Institut for Dansk Lydarkaeologi        DENMARK

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          US - Forced Exposure
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IDL     001 LP  KNUD VIKTOR             AMBIANCES/IMAGES                2LP     12.2017

LP 1    1       Ambience 1
        2       Ambience 2

LP 2    1       Image 1
        2       Image 2

Institut for Dansk Lydarkaeologi present a reissue that documents Knud Viktor's only
two releases on record -- Images and Ambiances -- both released in 1972 on the French
label L'Oiseau Musicien. Transfer from analog master tapes by Jean C. Roché. Edition
of 300.
IDL     006 LP  HENNING CHRISTIANSEN    SATIE I HOJ SO                  LP      03.2018

he Institute for Danish Sound Archeology and the Museum of Contemporary Art in
Roskilde, Denmark present a reissue of the most enigmatic and rare of Danish artist
and composer Henning Christiansen's albums Satie I Hoj So. Originally released in
1977, the album collects five central works from Christiansen's neo-romantic period
in the 1970s.