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ndependent Label Distribution is a whole new business model: a record distributor
owned and operated by two veteran independent label owners. ILD was started from the
ground up in September 2011 and sometimes the obvious strategy is also a foolproof
one: quality counts. ILD is not a typical physical/digital distributor with an iffy
shelf-life ó itís very foundation is offering the best of indie labels with
competitively-priced new releases and best-selling catalog, great fill and rapid
service, no matter what the size of the account is.

Independent Label Distribution is not affiliated with ILC in any way, shape or form.

Aborted Society

Aborted Society began in the winter of 1998 as an informational website in Seattle,
WA. At the time there wasnít a lot of punk content on the web, and we wanted to create
a hub where people could connect with DIY resources and bands. In 1999, we began the
Aborted Society Zine, and eventually completed 5 print issues; and have since
resurrected the zine in an online format in 2013.

We started putting out records and promoting shows in June of 2000. We specialize
in progressive crust, hardcore punk, and metal largely based in the Pacific Northwest,
but expanded to national and international groups as well. Our records are uniquely
packaged and intended to be a cohesive experience for our listeners. While all of our
bands are quite different in nature, the one thing they all hold in common is that
they are all breaking out of typical genre molds and are doing something unique,
while staying firmly rooted in DIY punk. We really try to identify bands we think
are pushing the envelope, and keeping the underground challenging and provoking.