Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   :

IMP     001     OvO                     ASSASSINE                       LP      01.2021

        1       Ingresso                                        2:53
        2       Gara Di Ballo                                   2:28
        3       Short Hermit                                    0:26
        4       Crash                                           2:32
        5       Ari Up Parte 1                                  2:36
        6       Ti Amo Assassina                                4:05
        7       Hell Yeah!                                      2:54
        8       Ari Up Parte 2                                  6:35
        9       Mezzanotte                                      1:17
        10      Il Velo Strappato                               3:13
        11      610 Ragazze Nella Vasca Rossa                   4:25
        12      Untitled                                        0:40

Appearing for the first time on vinyl, Improved Sequence re-issue the 2001 debut
album from Italian noise rock duo OvO. ‘Assassine’ was created with Stefania Pedretti
and Bruno Dorella’s original mission statement in mind - almost completely improvised,
and very lo-fi in aesthetic. It’s the starting point from which their metallic,
sludgy assault has evolved.
IMP     002     OvO                     VAE VICTIS                      LP      01.2021

        1       Bufera Di Neve                                  2:14
        2       Nema Problema                                   3:09
        3       Uru-Uru                                         0:13
        4       Maman                                           0:18
        5       Mare Nere                                       4:40
        6       Cape Ambelos                                    3:08
        7       Villa Amalias                                   0:17
        8       Taksim                                          0:18
        9       Rakia                                           2:27
        10      Nel Bel Mezzo Del Cortile Dell Ex Carcere
                Femminile                                       2:07

Appearing for the first time on vinyl, Improved Sequence re-issue the 2002 sophomore
album from Italian noise rock duo OvO. ‘Vae Victis’ saw Stefania Pedretti and Bruno
Dorella recording with their original mission statement in mind - almost completely
improvised, and very lo-fi in aesthetic. The sludge-metal, noisy onslaught with which
they’re now associated evolved from this point.
IMP     005     BLACK SUPERSUCKERS      SUB POP DEMOS                   LP      01.2021

Tucson, Arizona-based hard rock outfit The Supersuckers signed with iconic Pacific
Northwestern indie Sub Pop in the late Eighties, where they stayed for the best part
of a decade before a move to Interscope. ‘Sub Pop Demos’, featuring two home-recorded
tracks from 1988 and 11 more with Nirvana producer Jack Endino the following year
in Seattle, show the group in all their glory. First released in 2009, this
compilation now appears on vinyl.
IMP     006     ED ASKEW                2020                            LP      01.2021

Recorded under lockdown in New York City at the start of the pandemic, Ed Askew looks
patiently to the future while remembering how things used to be. ‘2020’ - also bearing
the title ‘Seven Songs’ - was put together with harpsichord, 12-stringed guitar, synth
and a diligent use of Pro Tools.
IMP     007     PILE                    DEMONSTRATION                   LP      01.2021

Now a four-piece band and one of the boldest and most acclaimed rock outfits in
America, Pile originated as the solo vehicle for singer and songwriter Rick Maguire
in the mid-Noughties. ‘Demonstration’ was his debut album, released in 2007, an
acoustic effort that shows a budding artist finding his own voice. Listening back
on it now, seven Pile albums later, it’s incredible to think how far Maguire has
                (Note : LP , 225 copies)

weasel walter: guitars, basses, mellotron, organ, clarinet, electronics, drums
musical guests on "the first time": jonathan joe and aurora josephson
recorded by weasel walter at ugEXPLODE studios, oakland, california between
  june 1st and july 14, 2007
with vocal engineering by scott r. looney at 1510 performance space and
  jonathan joe at terminal, oakland

Available on wax for the first time, ‘Incarceration By Abstraction’ was the 2007
studio album from Chicago-based no wave band The Flying Luttenbachers. Documenting
the completion of the unravelling story arc they established in the mid-Nineties
about the obliteration of Earth - it was their last album for over a decade before
the band’s reactivation in 2017 - it sounds like most Luttenbachers albums: very
little else.
IMP     011     LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR    EVIL POWER                      LP      01.2021

Steve Rathbone - Guitar / Vocals / Keys
Nate Olp - Guitar / Vocals
Chris Wozniak - Drums

Recorded at Semaphore Studios / Jan 2010 by Sanford Parker. Mastered by Scott
Hull. Art by Scott Jackson. Guest vocals by General Diabolical Slaughter.

Originally released in 2010, ‘Evil Power’ is the fourth and (so far) most recent
studio album from Chicago-based thrash and sludge metal outfit Lair Of The Minotaur.
While it bears the same rough and ready production values as their previous work,
the tracks are among the shortest and most focussed of their career.
IMP     015     FATHER MURPHY           ORIGINS                         LP      01.2021

Father Murphy: Rev. freddie Murphy, Chiara Lee, Vicar Vittorio Demarin

Enrico Biondetti - drums on 'Stereo'
Elena Reggiani - cello on 'I was in a coma, then I woke up and asked for
 a strawberry milkshake'

All music & lyrics by freddie Murphy

Appearing for the first time ever on vinyl are the first two EPs from the now-defunct
and much missed Father Murphy, presented as ‘Origins’ by Improved Sequence. 2004’s
‘When We Were Young The World Wasn’t In Your Hands’ and 2006’s ‘I Saw Seven Horns
Rising From The Sea, When A Rooster Sang For The Third Time’ show one of Europe’s
most consistently inventive and avant-garde groups in their infancy, and it’s a
fascinating document.
IMP     017     XIU XIU                 FAG PATROL                      LP      03.2021

Played by:
Devon Hoff - double bass
Cory McCulloch - guitarron, harmonium
Jamie Stewart - vox, guitar, harmonium
Remastered by Brian Pyle
Artwork by Andrea De Franco
Produced by Cory McCulloch

First vinyl pressing of the previously CD-only album ‘Fag Patrol’ by US experimental
band Xiu Xiu. The album was recorded in 2003 following the suicide of only constant
member Jamie Stewart’s father. It’s a raw and emotional album with lo-fi production.
The music spans fragility and noise, reflecting Stewart’s mental state at the time.
IMP     020     THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS : LIVE AT WNUR 2-6-92          LP      01.2021
                (Note : LP , 225 copies on black vinyl)

Recorded at Northwestern University on February 6, 1992. Hal Russell (tenor and
soprano saxophones, trumpet), Chad Organ (tenor saxophone) and Weasel Walter (drums).

Back in the heady days of 1992, legendary no-wave/jazz/death metal group The Flying
Luttenbachers took to the stage (?) of college radio station WNUR for the first and
only performance of the line-up of Weasel Walter, Hal Russell, and Chad Organ. What
follows is a whimsical and unique trip through a free jazz nightmare, with squealing,
fluttering saxophone runs and clattering percussion motifs. Out on Improved Sequence.
IMP     023     LOREN CONNORS+DAVID GRUBBS : ARBORVITAE                 LP      04.2021

Originally released in 2003 on CD only, this collaboration between American
experimental music veterans Loren Connors and David Grubbs is issued on vinyl for
the first time. Beginning and ending with Grubbs on piano and Connors on guitar,
both musicians alternate between anchoring the mix and performing soaring, improvised
parts on ‘Arborvitae’.

Recorded during a week-long break during an American tour behind David Grubbs’ album
‘A Guess At The Riddle’, the experimental music veteran collaborated with Greek
cellist Nikos Veliotis on ‘The Harmless Dust’. Released originally on CD in 2005
and now presented on vinyl for the first time, it sees the same lengthy composition
laid out in two different arrangements - one for piano and cello, the other for the
Hammond organ and e-bowed piano.





IMP     030


IMP     033     ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO        BOBCAT FLAMETHROAT          LP      01.2022

        1.      Wildcat                                         02:29
        2.      Elevator Shaft                                  02:21
        3.      Salal Harvest Chant                             01:44
        4.      Broken (Everything Is Broken)                   02:31
        5.      My Nest                                         02:30
        6.      I'm Crowded                                     01:02
        7.      Blue Ears                                       01:41
        8.      Baked Potato                                    01:33
        9.      Lucifer Peacock Raven                           02:02
        10.     Oyster Mushrooms                                01:40
        11.     Tukwila Joe                                     02:16
        12.     That Big Thing                                  02:03
        13.     Orange Peel                                     01:37
        14.     Blue Rasputin                                   01:43
        15.     Silver Moon Duck                                01:53
        16.     Bobcat And Turkey                               01:55
        17.     Ocean Trip (Ocean Shores)                       02:18
        18.     Railroad Maypole                                01:45
        19.     Chase The Badger                                01:35
        20.     Polecat That                                    01:40
IMP     034     ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO        ORGA AR                     LP      01.2022

        1.      Earthquake                                      01:54
        2.      King Of Nothing                                 01:39
        3.      Armadillos                                      01:34
        4.      Pterodactyl                                     00:34
        5.      Wine And Milk                                   01:38
        6.      Cooking                                         01:27
        7.      Cantharellus Cibarius                           02:38
        8.      Sparassis Radica                                01:35
        9.      Five Golden Keys                                02:41
        10.     Qiyamat                                         01:27
        11.     Coprinus Comatus                                02:43
        12.     Last Winter                                     02:02
        13.     Theogeny                                        02:03
        14.     Happyland                                       02:23
        15.     Black Cat                                       02:50
        16.     Muff Eating Dinosaur Crocodile                  02:05
        17.     The Assasins                                    02:09
        18.     Little Red Riding Hood                          02:03
        19.     The Deep Lake                                   01:21
        20.     Pirate Radio                                    02:33
        21.     Amanita Muscaria                                01:41
        22.     Venerate Decay                                  03:58