Distr.  : Uk - Piccadilly
Style   : techno / house /

Intergraded is a new label started by Midland aka Harry Agius to focus on releasing
music by new artists; whether unknown, emerging or established but working under a new
name. This debut compilation showcases fresh sound from Body in the Thames, Peach,
Jay and Webstarr. BITT kick things off with "Silver Threaded Crystal Beads" - a modern
revamp of house musics bare fundamentals it's coated in a wonderful sparkly patina and
has a ridiculously infectious undercurrent.

INTGRD  001     V / A                   INTRODUCTION EP                 12"     03.2018

        A1      Body In The Thames      Silver Threaded Crystal Beads
        A2      Peach                   Silky 
        B1      Jay                     Balsam Drum
        B2      Webstarr                The Muse
INTGRD  002     HI & SABERHAGEN         LIGHT ON LEAVES                 12"     04.2018

        01.     Loveless
        02.     Parachute
        03.     Light On Leaves
        04.     Alright
INTGRD  003     TRACEY                  OUTCOME                         12"     08.2018

        01.     Transit
        02.     Disk
        03.     1999
        04.     Outcome