Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie /

IS      4 V     HAPPYNESS               FLOATR                          LP      05.2020
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
IS      4 VC    HAPPYNESS               FLOATR                          LP      05.2020
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)
IS      4 CD    HAPPYNESS               FLOATR                          CD      05.2020
                (Note : CD , gatefold with a two sided poster as the insert)
        1.      Title Track
        2.      Milk Float
        3.      When Iím Far Away (From You)
        4.      Vegetable
        5.      What Isnít Nurture
        6.      Bothsidesing
        7.      Undone
        8.      Anvil Bitch
        9.      Ouch (Yup)
        10.     (I Kissed The Smile On Your Face)
        11.     Seeing Eye Dog

There have been significant changes in the three years that Happyness, one of the
most inventive yet consistently overlooked bands in British indie in recent times,
have been away. For their third album Floatr, drummer Ash Cooper now co-fronts the
band alongside core members Jonny Allan and Ash Kenazi, and judging by the dazzling
lead single ĎVegetableí, it could usher in the bandís best album yet.