INTEGRITY RECORDS                       BELGIUM

Sub-label of Antler-Subway

Distr.  : BE -
          UK -
Style   : indie / new beat / synth-pop / folk rock /

IR      001     JADE 4U                 JADE'S DREAM                    LP        .1988
                That Boy / Valley Of Kings / Midnight River / The Early
                Train / Jade's Dream //// That Boy (instr.) / Heaven
                And Hell / Valley Of Kings (instr. DJ mix) / Midnight
                Rider (instr. DJ mix) / Rainbows (instr. DJ mix)
IR      002     MARTYN BATES            LOVE SMASHED ON A ROCK          LP        .1988
                I'd Better Mean It All Now / Since I Can't Have You /
                You So Secret / This Is What I Say To Love / Dark
                Chorus //// LOve Smashed On A Rock / We Won't Begin To
                Belong / Azure Flag / She's On A Pedestal / You're The
                Spell (I Can't Break)
IR      006 CD  EYLESS IN GAZA          TRANSIENCE BLUES                CD      01.1990
                Lilt O Music /Transcience Blues /Sixth Sence /Stealing
                Sence / Inky Blue Sky / Eveninmg Music / Still Air /
                Sweet Life Longer / Tell / Blue Distance / Scent On
                Evening Air / Every Which Way / Bright Play Of Eyes /
                Lights Of April / Drumming The Beating Heart
IR      012     THE SERENES             BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT           LP        .1990
                Voodoo Economics / Beneath The Canopy / Abiding Place /
                Wayland Smithy / Follow The Rural Coast //// The World
                Is A Woman's Breast / Rebecca (You're Be Allright) /
                Mermaid Mystery / Good Missionsry
IR CD   013     V / A : INTEGRITY COLLECTION - FIRE AND GRACE           CD        .1991
                RUDOLF HECKE            Charming Girls
                THE SERENES             Abiding Place
                MARTYN BATES            Flashes Of Sun
                THE DENTISTS            Beautiful Day
                ADULT FANTASIES         The Party Is Over
                EYELESS IN GAZA         Sweet Life Longer
                THE DENTISTS            Crocodile Tears
                ADULT FANTASIES         The Sandman
                THE SERENES             The World Is A Woman's Breast
                MARTYN BATES            On The Day You Climb Down
                RUDOLF HECKE            Foreign Land
                EYELESS IN GAZA         Every Which Way
                THE DENTISTS            In The Ocean
                MARTYN BATES            Glow Of Sight
                RUDOLF HECKE            Ahead Of My Dream
                EYELESS IN GAZA         Transcience Blues
                THE SERENES             Rebecca
                ADULT FANTASIES         Meat Me
IR      001 7   JADE 4U : Midnight Rider // The Early Train             7"        .1988

IR      004     MARTYN BATES            YOU SO SECRET                   12"EP     .1989
                You So Secret / And I Don't Know How It Will Be // Born
                And Beginning / When You Praise Her

IR      018 7   THE DENTISTS            Have It Your Own Way            7"        .1991
                THE BURTONS             Pitti Girl
                THE SERENES             Homeland