Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : techno / house / afro-house / 

NBTWN   001     LAY-FAR                 SO MANY WAYS REMIXED PT.1       12"     02.2015

A1.     Lay Far & Pete Simpson - Stand Up (Atjazz Remix)
A2.     Lay Far & Vicky Flint - When I'm Seeing You (Inkswel Remix)
B1.     Lay Far & Yannah Valdevit - Summer Vacation (Jonny Miller Remix)
B2.     Lay Far - That Dream (Thatmanmonkz Gon' Git You Sucka Remix)
NBTWN   002     LAY-FAR                 SO MANY WAYS REMIXED PART 2     12"     03.2015

        A1.     Yes You Can (Ashley Beedle Remix)
        A2.     We Are The Drum (Peter Oakden & Craig Smith Remix)
        B1.     Let Me Fly Away (Tommy Rawson Remix)
        B2.     So Many Years (Aroop Roy Remix)
NBTWN   003     LAY-FAR                 SO MANY WAYS REMIXED PT.3       12"     04.2015

        A1.     Yes You Can (Kaytronik Rub)
        A2.     A Little Faith (D-Malice Afro Expression)
        B1.     Can't Deny (Phil Asher Remix)
        B2.     When I'm Seeing You (Red Rack'em Remix)
NBTWN   011 S   LAY-FAIR                WAR IS OVER                     LP      08.2018

        A1.     Sirius Rising
        A2.     Decentralized Spiritual Autonomy VS Riddim Research Lab
        A3.     Never Good Enough For You Feat. Stee Downes
        A4.     Vast And Infinite
        B1.     Market Economy VS Culture (The Year Of The Underdog)
        B2.     Over Feat. Stee Downes
        B3.     Draw The Curtains (The Rain Comes Down)
        B4.     Forgiveness Is Bliss Feat. Jesse Futerman
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)