Distr.  : UK - Norman
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IMPXINSE  01    EMIKA AND PAUL FRICK : IN PARALLEL                      12"     01.2021
        A1.     In Parallel I
        A2.     In Parallel II
        A3.     In Parallel III
        A4.     In Parallel IV
        B1.     In Parallel IV (Meeting Parallel Rework by CNCPT)
        B2.     In Parallel III (Shaking Parallel Rework )
        B3.     In Parallel II (Glitching Parallel Rework )
                    (Note : 12" , pink vinyl)

A seven-track EP pressed up to pink vinyl, ‘In Parallel’ sees Berlin-based electronic
musician Emika join forces with fellow producer Paul Frick. Experimental techno vibes
interplay with melodies conjured up from pianos, synths and a vibraphone robot, with
outfit CNCPT present to fulfil remix duties on the flip side.