEBRAS              SIESTA                          LP      06.2014
                (Note : LP , black-white striped vinyl)
PZL     055 2   THE ZEBRAS              SIESTA                          CD      06.2014
PZL     055 3   THE ZEBRAS              SIESTA                          DL      06.2014

        01      Fire Fire
        02      Desert Island
        03      Chase
        04      Siesta
        05      Try
        06      First & Last
        07      Berries
        08      Wait
        09      Another Copy
        10      High Art
        11      Counting Lights

(Note : from Brisbane, Australia)

CD      Lost & Lonesome        L&L 087          2014    AU
PZL     056     THE DRISCOLLS : COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1988-1991           2CD     06.2014

CD 1    01      Father's Name Was Dad
        02      Girl I Want You Back
        03      Groovy Little Town
        04      Andrew
        05      Julie Christie
        06      I Heard A Rumour
        07      Doctor Good And His Incredible Life Saving Soap
        08      If Only
        09      Mrs. Jones
        10      You Must Be Mad
        11      Something To Learn
        12      Groovy Little Town (acoustically revisited)
        13      This Is A Different Song
        14      Bang Goes Another Cloud
        15      Out Of My Head
        16      How Does It Feel?
        17      Superman
        18      Sky High
        19      The Return Of Lord Kitchener
        20      Coloured Windows
        21      Brittle Beautiful
        22      Green Tambourine
        23      Another Day (Little Pill)

CD 2    01      P.C. Roberts
        02      Call Me Anything
        03      Time For Change
        04      It's Your Daughter
        05      Circles
        06      Here It Comes Again
        07      These Things
        08      Shame About The Rain
        09      She Said She Said
        10      Coloured Windows (alternate version)
        11      X-Ray Eyes (live)
        12      radio interview

(Note : The Driscolls were one of the better bands of the fertile late '80s/early '90s
        UK indiepop scene, with a handful of singles on Restless and Teatime Records
        and even a Woosh flexi)
PZL     057 1   LUNCHBOX                LUNCHBOX LOVES YOU              LP      06.2014
                (Note : LP , red vinyl)
PZL     057 2   LUNCHBOX                LUNCHBOX LOVES YOU              CD      06.2014
PZL     057 3   LUNCHBOX                LUNCHBOX LOVES YOU              DL      06.2014

        01      Everybody Knows
        02      Tom, What's Wrong?
        03      Will You Be True?
        04      What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You
        05      Die Trying
        06      It Feels Good To Lose
        07      Another Dancefloor
        08      I Go Mad
        09      Give A Little Love
        10      Tonight Is Out Of Sight

(Note : bubblegum indiepop from California)
PZL     058     BLOOPER                 SO VERY SMALL EP                CDEP    07.2014
PZL     058     BLOOPER                 SO VERY SMALL EP                DL      07.2014

        1       Go Outside                                      3:07
        2       Tinted Windows                                  2:57
        3       Bummer                                          2:23
        4       Coming Home                                     4:04

This Seattle trio, led by my pal Adriano, plays the exact style of fuzzy power-pop
that I love, with loads of catchy hooks, a surfy vibe and a whole lotta reverb.
Recorded in a basement studio, this is certainly Blooper's best-sounding work to date,
but unfortunately, also their final release...
PZL     059     SISSY FUZZ              FOOTNOTES                       CD      06.2014
PZL     059 3   SISSY FUZZ              FOOTNOTES                       DL      06.2014

        01      Don't Fear (The Reverb)
        02      Summer Saliva
        03      Waffle Poultice
        04      Sappy
        05      Outdoor Miner
        06      Blind Country Singer
        07      Jaundiced
        08      Bedhead
        09      Airstreams In The Sun
        10      Unglued

(Note : hailing from the Denver '90s indiepop scene that produced the Apples In Stereo,
        the Minders and Dressy Bessy (whose Tammy Ealom briefly sat in as guitarist),
        Sissy Fuzz didn't get as much attention as their peers. And except for a 7" on
        the Japanese 100Guitar Mania label and a song on an early Happy Happy Birthday
        To Me comp, they never even strayed too far from home. Yet during their brief
        time, they managed to record ten simple and catchy '60s-inspired pop songs
        (some of which only existed on very limited homemade demo tapes) - all of which
        are collected here!)
PZL     060     THE YELLOW MELODIES     ALTERNATE IDENTITIES            LP      06.2014
PZL     060     THE YELLOW MELODIES     ALTERNATE IDENTITIES            CD      06.2014
PZL     060 3   THE YELLOW MELODIES     ALTERNATE IDENTITIES            DL      06.2014

        01      Found Your Smile (Sundae mix)
        02      So Central Rain
        03      You Make Me Fall In Love (Cherry Sounds mix)
        04      Takin' It Easy
        05      Little Princess
        06      It's Only Love (short version)
        07      The World Cup
        08      Mas Fuerte Que El Viento
        09      Another No One
        10      Silent Friday Night
        11      Friday Night (Bakala remix)
        12      No More Parties (acoustic demo)
        13      No More Parties (radio session 4-5-09)
        14      No More Classes
        15      So Well Together (baggy mix)
        16      So Well Together (Leticia con Z remix)
        17      I Took Your Name
        18      Keep Away From Me (Rewindthedisco remix)
        19      Finest Worksong
        20      My Best Friend's Girlfriend
        21      Something That You Do (acoustic)

(Note : In mid-2010, the Yellow Melodies released their third full-length album, "New
        Identities", on the band's own Discos Imprescindibles label. Two EPs preceded
        the lp, but over the following year and a half, the band released a single for
        the rest of the songs on the record. The first two were on other labels
        (a digital EP on Bubbletone and a 3" cd on Edition 59), but the others were all
        digital releases on the band's own label)
PZL     061     MARLOVERS               (STALKING) YOU                  CD      09.2014
PZL     061     MARLOVERS               (STALKING) YOU                  DL      09.2014

        01      Only Love
        02      Do It
        03      Cielo Drive
        04      Known Faces
        05      Bittergum
        06      (Stalking) You
        07      Unlegged Me
        08      Why Me?
        09      Actors Studio
        10      I Wish You Well
        11      The Negative Song
        12      Shame
PZL     062     MEEKS                   MEEKS EP                        CDEP    09.2014
PZL     062     MEEKS                   MEEKS EP                        DL      09.2014

        1       Steve
        2       Darling
        3       Cosmos
        4       Summer
        5       Hello Goodbye
PZL     063 2   THE LAVENDER FACTION    TAKE DOWN THE WALLS             CD      11.2014
PZL     063 3   THE LAVENDER FACTION    TAKE DOWN THE WALLS             DL      11.2014

        01      Take Down The Walls (original version)
        02      Keep That Smile (Mr Rush Says)
        03      Cables
        04      Ride
        05      Back To Yesterday
        06      In My Mind
        07      Something That I See
        08      Harbour Me
        09      Crawl Down
        10      Total Change
        11      Haze
        12      Was It You
        13      Nothing's Changed
        14      Take Down The Walls (flexi version)
        15      Head On
        16      Horizons
        17      Feel
        18      What's Going On (Inside My Head)
        19      In My Mind (demo)
        20      Ride (demo)
PZL     064 2   THE GRAVY TRAIN         THANK YOU FOR NOTHING           CD      11.2014
PZL     064 3   THE GRAVY TRAIN         THANK YOU FOR NOTHING           DL      11.2014

        01      Make It Better
        02      Why Does The Sun Fall From The Sky?
        03      4 Walls
        04      Salt In The Wound
        05      Sacred Ground
        06      Another Day
        07      Wish You Luck
        08      St. George's Way
        09      Worldly Wise
        10      Come In From The Cold
        11      Do You Really Know What's Going On?
        12      Money Talks
        13      Make A Big Decision
        14      Goodbye To Stephen
        15      A World Of Your Own
        16      Pull The Boat In
        17      Close To Home
        18      Think It Over... And Start Again
        19      Happy Again
        20      The Devil's In Your Shoes
        21      This Is Your Life
        22      A Suit Of Wood
        23      Watch The Rain
        24      You Live By The Sword... You Die By The Sword
        25      Sad
        26      Chocolate Rain
        27      (You Need) A Heart Of Stone
        28      Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Cheated?

A 28-track retrospective from this obscure early '90s UK jangly indiepop band that
contains all ten songs from their 7"s on A Turntable Friend & Elefant Records, a
majority of their numerous cassette compilation contributions, as well as several
unreleased gems for good measure!
PZL     065 7   ANIMAL DAYDREAM         EASY PLEASURE EP                7"      01.2015
PZL     065 3   ANIMAL DAYDREAM         EASY PLEASURE EP                DL      01.2015

        A1      Canyon Rose                                     2:56
        A2      Glass Ships                                     4:38
        B1      Easy Pleasures                                  4:11
        B2      I Knew You Would Come Along Before Fall         3:11

On their debut release, Animal Daydream (of Gothenburg, Sweden) have given us four
songs with a wonderfully gentle but grand sound. Imagine a cross between later period
Teenage Fanclub, the Zebras (fellow labelmates!) and a healthy dose of American '70s
soft rock, with layers of jangly guitars, vocal harmonies and assorted vintage
keyboards and percussion throughout.
PZL     066 1   AMERICAN CULTURE        PURE AMERICAN GUN               12"     01.2015
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 300 copies on black vinyl + poster)
PZL     066 2   AMERICAN CULTURE        PURE AMERICAN GUN               CD      01.2015
PZL     066 3   AMERICAN CULTURE        PURE AMERICAN GUN               DL      01.2015

        A1      My Teeth Are Sharp                              1:39
        A2      Actual Alien                                    3:16
        A3      Social Anxiety                                  1:55
        A4      I Like American Culture                         2:55
        A5      We Wanna Go To The Movies                       1:44
        B1      Just Driving Around                             2:43
        B2      I Wanna Be Your Animal                          2:32
        B3      And That's Enough For Me                        1:36
        B4      About A Friend                                  2:41
        B5      I Wasn't Going To Fuck You Over Like That       1:14

These ten songs celebrate activities such as driving around, listening to music,
going to the movies... but they're also about feeling anxious and out of place and
not really knowing who or what you are. Though buried in layers of fuzz and reverb
- as if trying to mask their true identity - these are all still catchy little pop
PZL     067 1   THE OCEAN PARTY         SOFT FOCUS                      LP      11.2014
PZL     067 2   THE OCEAN PARTY         SOFT FOCUS                      CD      11.2014

        01      Went Out
        02      Wading In
        03      Sharps and Taylors
        04      Head Down
        05      Bed As A Grave
        06      Floodlights
        07      Charters Towers
        08      Deluded
        09      Norman Street
        10      Cut Throat
        11      Still Stuck Out Here
PZL     068     BEANPOLE                RANDOM MUSINGS VOL.1            CDEP    12.2014
PZL     068 3   BEANPOLE                RANDOM MUSINGS VOL.1            DL      12.2014

        1       You're Always In My Heart                       2:48
        2       Things Will Get Better                          3:51
        3       Christmas Without You                           2:44
        4       What Do You Want From Me                        3:24
        5       The Hardest Thing I Ever Had To Do              3:31

First new batch of recordings in a long time from Verna Brock AKA Beanpole! Vocals,
guitars, strings and even flutes are layered upon each other (amidst drums, bass and
keyboard) to make for a wonderful and harmonious sound, and these five songs only
prove that Verna Brock should be up in the same revered class as indiepop luminaries
like Rose Melberg and Pam Berry!
PZL     069     V / A : TEN LITTLE RECORDS-THE WOOSH COLLECTION         CD      12.2014

        01      Holidaymakers           Everyday
        02      The Nivens              Let Loose Of My Knee
        03      The Driscolls           Father's Name Is Dad
        04      Strawberry Story        Tell Me Now
        05      The Haywains            Bythesea Road
        06      The Haywains            Tobe's Gone West
        07      Holidaymakers           Cincinnati
        08      Holidaymakers           Seventh Valley Girl
        09      The Nivens              Yesterday
        10      The Nivens : I Hope You'll Always Be My Friend
        11      Esmerelda's Kite        Vampire Girl
        12      The Pooh Sticks         Hard On Love
        13      St. James Infirmary     The Boy Who Crossed The Street
        14      The Sunflowers          Bubble Bus
        15      The Nivens              Beautiful
        16      The Nivens"The Necessity For Spastics In 20th Century Culture
        17      The Nivens              Northumberland
        18      The Nivens              I Love Me
        19      Eye Pilgrims            Wall Of Sand
        20      Choo Choo Train         Many Happy Returns
PZL     070     THE CRABS               5 MORE STEPS                    CDEP    04.2015

        1       Shut The Door
        2       Stop The Start
        3       Ain't Nothin Changed
        4       The World Explodes
        5       Let's Hope It Comes Later

Hailing from Anacortes and led by an adorable couple, Lisa & Jonn, on guitar and
drums, the Crabs charmed us through the '90s with their simple boy/girl indiepop on
early singles on local label Knw-Yr-Own to their four magical albums on Olympia's
K Records. Now, they've returned with five new songs for a new generation, with their
own kids on board!
PZL     071 2   SCOOTERBABE             THE SCOOTERBABE COMPANION       CD      04.2015
PZL     071 3   SCOOTERBABE             THE SCOOTERBABE COMPANION       DL      04.2015

        01      Even In The Deepest Snow
        02      Clean
        03      Scooterbabe
        04      Annelise
        05      There Is A Part Of Me That Burrows Underground
        06      Six Month Pillow Fort
        07      Know That I Don't Want You
        08      Last Year Was Alright
        09      Starry Background
PZL     072 2   UNLIKELY FRIENDS        SOLID GOLD COWBOYS              CD      01.2015
PZL     072 3   UNLIKELY FRIENDS        SOLID GOLD COWBOYS              DL      01.2015

        1.      Ride Off Into The Sunset                        02:51
        2.      Soft Reputation                                 02:26
        3.      Wasted It                                       00:52
        4.      Sunken Eyes                                     01:22
        5.      Satellite Station                               02:59
        6.      Wear A Halo                                     01:17
        7.      Golden Telephone                                02:16
        8.      Pizza Crust Trust                               01:11
        9.      Please Lorraine                                 03:05
        10.     Movin Thru                                      00:47
        11.     Stupid Game                                     02:16
        12.     Gold Hills Theme                                01:37
        13.     Gold Coast Marauders                            02:46
PZL     073     PLASTIC BUBBLE          BIG DAY PARADE                  CD      02.2015
PZL     073 3   PLASTIC BUBBLE          BIG DAY PARADE                  DL      02.2015

        1       Please Don't                                    1:44
        2       Sol Invictus                                    2:43
        3       Neanderthal Song                                2:23
        4       Waiting For A Lover                             2:06
        5       Oliver Green                                    0:49
        6       Traveling Song                                  2:07
        7       Lost Time                                       1:27
        8       Caves                                           2:19
        9       Turnip (Over And Over)                          0:54
        10      In Kaleidoscopic View                           2:59
        11      About Your Data/About A Hobo                    0:54
        12      Respectable Establishment                       1:57
        13      Let Me Know                                     2:09
        14      Where Have Gone My Manners?                     1:58
        15      Changeling                                      2:29
        16      Anything But That                               2:09
        17      Softcore Surprise                               1:50
        18      My Science (A Fine Glass)                       1:22
        19      What We're Made Of                              2:18
        20      Moving Away                                     2:40
PZL     074     LE ALMEIDA              PARALELOPLASMOS                 CD      03.2015
PZL     074 3   LE ALMEIDA              PARALELOPLASMOS                 DL      03.2015

        1       Desampar                                        1:25
        2       Ester                                           2:09
        3       Céu Do Quintal                                  5:32
        4       Voltando Pro Interior                           2:43
        5       Fuck The New School                             11:18
        6       Bad Vibes                                       2:41
        7       Fim Dos Céus                                    1:15
        8       Meus Argumentos                                 2:52
        9       Câncer Dos Trópicos                             8:27
        10      Indiscutivel                                    1:07
        11      Desgraduado                                     2:41
        12      Lindomavel                                      3:58
PZL     075     MOON TYPES              KNOW THE REASON                 7"      06.2015
PZL     075 3   MOON TYPES              KNOW THE REASON                 DL      06.2015

        A1      Know The Reason                                 2:48
        A2      Nothing's Holy                                  4:07
        B1      Do It All Over Again                            5:07
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 300 copies)

        1       Sunshine Of Your Soul                           4:11
        2       Your Star Is Fading                             5:03
        3       Espionage                                       4:22
        4       Seven Lives                                     3:49
        5       Shaking Down The Secrets                        3:01
        6       Emily                                           3:32
        7       Golddust                                        4:03
        8       The Middle Of The Day                           3:48
        9       Wait For December                               3:24
        10      Holy Man                                        3:33

After years away from the Dentists, Bob Collins returns and his signature passion
fueled jangle is as in evidence on the new album as it is on any of his former band's
past catalogue, now combined with his own rich vocal delivery, doing justice to the
lyrics like only the writer can.
PZL     077     LUNCHBOX                SMASH HITS                      7"      06.2015
PZL     077 3   LUNCHBOX                SMASH HITS                      DL      06.2015

        A1      Heaven                                          2:12
        A2      Paws Of Destiny                                 2:36
        A3      Flatland                                        1:58
        B1      Friends                                         1:49
        B2      (It's Your) Lovesong                            2:29
        B3      Most Unlikely To Succeed                        2:07
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)

Taking their special brand of bubblegum pop a step further, these songs have a bit
of a punkier edge, sounding a bit like Boyracer, classic Beatnik Filmstars or our
beloved Faintest Ideas. In just over 13 minutes, this is a very strong batch of songs
speed by, leaving behind a trail of memorable melodies and hummable hooks!
PZL     078     THE CONCUBINES          I'VE TRIED SUBTLETY             CD      06.2015
PZL     078 3   THE CONCUBINES          I'VE TRIED SUBTLETY             DL      06.2015

        1       All The Chaos In The Sea                        3:50
        2       Julie’s Picture                                 3:45
        3       Carless (The Shame Of Being…)                   3:25
        4       Prostate Beach                                  3:20
        5       Fountain                                        2:42
        6       Winter                                          3:26
        7       Curse                                           4:01
        8       Rods And Cones                                  2:46
        9       Pan                                             4:01
        10      I Hate This Scene                               3:30
        11      Count The Rings                                 2:14
        12      Close Your Blinds                               4:12

The "lost" album from a band that would've fit absolutely perfectly on Shelflife
Records back in the day, among bands like Sushi, the Autocollants, the Arrogants and
the Castaway Stones. Classy indiepop with Rachel's strong voice (think Sarah Cracknell
or Tracey Thorn) and a cool, breezy jangle throughout.
PZL     079     CATTLE                  SOMEHOW HEAR SONGS              CDEP    07.2015
PZL     079 3   CATTLE                  SOMEHOW HEAR SONGS              DL      07.2015

        1       Somehow Hear
        2       Bit And Little
        3       Fluff
        4       Amy
        5       Blue Star
        6       Birth

Debut release from a young, new shoegaze/dreampop band from Tokyo, and it packs quite
a punch with six mostly female-sung songs that fall on the powerful end of the shoegaze
spectrum (think Pinkshinyultrablast or Ringo Deathstarr).
PZL     080 1   SLEUTH                  OUT OF THE BLUE PERIOD          LP      09.2015
PZL     080     SLEUTH                  OUT OF THE BLUE PERIOD          CD      09.2015
PZL     080 3   SLEUTH                  OUT OF THE BLUE PERIOD          DL      09.2015

        01      Good On The Inside (I Don't Mind)
        02      Is It True?
        03      The Big Big Blue
        04      My Cancer Years
        05      Closely Watched Trains
        06      Ties
        07      A Finely Tuned Machine
        08      The Honey Is In The Hive
        09      The Rules For Hearts
        10      Single Man
        11      Lead Me To New Secret Paths And Dancing Places
        12      Trembling Blue
        13      Wild Life
        14      Stay On My Arm
PZL     081     SOL MARIANELA           HASTA NUNCA                     CD      07.2015
PZL     081 3   SOL MARIANELA           HASTA NUNCA                     DL      07.2015

        01      Los Novios
        02      Guardarropas
        03      Porno De Chicas
        04      TendraAn Sus Razones
        05      Mi Gato
        06      El Poder De La Cancion
        07      Interludio
        08      Ramitas
        09      Metodologia De Escape
        10      Las Bandas Que Escucho
        11      Los Amigos No Son Para Siempre
        12      Hasta Nunca
PZL     082     STRAWBERRY STORY        GRAVY                           2CD     06.2015

CD 1    01      Tell Me Now
        02      Well What Do You Think About That Then... Paddy?
        03      This Time Baby
        04      Buttercups & Daisies
        05      Gone Like Summer
        06      Saturday Without You
        07      I Still Want You
        08      I Don't Want You
        09      Think Of Me (Grrr version)
        10      The Last Thing That You Say
        11      Freight Train (live)
        12      For The Love Of Billy
        13      Summer Scene
        14      I'm In Love With A Boy (live)
        15      Boys From The Story
        16      Twenty Six
        17      Andrew
        18      Swimming
        19      Close My Eyes
        20      Ashlands Road
        21      Molly Ringwald
        22      I Never Loved You
        23      Sci-Fi Guy
        24      The Man With The Stereo Hands
        25      Tell Me Now (Recorder)
        26      Precious
        27      All For You

CD 2    01      Tell Me Now (live)
        02      Midsummers Daydream
        03      Simple
        04      Pushbutton Head
        05      Think Of Me
        06      Beautiful
        07      I Never Loved You (live)
        08      Rainbow
        09      Theresa Lovely
        10      Kissamatic Lovebubble
        11      Freight Train
        12      Chicken Biscuit
        13      Saturday Without You (live)
        14      Shame About Alice
        15      Boys (D&D version)
        16      Caroline
        17      Twenty Six (live) 
        18      Kiddie
        19      Made Of Stone
        20      Buttercups & Daisies (live)
        21      Maria
        22      Behind This Smile
        23      Sunshine
        24      A Love Song For The Shy & Cynical
        25      Between Dreams And Breakfast
        26      Thinking Of Julie
PZL     083     THE RIGHTOVERS          BLUE BLOOD                      CD      07.2015
PZL     083 3   THE RIGHTOVERS          BLUE BLOOD                      DL      07.2015

        01      Valerie
        02      Canyon Country
        03      Vaseline
        04      So Famous I'm Fucked
        05      My Trebly Underground
        06      Hello Cruel World
        07      Arthurs Army
        08      We Can Run/A Piper's Lament
        09      Floating Near The Sun
        10      Nanakuli
PZL     084     THE GLOW CATS           CAT BITS                        CD      08.2015
PZL     084 3   THE GLOW CATS           CAT BITS                        DL      08.2015

        01      Lynn Chan
        02      The Snow Man
        03      Let's Swim, Then Have Breakfast
        04      Everything Is Pop
        05      Mommy, I Was Lost
        06      Ovartazi
        07      Call Me Glow Cat
        08      The Dentist's Drill
        09      Air Guitar Solo
        10      I Made A Comic Strip
        11      Big Hit
        12      I Rest My Case
        13      I'm No Captain Harlock
        14      Card Board Flaps, 500 Laps
        15      Pretty Shitty
        16      Barney, Wait For Me
        17      Leave Your Army Boots At Home
        18      Let's Swim, Then Have Breakfast (1st version)
        19      Take It Of!
        20      I Have A Heart
        21      The Link I Sent
        22      Cat Nap
        23      Breathing Into My Mouth
        24      I Get Something Done (Finally)
        25      Lee Remick
        26      Zora
        27      Sailor Panda (Theme Song)
        28      The One With Minnie Mouse

Danish indiepop that perfectly encapsulates everything that was good about the Swedish
indiepop explosion of the mid '00s (think Nixon, Funday Mornings, Dorotea...): equally
cute and concise pop songs filled with jangly guitars and/or simple keyboards, that
are just pure and innocent fun!
PZL     085     MAKEOUT VERTIGO         CAN'T ALWAYS BE THERE           CD      08.2015
PZL     085 3   MAKEOUT VERTIGO         CAN'T ALWAYS BE THERE           DL      08.2015

        01      Parking Lot Snots
        02      Cold Hands Warm Heart
        03      Midnight
        04      Mr. Denton Flew The Coop
        05      The Apocalypse
        06      See Ya Never
        07      Dagger Babes
        08      Trailer Baby Blues
        09      Argyle Cranford
        10      Downstairs
        11      Sip From The Holy Wine Cooler
        12      Jackdaw
        13      Nervy B
        14      Dead End Mable
        15      Poppies
        16      Silver
PZL     086     RESTLESS HEARTS         RESTLESS HEARTS                 CD      08.2015
PZL     086 3   RESTLESS HEARTS         RESTLESS HEARTS                 DL      08.2015

        01      Heavy Heart
        02      Seeing You
        03      I'll Be Going Out With Your Baby
        04      Make Up Time
        05      Comon Now
        06      Golddigger
        07      We Will Not Be Lovers
        08      Polar Bear
        09      Why
        10      Midnight Half Special
        11      Burning Heart
        12      Recreation Shuffle
        13      Things I Said
        14      Look Into Your Heart (live)
        15      Let's Talk About Love (live)
        16      Now (live)
        17      Need You Girl (So Fine)
        18      This Time Some Other Time
        19      Walkaway
        20      Seeing You (alt. version)
PZL     087     MAGIC CRAYON            PATCHWORK                       CD      08.2015
PZL     087 3   MAGIC CRAYON            PATCHWORK                       DL      08.2015

        01      Senta Que La Vem Historia (Fred & Gabriele)
        02      We Die Everyday (And It's Alright)
        03      Enough
        04      All Winter Long
        05      Cynic
        06      Human Species
        07      Fast Hearts
        08      Farmer San's Ranch
        09      Air Guitar Man
        10      Natural High
        11      Entwined
        12      Watch
        13      Prova d'Orchestra
PZL     088     BRAD SAN MARTIN         TELL SOMEONE                    CD      10.2015
PZL     088 3   BRAD SAN MARTIN         TELL SOMEONE                    DL      10.2015

        01      Saved By An Idea
        02      Lessons Left Me
        03      You
        04      Art Once
        05      No Fun
        06      Don't Forget
        07      Heart So Hard
        08      Self Saver
        09      Fall In Love
        10      Third Worst Wave
        11      Greater Days
        12      Lite Shines
PZL     089     POSTAL BLUE             OF LOVE & OTHER AFFECTIONS      CD      11.2015

        1       Bitterness Is Sweet                             3:16
        2       I Always Knew                                   4:06
        3       Still Blue                                      2:38
        4       Isn't It Funny                                  3:23
        5       Shape Of Your Life                              3:39
        6       On And On                                       4:28
        7       Does It Really Matter                           3:53
        8       If You're So Different                          2:59
        9       One Day                                         2:56
        10      The Last Goodbye                                3:32
PZL     090     LAME DIVERS             CHOSEN ERA                      CD      10.2015

        01      Eyes
        02      Outlaw For A Day
        03      Frozen Egg
        04      Throw It To The Moon
        05      Slow Detective
        06      Berlin
        07      Right Track
        08      Interlude
        09      Vacation
        10      Edit Yourself
        11      Sister
        12      Free Martin
        13      Unseen Tarot
        14      Color Me Dead
        15      Headhunting
        16      Other Side
PZL     091     KNIFE PLEATS            HAT BARK BEACH                  CD      10.2015

        01      Monocularly Blind
        02      Learn To Swim
        03      Chiming Of Bells
        04      Terrible
        05      One Step Too Far
        06      Distant Ships
        07      Things I Hold
        08      The Mouse
        09      Wonderful
        10      Last Few Days
        11      Borders
        12      Constellation
PZL     092     COZY CATASTROPHES : HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF COZY         CD      10.2015
PZL     092 3   COZY CATASTROPHES : HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF COZY         DL      10.2015

        1       Yours Sincerely                                 3:25
        2       Go Steady With Me                               2:40
        3       Little Birds                                    2:44
        4       Guess What?                                     2:36
        5       The New "Old Lamplighter"                       1:54
        6       Hideaway                                        3:13
        7       Alone With You                                  1:29
        8       Arbor Day                                       1:53
        9       Every Girl Deserves A Song                      1:00
        10      Remembering                                     2:18
        11      Summer Boy                                      2:21
        12      Coworkers In Love                               2:14
        13      Little Moon                                     2:04
        14      The Gettysburg Address Of Love                  2:05

One of the best bedroom indiepop albums I've heard in ages, reminding me a lot of
Colin Clary or the highly underrated James And The Express. The songs and lyrics are
innocent and endearing, but not overly twee. This album is sure to brighten your day,
as you'd sure have a hard time not smiling and tapping along to it!
PZL     093 1   MICHAEL KNIGHT          PHYSICS IS OUT TO GET ME        LP      11.2015
PZL     093 2   MICHAEL KNIGHT          PHYSICS IS OUT TO GET ME        CD      11.2015
PZL     093 3   MICHAEL KNIGHT          PHYSICS IS OUT TO GET ME        DL      11.2015

A.      01      Physics Is Out To Get Me
        02      Cliches
        03      Blugh
        04      Life Hacks #36 And #37
        05      Being And Snowthingness
        06      Fright At The Museum
B.      07      A Switch In Time, Leporine
        08      Miss Anthropy
        09      Sure, Call Over!
        10      Hang On, I Need To Count The Stops Again
        11      Goodnight Children
        12      A Stoppard Fop Is Right Half The Time
        13      The Shit Of Sisyphus

Third album from this modern German/Irish chamber pop group that harkens back to the
simpler time of bands like the Left Banke, the Zombies and the Millennium, with bits
of whimsy scattered across the album's 13 tracks.
PZL     094 1   HALFSOUR                TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE              LP      01.2016
PZL     094 2   HALFSOUR                TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE              CD      01.2016
PZL     094 3   HALFSOUR                TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE              DL      01.2016

        01      What You're Waiting
        02      Grump
        03      Chartreuse Rec Room
        04      I.K.
        05      Sensitive Rugby
        06      Pleasantly Whelmed
        07      Porch Sittin
        08      Employees Must Wash Hands
        09      Pop Art Pop Tart
        10      Topsider
        11      Adult Friday
        12      Mood Monster
        13      Fake Sandwich

This young coed trio from Boston reminds me a lot of the harder-edged indiepop bands
of the late '90s/early '00s, specifically New Grenada (of whom they are a dead-ringer,
at times) and Wolfie (and its many off-shoots, such as the Like Young and National
Splits). Their songs are generally short and punchy - blasting you with catchy guitar
melodies and bratty boy/girl vocals.
------------------------------------    -----------------------------------------------

        01      Island
        02      Dreamboat
        03      Fifteen Again
        04      Buying Time
        05      1959
        06      Secrets Of The Moon
        07      Ghost Town
        08      Coach Station
        09      Bedrooms
        10      Futile Games In Space And Time
        11      He Dances In The Shadows
        12      It's Always You

Third album from modern day troubadour, Evripidis Sabatis, who hails from Barcelona
via Athens, Greece, and this 48-minute opus is easily his strongest to date. The songs
are distinguished with melodic pop romance, black humor lyrics and influences from
old musicals, films and pop music from the 50s through today, somewhere between Jens
Lekman and Belle & Sebastian.
PZL     096     THE ARCH MENACES        PRIMITIVE GERMS                 CD      01.2016
PZL     096 3   THE ARCH MENACES        PRIMITIVE GERMS                 DL      01.2016

        1       All I Wanna Know                                3:01
        2       Fancy Free                                      2:04
        3       Hearing The Sounds                              2:30
        4       Oh Man, It's Done                               1:34
        5       Not In My World                                 2:36
        6       The Link                                        3:20
        7       Rock Star (Wanna Be A)                          2:49
        8       Everyday                                        2:40
        9       The Masters                                     3:00
        10      Stars Of The Screen                             3:08
PZL     097     ANIMAL DAYDREAM         CITRUS EP                       7"      01.2016
PZL     097 3   ANIMAL DAYDREAM         CITRUS EP                       DL      01.2016

        A1      Citrus
        A2      Sun (Turn Around)
        B1      All That You Can Give
        B2      In My Room

Another quartet of hits that will just melt away in your ears from this enigmatic duo
from Gothenburg, Sweden. These songs are reminiscent of later Teenage Fanclub and
Fleet Foxes, but also borrow liberally from the sound of '70s soft rock, particularly
Fleetwood Mac and CSNY, with their strong vocal harmonies and overall smooth, almost
slick production.
PZL     098 2   PARSIAN RUGS            THIS IS OK FOR NOW              CD      11.2015
PZL     098 3   PARSIAN RUGS            THIS IS OK FOR NOW              DL      11.2015

        01      Bedhead                                         2:50
        02      I Wanted Something More                         3:59
        03      Naked                                           1:52
        04      Cotton Candy                                    4:24
        05      Underemployed                                   3:48
        06      Falling Through The Floor                       4:04
        07      Comic Book Dreams                               3:04
        08      Phone Call From The Lake                        3:33
PZL     099     THE CHANDLER ESTATE     INFRASTRUCTURE                  CD      01.2016
PZL     099 3   THE CHANDLER ESTATE     INFRASTRUCTURE                  DL      01.2016

        1       Spies (No More)                                 3:52
        2       El Camino Real                                  4:50
        3       Past Tenses                                     3:29
        4       Flash                                           3:10

Reading like a who's who of the Long Island, NY indiepop scene, the Chandler Estate
features a few original members of the infamous My Favorite, as well as Tara Emelye
Needham of the under-appreciated Mad Planets, and this band's debut EP sounds just
as you would expect: lofty and dramatic indie rock with layers of effected guitars
and spot-on vocal harmonies.
PZL     100     V / A                   JIGSAW 100 USB DRIVE            USB       .2016

If Jigsaw 50 (a two-disc collection involving every band from our first 49 releases)
was our most ambitious project, then Jigsaw 100 is surely our most audacious! Get
this: our 100th release is our first 99 releases. Seriously! For a hundred bucks, you
get a custom flash drive emblazoned with the Jigsaw logo (tucked inside a small
silk-screened cloth pouch), which contains high-quality mp3s for PZL001-PZL099
(with cover artwork and even a few extras). That's 1322 songs in all, for an average
cost of 7.5cents per track!

That's not all, either; if you are already a loyal Jigsaw fan (or even just have
a few of our releases), all you have to do is take a picture of all of your Jigsaw
cds and records collected together and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and
tag it with #jigsawrecords (on Facebook, tag Jigsaw Records) and we'll send you a
discount code taking a dollar off for however many physical Jigsaw releases you
already own! So, for example, if you've already got 20 Jigsaw cds or records in your
collection, then you'd get Jigsaw 100 for only $80. This discount also applies to any
Jigsaw release (pre-100) that you buy in the same order, so, if you buy 5 Jigsaw cds
along with the drive, I'll knock $5 off the order. (If you're a regular on the
Jigsaw Bandcamp, send me a note and we'll work something out!) This drive will only
be sold on the Jigsaw site, and is strictly limited to 100 pieces, so don't delay!
PZL     101 2   LES AUTRES              BACKYARDS                       CD      02.2016
PZL     101 3   LES AUTRES              BACKYARDS                       DL      02.2016

        1       Letterboxes Symmetry (rough mix)                4:14
        2       Outside My Ken (rough mix)                      4:20
        3       Who Knows (alt. mix)                            3:39
        4       Chapels Bay (rough mix edit)                    3:33
        5       My Friend Henry                                 5:41
        6       Instrumental                                    1:33
        7       Tu M'ennuies                                    3:18
        8       Today I'm Burning                               5:13
        9       Ce Moment-La                                    5:52
        10      Leave Me Alone (demo)                           5:54
        11      Kill The Girl I Love (single version edit)      4:32
        12      Hoppy (single version edit)                     2:45
        13      Helene K (demo)                                 3:43
        14      My Funny Life (studio demo)                     2:02
        15      I've Lost Everything I Held (studio demo)       3:41
        16      Always (studio demo)                            3:32
        17      Behind The Church (studio demo)                 3:01
        18      Something Will Never Fade (studio demo)         5:11
        19      Le Jardin (live)                                2:25
        20      Megrim (demo)                                   3:23
PZL     102 2   MARLOVERS               WAVES                           LP      02.2016
PZL     102 3   MARLOVERS               WAVES                           CD      02.2016

        1       Waves                                           3:54
        2       Just A Boy                                      3:14
        3       I Hate                                          3:44
        4       The Long Ride                                   3:21
        5       Farewell In The 60's                            3:19
        6       Weak Heart                                      3:01
        7       Someone To Love                                 3:50
        8       Move It                                         3:55
        9       Working Late                                    3:13
        10      Out Again                                       3:19
        11      Stupid                                          3:45
        12      Addict                                          3:25
PZL     103
PZL     104  2  AEROSOL BURNS           AFRAID OF THE PHONE             7"      04.2016
PZL     104  3  AEROSOL BURNS           AFRAID OF THE PHONE             DL      04.2016

        1.      Afraid Of The Phone                             02:49
        2.      (Your Love Is) Where I Go                       02:45
PZL     105 1   SO COW                  LISA MARIE AIROPLANE TOUR       LP      09.2016
PZL     105 2   SO COW                  LISA MARIE AIROPLANE TOUR       CD      09.2016
PZL     105 3   SO COW                  LISA MARIE AIROPLANE TOUR       DL      09.2016

Fifth lp from Ireland's So Cow, and probably the strongest he's ever done! With a
recurring theme of anxiety, these 12 catchy pop songs have the same nervous, kinetic
energy found throughout his earlier works, filtered through the wisdom of experience.
He's like a less-eccentric Martin Newell or a down-to-earth (yet more keyed-up) Daniel
PZL     106 2   A NOVEL RESORT          ISLAND OF ATLAS EP              CDEP    04.2016
PZL     106 3   A NOVEL RESORT          ISLAND OF ATLAS EP              4DL     04.2016

        01      Everything We Ever Hoped
        02      Olympia
        03      Still Quietly In Bloom
        04      Turning To Ashes

A one-man show, starring Michael Kornbeck (also of Northern Portrait), these four
songs are cold and dense - but that's not to say they are uninviting. Rather, they
each are filled with many memorable melodies found in both the distant vocals and the
softly jangled guitars, all of which are nicely nestled in warm blankets of synths
and keyboards.
PZL     107 2   POPINCOURT : A NEW DIMENSION TO MODERN LOVE             CD      06.2016
PZL     107 3   POPINCOURT : A NEW DIMENSION TO MODERN LOVE             DL      06.2016

        1       I Found Out
        2       A New Dimension To Modern Love
        3       The First Flower Of Spring
        4       The Things That Last
        5       Improvisation (Part 1)
        6       Happy Town
        7       We Will Be Friends
        8       The Risk Of Losing You
        9       Off Track
        10      Improvisation (Part 2)
        11      Want You To Be A Souvenir
        12      The Reason Why
                (Note : CD , 300 copies)

Very Style Council-influenced (though my ears also hear a close similarity to
Eggstone), with a dozen songs exhibiting a classy sound filled with trumpets, subtle
organs, female backing vocals and jazzy guitar chords.
PZL     108 2   BLUE JEANS              SONGS ARE EASY                  CD      06.2016
PZL     108 3   BLUE JEANS              SONGS ARE EASY                  DL      06.2016

        1       Kara Keeley
        2       Ratz Revenge
        3       Make Up II Make Up
        4       False Start
        5       Clean Break
        6       Sunscreen
        7       Forget That Guy
        8       Do You Wanna?
        9       Summer's Almost Gone
        10      I Hit The Board

Led by Tim Sendra (who was in '90s indiepop faves, Veronica Lake), Blue Jeans are
a much cleaner affair, with relatively straightforward pop songs that occasionally
border on bubblegum. In addition to the songwriting of Tim, we also have the
production and general hands-on-ness of Fred Thomas from the very like-minded Saturday
Looks Good To Me, giving things a perfect pop polish.
PZL     109 1   AS ONDAS                MARES                           CD      06.2016
PZL     109 3   AS ONDAS                MARES                           DL      06.2016

        1       Iguale
        2       Esta Noche
        3       La Mujer Que Robaba Recuerdos
        4       Historia
        5       El Camino
        6       As Ondas Do Mar
        7       Opinion
        8       Natural
        9       Vida De Um Creep
        10      Melon
        11      Fuck All

Debut album from this UK-based tri-lingual trio (English, Spanish, Portuguese) with
a sparse guitar/bass/drum line-up, with boy/girl vocals and very few layers of
instrumentation. Their sound is very reminiscent of some of the mid-period Unrest
stuff (think Imperial FFRR-era), but the two bands they really remind me of are
Yellow Fever and Grass Widow.
PZL     110 2   LE SUPERHOMARD          MAPLEKEY                        CD      09.2016
PZL     110 3   LE SUPERHOMARD          MAPLEKEY                        DL      09.2016

        01      Intro
        02      Maple Key
        03      On A Sofa
        04      Bituminized
        05      Dry Salt In Our Hair
        06      On A Sofa (Part 2)
        07      Mister Corn
        08      From My Window

        01      Starless Background
        02      Sermon
        03      Sick Spine
        04      Deathscene/Half Decade
        05      Voice Memo
        06      Whitedwarf/Late October
        07      Our Last Game Of Chess
        08      Kneel To See Me
        09      Sarah
        10      Scooterbabe 2
        11      I Want To Write Your Name Across The Sky In Big Clumsy Strokes
PZL     112 2   SUPER PARADISE          QUENCEBO                        CD      11.2016
PZL     112 3   SUPER PARADISE          QUENCEBO                        DL      11.2016
                CURTAIN IN ALL THE LAND

        01      Hang Out Or Die Trying
        02      Jessica And Dan And A Cat Named Bolt Thrower
        03      Arms
        04      We Don't Cry
        05      The Early 2000s
        06      Black Metal Yoga
        07      Drunks And Stoners
        08      Randall Commander
        09      Brooklyn's Been Good To Me
        10      The Third Floor
        11      Don't Go To College
        12      Run Like Crazy, Run Like Hell
        13      Black Irish Goodbye
        14      Stories Of Adam
        15      The Legend Of Molly Pitcher
        16      I Can Picture Margaret Stackhouse
        17      Votive Candles
PZL     114 2   LURES                   THERE'S NO PRESSURE             CD      02.2017
PZL     114 3   LURES                   THERE'S NO PRESSURE             DL      02.2017

        01      This Is The End
        02      UFO
        03      You're With Me
        04      I'm With You
        05      Let's Go Away For Awhile
        06      And Then Nothing
        07      There's No Pressure
        08      Runaway
        09      Shark Repellant Bat Spray
        10      Passages
PZL     115     GALANTS                 GALANTS EP                      CDEP    11.2016

        1.      Evergreen
        2.      Faultline
        3.      Remnants
        4.      Juan
PZL     116 2   GHOST THOUGHTS          PURPLE PERIOD                   CDEP    02.2017
PZL     116 3   GHOST THOUGHTS          PURPLE PERIOD                   DL      02.2017

        01      David (My Father's Father's Father)
        02      Everyone Dies Alone
        03      Aristophanes
        04      Eintagsliebe
        05      It's That Mouth
        06      Unicorn

This is the new project from Davina Shell (of Thee Ahs) and friends, and truth be
told, it's really not too different from her previous band.
PZL     117 2   nearr                   HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF          CD      01.2017
PZL     117 3   nearr                   HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF          DL      01.2017
PZL     118 2   31O8                    31O8                            CD      02.2017
PZL     118 3   31O8                    31O8                            DL      02.2017

        01      Even If There's A Spark
        02      Pack Animal
        03      One Of The Ceased
        04      Critters
        05      The Shining
        06      Another Wave
        07      I'm Leaving Home
        08      Conflicted Soul
        09      Come The Winter
        10      Turn

At its core, this is rock music with keen pop sensibilities; everything - guitars,
vocals, synth-bass and electronic drums - is covered in a layer of fuzz, sounding
like some hybrid of Loop and mid-period Jesus And Mary Chain.
PZL     119 2   GENTLE BRENT            JUST DANDY                      CD      03.2017
PZL     119 3   GENTLE BRENT            JUST DANDY                      DL      03.2017

        01      Tea & Butter Tarts
        02      Lollipop Girl
        03      Never Wanna Make You Cry
        04      The Lonely One
        05      Coney Island Girl
        06      By My Side
        07      There's A Girl
        08      A Twinkle Of Your Eye
        09      Ooh, You'll Believe In Love
        10      No Foolin'
        11      At The Bazaar

After a couple albums under his own name, Brent Randall of Toronto is now using the
moniker Gentle Brent, but he's still playing many of the instruments on his own (with
help from a few friends here and there). A little less orchestral this time around,
Brent is leaning more toward jangly powerpop territory - think Harry Nilsson or Paul
McCartney meets the Heavy Blinkers, Flashing Lights or even Jigsaw's own Michael
Knight. This album has friendly, bouncy AM-styled hits galore, and with eleven of
'em in under half an hour, you'll find lots of wonderful vocal harmonies and the
catchiest songs you've heard in a while!

        1       Unsolicited Advice
        2       Who Knows (Goodbye)
        3       Blah Blah Blah Amen
        4       Comforting Pain
        5       Find It

The debut release from Cleveland's Heavenly Creatures, and it's a lovely five-song gem!
PZL     121 2   SECRET MEADOW           SAME OLD FEAR EP                CDEP    02.2017
PZL     121 3   SECRET MEADOW           SAME OLD FEAR EP                DL      02.2017

        1       Vexation
        2       Followed By The Voice
        3       Same Old Fear
        4       Water In The Flowing River
        5       Endlings

This is the debut release from Secret Meadow, a new band from Jakarta, Indonesia.
PZL     122 2   THE CHERRIES            SELF TITLED 2                   CD      04.2017
PZL     122 3   THE CHERRIES            SELF TITLED 2                   DL      04.2017

        01.     CULT OF THE BELLFLOWER
        02.     TOO MUCH
        03.     SEA THINGS
        04.     I CAN'T PUSH HER OUTTA MY MIND
        05.     LEAVES
        06.     MY FRIEND GEORGE
        07.     SOMETHIN DUM
        08.     SUNSHINE THIS WEEK
        09.     ANOTHER MAN IN ME
        10.     FEMINISM PT 3
        11.     WORLD OF PAIN
        12.     GHOST OF YOU
        13.     OUTRO
        14.     OH JUDY, PT. 1
        15.     OH JUDY, PT. 2
        16.     VAKASHIN
        17.     UNWELCOME BACK

This is the second album from this San Francisco quartet (with ex-members of Grandma's
Boyfriend, Permanent Collection and the Broonies), and it's a 17-track, 32-minute
whirlwind of exciting crash pop! Packed with an array of catchy songs and quirky song
fragments that flow into one another, this album is on par with anything by Kleenex
Girl Wonder and Guided By Voices (the 4-track years).
PZL     123 2   HUSH MACHINE            HUSH MACHINE                    CD      04.2017
PZL     123 3   HUSH MACHINE            HUSH MACHINE                    DL      04.2017

        1       Batter Up
        2       Congress Hotel
        3       Diner
        4       Realize (Hands On The Wheel)
        5       So We Can Dance
        6       Sorry
        7       Try Forever
        8       U Best

Hush Machine is the blissful, glassy guitar pop of Kansas-born Sam Boatright, a 21
year-old Lawrence native who has created music under this moniker for several years;
however, he has only just recently started sharing his music with a grander listening
audience. The songs on this self-titled debut album were all written and recorded
during Boatright's junior and senior year of high school in 2013 and echo winter
nights driving around lonesome as well as muggy summer days, lounging around with
PZL     124 2   CATTLE                  SLOW SAILOR EP                  CDEP    05.2017
PZL     124 3   CATTLE                  SLOW SAILOR EP                  DL      05.2017

        1       Sherbet
        2       Dear Heart
        3       Twisterella
        4       Within Your Reach
        5       Slow Sailor

Following up on their powerful debut from a couple years back, Tokyo's Cattle have
given us another winner with their second EP, "Slow Sailor". It starts off deceptively
gentle with the lovely midtempo "Sherbet", but then kicks it into high gear with a trio
of instant hits, including a very spirited rendition of Ride's classic, "Twisterella",
before closing off with the midtempo (but still punchy) title track. Musically, they
remind me a lot of Ringo Deathstarr and the noisier side of Pia Fraus, with confident
female vocals over crunchy guitars, and a whole lot of melody ringing throughout. This
is seriously some of the best dreampop I've heard in a while!
PZL     125 2   HOOP                    SUPER GENUINE                   CD      05.2017

        01      Marlin Spike
        02      Good Dregs
        03      Baseboards
        04      Send Purpose Down
        05      Skiptracer
        06      Drawn To You
        07      Not By Care
        08      Void Touch
        09      Folded Impulse
        10      To Know Your Tone
        11      Bask In Easy Tone

Recorded a couple years ago in Anacortes (with Nich Wilbur at the Unknown), but finally
seeing the light of day now, this is the debut album from Hoop, a lovely all-girl
quartet from Seattle led by Caitlin Roberts. It's a deeply personal album about a toxic
relationship, and with its sparse yet beautiful delivery, you really can't help feeling
moved by the end of it. Musically, the band reminds me of Unrest and Lake, sharing
those bands' knack for muted, naked beauty, but also their affinity for expanding the
sound when needed (as in the droney outro to "Baseboard" or the overdriven but still
subdued "Drawn To You"). This is a haunting and timeless classic designed to help
anyone get through their worst times.
PZL     126 2   THE SKY MATA            FIRST ALBUM                     CD      10.2017
PZL     126 3   THE SKY MATA            FIRST ALBUM                     DL      10.2017

        01      Berry Hunt
        02      Cashmere
        03      Lucille
        04      Ms. Blossom
        05      Ohayo Steve
        06      Frasco Song
        07      Close Your Head
        08      April 9th
        09      Go Hurry
        10      Skin

The Sky Mata is the moniker for a Japanese fellow named Matthew Haya, and, as you
might guess, this is his first album. His sound is very simple and stripped-down,
almost like a minimal Marbles or Stuart Moxham, had he been part of the Elephant 6
collective. The songs have a very intimate sound, as if he had recorded them in his
apartment late at night, careful not to wake his neighbors with the drums (which are
hit ever so lightly). The interplay between the nimble bass and melodic guitars is
fantastic, reminding me of Pinback at times, and there are enough memorable tunes
to keep you coming back for more listens.

PZL     127 2   JOY CLEANER             TOTAL HELL                      LP      07.2017
PZL     127 2   JOY CLEANER             TOTAL HELL                      CD      07.2017

        1       My Psychic Dent (Is Acting Up Again)
        2       Disposable Outcome
        3       I'm Not From Some Other Dimension
        4       Poisoned (Purple Teeth Version)
        5       Moving Backwards
        6       Fuck Up And Run
        7       Ritual And Dogma
        8       Impossibility For Me
        9       No One Before You
        10      Worm

Debut album from this post-Makeout Vertigo band from New Jersey that's great for
fans of bands like Dogbreth and Diners; bands that maintain a balance between jangly
/breezy indiepop and rough/edgy indie rock, keeping the hooks and melodies up front.
This album is chock full of hits, too numerous to mention, and will be the perfect
soundtrack for the entire summer (and beyond)!
PZL     128 2   BRAD SAN MARTIN : SHOOT TOMORROW/LEARN TONIGHT          CD      11.2017
PZL     128 3   BRAD SAN MARTIN : SHOOT TOMORROW/LEARN TONIGHT          MP3     11.2017

        01      The First Few
        02      Go Wrong
        03      Promises
        04      Cook And Morton
        05      Hey, Everyone
        06      Song About "Soul Finger"
        07      Line Of Diamonds
        08      Headstrong
        09      After Avignon
        10      A Social History Of The Goth/Industrial

Just over two years after his debut, "Tell Someone" (also on Jigsaw), we're happy to
present you with Brad San Martin's second solo album! You may know Brad from his
previous classic indiepop band, One Happy Island (with releases on Wee Pop! and Odd
Box Records), but with his solo work, he branches out into more AM-friendly soft-pop
territory, a la Harry Nilsson or Van Dyke Parks. And this time around, he's assisted
by some pretty big names, as well: Mitch Easter, Pete Weiss (who also produced the
record) and Kevin Dunn (whose guitar work on "Cook And Morton" is simply stunning).
Yep, Brad's knocked it out of the park yet again with this one!
PZL     129 2   SHRUG LIFE              SHRUG LIFE                      CD      09.2017

        01.     First World Problems
        02.     Temp Job
        03.     Schmaltz
        04.     Making Progress
        05.     Your Body
        06.     Aphra Lee
        07.     Old Clich?s
        08.     Never Bored
        09.     Skype Calls
        10.     Free Bird II
        11.     Japanese Bonus Track

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Shrug Life have only been around for a couple years,
and here we have their debut full length. Musically, they remind me a lot of the
Lodger and fellow countrymen (and Jigsaw labelmates) So Cow, with their edgy and
energetic yet very melodic indiepop sound. And lyrically, their well-written songs
tackle everything from life's shortcomings and drudgeries to more serious topics like
local politics and abortion rights. Co-released with Ireland's Little L Records, this
is a strong batch of songs that we're proud to share with the world!

        01      A Simple Song
        02      Myself
        03      A Sparrow
        04      Half Know
        05      Most Of The Time
        06      Sleep And The Time In Between
        07      9/5 Meadowbank Avenue Blues
        08      Before You Break A Mirror
        09      Visions Of Geraldine
        10      Winter Waltz

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Occasional Flickers have been around for over a
decade and this is their third album to date, after full length releases on Plastilina
and Linger On Records (as well as a 7" on Cloudberry). Their sound is almost distinctly
Scottish (even though band leader/songwriter Giorgos Bouras is originally from Athens,
Greece), in the style of the Orchids and Belle & Sebastian. Though the songs are
predominately light and breezy jangly pop, they also display some grand tendencies
(see the epic "Most Of The Time" as a prime example). Overall, this is a well-thought
out album and well worth the wait!
PZL     131 2   HALF FORWARD LINE       THE BACK OF MASS                CD      10.2017
PZL     131 3   HALF FORWARD LINE       THE BACK OF MASS                MP3     10.2017

        1       For Centuries
        2       Vicarious Trauma Blues
        3       Sunday Drivers
        4       Joint Account
        5       One One
        6       Dial It Down
        7       Column A, Column B
        8       Heavy Metal Birthday Party
        9       Feast Of The Assumption
        10.     Irish Rats
        11.     Everyone Else
        12.     Hey, Can I Try On Your Glasses

Half Forward Line is the new band from Brian Kelly (So Cow), Niall Murphy (Oh Boland)
and drummer/recordist Ciaran o Maol·in. The plan for the band was to write a set of
new songs as quickly as possible and perform them as soon as possible for a good old
-fashioned lark, and as a result, the trio have crafted a short, sharp dose of power
pop. Recorded over two days in the lounge of a derelict rural Irish pub, this album
takes in tales of wedded bliss, social anxiety and the perils of letting someone try
on your glasses. Infused with the pioneering jangling spirit of the Flying Nun roster,
along with garage rock sonics and Kelly's inimitable brand of buzzsaw pop and
slice-of-life lyrics, Half Forward Line have delivered a half-hour album hallmarked
by hook-laden songs.
PZL     132 2   KAVEH KANES             CAPITAL                         CD      11.2017

        01      Tiger In Your Tank
        02      Modern Times
        03      Night Shift
        04      Starlet
        05      Norwegian Crush
        06      Reminiscence
        07      Poacher
        08      Late

Orignally released about two years ago on Kolibri Rekords of Jakarta, this Indonesian
band's debut full-length has been out of print for some time now, and we're all too
happy to bring it back into the world! The eight songs on this album shimmer and
sparkle along with the best of Beach Fossils, Seapony and EZTV's work - easy-going
and very dreamy sounding, with hushed male vocals over reverbed-out strummy guitars
and laidback songs. And if you like these songs, wait until you hear their new record,
due out on Jigsaw next year!
PZL     133 2   CRACKED ACTORS          ONE ACT PLAYS                   CD      11.2017
PZL     133 3   CRACKED ACTORS          ONE ACT PLAYS                   MP3     11.2017

        01      The City
        02      Rock & Roll, Save Your Soul
        03      Mirrors
        04      Cracked Actor
        05      20 Days
        06      Start/Stars
        07      California Daze
        08      Haven't We Been Here Before?
        09      Smile
        10      Come In #5

This debut album from Cracked Actors of northern England just fell into my lap recently
when the band wrote me out of the blue requesting I release their record. Well, I just
happened to really like it, so I happily obliged and here we are two months later with
the newest Jigsaw release! The band they actually remind me the most of is an obscure
80s group from the southern US called Carnival Season - with their crunchy guitar
sound, raspy vocals and super-catchy powerpop songs - but seeing as fewer than five
people will get that reference, I'll instead just say they're a mix between mid-period
Replacements and Mega City Four. Ten punchy songs in exactly 21 minutes - you can't
go wrong with that!
PZL     134     THE SPEEDLIGHTS         NIGHT DRIVER                    CD      11.2017

        01      After Tonight
        02      She's Alright
        03      What's It Gonna Take
        04      Blame It On The Stereo
        05      She'll Be There
        06      Head In The Clouds
        07      Summer Nights
        08      Out Of Sorts
        09      Try To Forget You
        10      Pawn Takes King

Two years after their self-titled 2015 debut EP, The Speedlights of Denton, Texas
return with their first full length album. The ten new tracks build on the late '70s
powerpop influences that formed the earlier recordings, but it's almost as if the band
have now moved ahead a few years into the new wave early '80s. The catchy hooks are
still ever present for the quartet, though the addition of periodic synthesizer lines
and occasionally darker moods are more akin to The Cars than The Knack this time out.
PZL     135     POPINCOURT              THE BRILLIANT MISSING LINK      7"      03.2018
PZL     135 3   POPINCOURT              THE BRILLIANT MISSING LINK      MP3     03.2018

        1.      The Brilliant Missing Link
        2.      ImprovISAtion (Part 1, 2 & more)

Following up his stunning lp on Jigsaw, this single is an instantly catchy hit in
the style of Paul Weller, Joe Jackson or Ray Davies, that's sure to brighten up your
spring, while the flip gives us the full version of "ImprovISAtion", which was
previously only available as a couple teasing snippets on the album.
PZL     136     ANTHONY ROCHESTER       SINGS FOR YOU                   CD      02.2018
PZL     136 3   ANTHONY ROCHESTER       SINGS FOR YOU                   MP3     02.2018

        01.     Sing Us A Seaside Song
        02.     Parasep Discotheque
        03.     My Dancing Days Are Done
        04.     Burkholderia
        05.     A Walk In The Zoo
        06.     Toronto Song
        07.     Cat Food Etc
        08.     Emotional Song No. 3
        09.     Let's Make Love Happen
PZL     137     MEGRIM                  FAMILIES                        CD      02.2018
PZL     137     MEGRIM                  FAMILIES                        MP3     02.2018

        01.     Come To Fight
        02.     Stay Away From Us
        03.     Paterson
        04.     Restless
        05.     Swarm
        06.     A Boy
        07.     You Can Buy My Soul
        08.     Project
        09.     All Famous
        10.     Precious Time

Last year, we reintroduced the world to Les Autres, an excellent French indie rock
band from the '90s, via a compilation entitled "Backwards". Now, we're happy to present
the debut album (after a couple self-released digital-only EPs) from Megrim, which is
the new project of that older band's guitarist/vocalist, Olivier Doreille. Like Les
Autres, comparisons can be drawn to early '90s contemporaries such as Lorelei and
Hood, but Megrim's sound is a bit more fleshed out, at times reminding me a lot of
early Death Cab For Cutie and Nada Surf. Their songs are sometimes driving, other
times melancholic, but always interesting, making for a well-rounded and rewarding
album to listen to.
PZL     138     BEAT DEGENERATION : SEARCHING FOR SOME HEAVEN           CD      04.2018
PZL     138 3   BEAT DEGENERATION : SEARCHING FOR SOME HEAVEN           MP3     04.2018

        1.      Jamie Is Gone
        2.      Feet In The Sand
        3.      Playing Rock'n'Roll In The Dark
        4.      Pool
        5.      Sunny Day
        6.      Twice
        7.      I Love You Sweetly
        8.      The Way You Smile
        9.      Pappelallee
        10.     Painted On The Wall

Hailing from Italy, this is the second full-length from Beat Degeneration, following
their debut cassette on Weiner Records. The trio plays a mix of indie rock, indiepop
and powerpop, channeling bands like Surfer Blood, the Drums and Crocodiles (whose
Charles Rowell produced this very album). Their songs have a wide range of moods with
some songs, like "Jamie Is Gone" and "I Love You Sweetly", having big and catchy
(dare I say, radio-friendly?) choruses, and others, like the ambient surf-instrumental,
"Pappelallee", and the record's piano-centered closer, "Painted On The Wall", showing
off a gentler side. Yes, there's a bit of something for everyone on this cool and
varied album.
PZL     139     FLYING FISH COVE        FLYING FISH COVE                CDEP    03.2018
PZL     139 3   FLYING FISH COVE        FLYING FISH COVE                MP3     04.2018

        1.      Sleight Of Hand
        2.      Bob & Sylvie
        3.      Pony Bracelet
        4.      Manticore

Composed of a bunch of friends of mine, I've been a fan of this Seattle band since
they first formed about a year ago, and Jigsaw is happy to introduce the world to
them via their self-titled debut EP. Simply put, Flying Fish Cove play pure indiepop
in the style of Heavenly, Go Sailor and Tiger Trap, with nimble guitar melodies and
layers of sugary-sweet vocals on top of four memorable songs. Already working on their
follow-up, this is a great taste for this young and fresh band who - spoiler alert
- I've recently joined on drums!
PZL     140 2   CANDYBOMBER             SINGULAR                        CDEP    06.2018
PZL     140 3   CANDYBOMBER             SINGULAR                        MP3     06.2018

        1.      Not Completely Sure
        2.      Everybody Knows
        3.      Industrial Strength Serendipity
        4.      Naive

Stewart Tudor-Jackman spent his younger days leading the indiepop duo, the Kensingtons,
in the mid-'90s and even revived the name some years back, releasing EPs on Dufflecoat,
Anorak and Cloudberry. This new project of his, however, is miles away from the rather
twee pop sound of the Kensingtons-instead, we have four slices of good, solid powerpop
a la Matthew Sweet, the Posies and Fountains Of Wayne.
PZL     141 2   WATOO WATOO             MODERN EXPRESS                  CD      06.2018
PZL     141 3   WATOO WATOO             MODERN EXPRESS                  MP3     06.2018

        1.      Au Fond Des AllEes
        2.      Modern Express
        3.      Costume En Velours
        4.      For A While
        5.      EnfermEe Dans Ta Rue
        6.      La Brume
        7.      Les Regards Hostiles
        8.      Je Tourne En Rond
        9.      Whirlpool Of Pride (2018)
        10      Une DerniËre Fois

It has been over four years since the last Watoo Watoo album ("Une Si Longue Attente",
also on Jigsaw), but the band members have been busy with their own side projects,
Photon (MichaÎl) and Montclair (Pascale). They have reconvened one more time, however,
to make one more gorgeous POP! record, entitled "Modern Express". Falling somewhere in
between Stereolab, Felt and Broadcast, with a heavy dose of original French pop, the
duo have created yet another instant classic filled with jangly guitars, vintage synths
and lovely bilingual female vocals, besting their already stellar prior output.
Be sure to pick up the cd, which is the only place to get their cover of a translated
British hit as a bonus track!
PZL     142     COZY SLIPPERS           POSTCARDS                       CDEP    04.2018
PZL     142 3   COZY SLIPPERS           POSTCARDS                       MP3     04.2018

        01      Not Hard To Say Goodbye
        02      En Francais
        03      Cozy Love Song
        04      Back And Forth
        05      You Started This

Cozy Slippers is a Seattle trio with dual-lead female vocals and a warm veneer of
nostalgia. Following their self-released debut EP from 2017, Jigsaw is happy to
present their second EP, "Postcards", which is another five slices of pure indiepop
in the style of Cub, Heavenly and the Icicles. Jangly guitars abound on these songs,
but you'll also find hints of keyboards that help flesh out the sound. And memorable
melodies? Oh yeah - lots of those, too! Just try and get the chorus of "Back And
Forth" out of your head after one listen... Expect big things from this new band!
PZL     143     PRE NUP                 OH WELL                         CD      05.2018
PZL     143 3   PRE NUP                 OH WELL                         MP3     05.2018

        1.      Admit
        2.      Internet Arguments
        3.      The Grudge
        4.      Impostor
        5.      On the Nose
        6.      Adequate
        7.      Lost Together
        8.      Oh My
        9.      Untitled
        10.     Life in Hell

Following on the heels of their fabulous 4-song debut 7" on Kingfisher Bluez, Jigsaw
is proud to present the debut album from Pre Nup, a husband/wife duo from Calgary,
Canada. This blink-and-you'll-miss-it classic is only about 24 minutes long (when you
include the hidden bonus track available only on the cd - how '90s!), but man, is it
ever packed with hit after hit! Their sound is best described as energetic crash-pop,
similar to that which bands like Cause Co-Motion, So Cow and Times New Viking have
mastered. The songs are short and catchy with lots of fuzzy guitars and self
deprecating lyrics. A fun ride, for sure!
PZL     144     SPACE DAZE              WAVES COLLAPSING                CD      08.2018
PZL     144     SPACE DAZE              WAVES COLLAPSING                MP3     08.2018

        1.      Intro
        2.      Far Away
        3.      Sunlight Waves
        4.      Wasn't Anyone
        5.      Was Never
        6.      Everyone Knows
        7.      How It Is
        8.      Alone In The Shadows
        9.      By The Road
        10.     What Did You Say
        11.     Over
        12.     Go Wrong
        13.     Brought Me Down
        14.     No Control
        15.     Everything Is Really Bad
        16.     Be Here
        17.     Not Sure
        18.     You And Everyone Else
        19.     Every Day I Dream
        20.     Go Slow
        21.     Mellow Centuries
        22.     Terrestrial Mosey
        23.     Waiting Around
        24.     Never Have Fun
        25.     In The Dark
        26      Nowhere
        27      Doesn't Exist

Even before Seapony went on their hiatus, their chief songwriter, Danny Rowland,
started his solo project, Space Daze. He released a tape on the Beautiful Strange
label back in 2014, titled Follow My Light Back Home, but everything he's put out
since then has been digital-only on his own Bandcamp. Well, this collects all of those
digital releases onto a packed disc clocking in at nearly 74 minutes!

Musically, this is not all that different from Seapony, only there is quite a bit
more variety to the songwriting, as is often the case with solo projects. Also, with
Danny's voice at the front, this sounds a bit less like his other band, and more like,
say, Beach Fossils or Real Estate.
PZL     145     THE SUNBATHERS          A WEEKEND AWAY WITH...          CD      08.2018
PZL     145     THE SUNBATHERS          A WEEKEND AWAY WITH...          MP3     08.2018

        1.      It Doesn't Matter If It Rains
        2.      Summer's Gone
        3.      If Only
        4.      Round And Round
        5.      Sunbleached
        6.      Big Boy Now
        7.      All At Sea
        8.      Girl You Left Behind
        9.      Every Day
        10.     Shifting Sand
        11.     Astrud
        12.     Don't Go Home
        13.     Never Coming Back
        14.     (Waiting) For Trains
        15.     Warmth Of The Sun

The Sunbathers splashed onto the scene in 2012 with a CD EP and 7" on the sorely-missed
Dufflecoat label and immediately impressed us with their gentle and hushed seaside
themed tweepop in the style of the Marine Girls. The duo have mostly been silent ever
since, but we're now proud to present their debut full-length album, titled A Weekend
Away With.... Like their earlier works, this has a very strong Marine Girls vibe to it,
complete with beach sounds and minimal hand percussion accompaniment to the gently
strummed Side note: Julie's voice sounded very familiar to me when I first heard the
band, but it wasn't until much later that I found out that she was actually the singer
of Confettu (who released some wonderful 7"s on Sunday, Heaven and Marineville in the
PZL     146 2   GHOST THOUGHTS          NO CHILL                        CD      09.2018
PZL     146 3   GHOST THOUGHTS          NO CHILL                        DL      09.2018

        1.      Gregory And The Gaslight
        2.      Hannah Talking
        3.      I Still Think About You When I Come
        4.      Sandcastles Out Of Glass
        5.      Remember Marley
        6.      Anne Reads The Letter
        7.      #MeToo
        8.      Can I Love You If I Hate Myself
        9.      It's So Easy, Makes Me Queasy
        10.     Dan Singing
        11.     I Drew A Smiley
        12.     Girls In The Wallpaper
        13.     Thinking About Ending

After releasing a successful debut EP a year and a half ago on Jigsaw, Davina Shell
(from Amsterdam via Vancouver, BC) is back with a full-length from her mostly solo
project, Ghost Thoughts. And once again, she's given us another collection of highly
personal songs about relationships and their pitfalls. Musically, she's continuing
to grow from her formative days in Thee Ahs, branching out into further territories
mined by contemporary artists such as Waxahatchee, Eskimeaux and Japanese Breakfast
-folk-based pop with a bigger sound, augmented by Vancouver producer-extraordinaire,
Jay Arner (who also provided the drums). Overall, this is a stunning batch of
deceptively bittersweet pop songs!
PZL     147 2   SHARESPRINGS            PARAPARLOUR                     CD      09.2018
PZL     147 3   SHARESPRINGS            PARAPARLOUR                     DL      09.2018

        1.      Prostitute
        2.      Something Soon
        3.      Pocketguides
        4.      So Comely
        5.      Elza, I'd Write You A Song
        6.      We Don't Have To Talk But Please Hold My Hand
        7.      Paraparlor
        8.      The Perfect Thing

After a few sought-after EPs released on micro-labels in their home country and
a couple more compilation appearances on Cloudberry and Quince, at long last, we
have the debut album from Indonesia's Sharesprings. And though it only clocks in
at around 20 minutes, this mini-album was well worth the wait! The band excels in
pure and dreamy indiepop in the style of early Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, the
Drums and Beach Fossils, but they aren't afraid to turn up the noise in songs like
the Talulah Gosh-esque "Elza, I'd Write You A Song". The songs have roughly equal
parts boy and girl vocals, and they even sometimes sing together, for a beautiful
effect. Yes, this is indeed the perfect POP! album you didn't know you were waiting
for... until now!
PZL     148     KAVES KANES             LOANWORDS                       CD      10.2018

        1.      Birds Of Paradise
        2.      The Fountain
        3.      Ambushed
        4.      Father's Bridge
        5.      Light Fright
        6.      How So
        7.      Cake
        8.      Kairos
        9.      Sabine

Eleven months ago, we brought you the reissue of this Indonesian band's debut album,
and now (as promised) we're happy to present to you their second full-length! As you
might expect, their sound has grown considerably in the couple years since their debut
was recorded - ie. the production sounds much better and clearer this time around
but their general style has not changed too much. They still play easy and refreshing
jangly guitarpop in the style of Beach Fossils, EZTV or a male-led Seapony, and boy,
do they ever play it WELL. These nine songs shimmer and sparkle along with the best
of 'em, and are a pure aural treat, as well, proving that geography is not what makes
a band, but plain old stellar songwriting...
PZL     149     BRUCE ROBERT            TOGETHER SINGLES                CD      11.2018
PZL     149 3   BRUCE ROBERT            TOGETHER SINGLES                MP3     11.2018

        1       Tiny Robot Heart
        2       Alpha Waves Beta Waves
        3       Wanna Grow Old Together
        4       Let's Go
        5       The Replacement Part
        6       It's Only Natural
        7       The Little Motorbike Song
        8       After The Fall Hop

Bruce Robert has been self-releasing digital singles from his Boise, Idaho home over
the last couple years, and as the title of this disc may suggest, this is a collection
of the best of those songs. Though a multi-instrumentalist, who created the majority
of the music on this album, Bruce is helped out by a number of friends, including
Jeremy Jensen of the Very Most (on a variety of instruments) and Raine Saunders-Irving,
Gia Trotter and Sean Samuel Kelly (all taking turns on vocals). Touchstones for these
songs include the Essex Green, Pale Lights and the Yearning - all equally wonderful
jangly indiepop bands who also sometimes enjoy playing in a minor key.
PZL     150     CRABBER                 BLUESBUSTERS                    CD      11.2018
PZL     150 3   CRABBER                 BLUESBUSTERS                    MP3     11.2018

        01      Hide & Seek
        02      Sunglasses
        03      Pointless
        04      Fingerlicking
        05      Confetti In Your Hair
        06      Somewhere, Someone
        07      Postcard From Berlin
        08      Noisebleeding
        09      Moonlight
        10      Fool
        11      Two-Leaf Clover
        12      (No) Easy Way Out
        13      On The Run

Though a new band, the members of Crabber from Hamburg, Germany have been around the
block a few times, playing in bands such as the Legendary Bang, Kristallin and
Dr. K^nig Arthus since the '90s. One of their biggest influences is the Wedding
Present, and though that does shine through clearly in these noisy janglepop songs,
the band they actually remind me of the most is the more obscure Dot Dash, with whom
they share many similarities both musically and in the overall sound and production.
With a title like "Bluesbusters", Crabber's debut album is sure to brighten up your
PZL     151     SLUM SUMMER             ABABO                           CD      01.2019
PZL     151 3   SLUM SUMMER             ABABO                           MP3     01.2019

        1.      Annabel
        2.      Trampoline
        3.      Vauxhall
        4.      Back To Seagrave
        5.      Sing Sing In The Rain
        6.      Bobby
        7.      The Rub
        8.      Lucy
        9.      The Sacramento Goodbye
        10.     Nebraska
        11.     Merritt Parkway

Slum Summer formed a few years ago in San Diego, and is led by recent UK expat,
Hugh J Noble (who released a number of entertaining solo records throughout
the '00s), and rounded out by another Brit and a pair of Americans. The band mostly
plays low-key indie rock with catchy melodies and storytelling-style lyrics, replete
with obscure references, literary and otherwise. For that very reason, Hugh's
songwriting often reminds me quite a bit of Graeme Downes of the Verlaines. Overall,
a very cool and solid debut from this promising new band.
PZL     152     THE REGRETS             ENDLESS DESIRE                  CDEP    01.2019
PZL     152 3   THE REGRETS             ENDLESS DESIRE                  MP3     01.2019

        1.      Temporary Attachment
        2.      Under A Sideways Moon
        3.      Houndstooth
        4.      Swagger
        5.      Every Kiss (Feels Like It Could Be The Last)

We've been releasing a fair amount of local Seattle bands on Jigsaw lately, and
here's another one! The Regrets fuse the tuneful, romantic simplicity of '60s pop
with the energetic, jangling underground garage-pop sounds of the decades since.
With wistful lyrics, reverb-fringed guitars and catchy melodies, these guys make
fuzzed-out, infectious songs about youth, love & self-doubt. This is their second
release (following a self-released EP from a couple years back), and it was superbly
produced by Dylan Wall at the renowned Hall Of Justice studio. I'd keep my eye on
this band, as they're obviously poised for greatness!
PZL     153 2   DOGGY                   RADIO TP                        CD      03.2015
PZL     153 3   DOGGY                   RADIO TP                        MP3     03.2015

        1.      Tout Ce Qu'elle Est Devenue
        2.      Cheville Oeil Coeur
        3.      Pars Reviens Pars
        4.      Spud
        5.      O˘ Tu Vas
        6.      Les Agisseurs
        7.      Le Plus GÍnE Des Deux
        8.      Radio TP
        9.      Le Vendeur D'oies Du Limousin

You may not know the name Doggy, but they've actually been around for about 20 years
now! I first became aware of them thanks to the sorely-underrated "Pop International
Style" compilation on March Records back in 1999, and followed them through their
releases on Big Pink Cake, Little Treasure and Guillaume's own Anorak Records (one of
my favorite French indiepop labels). Now, we are pleased to present their fourth
album (and their first in several years), in conjunction with our new friends at
Kocliko Records of Spain (meaning: we have more in store for you!). Musically, Doggy
play perfect janglepop that echoes bands like the Servants and the Go-Betweens, as
well as Felt at their poppiest; and while they may sing in their native tongue,
I think you know by now that we at Jigsaw believe that music transcends all language
barriers! Please join us in welcoming back this French pop treasure!
PZL     154 2   SPACE DAZE              TOO MYSTICAL                    CD      02.2019
PZL     154 3   SPACE DAZE              TOO MYSTICAL                    MP3     02.2019

        1.      Bummer
        2.      Pass You By
        3.      Like Nothing
        4.      Finding Graves
        5.      Grey Sunday
        6.      Green Hill
        7.      Cosmic Sign
        8.      Gold Flowers
        9.      Look Into

Last summer, we brought you "Waves Collapsing", a compilation of all of Space Daze's
digital EPs and singles from the past few years; now we're proud to present the second
proper full-length album from this Seapony off-shoot! This album contains nine tracks
of mellow, tender indiepop songs in the same vein as Seapony but would also fit nicely
alongside the Arctic Flow, Real Estate or Beach Fossils. Space Daze has a unique
ability to write beautiful melodic songs with perfectly effortless guitar leads and
an air of distinctly northwest mysticism. An altogether brief but highly enjoyable
PZL     155     STATE DRUGS             TAKINGS AND LEAVINGS            CD      02.2019
PZL     155 3   STATE DRUGS             TAKINGS AND LEAVINGS            MP3     02.2019

        01      Aggie
        02      Sandwina
        03      Woodring Nights
        04      Taking It To The Streets
        05      Fractured Heart
        06      Halfway Wasted
        07      Lava Lamp
        08      Gut Knots
        09      Tool Library
        10      Lizzie
        11      Last Days Of Typhoid
        12      Left Of The Dial

All songs written by Christopher L. Kuhn, except track 12 written by Paul Westerberg.
DOWNLOAD HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3kbno56yu0zpbc2/pzl155.zip?dl=0

Aw, it's no secret: I love indie rock just as much as I love indiepop. Give me the
energetic sounds of bands like Superchunk or the Thermals anytime! That's why this
record, though it sticks out among the rest of the generally poppier Jigsaw releases,
should make total sense in the overall label canon as it relates to my musical taste
(as it should!). This is highly spirited indie rock that reminds me of both of those
afore-mentioned bands, but even more so, some brilliant lesser-known bands like
Failures' Union, Shallow Cuts and Bedford Falls (seriously, go look 'em up).
State Drugs' debut album contains a dozen really catchy songs (one of them a classic
Replacements cover) with plenty of loud guitars and gritty, earnest vocals. Oh, and
I happen to know that there's plenty more where this came from...
PZL     156 2   SHINY TIMES             CAN'T BE DEPRESSED              CD      03.2019
PZL     156 2   SHINY TIMES             CAN'T BE DEPRESSED              MP3     03.2019

        1.      Easy
        2.      I'm OK
        3.      Yellow Light
        4.      Here Comes The Sun
        5.      She's So Heavy
        6.      Go Blue
        7.      But I Tried
        8.      Take The Stairs

So, you all know Seapony, right? Well, there's a band from South Carolina called Tape
Waves, who not only sound very similar, they even had Danny from the band help out on
their debut album. Then Danny from Seapony started Space Daze, his own solo project
with a similar style to his former band (and even released a couple cds on Jigsaw!);
not to be outdone, Kim from Tape Waves has started her own solo project and here's
its debut! And, not only does it sound close to her primary band, but she even has
Danny help out a little! Confused? Aww, don't be. Just know that this brief and
beautiful album is pure laidback indiepop in the vein of La Sera, Summer Twins and
just about any Rose Melberg project. And really, that's the only thing that matters,
PZL     157 2   LUCK, NOW               ENOUGH, FOR NOW                 CDEP    03.2019
PZL     157 3   LUCK, NOW               ENOUGH, FOR NOW                 MP3     03.2019

        1.      Social Loner
        2.      Imaginary Friends
        3.      Sleep It Off
        4.      A Good Flying Bird
        5.      Day By Day
        6.      Panic Attack

Several years back, Matteo from Luck, Now had another band with the even more
impossible name of What, Really? and he sent me a few copies of their sole release
out of the blue for me to sell in the shop, and I loved it! I think I even asked
him back then if I could release his next record, but I can't recall whatever became
of that. Fast forward a few years, and he formed this new band and snuck out a debut
EP under my radar. Thankfully, though, I managed to snag him for Jigsaw to release
this second EP of theirs, and it's a great batch of catchy pop songs that toe the
line between indie rock and powerpop, even going so far as to cover a song by GBV
("A Good Flying Bird"), another band with a similar modus operandi. Let's hope that
this time around, this obscure band from a tiny northern Italian town gets the
recognition they deserve!
PZL     158 2   FLYING FISH COVE        AT MOONSET                      CD      04.2019
PZL     158 3   FLYING FISH COVE        AT MOONSET                      MP3     04.2019

        01      Johnny Paper
        02      Sleight Of Hand
        03      Blow A Candle
        04      Manticore
        05      Bob & Sylvie
        06      Cammy The Camry
        07      Dangerous Words
        08      Pony Bracelet
        09      Home Sweet Home
        10      Lunar Tropical
        11      So Slowly
        12      Belladonna

Last year, we introduced you to this lovely group via a four-song teaser EP; now we're
thrilled to welcome you to the full debut album from Seattle's newest indiepop stars!
And I'm not just saying that because they're my friends. Or because I currently drum
for them (though, to be fair, I joined after this album was recorded). No, I say that
because this album is a sheer aural delight, filled with jangling guitars, sugary-sweet
female vocals (with lots of backing oohs!) and twinkling omnichord embellishments
throughout. This batch of twelve songs is on par with the best of Heavenly, Snail Mail
and Frankie Cosmos (whose Greta Kline actually guests here!), and the 31 minutes just
glide on by in no time. Definitely one of the highlights of 2019!
PZL     159 2   STARS ON FIRE           BLUE SKIES ABOVE                CDEP    06.2019
PZL     159 3   STARS ON FIRE           BLUE SKIES ABOVE                MP3     06.2019

        1.      Shutdown
        2.      Stuck Somewhere
        3.      Model
        4.      Blue Skies
        5.      Paper Driver
        6.      Snowblind

Based in Seoul (but originally hailing from California), Stars On Fire is the
brainchild of a fellow named Cristoph Mark, who I recently found out was a member
of Ampersand, a short-lived band who released an amazing mini-album on Fantastic
Records back in 2000 that you probably never heard (but really should). This debut
release from Cristoph's new project is a hard-to-define batch of songs that are
jangly, but not quite janglepop; noisy, but not actually noisepop; and dreamy, but
not really shoegaze. Heck, even the production style is simultaneously lo-fi and
well-recorded! The guitars are shambling and distorted, the vocals are morose (but
not over-bearing) and the songs themselves are pretty great. This is a cool EP that
kinda comes from left-field and is definitely well worth checking out!
PZL     160 2   CHAMPION OF YOUTH       CHAMPION OF YOUTH               CDEP    08.2019

        01      Restraint
        02      Bearpits
        03      Every Tongue
        04      I Wish You Hell
        05      Admit It
        06      Last Day Of Sun
        07      Kiss The Dead 

Rising from the ashes of Manchester's sorely missed Amida, comes the fresh and new
Champion Of Youth, and this self-titled mini-album is their debut release. To be
honest, though, I really can't tell much of a difference between this new band and
the final works from Amida (which were released as the "Boring Birth" album on Jigsaw
about five years ago). That is, this is still energetic indiepop with tight, jangly
guitars (see also the Wolfhounds or Sarandon) and lots of terrific melodies and witty
lyrics, though I guess there's a bit more indie rock influence seeping through now,
not unlike Urusei Yatsura and early/mid-period Pavement. Also, the songs are a wee
bit longer this time around, with 7 songs in 23 minutes, averaging just over 3 minutes
a piece. Amida may be long gone, but their successor manages to live up to their
stellar legacy! All songs written by Champion Of Youth.
PZL     161 2   FLYING FISH COVE        EN GARDE EP                     CDEP    06.2019
PZL     161 3   FLYING FISH COVE        EN GARDE EP                     DL      06.2019

        1.      No Ending
        2.      En Garde
        3.      Andrew And Allie
        4.      Embarking

Hot on the heels of their stellar debut album, "At Moonset" (also on Jigsaw), Flying
Fish Cove are back with another batch of songs that are as enchanting and magical as
they are catchy and fun. The lead track, "No Ending", is easily the band's most rocking
tune to date, sounding halfway between Heavenly and a Harriet Records release by the
likes of Pest 5000 or Twig. The title track follows, and is a serious hit, replete
with an incredibly memorable chorus. The latter half of the EP is made up of a pair
of gentler omnichord-driven songs that show off the band's lighter and afore-mentioned
enchanting side. Brief but essential, this is a surefire hit for the summer, just in
time for the band's cross-country tour!
PZL     162     A CERTAIN SMILE         BAE                             7"      09.2019

        1.      Cherry Bomb
        2.      Honey Do
        3.      Original Replacement

The A-side contains two of the band's most immediate hit songs, both of which are
revved-up and super-catchy a la vintage Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, and just over
two minutes a piece, while the flip shows a softer side with an acoustic-based number
that would've fit perfectly on a Sarah Records 7" between Brighter and the Field Mice.
PZL     163 2   NEILSON FAMILY          DOUBLE LIFE                     CD      10.2019
PZL     163 3   NEILSON FAMILY          DOUBLE LIFE                     MP3     10.2019

        1.      Civil Service Anthem
        2.      Water Ave
        3.      Woodstock Hardcore
        4.      Same Sign Pt. 2
        5.      TV
        6.      Low Life
        7.      You Make Me Feel
        8.      Dad Rock
        9.      My Apartment
        10.     Spine
        11.     Mandatory Reporter
        12.     In The City After You're Dead

All songs written by Jamie Neilson.

Funny enough, this Portland band happened to reach out to me BEFORE I announced I was
moving to town, but now that we're both in the same place, their being on Jigsaw makes
so much sense. I mean, this batch of a dozen laidback janglepop tunes on the band's
debut album is right up my alley, falling in the same class as the Essex Green, Spent
and Great Lakes. The dual guitars are crisp & jangly and the rhythm section is nimbl
& bright, but the vocal harmonies are their true secret weapon, thanks to the shared
vocals of James & Annie. So many hits are scattered throughout this record to name,
but rest assured you'll be keeping this disc on rotation for quite some time!
PZL     164 2   EGGS ON MARS            IT WILL BE LIKE IT WAS          CD      10.2019
PZL     164 3   EGGS ON MARS            IT WILL BE LIKE IT WAS          MP3     10.2019

        1.      Porch Tune
        2.      Your Name
        3.      Many Small Towns
        4.      People Pleasing
        5.      Spacey Stacy II
        6.      Sometimes Sunday Evening
        7.      I Can't Always Be The Sunshine
        8.      Is She A Dream
        9.      Where To Start
        10.     It Will Be Like It Was

All songs written by Brad Smith, Justin Longmeyer & Mason Potter.

Truth be told, I am a damn sucker for jangly and somewhat laidback indiepop. It's why
this recent crop of bands like Ultimate Painting, EZTV, Young Scum, the burgeoning
Aussie scene, etc all hit the right spot for me, but really it dates back to my youth
spent wearing out my R.E.M. tapes. But in between the very old and the very new,
though, lies the '90s/'00s and its clutch of amazing American janglepop bands, such
as Breezy Porticos, Holiday, Kincaid and the undisputed (in my eyes) kings of the
scene, Masters Of The Hemisphere. These bands were all important to me then, and I'm
happy to say that this recent finding from Kansas City, MO called Eggs On Mars are cut
from the exact same cloth as those bands. In fact, there were a number of times on
this album (which is actually the band's fifth, after a bunch of self-released cds
/tapes!) where I could have easily mistaken a song or even a feeling for something
that Breezy Porticos or MOTH gave me. Yes, this is a magical little record, filled
with many melodic and memorable moments!
PZL     165 1   JOY CLEANER             YOU'RE SO JADED                 LP      11.2019
PZL     165 2   JOY CLEANER             YOU'RE SO JADED                 CD      11.2019

        1.      I'll See You At Home
        2.      Pink Lite
        3.      Dramatization
        4.      So Much For The Quiet Car
        5.      Out On The Balcony
        6.      See Through
        7.      Bad Advice
        8.      Phlox
        9.      Post-Neurotic
        10.     Dyson Sphere

(Note : vinyl limited to 400 copies (100 on yellow, 300 on black); cd not limited.
        All songs written by Joy Cleaner. Available digitally on Bandcamp)

Second album from this New Jersey trio who have perfected that classic Dogbreth
/Diners-styled jangly/breezy indie rock sound mixed with some amazing powerpop hits
that rank up there with songs by later-era Superdrag, prime Matthew Sweet and Material
Issue. Any fan of punchy powerpop should check this one out post-haste!
PZL     166 2   SPECIAL MOVES           EVERYTHING IS FREE              CD      01.2020

        01      Intro
        02      I Don't Have Any Other Words
        03      Cars
        04      The Death Of Ferdinand De Saussure
        05      Thinkin'
        06      What I Wanna Du
        07      Half + Half
        08      Chili Dishin'
        09      Two Hearts
        10      Big Like Bob
        11      There's No Way I'm Ever Going Back There
        12      Swimming Song
        13      Beige Cardstock
        14      Morning Riffing
        15      U Wanna Hear A Song?
PZL     167 2   MEREDITH                BLINDSPOT                       CD      01.2020

        01      Eternal
        02      Secrets Spit
        03      Until You Come Round
        04      Mirrors Mine
        05      Leave A Look
        06      Relentless
        07      Until You Come Round
        08      Count The Days
        09      Horizon Of The Night
        10      Badger
        11      Like A Clock
        12      Blindspot
        13      Material
        14      Falls
        15      Footsore Four
        16      Eternal (demo)
PZL     168 2   COOL ORIGINAL : I NEVER SAID I DIDN'T CARE              CD      01.2020

        01      Never Stop Hanging Out
        02      Offended
        03      Correct The Record
        04      Funny Before
        05      What Do You Know
        06      Not Like That
        07      Teething
        08      Knife's Edge
        09      Distance
        10      When I Miss The 19
        11      Sad Sack
        12      Just Like You

Originally from Portland, but now living in Philly, Cool Original (once called "Cool
American" until the Doritos lawyers came a-knockin'...) is the project of one Nathan
Tucker, with some particularly helpful friends, including members of Alien Boy and
Loose, among others. This album was originally released on the Good Cheer label
(also of Portland), but received only a small cassette pressing, prompting me to step
in and rescue it from physical obscurity. And boy am I glad I did, as it's a stellar
album, full of the immaculately jangly indie rock that I love so dearly, as made by
the likes of Joy Cleaner, Dogbreth, Diners and so many others these days. Heck, even
if you just listen to the lead track, "Never Stop Hanging Out", on repeat a dozen
times in a row, you'd be golden, but then you'd be missing out on the other hits
they've given us! I may have moved to town too late to catch Cool Original in all
their glory, but this record will keep me satisfied until Nathan comes back home for
another reunion!
PZL     169 2   CHAIN                   CHAIN                           CD      11.2019
DZL     169 3   CHAIN                   CHAIN                           DL      11.2019

        01      Sailor Song
        02      Tiny
        03      February
        04      Williams
        05      Movie
        06      Cassie's Chain
        07      Pinecone
        08      Naked Hour
        09      Colder

Chain is the project of a couple friends of mine, the very talented Teal and Jeremy
(both of whom are also in Loose, AKA my very favorite Portland band of late), and
their pal, Cassie, who happens to be moving shortly, thereby splitting up the band.
PZL     170     BIG BABY                FIZZY COLA EP                   CDEP    01.2020

        1.      Cherry Coke                                     02:07
        2.      Tough                                           01:56
        3.      It's Funny                                      02:43
        4.      Hate U                                          01:56
        5.      String Of Pearls                                03:03
        6.      Mid-June                                        02:35

I picked up the first cassette EP from this Richmond, Virginia trio at a recent Popfest
(after really loving their set), so it was a nice surprise to get an email from them
some time later about releasing their follow-up on Jigsaw! It was a while in the
making, but this second EP of theirs (with six songs in under 15 minutes!) gleefully
tops their debut! This is top-notch indiepop in the style of Velocity Girl, Seablite
and Knife Pleats, with a little bit of Magnapop crunch, featuring guitars that are
sparkly and fuzzy, sugary-sweet female vocals (with some male backing vocals) and of
course, half a dozen really catchy songs. A sheer delight that's perfect to briefly
bop around to!
Not limited. All songs written by Big Baby.
PZL     171 2   SLEUTH                  GOLD                            CDEP    06.2020
PZL     171 3   SLEUTH                  GOLD                            DL      06.2020

        1.      Flowers
        2.      Sick Days
        3.      Couldn't Have Been Anybody but You
        4.      Uptown Bar
        5.      Royal Red
        6.      Somewhere Fast
        7.      This Line

Vancouver's Sleuth are notorious for taking AGES between releases, and this mini-album
is certainly no different, coming five years after their previous album, "Out Of
The Blue Period". But thankfully, the band have not really changed their sound all
that much, giving us the same rich, melodic and intelligent janglepop that endeared
them to us in the first place. Each song on here is an absolute gem, from the quick
and driving opener "Flowers" to the more lush, synth-laden "Royal Red" all the way
through to the epic Close Lobsters-esque closer, "This Line". Though this album may
be far too brief, there are plans for an impending follow-up, which was recorded at
the same time, and hopefully to be released by year's end!
PZL     172     HANEMOON                MAMMALS                         CD      01.2020
PZL     172 3   HANEMOON                MAMMALS                         MP3     01.2020

        1.      At The Raging Waterfront                        02:44
        2.      Bang The Wire                                   02:16
        3.      Where The Cars Collide                          03:00
        4.      Sunday Afternoon                                03:05
        5.      Train Goes Fairly Slow                          01:52
        6.      When The Time Is On                             02:33
        7.      Sunset Alvarado                                 02:28
        8.      I'd Prefer The Mammals                          03:04
        9.      Ghosts                                          02:27
        10.     The Captains Daughter                           04:03
        11.     Write Down Your Answer                          03:07
        12.     Wake Up                                         03:14

This is the debut album from this new German band, and if you think they sound quite
similar to Seaside Stars/Sealevel, then you've got remarkable ears, as this is the
new project of Hans Forster of those very groups! This is a little more reserved and
slightly less instantly catchy than his earlier work, but the songs are just as strong,
and fit perfectly in that same vein; ie. midtempo jangly guitarpop a la later Teenage
Fanclub or Real Estate. Of course, that's not to say that there aren't moments of pure
pop brilliance, as the one-two punch of the album's first two tracks rank among the
finest in Hans' oeuvre! This is a welcome return from one of Germany's best
Not limited. All songs written by Hanemoon. 
PZL     173     TURKS & CAICOS          BAD SITUATION                   CDEP    02.2020

        1.      Freedom Or Death
        2.      Urban Demands
        3.      This Town
        4.      Bad Situation
        5.      Subversive

Yet another band in the interestingly long line of Indonesian dreampop groups that
have found a home on Jigsaw (see also: Kaveh Kanes, Sharesprings & Secret Meadow),
Turks & Caicos are definitely the most gentle of the bunch so far. They play lovely
bedroom electropop that reminds me a lot of Toro Y Moi or Washed Out, or to put it
in Swedish terms, this sounds like Nixon covering the Radio Dept. ...or maybe vice
versa? Either way, this is a gorgeous way to spend a quarter hour, and I really
hope to hear more from the band soon!
All songs written by Nadhif Ardana.
PZL     174     ALL ASHORE!             STAYIN' AFLOAT                  CD      09.2020

        1       Radio Sunshine
        2       Charlie's Mast
        3       Obsolete Format
        4       The Letter Song
        5       Perfect Popsong
        6       Canal Song
        7       Sunny Day
        8       Every Dream By The Popguns
        9       17 Again
        10      Perfect Popsong (single version)
PZL     175     SPECIAL MOVES           LITTLE HELP                     CD      08.2020
PZL     175     SPECIAL MOVES           LITTLE HELP                     DL      08.2020

        1.      Our Summer
        2.      Thank U Pile Of CDRs
        3.      Look At The Ground
        4.      I Think About U + It Makes Me Smile
        5.      Based On A True Story
        6.      I've Got It + It's Not Worth Having
        7.      Something I Forgot To Du
        8.      U Never Went Away
        9.      Ur Not Wrong
        10.     Ender

All songs written by Josh Hoey, except track 6 by Stewart Anderson.

        1.      That Ceiling
        2.      Opaque
        3.      Shed
        4.      Message From The Nines
        5.      What It Says
        6.      Here Before
        7.      Timber Hat
        8.      Perfectly
        9.      Net
        10.     Try Again
        11.     Fall In Place
        12.     Cusp
        13.     Dune Buggy

Okay, hands up those of you who were aware of Tongue. Don't lie... Yeah, I know:
the result is the opposite of "the wave". but we here at Jigsaw are determined to
right that wrong. So, this was a band that existed from 1992-94 in Syracuse, NY,
and in that time, they only managed to release a pair of singles: one on Mason Ring
(probably their own label?) and the other on the brilliant French label, Orgasm
Records (which is how I first became aware of the band). Their sound is very
of-the-time, fitting perfectly in line with the early Swirlies & Velocity Girl 7"s
and what Helium would eventually do the following year: loud indie rock with female
vocals and a pronounced shoegaze influence (but as filtered through an American lens).
This collection contains those two singles and their sole comp track, and adds seven
previously unreleased songs recorded during their brief existence - AND, if you're
a cd person, you also get five additional demos! Now that you've heard of Tongue,
what are you waiting for?
PZL     177     ACCORDING TO WHAT : A Time You Felt Insecure Around     CD      09.2020
                All Your Friends

        1       Tilted Arc
        2       Mona Lisa
        3       Self Portrait
        4       Reason / Squalor
        5       Following Piece
        6       Harold Lauder
        7       Spatial Relief
        8       Hang Up
        9       White Flower
        10      Metronomic Irregularity
PZL     178     HUGH J. NOBLE           THE BEACH BOY                   CD      01.2021

        01.     HICKORY, PA
        02.     A SUMMER IN ELSINORE
        03.     APPLETON DRIVE
        04.     QUESTIONS OF SUMMER
        05.     A LETTER FROM LOUISE
        06.     GRANT'S PASS
        07.     WILD & SLOW
        08.     THOMSON'S GAZELLE
        09.     INVISIBLE FLAMES
        10.     SHADOW STEVENS
        11.     CLAIRE & SOLANGE
        12.     TRONDHEIM
        13.     DEBONAIR
        14.     THE BEACH BOY
PZL     179     NO ACTION               THIRST OF JUNE                  flx.    12.2020

        1       Thirst Of June

(Note : 100 flexis pressed, split 50/50 between the band & Jigsaw. All songs written
        by No Action)
PZL     180     HELEN LOVE              POWER ON                        CD      11.2020

        1       Hold Your Hand
        2       Debbie Take Control Of The Stereo
        3       Jackie From The Estate
        4       Dead In My Head
        5       Top Of The Pop Chart
        6       Sandra Dee
        7       Power On The Music
        8       No 1 Star
        9       Leader Of The Band
        10      Wear Your Hair Long
        11      On My Own
        12      Summer Pop
PZL     181     DAN CLIFFORD+THE TALLBOYS : IN ACTION                   CD      04.2021

        1.      Close To Me                                     01:54
        2.      Inaction                                        01:48
        3.      Hot Date                                        02:46
        4.      Quiet Things                                    03:23
        5.      Get Mad Get Mean                                01:57
        6.      Existence                                       03:21
        7.      The Radio                                       03:22
        8.      Paradox                                         02:20
        9.      Pendulum                                        02:42
        10.     Got A Job                                       02:32

Second album from this Atlanta-based fellow who plays jangly indie rock in the style
of Masters Of The Hemisphere, Vehicle Flips and Guppyboy, with a bit of Ashtray Boy
in there, as well. The guitars are clean and clear, the songs are mostly peppy, and
the overall sound and feel is just best described as friendly.
PZL     182     3108                    3108                            CD      04.2021

        1.      The Shame Of It All                             04:32
        2.      Subside                                         03:24
        3.      Take Me Home                                    02:44
        4.      Pet                                             03:40
        5.      Like Michael Finnegan                           03:30
        6.      Kick The Habit                                  04:14
        7.      Counterpart                                     02:34
        8.      Why Can't I Leave You Alone                     03:17
        9.      It's Up To You                                  02:34
        10.     Long Past Caring                                02:56
PZL     183     SUMMER SLEEVES          IN THE THROES OF WOES           CD      04.2021

        1.      You'll Never Change                             04:36
        2.      Battle Talks                                    05:16
        3.      Walk In The Night                               03:51
        4.      Lead Out                                        03:28
        5.      Loose Connections                               02:14
        6.      Rest In The Sun                                 04:00
        7.      In The Throes Of Woes                           03:05
        8.      De Boo                                          00:27
        9.      On The Stereo                                   03:32
        10.     One More Than One                               04:44
        11.     Hold Me (State Of Mind)                         04:02
        12.     Living Room 3am (Everyone's Sleeping)           02:58

Summer Sleeves are a new band fronted by Jeremy Charbonneau, a Seattle-based multi
instrumentalist best known for his time in Smile Brigade.
PZL     184     KIWIS                   VIDA EXTERIOR                   LP      05.2021
PZL     184     KIWIS                   VIDA EXTERIOR                   CD      05.2021

        1.      La Llum                                         02:57
        2.      Un Salto En El Corazón                          03:12
        3.      El Pou                                          02:37
        4.      Un Dia (Tot Canvia)                             03:25
        5.      El Dia De Dema                                  03:34
        6.      Cambiarán Las Tornas                            02:35
        7.      Fer                                             03:04
        8.      Engranatge                                      03:05
        9.      Somnis Italians                                 03:39

Following a cassette EP a couple years back, "Vida Exterior" is the debut full-length
from this Barcelona quartet.
CD not limited. 250 lps pressed; co-released with Snap! Clap! Records with Jigsaw
getting 125 copies. All songs written by Kiwis.
PZL     185     HANEMOON                LAST THING I HEARD              CDR     06.2021

        1       The Way We Came                                 2:53
        2       All Attention On The Wildfire                   3:10
        3       It's All About You                              2:36
        4       Under Canvas                                    3:01
        5       The Land Remains                                2:38
        6       Not My Fault                                    1:44
        7       Cuddle Up                                       3:18
        8       The Ancient Times                               2:35
        9       My Caravan                                      1:46
        10      Mindless Princess                               3:31
        11      Anything Is Something Else                      3:05
        12      My God                                          2:47
PZL     186     NEILSON FAMILY          BE NORMAL                       CD      06.2021

        1       Golden Handcuffs                                3:04
        2       Brentwood-Darlington                            3:21
        3       Philadelphia                                    2:08
        4       Kid                                             2:12
        5       Montavilla                                      1:41
        6       Albatross                                       1:26
        7       Ex-Punk                                         1:52
        8       Poor                                            3:59
        9       Ohio                                            2:45
        10      New One                                         2:40
        11      Klonopin                                        1:58
        12      Olympia                                         2:54
PZL     187     THE RIGHTOVERS          KRUISE KONTROL                  CDR     06.2021

        1       XLRTR                                           3:37
        2       Kruise Kontrol                                  3:26
        3       Want You                                        1:13
        4       Camera Kid                                      3:33
        5       Stereocrush                                     1:33
        6       N.W.P.B.                                        1:17
        7       Sunkiss                                         3:18
PZL     188     TANI                    MEW                             CDR     07.2021
7 60137 63632 8

        1       League Of Legends                               2:52
        2       Pop Song                                        2:35
        3       Red                                             3:43
        4       USB                                             2:21
        5       Today You Are A Phone                           4:34
        6       Blur                                            2:09
        7       No Name                                         4:22
        8       Babygirl                                        2:14
PZL     189     OPTLOQUAT               FROM THE SHALLOW                CDR     09.2021
7 60137 71052 3

        1       Shallow End                                     4:29
        2       ????                                            4:14
        3       Lapes                                           4:37
        4       Imaginary Host                                  5:31
        5       Giver                                           4:49
        6       Overcast                                        3:37
        7       ??                                              5:32
PZLVIN  190     JOY CLEANER             SPENT FLOWERS                   LP      01.2022
PZL     190     JOY CLEANER             SPENT FLOWERS                   CD      01.2022

        01.     FALSE ALARM
        02.     SELLING THE MOOD
        03.     6.5
        04.     FERNET BRANCA
        05.     PLEASE NO HALF-STEPPIN'
        06.     HALCYON PARK
        07.     TOWNIES
        08.     EASTER TUESDAY
        09.     POISONED
        10.     CONFIDANT
        12.     NERVOUS PURR
        13.     LIFE IS A SERVICE ROAD
        14.     DRIVE AWAY FROM ME

Collection of non-album and unreleased songs that form a solid third lp from this
New Jersey indie rock trio.
PZL     191     LOVE, BURNS : IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOMORROW              LP      02.2022
PZL     191     LOVE, BURNS : IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOMORROW              CD      02.2022

        1       Dear Claire
        2       Gate And The Ghost
        3       Stormy Waters
        4       It's A Shame
        5       In A Long Time
        6       Oh, My Beloved
        7       Come In The Spring
        8       Wired Eyes
        9       Drive Down To D.C.
        10      Something Good

CD not limited. 300 LPs pressed; co-released with Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten
with Jigsaw getting 100 copies. All songs written by Love, Burns. Available digitally
on Bandcamp.

I've long been a fan of Phil Sutton's songwriting via his previous bands, the Soft
City to Pale Lights. And though his newest project, Love, Burns, is being billed
as a solo project, he's assisted by a few fellow NYC-based men-about-town. Kyle
Forester, Hampus Öhman-Frölund and Gary Olson (among others), so you honestly
wouldn't've had any idea it wasn't a "real" band if I hadn't told you! Anyways,
this is LB's first album, and if you're already familiar with Pale Lights (and I
do hope you are!), then you shouldn't be too surprised by this album's sound, which
fits perfectly in line with all the best works of Phillipps, Lawrence, Astor, Forster
and McLennan. Phil's songwriting is superb and the songs themselves sound utterly
crystalline, thanks to Olson's ever-reliable production. Simply put, this is
classically modern janglepop at its very best!
PZL     192     CRABBER                     WHO LET THE DUCKS OUT?      CDR     11.2021

        1       Climb Into My Mind                              2:22
        2       A Kind Of Tragic                                2:19
        3       Katherine / Waves                               3:22
        4       It's A Delight                                  2:28
        5       Spiderweb                                       3:36
        6       Old Maid                                        2:09
        7       Your Mighty Brain                               2:23
        8       Eye Candy                                       2:35
        9       Comic Strip                                     2:25
        10      Raptured Girl                                   4:54



        01.     ONE
        02.     SOMEONE LIKE YOU
        03.     SATURDAY
        04.     ZAC & ZOE
        05.     STAY
        06.     I DIG YOU
        07.     LIVE AWAY 08. STARS

Primarily a solo project (or at least on this, their debut album), SP&MS is the
work of a southern Californian named Laurence, who I've actually known of for a few
years due to his being a regular at the Jigsaw shop. 










All notes taken from: www.darla.com/products