JACKASS RECOĜDS                          P.O. Box 425792
***************                         Cambridge, MA 02142-0015

Start   : 1993 (in Brighton, MA, USA)
          1999-2001 as Jacques Ass Records
          2001-???? as Stop, Pop, And Roll
Owner   :
Distr.  : US -
Style   :

Between 1993 and 1999, Jackass Records pumped out a bunch of CDs and cassettes feat.
bands whose membership included at least one resident of a certain decaying house
in Brighton, Massachusetts.  The first official release on Jackass was Betty Goo's
"superchthonic," a disc so named solely to confound disc jockeys.  From there, the
label continued to release related bands' CDs.  After the most recent release, Ad
Frank's eponymous solo record, Jackass went through a crisis of indentity. What you
find on the site is the entirety of the label's catalogue to date, plus a couple
of pre-Jackass extras.  We hope you enjoy it. The next phase of the label's life has
just begun under the new monicker, Jacques Ass Records. And just as quickly, that
life is coming to an end. JacquesAss will close up shop in January to make way for
Stop, Pop, and Roll.

R      006      BOY WONDER              Break The Spell                 CD        .1996

        1       Break the Spell
        2       The End of My Line
        3       Over Your Head
        4       X-Large
        5       Elenore
JR      007     AD FRANK                Ad Frank                        CD      05.2001