Distr.  : UK - Norman/Rough Trade/
Style   : soundtrack /

JOF     003     V / A                   JAZZ IN ITALIAN CINEMS          LP      11.2016

        1       Blues For Gassman Part 1 (from The Film I Soliti Ignoti)
        2       Oscar Is The Blues (from The Film Il Vedovo)
        3       Oscar Is The Back (from The Film Il Vedovo)
        4       Il Vedovo (from The Film Il Vedovo)
        5       Tensione (from The Film Audace Colpo Dei Soliti Ignoti)
        6       Relaxin' With Chet (from The Film Audace Colpo Dei Soliti Ignoti)
        7       L'assassino (from The Film L'assassino)
        8       Finale (from The Film Adua E Le Compagne)
        9       Blues All'alba (from The Film La Notte)
        10      In A Crowd (from The Film Una Storia Milanese)
        11      Robert's Idea (from The Film Gli Arcangeli)
        12      A Woman In The Sea (from The Film Gli Arcangeli) Escape Hatch
                & Julian Arguelles