JACKPOT RECORDS                         203 SW 9th Ave.
***************                         Portland , OR 97205


Start  : 2004
Owner  : Isaac Slusarenko
Distr. : US - Foprced Exposure/Darla/
         UK - Norman
         NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style  : reissue - punk / proto punk /indie / psychedelic / garage rock /
         psych pop / psych folk / baroque pop / 60's punk / post punk /
         free improv. / alternative / experimental /

JPR     82 801  THE WIPERS              Is This Real ?                  LP.CD   10.2006

        A1      Return Of The Rat                               2:37
        A2      Mystery                                         1:47
        A3      Up Front                                        3:02
        A4      Let's Go Let's Go Away                          1:47
        A5      Is This Real?                                   2:37
        A6      Tragedy                                         1:57
        A7      Alien Boy                                       3:22
        B1      D-7                                             4:04
        B2      Potential Suicide                               3:33
        B3      Don't Know What I Am                            2:57
        B4      Window Shop For Love                            2:57
        B5      Wait A Minute                                   3:02
JPR     82 802  THE WIPERS              YOUTH OF AMERICA                LP.CD   02.2008

        A1      Taking Too Long                                 3:05
        A2      Can This Be                                     2:55
        A3      Pushing The Extreme                             3:15
        A4      When It's Over                                  6:30
        B1      No Fair                                         4:25
        B2      Youth Of America                                10:30
JPR     82 803  THE WIPERS              OVER THE EDGE                   LP      04.2009

        1.      "Over The Edge"                                 3:49
        2.      "Doom Town"                                     3:56
        3.      "So Young"                                      4:17
        4.      "Messenger"                                     1:54
        5.      "Romeo"                                         4:05
        6.      "Now Is The Time"                               3:02
        7.      "What Is"                                       2:19
        8.      "No One Wants An Alien"                         3:23
        9.      "The Lonely One"                                3:38
        10.     "No Generation Gap"                             3:09
        11.     "This Time"                                     2:54
JPR     82 804  THE WIPERS              OUT TAKES 1979-1983             LP      06.2010

        A1      Let's Go Away
        A2      Mystery
        A3      Is This Real?
        A4      Tragedy
        A5      Misfit
        A6      Rebel With a Cause
        A7      Born With a Curse
        A8      Mistaken Identity
        A9      No Solution
        B1      Scared Stiff
        B2      Youth of America
        B3      Pushing the Extreme
        B4      Romeo
JPR     82 805  THE WIPERS              SILVER SAIL                     LP      03.2011

        1       Y I Came                                        2:40
        2       Back to the Basics                              3:39
        3       Warning                                         4:06
        4       Mars                                            2:35
        5       Prisoner                                        5:57
        6       Standing There                                  3:13
        7       Sign of the Times                               3:17
        8       Line                                            3:16
        9       On a Roll                                       3:22
        10      Never Win                                       2:16
        11      Silver Sail                                     4:06
JPR     82 806  THE WIPERS              THE HERD                        LP      03.2011

        A1      Psychic Vampire
        A2      No Place Safe
        A3      Last Chance
        A4      Wind The Clock Slowly
        A5      The Herd
        A6      Green Light Legion
        B1      Stormy
        B2      Sinking As A Stone
        B3      Sunrise
        B4      Defiant
        B5      Resist
        B6      Insane

LP      Tim/Kerr            TK9512 114      1996        US
CD      Tim/Kerr            TK95CD 114      1996        US
JPR     82 807  THE WIPERS              POWER IN ONE                    LP      12.2013

        A1      The Fall
        A2      Power In One
        A3      Shaken
        A4      Misleading
        A5      Rocket
        A6      I'll Be Around
        A7      Still Inside Of Me
        B1      Ship Of Dreams
        B2      Rest Of My Life
        B3      Losers Revenge
        B4      Take It Now
        B5      Stay Around
        B6      What's Wrong?
        B7      Too Many Strangers

LP.CD   Zero                Z 003           1999        US
JPR     7104    BEAUREGARD              BEAUREGARD                      LP      10.2006

        A1      I Got Something                                 3:03
        A2      Super Star Super Star                           5:23
        A3      If You Got Soul                                 4:30
        A4      Tomorrow, Tomorrow                              2:43
        B1      Everybody Ball                                  2:52
        B2      I'm Talkin' Time                                4:24
        B3      Testify                                         2:33
        B4      Pass Away                                       3:10
        B5      "I"                                             3:17
JPR     7105    MIJ                     YODELING ASTROLOGER             LP      09.2009

        A1      Two Stars                                       3:44
        A2      Grok (Martian Love Call)                        7:03
        A3      Romeo & Juliet                                  3:19
        A4      Little Boy                                      4:18
        A5      Lookin' Out Today                               3:32
        B1      Door Keys                                       4:48
        B2      Planet Of A Flower                              4:19
        B3      Never Be Free                                   4:23
        B4      Look Into The (K)night                          8:07
                (Note : orig. on ESP Disk' ESP 1098 in 1968)
JPR     7106    CROMAGNON               CAVE ROCK                       LP      02.2010

        A1      Caledonia                                       4:23
        A2      Ritual Fest of the Libido                       3:28
        A3      Organic Sundown                                 7:13
        A4      Fantasy                                         7:19
        B1      Crow of the Black Tree                          9:39
        B2      Genitalia                                       2:45
        B3      Toth, Scribe I                                  10:38
        B4      First World of Bronze                           2:47
JPR     7107    LAZY SMOKE              CORRIDOR OF FACES               LP      04.2010

        A1      All These Years
        A2      How Was Your Day Last Night?
        A3      Come With the Day
        A4      Salty People
        A5      Jackie-Marie
        B1      Under Skys
        B2      Sarah Saturday
        B3      There Was a Time
        B4      Am I Wrong?
        B5      How Did You Die?
                (Note : orig.released in 1968 on Onyx Rec. ES 6903)
JPR     7108    BOSTON SPACESHIP        CAMERA FOUND THE RAY GUN        7".CDEP 03.2010

CD      1       The Way Out
        2       Rival GT
        3       Pluto Is Polluted
        4       Aquarian Hovercraft
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
JPR     7109    THE OUTSIDERS           CQ                              LP      09.2010

        A1      Misfit
        A2      Zsarrahh
        A3      C.Q.
        A4      Daddy Died On Saturday
        A5      It Seems Like Nothing's Gonna Come My Way Today
        A6      Doctor
        B1      The Man On The Dune
        B2      The Bear
        B3      Happyville
        B4      You're Everything On Earth
        B5      Wish You Were Here With Me Today
        B6      I Love You No.2
        B7      Prison Song

(Note : originally released in Holland in October 1968, CQ (pronounced 'Seek You') was
        the third and final album by Dutch garage punks The Outsiders, gatefold sleeve)

LP      Polydor             236 803         1968        NE
JPR     7110    DAVE DEPPER             THE RAM PROJECT                 LP.CD   04.2011

        A1      Too Many People                                 4:16
        A2      3 Legs                                          2:49
        A3      Ram On                                          2:25
        A4      Dear Boy                                        2:12
        A5      Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey                     4:57
        A6      Smile Away                                      3:53
        B1      Heart Of The Country                            2:28
        B2      Monkberry Moon Delight                          5:28
        B3      Eat At Home                                     3:25
        B4      Long Haired Lady                                6:06
        B5      Ram On (Reprise)                                0:55
        B6      The Back Seat Of My Car                         4:33
JPR     7111    THE NEW ORIGINAL SONIC SOUND : s / t                    LP      01.2011

        A1      The Witch
        A2      He's Waitin'
        A3      Shot Down
        A4      You've Got Your Head on Backwards
        A5      Dirty Robber
        A6      I'm Going Home
        A7      The Hustler
        A8      Psycho
        B1      Maintaining My Cool
        B2      Boss Hoss
        B3      Like No Other Man
        B4      Strychnine
        B5      Have Love Will Travel
        B6      High Time
        B7      Cinderella
        B8      Louie Louie
JPR     019     CROCK                   CROCK                           LP.CD     .2011

        A1      No More Dumb Fun                                3:17
        A2      Corpsecrystal Mountain                          4:12
        A3      Nutritional Beast                               4:49
        A4      Olde Lady                                       4:32
        A5      Where We Get Off                                4:04
        B1      Bad Moves                                       3:23
        B2      Eat Your Hat Out                                3:16
        B3      Different Stokes                                4:09
        B4      Kasneezerblatz                                  3:28
        B5      Hospital Corners                                4:42
        B6      None Came Back                                  2:04
JPR     020     THE SKABBS              IDLE THREAT                     LP.CD   03.2012

        1       Idle Threat
        2       Long May She Wave
        3       My God Look at That
        4       N-N-N-N-Nervous
        5       We Are the Skabbs
        6       Turn On the Vacuum
        7       Spray Paint
        8       In a Rut Over Tut
        9       4th of July
        10      Who Killed the Kennedys
        11      I'm Not Available
        12      You Are the Hillside Strangler
        13      Terry the Girl Kicker
        14      Don't Care No More
        15      Complainin' 'Bout Kanin
        16      This Is the American Way
        17      Theme From Cineman
JPR     021     THE NEW DAWN            THERE'S A NEW DAWN              LP+DLc  08.2012

        A1      New Dawn                                        4:19
        A2      I See A Day                                     3:37
        A3      It's Time                                       2:43
        A4      It's Rainin'                                    3:15
        A5      Hear Me Cryin'                                  3:30
        A6      Dark Thoughts                                   2:58
        B1      Proud Man                                       3:19
        B2      Billy Come Lately                               3:20
        B3      We'll Fall In Love                              3:36
        B4      You                                             3:13
        B5      Last Morning                                    3:40
        B6      Life Goes On                                    4:14

LP      Hoot                GR 70.4569          1970        US/CA

Sterling Drums / The Deputy's Game / Vomit On Your Blue Suede Shoes / Crowing Over
Scraps / Lacroix's Divide / Backbiter Blues / Young Horus / Romeo's Reinvention /
Lacroix's Return
JPR     024     JANDEK                  JANDEK VINYL BOXSET             3LP     04.2013
                (1978-1982 Corwood Industries)

                Ready For The House
        A1      Naked In The Afternoon                          4:51
        A2      First You Think Your Fortune's Lovely           8:10
        A3      What Can I Say, What Can I Sing                 4:51
        A4      Show Me The Way, O Lord                         4:18
        B1      Know Thy Self                                   2:38
        B2      They Told Me About You                          4:33
        B3      Cave In On You                                  4:26
        B4      They Told Me I Was A Fool                       5:08
        B5      European Jewel (Incomplete)                     4:56

                Six And Six
        C1      Feathered Dreams                                3:34
        C2      Point Judith                                    4:16
        C3      I Knew You Would Leave                          10:14
        C4      Can I See Your Clock                            3:00
        D1      Wild Strawberries                               6:02
        D2      Forgive Me                                      4:03
        D3      Hilltop Serenade                                5:31
        D4      You're The Best One                             3:06
        D5      Delinquent Words                                3:58

                Chair Beside A Window
        E1      Down In A Mirror                                4:33
        E2      European Jewel                                  4:34
        E3      Unconditional Authority                         3:49
        E4      Poor Boy                                        2:55
        E5      You Think You Know How To Score                 2:30
        E6      Nancy Sings                                     2:55
        F1      No Break                                        3:16
        F2      Mostly All From You                             3:03
        F3      Blue Blister                                    2:24
        F4      The Times                                       3:27
        F5      Love, Love                                      4:19
        F6      The First End                                   4:42
                (Note : triple set , 500 copies)
JPR     025     WEISS/CAMERON/HILL      DRUMGASM                        LP+DLc  08.2013

        SIDE A  Drumgasm                                        (21:16)
        SIDE B  Drumgasm                                        (18:27)
JPR     026     LAZY SMOKE              CORRIDOR OF FACES DEMOS         LP      01.2014

        1.      I Don’t Need The Sun – Demo
        2.      Changing The Time – Demo
        3.      Wait Till You See – Demo
        4.      Scarecrow – Demo
        5.      I Could Fall Asleep – Demo
        6.      Come With The Day – Demo
        7.      Am I Wrong – Demo
        8.      Salty People – Demo
        9.      There Was A Time – Demo
        10.     Sarah Saturday – Demo
        11.     Jackie-Marie – Demo
        12.     All These Years – Demo
        13.     You Don’t Understand Girl – The Road Runners
        14.     One Light – The Road Runners

(Note : Massachusetts psychedelic pop anomaly called Lazy Smoke, which existed for
        a blink of an eye in 1968 ; 500 copies)
JPR     027     BEAUREGARDE             TESTIFY                         7"      04.2014

        A       Testify                                         2:38
        B       I                                               3:20
                (Note : 1000 numb. copies)
JPR     028     DEVO : LIVE AT MAX'S KANSAS CITY-NOV.15, 1977           LP      04.2014

        A1      David Bowie Intro
        A2      Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
        A3      Too Much Paranoias
        A4      Praying Hands
        A5      Uncontrollable Urge
        A6      Mongoloid
        B1      Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA
        B2      Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)
        B3      Sloppy
        B4      Come Back Jonee
JPR     029     ETTA JAMES              ROSKS THE HOUSE                 LP      09.2014

Side A: 1.      Something's Got A Hold On Me
        2.      Baby What You Want Me To Do
        3.      What'd I Say
        4.      Money (That's What I Want)
        5.      Seven Day Fool
Side B  1.      Sweet Little Angel
        2.      Ooh Poo Pah Doo
        3.      Woke Up This Morning
        4.      Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
        5.      All I Could Do Is Cry
        6.      I Just Want To Make Love To You
JPR     030     NO.2                    NO MEMORY                       LP        .2015

        A1      Critical Mass                                   3:07
        A2      Never Felt Better                               2:48
        A3      Move It Along                                   3:33
        A4      So Long                                         2:48
        A5      Just Answer The Man                             4:18
        B1      Pop In C                                        2:48
        B2      Practicing Your Moves                           3:01
        B3      Pop In A Minor                                  2:25
        B4      Nobody's Satisfied                              2:29
        B5      Parting Kiss                                    2:57

CD      Chainsaw            CHSW 22         1999        US
JPR     31      MUSTAFA OZKENT          GENCLIK ILE ELELE               LP      02.2016

        1.      Uskdar a Giderken
        2.      Burcak Tarlalari
        3.      Dolana Dolana
        4.      Karadir Kara
        5.      Emmioglu
        6.      Carsamba
        7.      Zeytinyagi
        8.      Silifke
        9.      Lorke
        10.     Ayaz

        Deluxe silver foil tip-0n jacket
        Limited blue sky colored vinyl
        New 24 bit /96 kHz transfer taken from the original master tapes
        First reissue from original tapes
JPR     32      HOWLIN' WOLF            HIS GREATEST SIDES VOL.1        LP      08.2016

A.      1.      DOWN IN THE BOTTOM
        2.      NO PLACE TO GO
        4.      SMOKESTACK LIGHTNIN'
        5.      THE RED ROOSTER
        6.      SPOONFUL
B.      7.      KILLING FLOOR
        8.      DO THE DOO
        9.      I AIN'T SUPERSTITIOUS
        10.     WHO'S BEEN TALKING
        12.     BACK DOOR MAN
        13.     WANG DANG DOODLE
                (Note : LP , coloured vinyl)
JPR     33      SUPER SUPER BLUES BAND : Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters,    LP      08.2016
                & Bo Diddley

Side A  1.      Long Distance Call
        2.      Medley: Ooh Baby & Wrecking My Love Life
        3.      Sweet Little Angel
Side B  1.      Spoonful
        2.      Diddley Daddy
        3.      The Red Rooster
        4.      Goin’ Down Slow
                (Note : LP , coloured vinyl)
JPR     34      SILVER APPLES           SILVER APPLES                   LP      06.2016

        01.     OSCILLATIONS
        02.     SEAGREEN SERENADES
        03.     LOVEFINGERS
        04.     PROGRAM
        05.     VELVET CAVE
        06.     WHIRTY BIRD
        07.     DEST
        08.     DANCING GODS
        09.     MISTY MOUNTAIN

        A1      From The Top Of The World
        A2      On Top Of The Mayhem
        A3      The Greatest Blast
        A4      Sunshine, My Son Shine (For Ian)
        A5      Battle Of The Unnatural Law
        A6      The Sentiment Now
        A7      Sally Street Team
        B1      Meet Skanker
        B2      Bleeding Eyes At Breakfast
        B3      Beer Tears
        B4      Heed
        B5      The Piss Parade
        B6      New Records
        B7      Roadside Mandy
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on coloured vinyl)
JPR     036     GREEN RIVER             1984 DEMOS                      LP+DL   04.2016

        A1      33 Revolutions Per Minute
        A2      Leeech
        A3      10,000 Things
        A4      Means to an End
        A5      New God
        B1      Baby Help Me Forget
        B2      Take Me
        B3      Against the Grain
        B4      Tunnel of Love
JPR     37      ETTA JAMES              AT LAST!                        LP      08.2016

        A1      Anything To Say You're Mine                     2:35
        A2      My Dearest Darling                              3:01
        A3      Trust In Me                                     3:08
        A4      Sunday Kind Of Love                             3:15
        A5      Tough Mary                                      2:24
        A6      I Just Want To Make Love To You                 3:03
        A7      At Last                                         3:00
        B1      All I Could Do Was Cry                          2:57
        B2      Stormy Weather                                  3:07
        B3      Girl Of My Dreams (Rendered As Boy Of My Dreams)2:21
        B4      My Heart Cries                                  2:35
        B5      Spoonful                                        2:50
        B6      It's a Crying Shame                             2:54
        B7      If I Can't Have You                             2:50

LP      Argo                LP 4003         1961        US      mono
LP      Argo                LPS4003         1961        US      stereo
JPR     38      WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - PART ONE         LP      03.2017

        1.      Shifting Sands
        2.      I Won’t Hurt You
        3.      1906
        4.      Help, I’m A Rock
        5       Will You Walk With Me
        6       Transparent Day
        7       Leiyla
        8       Here’s Where You Belong
        9       If You Want This Love
        10      Scuse Me, Miss Rose
        11      High Coin

Formed in Los Angeles in 1965, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band were considered
by many to be the West Coasts answer to the Velvet Underground. The group created 
California psych/rock music that was both fragile and dreamy. 'Part One' was originally
released in 1967 on Frank Sinatra's Reprise Records. Though they didn't achieve the
fame or notoriety of other bands from the area, they have nonetheless achieved a cult
status among collectors and people curious about a rich, albeit short-lived musical
genre known as West- Coast Psychedelia. First time reissued in mono, from the original
master tapes.
JPR     39      WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - PART TWO         LP      03.2017

        1       In The Arena
        2       Suppose They Give A War And No One Comes
        3       Buddha
        4       Smell Of Incense
        5       Overture - WCPAEB Part II
        6       Queen Nymphet
        7       Unfree Child
        8       Carte Blanche
        9       Delicate Fawn
        10.     Tracy Had A Hard Day Sunday

Released in 1967 on Reprise Records as a follow up to 'Part One', 'Vol. 2' takes the
band into more ambitious territory. Reaching out to more psychedelic territory than
the debut LP, 'Vol. 2' maintains their unique pop sound mixed with ominous fuzz guitar,
jumping from graceful folk-rock to wailing guitar freakouts, to multilayered avant
garde compositions at a moment's notice. First time reissued in mono, from the original
master tapes.
JPR     40      WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND - VOL. 3           LP (m)  05.2017

        A1      Eighteen Is Over the Hill                       2:39
        A2      In the Country                                  2:00
        A3      Ritual #1                                       2:07
        A4      Our Drummer Always Plays in the Nude            2:43
        A5      As the World Rises and Falls                    4:51
        A6      Until the Poorest of People Have Money to Spend 2:15
        B1      Watch Yourself                                  5:15
        B2      A Child's Guide to Good and Evil                2:27
        B3      Ritual #2                                       2:03
        B4      A Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death      2:40
        B5      As Kind as Summer                               1:08
        B6      Anniversary of World War III                    1:33

Released in July 1968 on Reprise Records, 'Vol. 3: A Child's Guide To Good & Evil' is
considered to be the band's most accomplished work and a masterpiece of the psychedelic
genre. Released just nine months after 'Vol. 2', this work explores the band's
incredibly creative psychedelic pop song writing with an accomplished mastery of
studio techniques. Featuring the iconic original artwork by John Van Hamersveld
(Beatles, Rolling Stones), this is a long awaited reissue in MONO with sound from the
master tapes.
JPR     041     WIPERS                  BETTER OFF DEAD                 7"      04.2017

        A       Better Off Dead
        B1      Up In Flames
        B2      Does It Hurt
JPR     042     KEN KESEY               THE ACID TEST                   LP      04.2017

        A1      Ken Kesey Interviewed By Frank Fey              7:19
        A2      Ken Babbs And Harmonica                         3:12
        A3      Take Two: Ken Kesey                             0:48
        A4      Bull                                            0:51
        A5      Peggy The Pistol                                4:21
        B1      One-Way Ticket                                  8:40
        B2      Bells And Fairies                               1:31
        B3      Levitation                                      4:28
        B4      Trip X                                          2:02
        B5      The End                                         0:39
                (Note : LP , 2000 copies)

LP      Sound City          9009              1966        US
                THEATRE, OCTOBER 28TH, 1988

LP 1    A1      Blue Lou                                        5:12
        A2      Stardust from Tomorrow                          2:55
        A3      The Shadow World                                12:01
        B1      Sunset on the Nile                              10:36
        B2      Space Medley (Space is the Place / We Travel
                the Spaceways / Rocket Number Nine / The Second 
                Stop is Jupiter / Saturn Rings)                 11:53

LP 2    CI      mprovisation                                    23:35
        D1      Improvisation                                   11:45
        D2      Medley (Discipline 27-II / I'll Wait for You)   11:49
                (Note : double LP , 2000 copies)
JPR     44      [soundtrack] GIL MELLE : THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN           10"     04.2017

        A1      Wildfire                                        2:41
        A2      Hex                                             3:57
        A3      Andromeda                                       2:33
        A4      Desert Trip                                     4:14
        B1      The Piedmont Elegy                              2:22
        B2      Op                                              2:43
        B3      Xenogenesis                                     2:40
        B4      Strobe Crystal Green                            4:45
                (Note : 10" , 1500 copies)

10"     Kapp                KRS 5513        1971        US
JPR     45      THE SILVER APPLES       CONTACT                         LP      06.2017

        A1      You And I                                       3:19
        A2      Water                                           4:19
        A3      Ruby                                            2:31
        A4      Gypsy Love                                      5:32
        A5      You're Not Foolin' Me                           6:26
        B1      I Have Known Love                               3:50
        B2      A Pox On You                                    5:08
        B3      Confusion                                       3:23
        B4      Fantasies                                       6:01

US reissue on coloured vinyl, featuring sound from the original master tapes plus an
insert with unseen photos. Originally released in 1969, this is the classic second
album by the American experimental electronic pioneers.

LP      Kapp                KS 3584         1969        US
JPR     046     WILLIE NELSON           ...AND THEN I WROTE             LP      09.2017

        A1      Touch Me                                        2:12
        A2      Wake Me When It's Over                          2:48
        A3      Hello Walls                                     2:23
        A4      Funny How Time Slips Away                       3:02
        A5      Crazy                                           2:50
        A6      The Part Where I Cry                            2:18
        B1      Mr. Record Man                                  2:10
        B2      Three Days                                      2:33
        B3      One Step Beyond                                 2:20
        B4      Undo The Right                                  2:56
        B5      Darkness On The Face Of The Earth               2:19
        B6      Where My House Lives                            2:24

The '...And Then I Wrote' LP, originally released in 1962, debuted Willie Nelson's
unique vocal stylings to the world. Featuring all original compositions including the
legendary hits 'Crazy' (made famous by Patsy Cline). 'Touch Me' and 'Hello Walls'.

LP      Liberty             LRP 3239        1962        US      mono
LP      Liberty             LST 7239        1962        US      stereo
JPR     047     SATAN'S PILGRIMS        CREATURE FEATURE                LP      06.2017

        A1      Ghoulash
        A2      Scorpio 6
        A3      Vampiro
        A4      Brokendown Deuce
        A5      Extra Helpin'
        A6      Ichabob Crane
        A7      Ran-Goon
        B1      Creature Feature
        B2      Grave-Up
        B3      Boss BSA
        B4      Tranquilizer
        B5      Ragtop
        B6      Boneshaker
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

Originally released in 1998 in a limited run on Estrus Records. Satan's Pilgrims'
Creature Feature expertly distills the essence of West Coast 60's surf instrumentals.
Eastern scales dive-bomb with full bodied tremolo and glide across seas of reverb.
Infused with classic Monster Sounds, Satan's Pilgrims brings the boneyard to the
beach. Limited to 500 copies; Green Ooze colored vinyl; Original design by Art Chantry.

LP.CD   Estrus              ES.D 1244       1998        US
JPR     048     GREEN RIVER             COME ON DOWN                    LP      06.2018

                Downside Up
        A1      Come On Down                                    3:18
        A2      New God                                         4:24
        A3      Swallow My Pride                                3:00
        A4      Ride Of Your Life                               4:07
                Upside Down
        B1      Corner Of My Eye                                4:57
        B2      Tunnel Of Love                                  7:21
        B3      Your Own Best Friend (Demo)                     6:11

Released in 1985, Green River's 'Come On Down' was a record existing in its sonic
universe, out of step with its own time. Was it glam? Was it punk? Was it metal? Was
it cool? We now know it was one of the building blocks of what Mark Arm would coin as
"grunge" but in 1985 this record was a silent groundbreaker. It was not only the raw,
sludgy, slower guitar sound that makes this band important in its place in rock
history, but the members of Green River would go on to lead some of the biggest names
in the genre: Mudhoney and Mother Love Bone, the latter of which also contained the
roots of Pearl Jam. The record includes the iconic original cover artwork, is pressed
on colored vinyl, has a printed inner sleeve with lyrics and photo of the original
master tape box, plus an unreleased rare bonus track!

LP      Homestead           HMS 031         1985        US
JPR     049     SUN RA                  SPACE IS THE PLACE              LP      11.2017

        A       Space Is The Place                              21:14
        B1      Images                                          6:15
        B2      Discipline 33                                   4:15
        B3      Sea Of Sound                                    7:42
        B4      Rocket Number Nine                              2:50

In the endless ocean of Sun Ra recordings, 'Space Is The Place' ranks among the very
best, but more importantly, stands as the most immediately understandable of his
records. This masterpiece touches flawlessly on elements of many of Ra's multiple
phases and provides both a mission statement for, and a gateway to his immaculate
body of work. This edition comes on clear blue vinyl.

LP      Blue Thumb          BTS 41          1973        US
JPR     050     THE WIPERS : LIVE AT THE MET DECEMBER 31, 1982          LP      04.2018

        A1      Alien Boy
        A2      Messenger
        A3      Romeo
        A4      Dimension 7
        A5      Something to Prove
        A6      Let's Go
        A7      Up Front
        A8      No Solution
        B1      Heart on Fire
        B2      Potential Suicide
        B3      No Generation Gap
        B4      Fly by Night
        B5      Tragedy
        B6      Scared Stiff
        B7      Pushing the Extreme
        B8      Telepathic
        B9      Mistaken Identity

Wipers recorded live at New Years Eve 12/31/82. This unreleased performance from the
'Youth Of America' tour was recorded in Portland, Oregon and is taken from the original
master tapes and was mastered by Greg Sage. Limited to 2000 copies.
JPR     051     DR. JOHN            GRIS GRIS                           LP (m)  11.2018

        1.      Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya
        2.      Danse Kalinda Ba Doom
        3.      Mama Roux
        4.      Danse Fambeaux
        5.      Croker Courtbullion
        6.      Jump Sturdy
        7.      I Walk On Guilded Splinters

- Original 1968 Mono Mix
- Sourced From The Original Master Tapes
- Pressed At RTI
- Mastered by Kevin Gray

Reissued with MONO SOUND on GREEN VINYL, it's the classic 1968 debut-LP from the king
of the psychedelic bayou, the night tripper, the one and only Dr. John. Indeed, the
hypnotic, mystical and powerful sound of the swamp comes to life once again.
Coloured vinyl.

LP      ATCO                SD 33.234       1968        US
JPR     052     GREEN RIVER : LIVE AT THE TROPICANA 1984                LP      04.2019

        A1      Against The Grain
        A2      10,000 Things
        A3      New God
        A4      Corner Of My Eye
        B1      P.C.C.
        B2      Strange Ways
        B3      Tunnel Of Love

RSD 2019 release! Unreleased live recording from the band's personal archives.
Recorded on Sept 28, 1984 at the Tropicana in Olympia Washington. Featuring Mark
Arm and Steve Turner of Mudhoney and Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam.
Includes original concert poster and early band photos. Ed. of 2000 copies
JPR     053     (s) BOB DOROUGH : MULTIPLICATION ROCK                   LP      04.2019

        A1      Elementary, My Dear (2's)                       2:59
        A2      Three Is A Magic Number (3's)                   3:18
        A3      The Four Legged Zoo (4's)                       2:56
        A4      Ready Or Not, Here I Come                       2:57
        A5      My Hero, Zero (0)                               3:15
        B1      I Got Six (6's)                                 3:04
        B2      Lucky Seven Sampson (7's)                       2:58
        B3      Figure Eight (8's)                              3:00
        B4      Naughty Number Nine (9's)                       2:58
        B5      The Good Eleven (11's)                          3:05
        B6      Little Twelvetoes (12's)                        3:05

RSD 2019 release. Original ABC 1973 TV soundtrack, part of the 'Schoolhouse Rock!'
series. Jazz bop vocalist Bob Dorough (1923-2018) composed 'Multiplication Rock' as
a way for children to remember Multiplication tables. With the use of upbeat pop and
rock melodies it turned into a huge success and was Grammy Nominated for Best Children
Recording. A huge influence and sample source for many artists from De La Soul to
Elliott Smith. Colored vinyl LP from The Original Master Tapes with original Tape Box 

LP      Capitol             SJA 11174       1973        US
JPR     054     WIPERS                  ALIEN BOY EP                    7"      04.2019

        A       Alien Boy
        B1      Images Of Man
        B2      Telepathic Love
        B3      Voices In The Rain

RSD 2019 release! 4 track EP originally released in 1980. First time reissued, from
the original master tapes, ed. of 2000 copies.

7"      Park Avenue         PA 10 EP        1980        US
JPR     055     POISON IDEA             PICK YOUR KING                  LP      08.2019

        01.     Think Twice
        02.     It's An Action
        03.     This Thing Called Progress
        04.     In My Headache
        05.     Underage
        06.     Self Abuse
        07.     Cult Band
        08.     Last One
        09.     Pure Hate
        10.     Castration
        11.     Reggae (I Hate)
        12.     Give It Up
        13.     Think Fast

Not only the greatest Poison Idea record, but the greatest PUNK album of all time!
Formed in Portland, OR in 1980, Poison Idea's 1983 debut record features 13 songs in
13 minutes. Poison Idea were one of the first hardcore bands to inspire artists across
multiple genre lines. On limited edition colored vinyl with sticker, liner notes by
Jerry A. and inserts.













JPR     97      THE NEW DAWN            THERE'S A NEW DAWN              CD      02.2009
UFO     4 LP    8 BIT RADIOHEAD         KID 8                           LP      08.2019

It is a fully licensed 8-bit version of Kid A by Radiohead and has been specifically
remastered just for this release. The examples of it on the internet do not do the
sound quality of this specific pressing justice. Pressed on black virgin vinyl.