JELODANTI RECORDS                       FRANCE

Owner   : Clara Djian + Nicolas Leto
Distr.  : FR -
          NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : pop / punk / post punk / rock / new wave / eperimental / synth pop
          / industrial / blues rock / avantgarde / electro /

JELO    1       V / A                   HELVETE UNDERGROUND RECORDS     2LP     03.2015

LP 1    A1      Abt 409                 Eye Witness
        A2      Abt 409                 Living Paradox
        A3      Abt 409                 Chisq
        A4      Abt 409                 Breakage
        B1      The Xerxes Von Munshrein : 1959
        B2      The Xerxes Von Munshrein : Violettes Impériales
        B3      The Xerxes Von Munshrein : Music Machine
        B4      The Xerxes Von Munshrein : IV Reich Die Marmor Antenne
        B5      Fist Of Facts           First Strike

LP 2    C1      Fist Of Facts           Fugitive Vesco
        C2      The Indian Feast        The Time Is Now
        C3      The Indian Feast : 1000 Sacred Needles / Soldiers Of The Dark
        C4      The Indian Feast        S/S Traces
        C5      The Indian Feast        Burning Cathedrals
        D1      Copvlation              First Recidive
        D2      Copvlation              He Said He Said
        D3      Copvlation              Bye Bye Gagarin
        D4      Copvlation              Tschintgtschent Onns
                (Note : LP , 300 hand-numb. copies , hand-made cover)
JELO    2       ULAN BATOR              ULAN BATOR                      LP      10.2016

        1       Hauptstadt                                      7:36
        2       Katatonia                                       4:25
        3       Radio Disco                                     4:20
        4       Cheetah Carnage                                 5:06
        5       Piano Mecanik                                   2:19
        6       Apt 18-A                                        4:53
        7       Feu ! Fire! Feuer !                             4:14
        8       Cerf-Volant                                     4:51

Ulan Bator's debut album from 1995 finally on vinyl. On this first album, they were
and are still struck by the onslaught of a real steamroller imposing its sound mass,
a mass in permanent movement, totally unstable, sometimes close to madness as chaos.
Alternating passages in complete tension with moments insidiously contemplative, it
is difficult, even nowadays, to fully grasp this strange and ultimately elusive
object. This first album is still a dangerous disc not to put in all hands.

CD      Les disques du soleil CDSA 54038        1995    FR
JELO    3       GOZ OF KERMEUR          GREATEST HITS                   2LP     10.2017

        1       Love Me Tender                                  1:29
        2       Train Goz                                       0:36
        3       Albert Schumacher                               4:40
        4       Boat                                            4:40
        5       Sugar                                           2:17
        6       Who Drives                                      1:12
        7       Ringing On                                      3:17
        8       Tony Baker & Alexis                             5:15
        9       Never Dies                                      1:17
        10      Put In Your Pocket                              2:52
        11      Bones                                           2:47
        12      Wordless                                        2:31
        13      John                                            2:36
        14      Cornet Frites                                   3:31
        15      Your Eyes                                       2:16
        16      Bushes                                          2:56
        17      Serenada                                        1:22
        18      Honeyrose                                       1:56
        19      Pain                                            2:58
        20      New York                                        1:13
        21      The Clowdboys                                   3:20
        22      Inflated Edge                                   6:37
        23      Sweet Heart                                     6:14
        24      Welcome                                         3:14

Double LP compilation by Goz Of Kermeur. Goz Of Kermeur, active between 1991-2000,
was a trio featuring Andrea Valvini (drums), Yves Charmillot (guitar) and Adrien
Kessler (doublebass/voice). According to Kessler, "Goz of Kermeur was explosive,
intimate, dangerous, sweet and violent, powerful and fragile, full of humor but
completely naive." Limited edition of 300 hand stamped and hand-numbered copies.
JELO    4       A SHAPE                 INLANDS                         LP      05.2017

        1       Extreme Unction                                 04:11
        2       Love Mantra                                     06:01
        3       Magnetic Sun                                    02:38
        4       Metabolism                                      04:23
        5       Furtive Spirals                                 04:47
        6       I can't sleep                                   06:07
        7       Dog Michel                                      06:52
        8       008                                             05:32
        9       Ation                                           04:33
        10      Decade                                          06:49

A Shape features guitarist Eric Pasquiet, vocalist Sasha Andras (Heliogabale),
bassist Mathieu Le Gouge, as well as drummer Anthony Serina. This album was recorded
in 2016 by audio engineer Johanne Buff and mixed by Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo.
Playing a brooding style of post-punk that might recall an '80s-era noise rock band
like Ranaldo's, A Shape puts their own idiosyncratic spin on the genre through an
impassioned appraisal of its methodology.
JELO    5       ROSE MERCIE             ROSE MERCIE                     LP      03.2018

        A1      Floating                                        4:28
        A2      Les Glycines                                    3:22
        A3      Moyen-Âge                                       5:12
        A4      Spring And Fall                                 5:42
        B5      How Can I Talk                                  4:21
        B6      The End Of Love                                 4:31
        B7      In The Valley                                   4:50
        B8      Raindrops                                       5:10
                (Note : LP , 500 hand-numb. copies)

The debut LP from the excellent French quartet Rose Mercie. Landing somewhere between
The Shangri-Las, Raincoats, Rosa Yemen, Sleater-Kinney, Josephine Foster or Marianne
Faithfull, the sound of Rose Mercie subtly integrates many influences. Active since
2013, Rose Mercie is finally releasing its first album now in 2018.
JELO    6       DAGGER MOTH+PHILIPPE PETIT : OVARIES                    12"     05.2018

        A1      Ovaries                                         4:42
        A2      Ovaries RMX                                     4:44
                (Note : 12"/33.3 RPM , 300 copies)

On 'Ovaries' Sara Ardizzoni ensures the singing, disturbing and silky, while
saxophonist Arnaud Fournier propels the piece in an elsewhere that is located
quite badly. Is it jazz? Pop? Ambience? Or something else. Dagger Moth is a project
that does not admit a beginning or an end. Their developments are generally worn
on the guitar but also fertilized by electronics (incredible work here by Philippe
Petit), fuzz effects and noisy reinforcements. 'Ovaries' has the air of Blonde
Redhead, mixed with gothic and trip-hop sounds, all in a classic jazz setting,
which makes it a daring success and full of secrets to break through.
Sara Ardizzoni: guitar, vocals, synth, effects, lyrics,
Philippe Petit: kazooed-voices, throat, screams, electronics, organ
Arnaud Fournier: saxophone.
An earlier version of 'Ovaries' originally appeared on the solo album of Dagger
Moth, 'Silk Around The Marrow' (2016).
JELO    7       WORK                    COMPILATION                     LP      08.2018

SIDE 1: 1.      Fingers And Toes (I Hate America 7", 1981)
        2.      I Hate America (I Hate America 7", 1981)
        3.      Brickyard (Slow Crimes LP, 1982)
        4.      State-Room (Slow Crime LP, 1982)
        5.      Do It (Slow Crimes LP, 1982)
SIDE 2: 1.      Hell (The 4th World CD, 2010, rec. 1994)
        2.      Abdomen (Rubber Cage LP, 1990)
        3.      Dangerfish (Rubber Cage LP, 1990)
        4.      Eat (See CD, 1992)
        5.      Read To Me (The 4th World CD, 2010, rec. 1994)
        6.      Stone (Rubber Cage LP, 1990)
                (Note : LP , 400 hand-numb. copies)

The Work features Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow, God), Bill Gilonis (Hat Shoes, Officer!),
Mick Hobbs (Strobe Talbot, Officer!) and Rick Wilson (Family Fodder). This compilation
covers a large period from 1981 to 2010. 11 tracks mastered by Noel Summerville and
selected by the members of the band. They propose a plural look on their music
: revealing both its experimental, radical and deviant approach of rock, as well
as more melodic aspect. "It was that time of the century: punk had seen prog off the
premises and the New Wave had clambered over their exhausted bodies to claim the
citadel for itself. The genius of the New Wave was that it didn't represent any
particular musical idea; it was just a name, so anything could fly under its banner
- as long as it observed the accepted musical, attitudinal and sartorial conventions.
Poorly disguised hangovers from prog, jazz or metal would be rooted out but, in the
newly polymorphous cultural climate, rebranding -if honest- would not be punished;
indeed, everyone was at it. And the prize was a novel and reinvigorated aesthetic.
" ~Chris Cutler.

        A1      Train Fantôme
        A2      Austérité
        A3      Ma Jambe -suivi de 'Jambe Fidele'
        A4      Tomber
        A5      Attaché
        A6      Vraiment Tout Pres
        B1      Fille
        B2      On Descend
        B3      Tetes Jivaros
        B4      Croix
        B5      Un Peu Plus Loin
        B6      Morceaux De Pain

Second album by French, punk, post-punk band.
JELO    9       PETRA PIED DE BICHE     RAGE DE RAISON                  LP      10.2018

2018 album by one woman electronic band Petra Pied de Biche.
JELO    10      LADYBOY                 ROSE CALAMINE                   LP      11.2018

LadyBoy is led by the musician Olivier Hazemann, and on the record he's joined by
guitarist Seb Martel, drummer Toma Milteau, bassist Antoine Pozzo, piano/organ player
Or Solomon, ondist Thomas Bloch, and vocalist Jeanne-Sarah Deledisq, with Hazemann
adding keyboard, programming, guitar, and vocals to the recording. Together, the
group weaves spellbinding atmospheres that effortlessly move between acoustic and
electronic genres while showcasing Hazemann's vocal gift for inhabiting each song
with poetic conviction and French style. While LadyBoy's 2015 self-titled LP out on
the indie label Microcultures found the band following a more acoustic-driven,
chamber-pop approach, 'Rose Calamine' builds on that blueprint by adding electronic
elements via keyboard, sequencer, and Thomas Bloch's Ondes Martenot. The band's
ability to blend these varied paths makes for an album full of mysterious surprises,
while Hazemann's vocal performance smolders with an unforgettable dramatic intimacy.
Limited edition of 200 copies with Jelodanti's trademark hand-stamped acrylic album
art to complete the picture.
JELO    11      JEAN-LOUIS COSTES       LA VIE TUE                      LP      04.2019

Usually Jean-Louis Costes plays rather experimental and noise music but for this
album he developed a weird pop/R'n'B approach, with a very sensitive touch. It is
a limited edition of 500 copies hand made with acrylic stamps (each different).
Costes is considered as one of the first punk-DIY French artists, self-releasing
dozens of tapes and CDs from the early '80s until today. His discography is
surprisingly rich, mixing experimental, spoken word, electronics, sometimes hip-hop
or metal, often parodying the French variety-song culture. It consists of sixty or
so albums, some recorded in English, German or Japanese.

Special hand-made edition on Jelodanti (France), limited to 100 copies. Randomly
inserted copies on black, blue or blue with black splatter vinyl. 'Chapel In The
Pines' is a collaborative work by Oxbow front man Eugene Robinson and master of
sonic architecture Philippe Petit. The album also features Percy Howard on additional
vocals and Chris Haskett (Rollins Band) providing guitar work. The five pieces here
are built around brooding spoken word, accompanied by a range of electronics, guitars,
percussion, piano and metallic sounds molded into suitable backdrops.
JELO    13      ATTIC TED               PARADE DUST MISCHIEF            LP      04.2019

Attic Ted is an interactive musical performance artist, playing weirdo gothic carnival
musical theater, creepy and funny, utilizing cardboard constructed masks, to create
a visual experience compounding the quirky bizarro pop music into a surrealist dream.
Using an old Hammond Organ for bass and rhythm loops, distorted guitar, Casio twists,
clarinet, and strange noises.
JELO    14      V / A                   WITH LOVE, JELODANTI            2LP     03.2020
JELO    15      SEC : L'AVENTURE COMPLETE DE GEORGE GALLAMUS            2LP+    02.2020

Includes the CD version, a surprise CD and 9 cards illustrated by Emilie Route, Leo
Dsastre, So Ia, Vincent Fortemps, Leo Thoyer, Anto, Cyril Van Weensberge, A4 putevie
and Lor.
JELO    16      THINKING PLAGUE         MOONSONGS                       LP      10.2020
                (... DIRTY SABOTAGE FROM SWISS JURA)

Reissue of 1987 album in handmade gatefold cover, limited to 300 copies. Thinking
Plague is a group that has existed since around 1982. Their music has always been
difficult to describe in words. Thinking Plague is a group from Colorado exploring
the frontiers of rock, folk, jazz and modern symphonic music. Through these
explorations, the group created "a genre of music unto itself, eclectically derivative
in a bold way and spectacularly innovative in the old-fashioned sense of genuine
originality" (Andy Watson - Journal Wired Summer/Fall 1990). The music of Thinking
Plague combines lyricism with intense and sophisticated rhythmic and harmonic ideas.
Their influences span a spectrum from the Beatles and the Byrds to Henry Cow and
William Schuman. At times, the sound of Thinking Plague may start to sound like pop
or jazz music, and then be stretched or transformed the next moment into new
territories that often defy categorization. The songs have often been compared to
modern film music (with vocals), and may sound like journeys through an inner world.
JELO    21      OFFICER!                PARAGRAPHS AND PRINCIPLES       2LP     12.2021

Officer! is Mick Hobbs, Felix Fiedorowicz and Bill Gilonis alongside a stunning
line-up of 30 performers from 8 countries. No one knows quite how this project
came about - it's almost an international conspiracy, and certainly a closely
guarded secret. We hope only that upon their unleashing, these fierce new sounds
may be heard by as many ears as possible.
JELO    22      ROSE MERCIE             KIERES AGUA?                    LP      04.2022

Rose Mercie has existed since 2013. More than a fictional female personality, we
can say that it is a rock band with multiple influences or a team of witches who
make a very personal trance based on improvisation and who exchange ideas,
instruments according to their desires. Their first album, recorded in their
friends' living room in Villejuif by Cyril Harrison, was released in 2018.
In September 2020, the second was recorded, still with Cyril but in the studio
this time. The third album symbolizes what they have become through concerts
and years of complicity with simple and essential musical ingredients. Fruit
of wanderings and discoveries between Montreuil, Portel-des-Corbieres and Mexico
City, this opus is called '?Kieres Agua?' and it is released as an international
co-production with Jelodanti Records (Paris) and Celluloid Lunch (Montreal).
JELO    23      ADOLF HIBOU             PRINCESS BARELY LEGAL           LP      02.2022

A tasty mix of noise rock and punk mixed with a Boredoms sauce and Mr. Bungle with
a light touch of technical grind. Adolf Hibou releases a completely crazy album,
between alternative metal, unhealthy stoner and virile math rock. There are crazy
influences, going as far as Mike Patton's Fantômas, Electric Wizard, Primus or
System Of A Down. Served by quality production. 12 completely insane tracks performed
with genius, an enjoyable surprise for 2022. Adolf Hibou works just as well and if
we jump with both feet and happily into their big epileptic and sticky bath it's
because it really plays, the band borrowing from grind, hardcore, doom, noise,
math-rock, prog, even Ludwig Van Beethoven and what not. Co-release by Jelodanti,
Le Mat Edition and the Head label.













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