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Distr.  : GE -
          UK - Boomkat/
Style   : techno / house / experimental / noise / ambient / dark ambient / EBM /
          rhythmic noise / lo-fi / industrial / shoegaze / garage rock / power
          electronics /

IOD     001     LUNAR LODGE/MAI MAI MAI : LL/MMM                        12"     09.2014

        A1      Secrets
        B1      Silk
        B2      Denial
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM , 300 copies)

released September 20, 2014

Written and produced by Luciano Lamanna & Toni Cutrone
Mixed by Luciano Lamanna at Subsound, Roma
Mastered by Andrea Merlini
Artwork by Luna Vassarotti

(p)+(c) Love Blast / Instruments Of Discipline, MMXIV
IOD     002     ASSALTI INDUSTRIALI     ASSALTO PRIMO                   2LP     11.2014

LP 1    A1      Assalto 1
        A2      Assalto 2
        B       Assalto 3

LP 2    C1      Assalto 4
        C2      Assalto 5
        D       Assalto 6

2LP     Love Blast      LB 9            2014    IT

An industrial assault straight from East Rome, performed by Luciano Lamanna & Damiano
Colosimo and Damiano Capoccia from Teknical Punch. A six pack of uncompromising techno,
a distorted tribute to the rave scene. A jump back into the 90's abandoned factories.
Here's Assalti Industriali.
Written and performed by Luciano Lamanna, Damiano Colosimo, Damiano Capoccia
Mixed by Luciano Lamanna at Subsound, Roma, MMXIV
Mastered by Andrea Merlini
Produced by Instruments Of Discipline/ Love Blast
IOD     003     F. VALENTIN             AMAGER STRAND                   LP      07.2015

        A1      Part 1
        A2      Part 2
        B1      Part 3
        B2      Part 4
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

released July 13, 2015

Written & produced by F. Valentin
Mastered by Hype Cycle Studio
Artwork by F. Valentin
IOD     004     DOMINATRIX              DOMINATRIX                      12"       .2015

        A1      You Never Forget Your First Dom
        A2      In The City That Never Sleeps
        B1      Dominatrix Party
        B2      Dominatrix, Beatmaster

Dominatrix is a synth-pop/electro project from the 80's, best remembered for their
1984 club hit, "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" The brains behind this New york city
based project is producer/songwriter Stuart Argabright, whose other projects over
the years have included Ike Yard, Black Rain, the Futants, the Death Comet Crew,
the Dystopians, and the Voodooists.
The Story behind this project began one night when a young Stuart met a beautiful
mysterious older women in a corvette while hitchhiking. They became friends, spending
nights at her East Side apartment, getting high and listening to Bowie records. After
Argabright noticed the bull whips and manacles hanging in her closet, it became
apparent that his friend’s occupation was chaining up, whipping, and torturing
upscale Manhattan businessmen (who were very willing victims and had the credit card
bills to prove it). This project came to life because of his sincere admiration and
respect for professional dominatrixes.
This is a limited edition on white vinyl with un-released tracks from Dominatrix.

All music by Stuart Argabright. Dominatrix music publishing DenseMedia Domain (ASCAP).
Vocals for Dominatrix Party & Beatmaster by Barbara Von Traumer.
IOD     005     ELISABETH DIXON         LP 1                            LP        .2016

        A1      Limit Experience
        A2      Dispose
        A3      Technique Of Self
        B1      Discipline
        B2      Intervention
                (Note : LP , 150 black/100 orange copies)

LP      Trait           TRT 004         2016    Australia


ELISABETH DIXON is a producer/live performer (Melbourne, Australia) specializing in
experimental techno/EDM. Layering meditative drones beneath dark industrial beats,
her approach to sound design is rooted in both hypnotic, trance inducing experience
and the aggressive frenzy of industrial techno. Having performed steadily since her
emergence in 2015, Dixon has played dance floors from the Mercat to Revolver,
abandoned warehouses to Lounge, alongside respected artists like Daze, Chiara
Kickdrum, Sleep D & OAKE (Berlin). Elisabeth Dixon’s debut LP, entitled “LP1, is
slated for release on October 5th 2016 on vinyl/digital through Trait Records
(Melbourne) and Instruments of Discipline (Berlin).
IOD     006     MB/RS                   BLACK BOX RECORDINGS            12"     11.2015

        A1      Tearing Up                                      05:08
        A2      Black Box Recording                             06:42
        A3      Yes, The Enduring Classics                      06:26
        B1      Homes In Paris                                  03:34
        B2      The Brighter Side Of Fucking History            10:35
                (Note : 12" , 300 copies)

All music by Michael Bjella & Robert Skrzyñski.
IOD     007     JESSICA 93              RISE                            LP        .2015

        A1      Now
        A2      Asylum
        A3      Karmic Debt
        A4      White Noise
        B1      Surmatants
        B2      Inertia
        B3      Uranus
                (Note : LP , 503 copies total)

This is the first US pressing of the most excellent 2nd album by Jessica93. Paris
native Geoff Lapporte better known as Jessica93 delivers a stellar second full length
record following up his critically acclaimed 2013 release "Who Cares".
Seamlessly weaving shoegaze and cold wave together on Rise, Geoff's songs create a new
sound that feels entirely classic as well. Utilizing hypnotic loops of guitar and bass
over heavy drum machine tracks Rise is stands out as one of the best releases of 2015.
This pressing is limited to 503 copies and available in three different colors of
vinyl (cloudy clear and black, cloudy clear and opaque red, and black). This US ed.
artwork designed by Geoff is limited to this edition. This is a co-release with
Seattle based label Not Just Religious Music.
IOD     008     IMPULSE CONTROLS        DEVOUR                          12"     06.2016

        A1      Devour                                          6:47
        B1      Singularity                                     6:39
        B2      Raytrace                                        6:13
                (Note : 12" , A-side 45 RPM/B-side 33.3 RPM ; 300 copies)

all music by BLUSH_RESPONSE & ONTAL.
IOD     009     OPERANT                 ZERO KNOWLEDGE                  12"     02.2017

        A1      Prison
        A2      New Limbs
        A3      Deliverance
        B1      Insular
        B2      The Alpha Is Destroyed
                (Note : 12" , clear-smoke vinyl + insert)

All songs written by OPERANT, all songs mixed and produced by OPERANT & BLUSH_RESPONSE,
IOD     010     ERSTWHILE               FORGOTTEN YOUTH                 CS      12.2016

        A1      1990                                            5:25
        A2      Slow Death                                      4:04
        B1      Visionary                                       4:14
        B2      Of Love & Light                                 3:12

Erstwhile is one of the monikers under which Kevin Jansen (Svartvit, Clamor, Qualm,
Ratteknaeghen) presents his auditory output. This time around the sounds are rooted
in tradition, paying hommage to the greats of the eighties through minimal power
electronics dirges. Thematically the project deals with the fragility embedded in our
everyday lives. On this first cassette Erstwhile tries to come to terms with all that
is lost over time instead of dwelling in faux nostalgia of 'better' times.
IOD     011     OPERANT                 ZK-II                           CS      09.2016

        1.      ZK-II_001                                       07:02
        2.      ZK-II_002                                       06:16
        3.      ZK-II_003                                       06:24
        4.      ZK-II_004                                       07:34
IOD     012     BEAD                    CORRODE                         CS      12.2016

        1.      Slip                                            06:32
        2.      Vial                                            06:30
        3.      Deconstructing                                  06:56
        4.      See blue                                        04:04
        5.      Slipping                                        08:08
        6.      Vial (System Body Remix)                        06:04
        7.      Vial (Military Position Remix)                  07:49

Bead is the most recent moniker of J.R (TERMFIX), making analog techno with muffled
industrial edge. "CORRODE" is his first label affiliated release. Above the drums,
the vast majority of sounds are made from oiled up, lubed up, mic'ed up latex rubber
sheet (there is a collection of 303 lines and voice samples). Over the course of
24 hours this was manipulated and recorded in an attempt to immortalise a simple
object that has so many aspects. Scattered throughout are also a few recordings of
machinery from his workshop. He has recently begun to take knife making seriously,
so while making a few blades has recorded the output of the grinders and saws. It was
another way of adding personality without using his body directly.

This collection of songs also has two remixes by MILITARY POSITION and SYSTEM BODY.
Both artists take the track "Vial" and turn it into their own mutant. MILITARY
POSITION completely dominates the noise below while SYSTEM BODY takes "Vial" to
another world entirely. Ed. of 100 copies
IOD     013     HOMO AGENT              ROGUE, UNDERCOVER               12"     01.2017

        A1      Satan Manufacturing                             6:51
        A2      Cocaine From Hell                               6:45
        B1      Lowpass = Murder                                6:18
        B2      This Is So Weird, Richard                       7:14
                (Note : 12" , 33.3 RPM)

HOMOAGENT is the collaborative project of Basque techno and drone artist Triames and
British electronic composer Anton Maiof AKA Antoni Maiovvi. Vicious darkroom techno
working as the fictional soundtrack to one cop’s journey into underground S&M dungeons
to catch a killer.
Music by Triames and Anton Maiof.
IOD     014     AGE ETERNAL             DAS MEER                        CS      01.2017

        1       Borneo                                          5:31
        2       Stranger                                        5:23
        3       We Are Beyond                                   5:11
        4       Paradise                                        4:20
        5       Anymore                                         4:02
        6       You Pull Water Out Of Darkness                  4:02
        7       Up South                                        4:30
        8       Decay                                           4:51

All songs written and recorded by Lissa Benno.
I.O.D.  XV      ASCETIC : EVERYTHING IS BECOMING-REMIXES                12"     04.2017
A.      1.      Utterings (Ancient Methods Remix)               06:35
        2.      Exegesis (Unhuman Remix)                        05:38
B.      3.      Utterings (Phase Fatale Remix)                  07:02
        4.      Exegesis (Luna Violenta Remix)                  05:44

The remixed tracks from Ascetic’s second album-Everything Is Becoming-are a collision
between industrial techno, EBM influenced bass lines, doom and dark ambient. Four
Berlin based artists: Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale, Unhuman & Luna Violenta offer
their take on the two opening tracks ‘Utterings’ and ‘Exegesis’ from the album.
Roared vocals, guitar both jagged, creepy and ambient, live drums and samples are
all melted down and reformed into at times recognizable and at times wholly alien
compositions, Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale and Unuhuman offer different approaches
to techno punishment while Luna’s interpretation is a cacophonous build that explodes
into sonic abstraction. This EP is a perfect example of what Berlin does so well,
where genres that share aesthetic values feedback, overlap and inspire.
IOD     016     SWARM INTELLIGENCE      HOME RECORDINGS                 12"     05.2017

        1.      Black Gills
        2.      Home Recording
        3.      Scarper
        4.      Anaesthesia 05:05
        5.      Plague
        6.      Red Sky

Written and produced by Simon Hayes
Mastered by Jonas Förster at Hype Cycle Studio
Photography by Michelle Hughes
Layout by Victor Mark
IOD     017
IOD     018
IOD     019     ORPHAN SWORDS : How Good It Is To Know You're Like Me   CS      03.2017
                (Live at Botanique)

        1.      How Good It Is To Know You're Like Me - 1       19:38
        2.      How Good It Is To Know You're Like Me - 2       17:23

Music By Orphan Swords
Recorded by Ripit at Botanique, 29-11-2016
IOD     020     Alchemic Harm           Alchemic HArm                   cs      03.2017

        1.      Caoin                                           06:12
        2.      Hiraeth                                         03:32
        3.      Paradisaeidae                                   04:50
        4.      Riitti                                          12:00
        5.      Nyírbátor                                       10:08
        6.      Scaphism                                        06:44
        7.      Bonus track - Puhetaito                         04:27

Alchemic Harm is a raw, ritualistic ambient project, newly moving to Instruments of
Discipline. After a self-titled EP featuring collaboration with Lower Order Ethics
and past live appearances with her at Contort and Collegium Hungaricum, 2017 sees
that EP expanded to full-length album, as a new chapter begins for the venture. Behind
the shadowy sounds is Peter Kirn, best known for leading platforms for technological
expression (the daily CDM at, MusicMakers Hacklab) and a diverse range of
musical projects (Establishment Records, his Imaski side project, and serving as half
of techno duo NERKKIRN).
Music: Peter Kirn. Tracks 1-2, 4-6 featuring Lower Order Ethics.
Album artwork: Vera Kochubey.
(Type/layout: Marijn Degenaar.)
Mastering: Cem Oral
Tracks 4 and bonus recorded in the collaborative environment of Sonic Wilderness,
 hosted by AGF and Hai Art, Hailuoto FI August 2016. With input by Inge Vanden
 Kroonenberg, Katharina Hauke, and Annie Goh.
IOD     021     MANUNKIND               RUSSIAN PARADOX                 CS      03.2017

        1.      Russian Paradox                                 16:56
        2.      Atra Mors                                       04:44
        3.      The Approximate Man                             03:20
        4.      Hall of Records                                 05:12

All songs written by:
Eugene Gin & Dee Grinski as Manunkind
Lyrics - Eugene Gin and Dee Grinski
(Except - The Approximate Man by Tristan Tzara)
Artwork by Elizaveta Papirovska
Mixing & Mastering - Own Cause Art-Union

IOD     027     OPERANT                 HARNESSED TO FLESH              12"     04.2018
                (Note : 12" , transl.-bone vinyl)
IOD     038     SCHACKE : WELCOME TO THE PLEASURE DOME                  12"     11.2019

        1.      Paraphilic Love Map                             09:39
        2.      To the Outer Limits and Back                    07:48
        3.      Creep Workout                                   08:43
        4.      Erotic Autoplay                                 08:08