Distr.  : UK - Forced Exposure
          NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : blues / work songs / politica and union songs / Appalachian music /

JALOPY  001     PAT CONTE : Folk Music Of The United States             LP        .2010
                : American Songs With Fiddle And Banjo

        A1      Primrose Hill
        A2      Half Shaved
        A3      Come On Buddy, Don't You Want To Go
        A4      Burned A White Man's Barn
        A5      Fair And Tender Ladies
        A6      Zolly's Retreat/Piney Ridge/Sunrise At Pine Ridge
        A7      Jawbone, Walk
        B1      Colored Aristocracy
        B2      Make Your Belly Grow
        B3      Rat Cliff Hollow
        B4      Young Moore
        B5      Delia's Gone
        B6      Ain't A Bit Drunk
        B7      I've Been All Around This World
JALOPY  002     BROTHERHOOD OF THE JUG BAND BLUES : Folk Music Of The   LP      12.2012
                United States: American Jug Band Songs Old And New

        A1      Killiní Me                                      3:29
        A2      On The Road Again                               3:42
        A3      Love Kung Fu                                    4:01
        A4      New Minglewood                                  5:31
        A5      What You Like                                   3:39
        B1      Titty Lickiní Sunday                            4:05
        B2      Whiskey Head Woman                              3:49
        B3      Ida K                                           3:46
        B4      Chick Weed                                      3:34
        B5      Teariní It Down                                 3:22
        B6      Jack The Rabbit                                 3:29
JALOPY  003     V / A                   LOST TRAIN BLUES                LP      05.2016

A1  Clyde "Kingfish" Smith      WPA Song
A2  Jesse Wadley                Longest Train I Ever Saw
A3  Dawson Henson               The Moonshiner
A4  Stavin' Chain (Wilson Jones) And String Band : Stavin' Chain
A5  Jess Morris                 Unfortunate Dog Or Stony Point
A6  Carl Lathrop                Leather Breeches
A7  Fred Perry, Glenn Carver    Lost Train Blues
A8  James "Blind Jim" Howard    The Hard-Working Miner (Only A Miner)
A9  Jesse Wadley                St. James Infirmary
A10 Ruby Hughes, Oliver Hughes : Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley
A11 Helen Hallmark, Luella Hallmark, Juanita Hallmark : Cherokee Christian Hymn
A12 Boys Chorus Of The Santa Fe Indian School : My One-Eyed Ford
B1  Camp Morris And Group       Captain Haney Blues
B2  James Sneed, J. F. Duffy, Alvin Sanders : Southern Rag
B3  Elmo Newcomer, Bill Newcomer : Turkey In The Straw
B4  Elmo Newcomer               Rye Whiskey
B5  Hattie Ellis, 'Cowboy' Jack Ramsey : Desert Blues
B6  Rowena Knight, Mary Anne Knight, Thelma Hawthorne, Jerusha Hawthorne
    : Hard Times
B7  Tillman Cadle               I Don't Want Your Millions Mister
B8  J.W. Russell                Battle In The Horseshoe
B9  Hammer Clarence Banks, Bob Bentley, Charlie Blake, Harold Vosburg
    : Travelin' To That New Buryin' Ground
B10 Buster 'Buzz' Ezell         Roosevelt And Hitler

A1 - 11/29/39
A2 - 12/11-12/34
A3 - 10/11/37
A4 - 06/xx/34
A5 - 05/xx/42
A6 - 08/22/38
A7 - 06/04/39
A8 - 08/xx/33
A9 - 12/11-12/34
A10 - 11/23/36
A11 - 1952
A12 - 1940
B1 - 11/40
B2 - 03/43
B3 - 05/03/39
B4 - 05/03/39
B5 - 05/14/39
B6 - 05/16/39
B7 - 9/4/37
B8 - 11/14/36
B9 - 12/19/34
B10 - 8/1/43
JALOPY  004     CLARENCE ASHLEY         LIVE AND IN PERSON              LP      04.2017
                (GREENWICH VILLAGE 1963)

        A1      Dark Holler Blues
        A2      Wreck Of The Old 97
        A3      Omie Wise
        A4      Bully Of The Town
        A5      Wild Bill Jones
        A6      Rude And Rambling Man
        A7      I'm The Man That Rode The Mule Around The World
        B1      The Coo Coo Bird
        B2      I Had But Fifty Cents
        B3      The House Carpenter
        B4      Shout Little Lulu
        B5      May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister?
        B6      Ain't No Use To High Hat Me
        B7      The Little Hillside

Clarence Ashley (1895-1967) was a legendary singer and banjo player who helped
introduce old time country music to audiences throughout the USA. He recorded for
Columbia Records in 1929, was featured on Harry Smith's 'Anthology Of American Folk
Music' in 1952, and toured the US in the 1960s. Jalopy's vinyl-only release was
produced in 2016 by Peter K. Siegel, from tapes he personally recorded in 1963 at
the Greenwich Village folk club Gerdes Folk City. John Cohen, founding member of
The New Lost City Ramblers, wrote the liner notes and provided never-before-seen
photographs of Ashley in Greenwich Village. A 16-page illustrated booklet includes
additional notes by Peter K. Siegel and Eli Smith.
JALOPY  005     THE DOWN HILL STRUGGLERS : LONE PRAIRIE                 LP      04.2017

        A1      Last Shot Got Him                               2:38
        A2      Casey Jones                                     3:31
        A3      Lone Prairie                                    3:49
        A4      John Henry                                      3:51
        A5      Texas Quickstep                                 2:09
        A6      St James Infirmary                              2:48
        B1      Seneca Square Dance                             2:43
        B2      Come See Me Sometime                            2:50
        B3      Goodbye Booze                                   3:07
        B4      Going Back To Mexico                            2:38
        B5      Stones Rag                                      1:59
        B6      Sally Anne                                      2:30
        B7      Three Way Medley                                2:52

        1       Hell Among The Yearlings
        2       Woody's Hornpipe
        3       Get Along Home, Miss Cindy
        4       Horses On The Bridge
        5       Kenny Wagner's Surrender
        6       Doc Brown's Dream (McCraw Ford)
        7       Last Night While I Lie Sleeping
        8       Waltz Of The Violets
        9       Scott No. 1
        10      Floyd Eddings
        11      Going Down To 'Leven Point To Get A Load Of Corn
        12      Ridin' Old Paint / Hell Amongst The Yearlings
        13      Going Back To Where I Come
        14      Fever River
        15      Mason March
        16      Lazy Farmer
        17      Sally Went A-Hunting
        18      Everybody Schottische
        19      Babes In The Woods
        20      Skeeter's Natchez Under The Hill
        21      Down The River
        22      Bear Creek
JR      008 LP  V / A : Secret Museum of Mankind - Guitars Vol. 1       LP      03.2021
                (Prologue to Modern Styles)

        1.      Vlach Longassi
        2.      Guajiras
        3.      Minore Tou Teke
        4.      Kweku Ewoosi
        5.      Ricordi?
        6.      Sevillanas
        7.      Complainte Corse
        8.      Fiesta Mora En Tanger
        9.      Ragini Pilu
        10.     Solea
        11.     Pireotiko Taximi
        12.     Serenatella Spagnuola
        13.     Marcha Paraguaya
        14.     Khumbula Ubaba
        15.     Petit Boogie
        16.     Guitar Players Papua New Guinea