IMPERIAL RECORDS                        Imperian Records LLC
****************                        241 Prospect Place
Imperial Records Inc.                   Brooklyn, NY 11238
Imperial Records LLC                    USA
Imperial Records Co. Inc., IR


Start   : 1946 (in Los Angeles)
Found   : Lewis Robert Chudd (aka Lew Chudd)
Distr.  : US - Liberty               1964-1968
               United Artits         1968-1979
               EMI                   1979
               Universal Music Group
          UK - London
Lab.code: LC 01763 (EU)
Style   : r&r / rockabilly / jazz / rhythm and blues / exotica / Hawaiian music
          cool jazz / boogie woogie / piano blues / New Orleans r&b / hard bop /
          / film score / classical / spoken / comedy / dixieland / exotoca /
          ragtime /

1964 Lew Chudd sold Imperial to Avnet, who already had acquired Liberty Records 1963,
and made Imperial a sub-label of Liberty Records. 1968 both labels were sold to
Transamerica Corporation, owned by United Artists Records. 1971 Imperial was closed.

In February 1979 United Artists Records was taken over by EMI Group, and 2006 Imperial
was relaunched as imprint of Capitol Music Group.

Series: 10"/78 RPM      #5000 - #5290   blue labels with script print
        [7"45 RPM]                      (1947-1954)
                        #5291 - #5357   red labels with script print
                        #5357 - #5553   red labels with block print or some blue or
                                        maroon labels with block print
                        #5461 - #5553   red labels with block print or some black
                                        labels with block print
                        #5554 -         black labels

        LP              LP 9000         mono LP
                        LP 12000        stereo LP
                        LP 16000        stereo LP

LP      101     HARLEY LUSE             Square Dances                   12"LP   1950
LP      102     EVA DECKER              American Folk Dances            10"     1950
LP      103     BILL MOONEY & HIS CACTUS TWISTERS : Square Dances       12"LP   1951
LP      104     BETTY KAY               American Folk Dances            10"     1950
LP      105     BILL MOONEY & HIS CACTUS TWISTERS:Square Dances With    12"EP   1950
DJLP      1     V / A                   Imperial Sampler                10"     1951
IMP     501     CARL MYLES              Square Dances                   10"     1950
IMP     502     LEE BEDFORD JR.         Square Dances With Calls        10"     1950
IMP     503     BILL MOONEY & HIS CACTUS TWISTERS : Same                10"     1950
IMP     504     MEL DAY                 Square Dances                   10"     1950
IMP     505     LEE BEDFORD JR.         Square Dances                   10"     1950
IMP     506     MANUEL ACUNA QUARTET    Mexican Folk Dances             10"     1950
IMP     507     MANUEL ACUNA            Spanish Folk Dances             10"     1950
IMP     508     JAMES O'FLYNN           Folk Dances From Ireland        10"     1950
IMP     509     JUAN TORRADO            Sambas                          10"     1950
IMP     510     CANADIAN BAGPIPE BAND   Scottish Folk Dances            10"     1950
IMP     511     YASCHA BOROWSKY         Gypsy                           10"     1950
IMP     512     DOMINIC SARAGUSA        Folk Dances From Italy          10"     1951
IMP     513     V / A : Folk Dances From Czechoslovakia                 10"     1951
IMP     514     V / A                   Folk Dances From Germany        10"     1951
IMP     515     V / A                   Russian Folk Dances             10"     1951
IMP     516     MANUEL ACUNA            Spanish Folk Dances             10"     1951
IMP     517     MANUEL ACUNA            Spanish Folk Dances             10"     1951
IMP     518     EVA DECKER              American Old Time Dances        10"     1951
IMP     519     ROBERT HAMILTON         Broom Waltzes                   10"     1951
IMP     520     AMADOR BAGASAO QUARTET:Folk DancesOfPhilippineIslands   10"     1952
IMP     521     HURTADO BROTHERS        Marimba Music                   10"     1952
IMP     522     RAYMOND USERA           Mambo Rhythms                   10"     1952
IMP     523     GLENCOE HIGHLANDERS     Folk Music From Scotland        10"     1952
IMP     524     MANUEL ACUNA            Manuel Acuna Orchestra          10"     1952
IMP     525     MANUEL ACUNA            Manuel Acuna Orchestra          10"     1952
IMP     526     LOUIE                   Gernam Folk Dances              10"     1952
IMP     527     ERIK LUNDQUIST          Baltic Folk Dances              10"     1952
IMP     528     MANUEL ACUNA            Manuel Acuna Orchestra          10"     1952
IMP     529     GAYLORD CARTER          Hawaiian Melodies               10"     1953
IMP     530     GAYLORD CARTER          At The Organ                    10"     1953
IMP     531     MANUEL ACUNA            Songs Of Old Mexico             10"     1953
IMP     532     GAYLORD CARTER          Gaylord Carter                  10"     1953
IMP     533     GAYLORD CARTER          Gaylord Carter                  10"     1953
IMP     534     TOLIN MORAN             Rhumba Rhythms                  10"     1953
IMP     535     GAYLORD CARTER          Wedding Bells                   10"     1953
IMP     536     HARLEY LUSE             American Folk Dances            10"     1954
IMP     537     BILL MOONEY             Square Dances                   10"     1954
IMP     538     BETTY KAY               American Folk Dances            10"     1954
IMP     539     BILL MOONEY             Square Dances                   10"     1954
IMP     540     HARLEY LUSE             Square Dances                   10"     1955
IMP     541     ADOLPH HOFNER           Adolph Hofner Orchestra         10"     1955
IMP     542     MANUEL ACUNA            Music Of The Americas           10"     1955
IMP     543     MARIO HURTADO           Marimba Music                   10"     1955
IMP     3001    ST.PAUL'S CHOIR         Religious Hymns                 10"     1950
IMP     3002    CHARLIE VENTURA         Charlie Ventura Septet          10"     1950
IMP     3003    ROBERT SIMMS ORGAN      Sacred Hymns                    10"     1953
IMP     3004    SLIM WHITMAN            Slim Whitman                    10"     1955
IMP     3005    FRANK ASSUNTO & DUKES OF DIXIELAND:Dixieland Jazz From  10"     1954
                New Orleans
IMP     3006    CHARLIE MARIANO QUARTET : Volume 1                      10"     1955
IMP     3007    CHARLIE MARIANO QAURTET : Volume 2                      10"     1955
IMP     3008    RAYMOND USERA           Raymond Usera Orchestra         10"     1955
IMP     3009    GEORGE GIRARD           George Girard Band              10"     1955
SERIES LP   9 000  for mono format
       LP  12 000  for stereo format
LP      9001                                                            LP      1956

GLENCOE HIGHLANDERS             Scotch Pipings

        1       Green Hills O'Tyrol
        2       Millbank Cottage
        3       Atholl And Breadalbane Gathering
        4       74th Farewell To Edinburgh
        5       Blowers Of Edinburgh
        6       Highland Schottische
        7       Circassian Circle
        8       Petronella
        9       Miss Mac Cleod's Reel
        10      Strip The Willow
        11      Campbell's Are Coming
        12      Highland Fling
LP      9002                                                            LP      1956

MANUEL S.ACUNA ORCHESTRA : Moment Of Truth (Music Of The Bullring

        1       Madre Del Corderro
        2       Fado Blanquita
        3       Alma Andaluza
        4       Alegrias
        5       Espana Cani
        6       Manton De Manila
        7       Garrotin
        8       Currito De La Cruz
        9       Cielo Andaluz
        10      Malaguena
        11      Bulerias
        12      Gitanerias
LP      9003                                                            LP      1956
LP      12100

SLIM WHITMAN                    Slim Whitman Favorites

        A1      Love Song of the Waterfall
        A2      Bandera Waltz
        A3      I Talk to the Waves
        A4      Indian Love Call
        A5      China Doll
        A6      An Amateur in Love
        B1      Keep It a Secret
        B2      How Can I Tell
        B3      Secret Love
        B4      Rose Marie
        B5      Beautiful Dreamer
        B6      Cattle Call
LP      9004                                                            LP      1956
LP      12387                                                           LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     Rock And Rollin'

        A1      The Fat Man
        A2      Tired of Crying
        A3      Goin' Home
        A4      You Said You Love Me
        A5      Going to the River
        A6      Please Don't Leave Me
        B1      Rose Mary
        B2      All by Myself
        B3      Ain't It a Shame
        B4      Poor Me
        B5      Boo Weevil
        B6      Don't Blame It on Me

LP      London          HA-P 2041       1956    UK
LP      9005                                                            LP      1956

DANNY " KALAUANA" STEWART       Hawaiian Favorites

        1       Na Lei O Hawaii
        2       Lovely Hula Hands
        3       Hawaiian War Chant
        4       Little Brown Gal
        5       Fair Hawaii
        6       Sweet Leilani
        7       Hawaiian Song Of Love
        8       Ka Ulua
        9       Beautiful Kahana
        10      Ula No Weo
        11      Hame Pila
        12      Aloha Oe

LP      London          HAU 2014        1956    UK
LP      9006                                                            LP      1956

SONNY CRISS                     Jazz USA

        A1      Willow Weep for Me
        A2      These Foolish Things
        A3      Blue Friday
        A4      Sunday
        A5      More Than You Know
        A6      Easy Living
        B1      Alabamy Bound
        B2      Something's Gotta Give
        B3      West Coast Blues
        B4      Criss-Cross
        B5      Ham's Blues
        B6      Sweet Georgia Brown
LP      9007                                                            LP      1956
LP     12003


        1       Bo Bo Wor Foro Satide
        2       Ada Lee
        3       War Dance
        4       I'm Serious
        5       Afro-Maringa
        6       Mhuru=Gi-Nanya (I Love You)
        7       Where Is My Mama
        8       Sapara
        9       Agnese
        10      Okorobia
        11      Oboli
        12      Elenwua
LP      9008                                                            LP      1956

MANUEL S. ACUNA                 Mexican Folk Dances

        1       Jarabe Tapatio
        2       Zandunga
        3       Chiapanecas
        4       Espuelas
        5       Mas Bonito Pie
        6       Mananitas
        7       Cielito Lindo
        8       Tanchera
        9       Mexican Schottis
        10      Corrido
        11      Jarand Yutaceco
        12      Fantasia Micjoacana
LP      9009                                                            LP      1956
LP     12388                                                            LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     Rock And Rollin' With Fats

        A1      My Blue Heaven
        A2      Swanee River Hop
        A3      Second Line Jump
        A4      Goodbye
        A5      Careless Love
        A6      I Love Her
        B1      I'm In Love Again
        B2      When My Dreamboat Comes Home
        B3      Are You Going My Way
        B4      If You Need Me
        B5      My Heart Is In Your hands
        B6      Fat's Frenzy
LP      9010                                                            LP      1956

WILD BILL DAVIS                 Wild Bill davis On Broadway

        1       Autumn Leaves
        2       Invitation
        3       Cubano Chant
        4       My Funny Valentine
        5       Perdido
        6       Take The "A" Train
        7       I Miss You So
        8       I Remember April
        9       I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
LP      9011                                                            LP      1956

RAYMOND USERA ORCHESTRA         Mambo! Mambo! Mambo! Mambo! Mambo!

        A1      Riff A La Iznaga
        A2      Hay Que Tener
        A3      Mambiandio El Mambo
        A4      Ricoland
        B1      Caribbean Mambo
        B2      Gold Coast Mambo
        B3      Highlight Mambo
        B4      Park Avenue Mambo
LP      9012                                                            LP      1956


        1       Adelita Lind
        2       Rumbarimba
        3       Solamente Una Vez
        4       Paquita
        5       Tu Promesa
        6       Altos Tren
        7       Porque Enganar
        8       Que Quieres Mas De M
LP      9013                                                            LP      1956

JAMES O'FLYNN ORCHESTRA         Irish Folk Dances

        1       Medley: Irish Washerwoman-Connaught Man-Father O'Flynn
        2       Stack Of Barley
        3       Medley: Wind That Shakes The Barley-Rakes O'Mallow-Fairy Reel
        4       Medley: Miss MacCleod's Reel-Peas Upon A Teacher- White Cockade
        5       Medley: O'Donnell Abu-James O'Flynn
        6       Medley: Rickett's Hornpipe-Fischer's Hornpipe- Duranges Hornpipe
        7       Medley: Paddy Whack-Rory O'Moore-Larry O'Gaff
        8       Medley: Garry Owen-Paddy O'Rafferty-Spring O'Shellalagh
LP      9014                                                            LP      1956

ROY HARRISON ORCHESTRA          Music At Midnight

        1       All Alone
        2       Dusk
        3       Lover
        4       Kiss Me Again
        5       Autumn Leaves
        6       Night And Day
        7       Time On My Hands
        8       Say It With Music
        9       Yankee Doodle Dandy
        10      La Paloma
        11      When Day Is Done
        12      Maila Waltz
LP      9015                                                            LP      1956

WILD BILL DAVIS                 Wild Bill davis In Hollywood

        1       Supposin'
        2       Jealousy
        3       High And The Mighty
        4       Tenderly
        5       Let's Fall In Love
        6       At Dawn With Davis
        7       Mr. Wonderful
        8       All The Things You Are
        9       Inter-Modulation
        10      Love Is Here To Stay
LP      9016                                                            LP      1956

ROY HARRISON ORCHESTRA          Care Free Mood

        1       Until Tomorrow
        2       Temptation
        3       Chesapeake Bay
        4       I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
        5       Negra
        6       Deep Purple
        7       Fascinating Rhythm
        8       John Peel
        9       You And The Night And The Music
        10      I Want To Be Happy
        11      Linger Awhile
        12      Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
LP      9017                                                            LP      1956

ROY HARRISON ORCHESTRA          Muisc In A Tender Mood

        1       Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
        2       Londonderry Air
        3       Two Little Girls In Blue
        4       Goodnight Ladies
        5       Carolina Moon
        6       Camptown Races
        7       Destiny Waltz
        8       Brazil
        9       Cock O' The North
        10      I'm In The Mood For Love
        11      I Kiss Your Hand Madame
        12      Well Blow Me Down
        13      Arche De Triomphe
LP      9018                                                            LP      1956

ROY HARRISON ORCHESTRA          Music For Lovers

        1       Saint Louis Blues
        2       Siesta
        3       String Operation
        4       Oh What A Beautiful Morning
        5       I'll See You Again
        6       Liza
        7       Mood Indigo
        8       The Man I Love
        9       Black And Tan Fantasy
        10      Hora Staccato
        11      Mexican Hat Dance
        12      Emperor Waltz
        13      Neapolitan Love Song
LP      9019                                                            LP      1956

REGINALD G.MARSHALL ORCHESTRA   : Music For Romantic Moments

        1       Adios Muchachos
        2       When Day Is Done
        3       I'll See You Again
        4       Time On My Hands
        5       Dream Waltz
        6       Phil The Fluter's Ball
        7       Summertime
        8       Sweethearts
        9       Linger Awhile
LP      9020                                                            LP      1956

SONNY CRISS     : Go Man - It's Sonny Criss And Modern Jazz

        A1      Summertime
        A2      Memories of You
        A3      Wailin' With Joe
        A4      How Deep Is the Ocean
        A5      The Blues for Rose
        A6      The Man I Love
        B1      (It Will Have to Do) Until the Real Thing Comes Along
        B2      Blue Prelude
        B3      After You've Gone
        B4      Come Rain or Come Shine
        B5      How High the Moon
        B6      If I Had You
LP      9021                                                            LP      1956

LEONARD ROSENMAN                Tribute To James Dean

        A1      East Of Eden - Main Title
        A2      East Of Eden - Cal's Dance
        A3      East Of Eden - Nocturne
        A4      East Of Eden - The Vindication Of Cal
        A5      Giant
        B1      Rebel Without A Cause - Main Title
        B2      Rebel Without A Cause - Jim's Ride To The Planetarium
        B3      Rebel Without A Cause - End Of The World
        B4      Rebel Without A Cause - Knife Fight
        B5      Rebel Without A Cause - Death Of Plato & End Titles
        B6      Giant - There's Never Been Anyone Else But You

LP      London          HAP 2040        1957    UK      mono
LP      9022                                                            LP      1956

ERNIE FREEMAN                   Plays Irving Berlin

        1       Alexander's Ragtime Band
        2       How Deep Is The Ocean
        3       Heat Wave
        4       Say It Isn't So
        5       Always
        6       Blue Skies
        7       Reaching For The Moon
        8       I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
        9       All Alone
        10      Song Is Ended
        11      Now It Can Told
LP      9023                                                            LP      1956


        1       My Gal Sal
        2       Beer Barrel Polka
        3       Spinning Wheel
        4       Little Brown Jug
        5       "H"
        6       En El Rancho Grande
        7       You Are My Sunshine
        8       I Like Mountain Music
        9       There Is A Tavern In The Town
        10      Pistol Packin' Mama
        11      Blues Eyes
        12      There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
LP      9024                                                            LP      1956

SONNY CRISS                     Plays Cole Porter

        1       I Love You
        2       Anything Goes
        3       Easy to Love
        4       It's All Right With Me
        5       In the Still of the Night
        6       Love for Sale
        7       Night and Day
        8       Just One of Those Things
        9       What Is This Thing Called Love?
        10      I Get a Kick Out of You

LP      London          LTZP 15094      1956    UK
LP      9025                                                            LP      1956
LP     12011

FRANKIE ORTEGA & HIS GROUP      The Piano Styling Of Frankie Ortega

        A1      I Fell A Song Coming On
        A2      Sunny Side Of The Street
        A3      Thank You For A Lovely Evening
        A4      Where Are You
        A5      Exactly Like You
        B1      Cuban Love Song
        B2      You're A Sweetheart
        B3      I'm In The Mood For Love
        B4      I'm Shooting High
        B5      Lovely Lady
LP      9026                                                            LP      1956

SLIM WHITMAN                    Slim Whitman Sings Country Hits

        A1      By The Waters Of The Minnetonka
        A2      All That I'm Asking Is Sympathy
        A3      Dear Mary
        A4      I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen
        A5      Serenade
        A6      Tumbling Tumbleweeds
        B1      When I Grow Too Old To Dream
        B2      Curtain Of Tears
        B3      I'm Casting A Laso Towards The Sky
        B4      Haunted Hungry Heart
        B5      Roll On Silvery Moon
        B6      We Stood At The Altar
LP      9027                                                            LP      1957
LP     12013

THE WARNE MARSH QUINTET         Jazz Of Two Cities

        A1      Smog Eyes
        A2      Ear Conditioning
        A3      Lover Man
        A4      Quintessence
        B1      Jazz of Two Cities
        B2      Dixie's Dilemma
        B3      Tchaikovky's Opus #42, Third Movement
        B4      I Never Knew
LP      9028                                                            LP   12.1956
LP     12389                                                            LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     This Is Fats Domino

        A1      Blueberry Hill                                  2:21
        A2      Honey Chile                                     1:48
        A3      What's the Reason I'm Not Pleasing You          2:03
        A4      Blue Monday                                     2:18
        A5      So Long                                         2:13
        A6      La La                                           2:16
        B1      Troubles of My Own                              2:16
        B2      You Done Me Wrong                               2:06
        B3      Reeling and Rocking                             2:22
        B4      The Fat Man's Hop                               2:27
        B5      Poor Poor Me                                    2:12
        B6      Trust in Me                                     2:50

LP      London          LTZP 15080      1956    UK
LP      London          HAP  2063       1957    UK
LP      9029                                                            LP      1957

THE MUSIC OF BILL MCGUFFIE      Mademoiselle From Paree !

        A1      Mademoiselle From Paris                         2:46
        A2      Clopin Clopant                                  2:12
        A3      La Seine                                        2:12
        A4      Marie                                           5:30
        A5      Le Fiacre                                       1:38
        A6      Symphony                                        2:58
        B1      C'est Si Bon                                    2:09
        B2      Louise                                          4:05
        B3      Bonn                                            3:04
        B4      April In Paris                                  2:26
        B5      La Mer                                          3:00
        B6      There Was A Time                                2:09
LP      9030                                                            LP      1957

ERNIE FREEMAN                   Jivin'O'Round

        A1      Jivin' Around - Part 1
        A2      Jivin' Around - Part 2
        A3      Return To Me
        A4      Rockin' Around
        A5      Lost Dreams
        A6      Spring Fever
        B1      Walking The Beat
        B2      Rainy Day
        B3      Funny Face
        B4      A Touch Of The Blues
        B5      Flyin' High
        B6      Bluesy Me
LP      9031                                                            LP      1957

BOB HARRINGTON QUARTET          Vibraphone Fantasy In Jazz With...

        A1      Mountain Dew                                    2:53
        A2      Ticklish Situation                              3:03
        A3      Patio Pavanne                                   4:10
        A4      I've Never Been In Love Before                  3:10
        A5      Let's Have Some Ribs                            3:27
        B1      Gone Nuclear Fishin'                            2:30
        B2      How Long Has This Been Going On                 3:52
        B3      Three-fourths                                   2:05
        B4      Little Circumference                            4:47
        B5      Indecision                                      4:22
LP      9032US                                                          LP      1957
NA      240                                                             LP      1985

ELMER BERNSTEIN                 Men In War

CD      1       Sounds of War (Battle / First March)            3:53
        2       Men in War Theme (Men in War/Flowers for Kilian)3:14
        3       Run for Cover (Waiting / Running)               2:58
        4       Forest of Mines                                 4:41
        5       Morning After Battle                            2:04
        6       End of the Road                                 2:51
        7       Impassioned Argument                            1:55
        8       Montana and the Colonel (Theme / Up the Hill)   3:59
        9       The Last March                                  3:10
        10      Quiet Before Attack                             2:12
        11      Salute to Heroes                                3:14
                (Note : soundtrack)

LP      London          HAP 2076        1957    UK
CD      Kritzerland     KR 20020 1      2011    ??
LP      9033                                                            LP      1957

AMADOR BAGASAO ORCHESTRA        Vacation In The Philipines

        1       Esperanza
        2       Mazurka
        3       Carinosa
        4       La Jota
        5       Aetana
        6       Polka Sala
        7       Chotis/Bao
LP      9034                                                            LP      1957


        1       Sicilianella
        2       Tesoro Mio
        3       La Danza
        4       Sicilian Tarantella
        5       Quadriglia Napoletana
        6       Vinca Vieni Amor Mio
        7       Tarantella Napoletana
        8       Saltarello Romano
LP      9035                                                            LP      1057


        A1      Buscando Olvido                                 3:00
        A2      Tarde O Temprano                                3:10
        A3      Te Quiero Con La Vida                           2:42
        A4      Apasionado De Ti                                2:53
        A5      La Mula Bronca                                  2:50
        A6      Alma Llanera                                    2:50
        B1      Yo Te Juro Por Dios                             2:50
        B2      Mi Pueblo Natal                                 2:32
        B3      Los Arranalles                                  2:56
        B4      Mexico Lindo                                    2:55
        B5      El Barzon                                       2:45
        B6      Que Te Ha Dado Esa Mujer                        3:15
LP      9036                                                            LP      1957

ERIK LUNDQUIST                  Vacation In Holland

        1       Vandra Polka
        2       Balen I Karlstad
        3       Spinning Waltz
        4       Tip Top Hambo
        5       Schottis
        6       Gamal Reinlender
        7       To- Tur
        8       Sudmalinas
LP      9037                                                            LP      1957

THE GLENCOE HIGHLANDERS         Vacation In Scotland

        A1      Lock Kathrine                                   4:05
        A2      Dovecote Park                                   4:25
        A3      The Highland Laddie                             4:20
        A4      Glendourel Highlanders                          4:55
        B1      Lord Blantyre                                   3:55
        B2      Jock Wilson's Ball                              4:00
        B3      Sandy Duff                                      4:00
        B4      Bonnie Dundee                                   5:00
LP      9038                                                            LP      1957
LP     12390                                                            LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     Here Stands Fats Domino

        A1      Detroit City Blues                              2:14
        A2      Hide Away Blues                                 2:06
        A3      She's My Baby                                   2:08
        A4      New Baby                                        2:40
        A5      Little Bee                                      2:30
        A6      Every Night About This Time                     2:40
        B1      I'm Walkin'                                     2:12
        B2      I'm in the Mood for Love                        2:47
        B3      Cheatin'                                        2:35
        B4      You Can Pack Your Suitcase                      2:20
        B5      Hey! Fat Man                                    2:04
        B6      I'll Be Gone                                    2:21

LP      London          HAP 2052        1957    UK
LP      9039                                                            LP      1957

GEORGE LIBERACE & HIS ORCHESTRA : George Liberace Goes Teenage

        A1      I'm In Love Again                               2:03
        A2      3 X 7 = 21                                      2:11
        A3      Lost Dreams                                     1:56
        A4      I'm Walkin'                                     2:22
        A5      Ain't It A Shame                                2:27
        A6      Teenagers Holiday                               2:05
        B1      Goin' Home                                      2:14
        B2      I Didn't Want To Do It                          2:13
        B3      Goin' To The River                              2:16
        B4      Blue Monday                                     2:17
        B5      Spring Fever                                    2:06
        B6      I Hear You Knocking                             2:07
LP      9040                                                            LP   08.1957
LP     12391                                                            LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     This Is Fats

        A1      The Rooster Song
        A2      My Happiness
        A3      As Time Goes By
        A4      Hey La Bas
        A5      Love Me
        A6      Don't You Hear Me Calling You
        B1      It's You I Love
        B2      Valley of Tears
        B3      Where Did You Stay
        B4      Baby Please
        B5      Thinking of You
        B6      You Know I Miss You

LP      London          HAP 2087        1958    UK
LP      9041                                                            LP      1957

JOSEPH LILLEY : Beau James-The Life And Times Of Jimmy Walker
(Note : soundtrack)

                Manhattan Main Title
        A1.a    Manhattan
        A1.b    Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May
                Campaign Routine
        A2      Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May
                Manhattan Night Club Scene
        A3      Manhattan
                Greenwich Village After Hours
        A4      Manhattan
        A5      Someone To Watch Over Me
                December In Central Park
        A6      Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May
        B1      When We're Alone ("Penthouse Serenade")
        B2      His Honor, The Mayor Of New York
        B3      Sidewalks Of New York
        B4      Tammany Parade March
        B5      Manhattan End Title
LP      9042                                                            LP      1957

BILLY MAY                       Fuzzy Pink Nightgown
(Note : soundtrack)

        A1      Introduction
        A2      "Coming Next Week"
        A3      Kidnapping Scene
        A4      Travelogue
        A5      Beach House
        A6      Mailbu Beach Mambo
        A7      Dandy
        B1      Fuzzy Pink Nightgown
        B2      Patio
        B3      Laurel's Theme
        B4      No Hard Feelings
        B5      End Title
LP      9043                                                            LP      1957

DIZZY REECE QUINTET             London Jazz

        1       O Moon
        2       Butch
        3       Bang!
        4       This Is Always
        5       Chorous
        6       Basie Line
        7       Out Of Nowhere
        8       Scrapple From The Apple
LP      9044                                                            LP      1957

ANAYOGU UKONU                   African Night Life

        A1      Everybody Goes For Calypso                      2:15
        A2      Ghana Ayeiko                                    3:05
        A3      Drive Her Home                                  3:05
        A4      Abiana                                          2:06
        A5      I Got My Fingers Crossed                        3:10
        A6      AnywhereYou Go                                  3:22
        B1      Obiutom                                         3:37
        B2      Donkey City                                     2:30
        B3      Talking Drums                                   2:15
        B4      Chusie Baby                                     3:22
        B5      Mambo Africana                                  2:25
        B6      Mulenga                                         2:30
LP      9045                                                            LP      1957

REX KOURY                       Stairway To Heaven

        A1      Stairway To The Stars                           4:50
        A2      Over The Rainbow                                4:17
        A3      Shooting Star                                   3:10
        A4      Silver Moon                                     3:40
        A5      Stars Are The Window Of Heaven                  3:15
        A6      You Are My Lucky Star                           2:15
        B1      A Little Bit Of Heaven                          4:21
        B2      Stardust                                        5:10
        B3      Angel's Serenade                                3:52
        B4      Waltzing On The Clouds                          5:25
        B5      My Blue Heaven                                  1:50
LP      9046                                                            LP      1957

TUBBY HAYES QUARTET             Little Giant Of Jazz

        1       Dance Of Aerophragytes
        2       There's No You
        3       Imagination
        4       Peace Pipe
        5       There'll Never Be Another You
        6       Opus De Funk
        7       Straight Life
        8       Ode To Ernie
        9       Foolin' Myself
        10      No I Woody'n
        11      Message To The Messengers
LP      9047                                                            LP      1957

BILL MCGUFFIE                   Bill McGuffie

        1       You Are My Lucky Star
        2       How High The Moon
        3       I'll Close My Eyes
        4       All I Do Is Dream Of You
        5       You Can't Have Everything
        6       The Very Thought Of You
        7       Confidentially
        8       I Wanna Be Loved By You
        9       Should I
        10      I'll Never Smile Again
        11      All Of Me
        12      Good Night Sweetheart
LP      9048                                                            LP   11.1957
LP     12392                                                            LP      1968

RICKY NELSON                    Ricky

        A1      Honeycomb                                       2:53
        A2      Boppin' the Blues                               1:55
        A3      Be-Bop Baby                                     2:00
        A4      Have I Told You Lately That I Love You          1:56
        A5      Teenage Doll                                    1:38
        A6      If You Can't Rock Me                            1:55
        B1      Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On                    2:40
        B2      Baby I'm Sorry                                  2:15
        B3      Am I Blue                                       1:40
        B4      I'm Confessin'                                  2:14
        B5      Your True Love                                  1:56
        B6      True Love                                       1:40

LP      London          HAP 2080        1958    UK
LP      9049                                                            LP      1957

OZZIE AND HARRIET  NELSON       The Ozzie And Harriet Show

        A1      Sugartime                                       1:53
        A2      I Still Get A Thrill                            2:03
        A3      In The Middle Of An Island                      2:30
        A4      Baby Keep Cuddlin' Me                           2:10
        A5      Blue Skies                                      2:16
        A6      Just Because                                    1:46
        B1      All Of Me                                       2:44
        B2      Goody Goody                                     2:14
        B3      Catch A Falling Star                            2:16
        B4      Mandy                                           1:15
        B5      If You Believe It                               2:07
        B6      I Never Knew                                    2:17
LP      9050                                                            LP      1957
LP     12393                                                            LP      1968

RICKY NELSON                    Ricky Nelson

        A1      Shirley Lee                                     1:57
        A2      Someday                                         2:49
        A3      There's Good Rockin' Tonight                    2:39
        A4      I'm Feelin' Sorry                               2:17
        A5      Down the Line                                   2:30
        A6      Unchained Melody                                2:16
        B1      I'm in Love Again                               2:19
        B2      Don't Leave This Way                            2:24
        B3      My Babe                                         2:32
        B4      I'll Walk Alone                                 2:35
        B5      There Goes My Baby                              2:12
        B6      Poor Little Fool                                2:29

LP      London          HAP 2119        1958    UK
LP      9051                                                            LP      1958
LP     12004                                                            LP      1958

VON DEXTER & HIS ORCHESTRA      Music Of Ralph Edwards

        1       Makin' Whoopee
        2       Dinah
        3       That's My Desire
        4       Champagne Waltz
        5       Pennies From Heaven
        6       This Is Your Life
        7       Who Will Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
        8       Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
        9       Hawaiian War Chant
        10      Rose Room
        11      Cheerful Little Earful
        12      Danny Boy
LP      9052                                                            LP      1958
LP     12005                                                            LP      1958

JEFF ALEXANDER ORCHESTRA : Alfred Hitchcock's Music To Be Murdered By

        A1      Music to Be Murdered By                         4:32
        A2      I'll Never Smile Again                          2:35
        A3      I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You      2:43
        A4      After You've Gone                               2:50
        A5      Alfred Hitchcock Television Theme               2:10
        B1      Suspicion                                       2:58
        B2      Body and Soul                                   2:39
        B3      Lover Come Back to Me                           3:33
        B4      I'll Walk Alone                                 3:22
        B5      The Hour of Parting                             2:10

LP      London          HA-P 2130       1958    UK
LP      9053                                                            LP      1958
LP     12006                                                            LP      1958


        A1      All Of Me
        A2      Margie
        A3      Sail Along Silvery Moon
        A4      Up A Lazy River
        A5      Josphine
        A6      April Love
        B1      Lisbon Antigua
        B2      Secret Love
        B3      Again
        B4      Who's Sorry Now
        B5      It Had To Be You
        B6      Whispering
LP      9054                                                            LP      1958

BO RHAMBO                       Diane

        A1      Indian Love Call
        A2      Blues For The Doll
        A3      Lost In A Day Dream
        A4      Move It On Out
        A5      Diane
        B1      Stardust
        B2      Jump Time
        B3      Loafing
        B4      Bo's Blues
        B5      Blue Mist
LP      9055                                                            LP      1958
LP     12394                                                            LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     The Fabulous Mr. D.

        A1      The Big Beat                                    2:00
        A2      I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You    2:35
        A3      What Will I Tell My Heart                       2:35
        A4      Barrel House                                    2:32
        A5      Little Mary                                     1:59
        A6      Sick And Tired                                  2:32
        B1      I Want You To Know                              1:59
        B2      "44"                                            2:30
        B3      Mardi Gras In New Orleans                       2:15
        B4      I Can't Go On                                   2:05
        B5      Long Lonesome Journey                           2:24
        B6      Young School Girl                               1:55
LP      9056                                                            LP      1958
LP     12105                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    Slim Whitman Sings

        A1      Put Your Trust in Me
        A2      When It's Springtime in the Rockies
        A3      At the End of Nowhere
        A4      Mexicali Rose
        A5      My Best to You
        A6      Cowpoke
        B1      A Very Precious Love
        B2      Careless Hands
        B3      Among My Souvenirs
        B4      In the Valley of the Moon
        B5      Candy Kisses
        B6      Tormented

LP      London          HAP 2139        1959    UK
LP      9057                                                            LP      1958
LP     12001                                                            LP      1958

ERNIE FREEMAN                   Ernie Freeman

        A1      Indian Love Call
        A2      Summer Seranade
        A3      Celebration
        A4      Estrallita
        A5      After Sunset
        A6      I'll See you In My Dreams
        B1      The Bells Of St. Marys
        B2      Sleepy Lagoon
        B3      The Glory Of Love
        B4      Sreet Of Dreams
        B5      Poinciana
        B6      September Song
LP      9058                                                            LP      1958
LP     12002                                                            LP      1958

IMPERIAL BRASS BAND             Favorite American Marches

        1       National Emblem
        2       Our Director
        3       Capitan March
        4       Thunderer
        5       Semper Fidelis
        6       Stars And Stripes Forever
        7       Anchors Aweigh
        8       Air Corps March
        9       U.S. Field Artillery March
        10      Semper Paratus
        11      Marine's Hymn
        12      Star Spangled Banner
        13      Taps
LP      9059                                                            LP      1958
LP     12007                                                            LP      1958

FRANCIS FAYE                    Francis Faye Swings Fats Domino

        A1      My Blue Heaven
        A2      Blueberry Hill
        A3      I'm In Love Again
        A4      I'm Walkin'
        A5      It's You I Love
        A6      Goin' Home
        B1      Bo Weevil
        B2      When My Dreamboat Comes Home
        B3      Blue Monday
        B4      Wait And See
        B5      Ain't That A Shame
        B6      Poor Me
LP      9060                                                            LP      1959

RONNIE DEAUVILLE                Ronnie Deauville

        1       Deep In Love
        2       King Of Fools
        3       Glory Of Love
        4       Blame Your Eyes
        5       Tormented
        6       The Wedding Has Started
        7       Dream Girl
        8       The Secret Of Love
        9       I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night
        10      Back In Your Own Back Yard
        11      Nice Work If You Can Get It
        12      Unchained Melody
LP      9061                                                            LP      1959
LP     12090                                                            LP      1968

RICKY NELSON                    Ricky Sings Again

        A1      It's Late                                       1:57
        A2      One of These Mornings                           1:50
        A3      Believe What You Say                            2:04
        A4      Lonesome Town                                   2:15
        A5      Tryin' to Get to You                            2:14
        A6      Be True to Me                                   2:25
        B1      Old Enough to Love                              2:16
        B2      Never Be Anyone Else but You                    2:15
        B3      I Can't Help It                                 2:16
        B4      You Tear Me Up                                  2:20
        B5      It's All in the Game                            1:58
        B6      Restless Kid                                    1:56

LP      London          HAP 2159        1959    UK
LP      9062                                                            LP      1959
LP     12091                                                            LP      1966

FATS DOMINO                     Fats Domino Sings 12.000.000 Records

        A1      The Fat Man                                     2:00
        A2      Blue Monday                                     2:25
        A3      Blueberry Hill                                  2:14
        A4      I'm in Love Again                               2:00
        A5      Going to the River                              2:32
        A6      My Blue Heaven                                  2:10
        B1      Bo Weevil                                       2:00
        B2      Goin' Home                                      2:15
        B3      Please Don't Leave Me                           2:30
        B4      Ain't It a Shame                                2:16
        B5      I'm Walkin'                                     2:12
        B6      Whole Lotta Loving                              2:02
LP      9063                                                            LP      1959

(Note : unissued , re-numbered as LP 9158)
LP      9064                                                            LP      1959
LP     12106                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    Slim Whitman Sings

        A1      Lovesick Blues
        A2      Unchain My Heart
        A3      Hush-A Bye
        A4      Careless Love
        A5      The Whiffenpoof Song
        A6      Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
        B1      When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold
        B2      That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
        B3      A Petal from a Faded Rose
        B4      I'll Never Take You Back aAain
        B5      Singing Hills
        B6      There's a Rainbow in Every Teardrop
LP      9065                                                            LP   09.1958
LP    123924                                                            LP      1968


        A1      You Left Me
        A2      Ain't It Good
        A3      Howdy Podner
        A4      Stack and Billy
        A5      Would You
        A6      Margie
        B1      Hands Across the Table
        B2      When the Saints Go Marching In
        B3      Ida Jane
        B4      Lil' Liza Jane
        B5      I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Some Day
        B6      I Want to Walk You Home

2 Lists 

LP      London          HAP 2223        1959    UK
LP      9066                                                            LP      1959
LP     12009                                                            LP      1959

MANNY LOPEZ & ORCHESTRA         Why Not Cha Cha Cha

        A1      Fantabulous                                     2:27
        A2      Begin The Beguine                               3:10
        A3      Music Makers                                    1:57
        A4      Los Tres Locos                                  2:13
        A5      The Mole                                        2:37
        A6      Oye Mira                                        2:40
        B1      Mexican Hat Dance Cha Cha Cha                   2:23
        B2      Mi Nina Querida                                 2:05
        B3      Orchids In The Moonlight                        2:33
        B4      In Old Monterey                                 2:25
        B5      Serenade In Blue                                1:55
        B6      Cielito Lindo                                   2:15
LP      9067                                                            LP      1959
LP     12010                                                            LP      1959

THE TEDDY BEARS                 The Teddy Bears Sing

        A1      Oh Why                                          2:27
        A2      Unchained Melody                                2:17
        A3      My Foolish Heart                                2:19
        A4      You Said Goodbye                                1:56
        A5      True Love                                       2:00
        A6      Little Things Mean A Lot                        2:27
        B1      I Don't Need You Anymore                        2:40
        B2      Tammy                                           2:06
        B3      Long Ago And Far Away                           2:03
        B4      Don't Go Away                                   2:23
        B5      If I Give My Heart To You                       1:57
        B6      Seven Lonely Days                               1:56
LP      9068                                                            LP      1959
LP     12015                                                            LP      1959


        A1      Moonlight Cha Cha
        A2      Homeward Earth
        A3      Blast Off
        A4      Hydrazine
        A5      Starlight
        A6      Astrosonic
        B1      Rockin' In The Orbit (Space Satellite)
        B2      Moon Mist
        B3      Weightless Blues
        B4      We Get Messages
        B5      Asteroid Hop
        B6      Venus
LP      9069                                                            LP      1959
LP     12012                                                            LP      1959

MANNY LOPEZ AND ORCHESTRA       Cha Cha Cha And More Cha Cha

        A1      Juarez                                          3:04
        A2      Wanderer                                        3:25
        A3      Granada                                         2:40
        A4      El Pollo De Carlitos                            3:22
        A5      Poor Butterfly                                  3:05
        B1      Ramona                                          3:14
        B2      Lazy River                                      2:54
        B3      Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat                  2:48
        B4      Valencia                                        2:53
        B5      Los Tres Locos                                  2:57
LP      9070                                                            LP      1959
LP     12014                                                            LP      1959

JOE LOCO AND ORCHESTRA          Let's Go Loco

        A1      Moderna muchacha
        A2      Regalame esta noche
        A3      Shakin'
        A4      Julie Is Her Name
        A5      Madness
        A6      From This Moment On
        B1      Nightmare
        B2      Tangerine
        B3      September Song
        B4      Take Me in Your Arms
        B5      Summertime
        B6      Gypsy in My Soul
LP      9071                                                            LP      1959
LP     12016                                                            LP      1959

RALPH FLANAGAN                  Plays Your Requests

        1       Linda
        2       I Love Paris
        3       Best Things In Life Are Free
        4       It's A Lovely Day Today
        5       Sometimes I'm Happy
        6       April Showers
        7       Doo Dat
        8       Careless
        9       I Want To Be Happy
        10      The Very Thought Of You
        11      Doodle-Oodle
        12      I'll Get By
LP      9072                                                            LP      1959
LP     12017                                                            LP      1959

CHUCK MILLER                    Now Hear This

        1       Swinging On A Star
        2       How Many Hearts Have You Broken
        3       Shoo Shoo Baby
        4       Saturday Night Fish Fry
        5       Heart And Soul
        6       Personality
        7       G.I. Jive
        8       Five Minutes More
        9       Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
        10      For Sentimental Reasons
        11      Lazy River
        12      Lili Marlene
LP      9073                                                            LP      1959
LP     12019                                                            LP      1959

JOE LOCO AND ORCHESTRA          Happy Go Loco

        A1      Glow Worm                                       2:22
        A2      La Noche De Anoche                              2:01
        A3      Lonnie's Joco                                   2:38
        A4      Mujer                                           2:28
        A5      Autumn Leaves                                   2:33
        A6      Ja Da Cha Cha Cha                               2:07
        B1      Meet Me In Cisco's                              2:18
        B2      Manhattan Spiritual                             2:35
        B3      Let's Go Loco                                   3:11
        B4      Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me              2:05
        B5      Sometimes I'm Happy                             2:35
        B6      What Is This Thind Called Love                  2:57
LP      9074                                                            LP      1959
LP     12021                                                            LP      1959


        A1      Isn't It Romantic                               2:31
        A2      Lullaby Of Birdland                             2:27
        A3      Hot Gavotte                                     2:06
        A4      White Heat                                      3:24
        A5      Runnin' Wild                                    2:15
        A6      I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles                     2:23
        B1      I Know That You Know                            2:08
        B2      The Syncopated Clock                            2:54
        B3      Lazy Bones                                      3:14
        B4      Limehouse Blues                                 2:29
        B5      Ja-Da                                           2:13
        B6      Woody Woodpecker                                2:28
LP      9075                                                            LP      1959
LP     12023                                                            LP      1959

THE LANCERS                     Concert In Contrasts

        1       I'm Happy Being Me
        2       Cherilee
        3       Oh Honey Fare Thee Well
        4       Burru Lullaby
        5       I'll Be Around
        6       By The Waters Of The Minnetonka
        7       Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life
        8       I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
        9       Whispering Grass
        10      Kiss Of Fire
        11      I Almost Lost My Mind
        12      You And I
LP      9076                                                            LP      1959
LP     12025                                                            LP      1959


        A1      s'Pacifica                                      2:17
        A2      Hawaiian War Chant                              2:27
        A3      Drifting Sand                                   1:52
        A4      Marcelle Vahini                                 2:07
        A5      Monsoon                                         2:03
        A6      Sting Ray                                       2:00
        B1      Temptation                                      2:00
        B2      Kona Tide                                       2:42
        B3      SeUali                                          2:00
        B4      Pulupe Nei Ili Ke Anu                           2:00
        B5      Kilauea                                         2:12
        B6      Maui Rain                                       2:50
LP      9077                                                            LP      1959
LP     12024                                                            LP      1959

JACK COOPER                     Lonely Companion

        1       Carioca
        2       It Happened In Ensenada
        3       Jungle Drums
        4       Rico Vacilon
        5       Quiet Village
        6       C'Est Si Bon
        7       Hindustan
        8       Swamp Fire
        9       Tangerine
        10      Sweet Cha Cha
        11      Yes My Love
        12      Adios
        13      Who Cares
LP      9078                                                            LP      1959
LP     12026                                                            LP      1959

PEGGY KING                      Lazy Afternoon

        A1      Rain                                            2:42
        A2      You'll Never Know                               3:10
        A3      Lazy Afternoon                                  2:35
        A4      Till There Was You                              2:20
        A5      Sure Thing                                      2:58
        A6      I Remember You                                  3:10
        B1      Love and the Weather                            2:42
        B2      Imagination                                     3:32
        B3      Love Walked In                                  3:10
        B4      Hi Lili Hi Lo                                   2:50
        B5      Nobody Else But Me                              2:55
        B6      Littleboy Heart                                 2:46
LP      9079                                                            LP      1959
LP     12027                                                            LP      1959

PETULA CLARK                    Pet Clark

        A1      Day In Day Out                                  2:35
        A2      Darn That Dream                                 3:10
        A3      Mama's Talkin' Soft                             2:10
        A4      For The Very First Time                         2:40
        A5      That's How It Feels                             2:28
        A6      (Where Are You?) Now That I Need You            2:52
        B1      I Love A Violin                                 2:08
        B2      I'm In Love Again                               2:32
        B3      A Doodlin' Song                                 2:20
        B4      There's A Small Hotel                           2:26
        B5      Lucky                                           3:02
        B6      Too Darn Hot                                    1:50

LP      PYE             NPL 18039       1965    UK
LP      9080                                                            LP      1959
LP     12028                                                            LP      1959


        1       Stella By Starlight
        2       Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered
        3       The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
        4       Come Rain Or Come Shine
        5       I Married An Angel
        6       A Dreamer's Holiday
        7       When The Wind Was Green
        8       La Vie En Rose
        9       The Song Is You
        10      You Make Me Feel So Young
        11      Take Love Easy
        12      Every Day
LP      9081                                                            LP      1959
LP     12029                                                            LP      1959

MITCHELL BOYS CHOIR             Children's Marching Songs

        1       Happy Wanderer
        2       March Militaire
        3       Toy Trumpet
        4       Farmer In The Dell And Pop Goes The Weasel
        5       Dixie
        6       Whistle While You Work
        7       When Johnny Comes Marching Home
        8       American Patrol
        9       High Ho
        10      Yankee Doodle And London Bridge Is Falling Down
        11      Turkish March
        12      Toreador Song
LP      9082                                                            LP      1959
LP     12030                                                            LP      1959

RICKY NELSON                    Songs By Ricky

        A1      You'll Never Know What You're Missin'           2:30
        A2      That's All                                      2:01
        A3      Just a Little Too Much                          2:10
        A4      One Minute to One                               2:02
        A5      Half Breed                                      2:03
        A6      You're So Fine                                  2:22
        B1      Don't Leave Me                                  2:16
        B2      Sweeter Than You                                2:17
        B3      A Long Vacation                                 2:08
        B4      So Long                                         1:57
        B5      Blood From a Stone                              2:17
        B6      I've Been Thinkin'                              2:03

LP      London          HAP 2206        1960    UK
LP      9083                                                            LP      1959
LP     12018                                                            LP      1959


        1       Melodie D'Amour
        2       Many Times
        3       My One And Only Love
        4       Minstrel Melody
        5       Message Of Love
        6       Plaisir D'Amour
        7       Vivre
        8       Ca C'Est L'Amour
        9       Heart To Heart
        10      Moonlight In Vermont
        11      Temptation Waltz
        12      Melody Of Love
LP      9084                                                            LP      1959

V / A                           Hitsville USA

        1       I Didn't Want To Do It          The Spiders
        2       I'm Slippin' In                 The Spiders
        3       Witchcraft                      The Spiders
        4       The Real Thing                  The Spiders
        5       Bells In My Heart               The Spiders
        6       Toy Bell                        The Bees
        7       I Remember                      Wee Willie Wayne
        8       Travelin' Mood                  Wee Willie Wayne
        9       Natural Natural Ditty           The Jewels
        10      One Night                       Smiley Lewis
        11      Rack 'Em Back                   Bobby Mitchell
LP      9085                                                            LP      1959
LP     12020                                                            LP      1959

RAY MARTIN AND ORCHESTRA        Boots And Saddle

        1       Wagon Wheels
        2       Tomahawk Territory
        3       Last Round-Up
        4       Canadian Sunset
        5       Home On The Range
        6       Rancho Grande
        7       Lonesome Saddle
        8       Ghost Town
        9       Ry Maar Aan
        10      Morning Stage
        11      Gun
        12      Down In The Valley
LP      9086                                                            LP      1959

V / A                           Dixieland Jazz From New Orleans

        1       Bourbon Street Parade           Dukes Of Dixieland
        2       Slide Frog Slide -              Dukes Of Dixieland
        3       Whispering                      Dukes Of Dixieland
        4       Sweet Georgia Brown             Dukes Of Dixieland
        5       Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans : Dukes Of Dixieland
        6       Glory Of Love                   Dukes Of Dixieland
        7       Crazy Man Crazy                 George Girard Band
        8       I Found A New Baby              George Girard Band
        9       I Got Rhythm                    George Girard Band
        10      Three Little Words              George Girard Band
        11      When The Saints Go Marching In : George Girard Band
        12      Barnyard Blues                  George Girard Band
LP      9087                                                            LP      1959
LP     12022                                                            LP      1959

RAY MARTIN AND ORCHESTRA        Martin Goes Latin

        A1      Delicado
        A2      Venezuela
        A3      Sweet And Gentle
        A4      Panama Patrol
        A5      Siesta In Seville
        A6      Concierto For Lovers
        B1      Portuguese Washerwomen
        B2      Chiquito
        B3      Brazilian Serenade
        B4      An Evening In Rome
        B5      Anna
        B6      Serpentinas
LP      9088                                                            LP      1959
LP     12032                                                            LP      1959

SLIM WHITMAN                    I'll Walk With God

        1       I'll Walk With God
        2       Whispering Hope
        3       I'm A Pilgrim
        4       Evening Prayer
        5       Jesus Took My Burden
        6       Sunrise
        7       Walk Beside Me
        8       Each Step I Take
        9       Great Judgment Morning
        10      He Lives On High
        11      Today Is Mine12 When I Go To My Garden
LP      9089                                                            LP      1959
LP     12033                                                            LP      1959

JIMMIE DODD                     Lonely Guitar

        1       September Song
        2       Lonely Guitar
        3       I Thought About You
        4       C'Est La Vie
        5       Cottage For Sale
        6       Tag Along
        7       Don't Get Around Much Anymore
        8       It's So Much Better That Way
        9       A Bluebird Is Singing The Blues
        10      What Happened To Yesterday
        11      Autumn Leaves
        12      Mood Indigo
LP      9090                                                            LP      1960
LP     12034                                                            LP      1960

TONY RANDALL                    Tony Randall

        A-1     Laugh, Clown, Laugh
        A-2     Nature Boy
        A-3     Lagniappe (The Producer)
        A-4     Poor Little Rich Girl
        A-5     All Night D.J.
        A-6     Little Old Lady
        A-7     Lagniappe (Liquor Commercial)
        A-8     Kiss Me Again
        B-1     Little Sir Echo
        B-2     My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua, Hawaii
        B-3     Lagniappe (Cigarette Commercial)
        B-4     Just A Gigolo
        B-5     Stereo Demonstration
        B-6     The Prince George Hotel
        B-7     Lagniappe (The Soldier)
        B-8     Baby, It's Cold Outside
        B-9     Fanny
LP      9091                                                            LP      1960
LP     12035                                                            LP      1960

RALPH FLANAGAN                  Holiday Inn

        1       What Are You Doing On New Year's Eve
        2       Winter Wonderland
        3       Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
        4       Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
        5       June In January
        6       Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow
        7       Skater's Swing
        7       I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
        8       White Christmas
        9       God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
        10      Sleigh Ride
        11      I'll Be Home For Christmas
LP      9092                                                            LP      1960
LP     12036                                                            LP      1960

V / A                           THE YELLOW UNICORN

        A1      Rod McKuen              The Yellow Unicorn      2:55
        A2      Tak Shindo              Cherry Blossoms         2:13
        A3      Julie Meredith          False Hearted Beau      3:29
        A4      Rod McKuen              Kearny Street           3:25
        A5      Tak Shindo              Summer Festival         2:54
        A6      Julie Meredith          Bonnie Laddie           2:40
        B1      Rod McKuen              Six Songs for the Sun   5:27
        B2      Tak Shindo              Autumn Rain             2:20
        B3      Julie Meredith          Russian Wedding         3:38
        B4      Rod McKuen              Third Avenue            2:48
        B5      Tak Shindo : Moon Over the Ruined Castle        2:28
        B6      Julie Meredith          Waiting for the Baby    3:15
LP      9093                                                            LP      1960
LP     12037                                                            LP      1960

WINGY MANONE                    The Wildest Horn In Town

        A1      Pawn Shop Blues                                 3:32
        A2      The Birth Of The Blues                          1:51
        A3      Royal Garden Blues                              2:56
        A4      Tailgate Ramble                                 3:04
        A5      Box Car Blues                                   2:35
        A6      Old Man River                                   2:16
        B1      Corrine Corrina                                 2:25
        B2      Beale Street Blues                              3:24
        B3      Muskrat Ramble                                  2:44
        B4      Memphis Blues                                   2:40
        B5      Isle Of Capri                                   2:18
        B6      Meat Balls Roll                                 2:37
LP      9094                                                            LP      1960
LP     12038                                                            LP      1960

MANNIE KLEIN AND SEXTET         The Sound Of Music

        1       Climb Every Mountain
        2       Sixteen Going On Seventeen
        3       The Sound Of Music
        4       How Can Our Love Survive
        5       An Ordinary Couple
        6       The Lonely Goatherd
        7       Maria
        8       Do Re Mi
        9       No Way To Stop It
        10      My Favorite Things
LP      9095                                                            LP      1960
LP     12039                                                            LP      1960

PAUL SMITH TRIO                 Saratoga

        1       Goose Never Be A Peacock
        2       The Game Of Poker
        3       Petticoat High
        4       Love Held Lightly
        5       Dog Eat Dog
        6       The Men In My Life
        7       You For Me
        8       The Parks Of Paris
        9       Saratoga
LP      9096                                                            LP      1960
LP     12040                                                            LP      1960

HENRY RENE AND ORCHESTRA        The Swingin' 59

        A1      For The First Time
        A2      Mack the Knife
        A3      Battle Hymn of the Republic
        A4      I Want to Walk You Home
        A5      Morgen
        A6      The Three Bells
        B1      Petite Fleur
        B2      Manhattan Spiritual
        B3      Sleep Walk
        B4      Venus
        B5      Kansas City
        B6      Mr. Blue
LP      9097                                                            LP      1960
LP     12041                                                            LP      1960

JIMMIE HASKELL AND HIS BAND     Happiest Band In The Land

        1       Voo-Diddle-Oo-Doo
        2       Hot Canary
        3       Laughing Trombone Ploka
        4       Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing
        5       Beer barrel Polka
        6       Clarinet Polka
        7       Push Pull Polka
        8       Penny Whistle Blues
        9       Doo Wacka Doodle
        10      The Piccolo And The Tuba
        11      The Happiest Band In The Land
        12      Nobody Wants To Go Home
LP      9098                                                            LP      1960
LP     12396                                                            LP      1968

T-BONE WALKER                   T-Bone Walker Sings The Blues

        A1      Strollin' With Bones
        A2      You Don't Love Me
        A3      You Don't Understand
        A4      Say! Pretty Baby
        A5      Tell Me What's The Reason
        A6      Blue Mood
        B1      The Sun Went Down
        B2      Travelin' Blues
        B3      Evil Hearted Woman
        B4      Cold Cold Feeling
        B5      I Got The Blues Again
        B6      Blues Is A Woman

LP      Liberty         LBY 3047        1965    UK      mono
LP      9099                                                            LP      1960

V / A                           Hitsville Volume 2

        A1      Pee Wee Crayton         I Need Your Love
        A2      Johnny Fuller           Garden Of Memories
        A3      Archibald               Stack-A-Lee - Part 1
        A4      Lil' Son Jackson        Spending Money Blues
        A5      Ken Copeland            Pledge Of Love
        A6      Ernie Freeman           Lost Dreams
        B1      Pee Wee Crayton         Every Dog Has A Day
        B2      Johnny Fuller           My Heart Is Bleeding
        B3      Archibald               Stack-A-Lee - Part 2
        B4      Lil' Son Jackson        Rockin' And Rollin
        B5      Ken Copeland            Teenage
        B6      Ernie Freeman           Spring Fever
LP      9100                                                            LP      1960
LP     12042                                                            LP      1960

BO RHAMBO AND COMBO             Enchanted Evening

        A1      Two For The Blues
        A2      Dream Awhile
        A3      Annie Laurie
        A4      Land Of Dreams
        A5      A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
        A6      Caravan
        B1      My Mother's Eyes
        B2      Hollywood Hop
        B3      In My Wildest Dreams
        B4      S'Wonderful
        B5      Blues For Two
        B6      Thanks For Everything
LP      9101                                                            LP      1960
LP     12043                                                            LP      1960

EVELYN FREEMAN                  Sky High

        1       Sky High
        2       Lost Dreams
        3       He
        4       What More Can I Do?
        5       I Believe
        6       You Can Tell
        7       He's Got The Whole World In His Hand
        8       Rock-A Me
        9       Blow Your Blues Away
        10      Ev'ryone Knows
        11      Didn't It Rock, Parts 1 & 2
LP      9102                                                            LP      1960
LP     12102                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    Sings Million Record Hits

        A1      Indian Love Call
        A2      China Doll
        A3      Secret Love
        A4      An Amateur in Love
        A5      Keep a Secret
        A6      The Song of the Old Waterwheel
        B1      Rose Marie
        B2      Haunted Hungry Heart
        B3      Cattle Call
        B4      By the Waters of the Minnetonka
        B5      When I Grow Too Old to Dream
        B6      I Talk to the Waves
LP      9103                                                            LP      1960
LP     12103                                                            LP      1966

FATS DOMINO                     Sings Million Record Hits

        A1      You Said You Love Me                            2:35
        A2      I Still Love You                                2:00
        A3      Be My Guest                                     2:08
        A4      Country Boy                                     2:10
        A5      If You Need Me                                  1:50
        A6      I Want to Walk You Home                         2:15
        B1      It's You I Love                                 2:06
        B2      I've Been Around                                1:54
        B3      I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Some Day                   2:02
        B4      I'm Ready                                       2:02
        B5      Margie                                          2:15
        B6      I Want You to Know                              1:59
LP      9104                                                            LP      1960

LEE BEDFORD JR. AND BILL MOONEY : Square Dances With Calls

        1       Little Brown Jug
        2       Hey Diddle Diddle
        3       Roll The Barrel
        4       Flower Girl Waltz
        5       "H"
        6       Spinning Wheel
        7       Four In Line You Travel
        8       The Girl I Left Behind Me
        9       Arkansas Traveler
        10      Mademoiselle From Armentiers
        11      Texas Star
        12      Red River Valley
LP      9105                                                            LP      1960
LP     12044                                                            LP      1960

SANDY NELSON                    Sandy Nelson Plays Teen Beat

        A1      Teen Beat
        A2      Jivin' Around (Part 1 and Part 2)
        A3      Funny Face
        A4      The Wiggle
        A5      Rainy Day
        A6      Drum Party
        B1      In the Mood
        B2      Alexes
        B3      Lost Dreams
        B4      I'm Walkin'
        B5      Boom Chicka Boom
        B6      Party Time

LP      London          SAHP 6082       1960    UK      stereo
LP      London          HAP 2260        1960    UK      mono
LP      9106                                                            LP      1960
LP     12045                                                            LP      1960


        A1      Left Bank Rock                                  1:52
        A2      Jerry´s Song                                    2:21
        A3      Tumbling Tumbleweeds                            2:39
        A4      Fender Bender                                   2:08
        A5      Frankie And Johnny                              1:27
        A6      Loco Motion                                     2:20
        B1      Jambalaya                                       1:51
        B2      Driftin´Along                                   2:22
        B3      Sweet Mama Treetop Tall                         1:59
        B4      Columbus Stockade Blues                         2:01
        B5      Crazy Guitar                                    2:23
        B6      Rock Around The Clock                           3:00
LP      9107                                                            LP      1960
LP     12064                                                            LP      1960

GEORGIA GIBBS                   Something's Gotta Give

        A1      In Other Words
        A2      Loch Lomond
        A3      You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
        A4      Willow, Tit-Willow
        A5      Tammy
        A6      Stay Here With Me
        B1      Something's Gotta Give
        B2      Last Night When We Were Young
        B3      So in Love
        B4      Do It Again
        B5      Finjan
        B6      Hush-a-Bye
LP      9108                                                            LP      1960
LP     12046                                                            LP      1960

THE VALLEY SINGERS              Canaan's Land

        1       Canaan's Land
        2       (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)
        3       Ev'rybody's Gonna Have A Wonderful Time Up There
        4       How Great Thou Art
        5       A Beautiful Life
        6       This World Is Not My Home
        7       Wait For The Light To Shine
        8       Just A Little Talk With Jesus
        9       On The Jericho Road
        10      I'm On The Battlefield
        11      Where No One Stands Alone
        12      Where Could I Go?
LP      9109                                                            LP      1960
LP     12047                                                            LP      1960

GEORGE WYLE AND ORCHESTRA       Hawaiian Holiday

        1       To You Sweetheart Aloha
        2       Hawaiian Paradise
        3       Hawaiian Wedding Song
        4       Song Of The Islands
        5       Lovely Hula Hands
        6       Drifting And Dreaming
        7       My Isle Of Golden Dreams
LP      9110                                                            LP      1960
LP     12048                                                            LP      1960

BO RHAMBO AND COMBO             Tender Moments

        1       Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
        2       Beautiful Love
        3       Be My Love
        4       Love Like This
        5       Love Your Thrill
        6       Orchids In The Moonlight
        7       Body And Soul
        8       I'll Be Seeing You
        9       Tenderly
        10      Very Thought Of You
        11      I Surrender Dear
LP      9111                                                            LP      1960
LP     12049                                                            LP      1960

EDDIE BAXTER                    Wedding Bells

        1       Wedding March
        2       Bridal March
        3       I Love Thee
        4       Because
        5       O Promise Me
        6       I Love You Truly
        7       Love And Marriage
        8       Friendly Persuasion
        9       I Love You
        10      True Love
        11      All The Things You Are
        12      Wonderful One
LP      9112                                                            LP      1960
LP     12050                                                            LP      1960

RALPH FLANAGAN                  They're Playing Our Song

        1       It's Magic
        2       Time On My Hands
        3       Moon Glow
        4       As Time Goes By
        5       I Could Have Danced All Night
        6       Melody Of Love
        7       What Is This Thing Called Love
        8       P.S. I Love You
        9       I Don't Know Why
        10      Fascination
        11      You're My Everything
        12      Hot Toddy Cha Cha
LP      9113                                                            LP      1960
LP     12051                                                            LP      1960

HANK "MITTENS" HOYT             Flicker Moods

        1       Music Music Music
        2       Checker's Song
        3       Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
        4       Imperial Rag
        5       Captain Charlie's Showboat
        6       Gas Light Rag
        7       By The Light Of The Silvery Moon-Billy (I Always Dream Of Bill)
        8       Welcome To Dogpath
        9       Russian Rag
        10      In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
        11      The Bird In The Golden Cage
        12      Flicker Moods
LP      9114                                                            LP      1961
LP     12052                                                            LP      1961

JULIE MEREDITH                  Songs Of Vice And Virtue

        1       Vaine Lady Gaye
        2       The Lady And The Unicorn
        3       The Bold Robber Lad
        4       The First Groomsman
        5       The Ruined Maid
        6       Zulaika
        7       Katiarina
        8       Rue
        9       Come All Ye Fair
        10      The Cuckoo
        11      Monday Morning
        12      Hilo
LP      9115                                                            LP      1961
LP     12115

PHIL TUCKER                     All Tuckered Out

        1       Still Laughing
        2       All Tuckered Out
LP      9116                                                            LP      1961
LP     12397                                                            LP      1968

T-BONE WALKER                   Singing The Blues

        A1      Glamour Girl                                    2:28
        A2      The Hustle                                      2:30
        A3      Alimony Blues                                   2:35
        A4      News for My Baby                                3:00
        A5      Love Is Just a Gamble                           2:43
        A6      I'm Still in Love With You                      2:14
        B1      I'm About to Lose My Mind                       2:28
        B2      I Got the Blues                                 3:01
        B3      Everytime                                       2:45
        B4      Bye, Bye, Baby                                  2:32
        B5      I'll Understand                                 2:05
        B6      Teen Age Baby                                   2:15
LP      9117                                                            LP      1961
LP     12054                                                            LP      1961


        1       God Of Loveliness
        2       Adoramus Te
        3       Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above
        4       Ave Maria
        5       O Sanctissima
        6       Panis Angelicus
        7       Soul Of My Savior
        8       Ave Verum
        9       O Sacrum Convivium
        10      O Lord I am Not Worthy
        11      O Salutaris Hostia
        12      Tantum Ergo
        13      Holy God We Priaise Thy Name
LP      9118                                                            LP      1961
LP     12055                                                            LP      1961

APRIL STEVENS                   Teach Me Tiger!

        A1      Do It Again
        A2      Teach Me Tiger
        A3      I Want a Lip
        A4      In Other Words
        A5      I Get Ideas
        A6      Talk to Me
        B1      I'm in Love Again
        B2      That's My Name
        B3      I'm Making Believe
        B4      I'll Wait for Your Love
        B5      Can't Be Wrong
        B6      When My Baby Smiles at Me
LP      9119                                                            LP      1961
LP     12056                                                            LP      1961


        1       Almatlan
        2       Cyere Hozzam
        3       Esso Utan
        4       A Templomban
        5       Varok
        6       Alom
        7       Edesen
        8       Lorenke
        9       Banatosan
        10      Abrand
        11      Udvozlom
        12      Patak Mellet
LP      9120                                                            LP      1961
LP     12057                                                            LP      1961


        A1      Hietsuki Bushi
        A2      Kokoni Sachiare
        A3      Oedo Mehon Bashi
        A4      Children's Mother
        A5      Ringo O Iwake
        A6      Akai Rampu No Shu Resha
        A7      Itsuki Komori Uta
        B1      Chakkiari Bushi
        B2      Hana Kota Ha No Uta
        B3      Aizu Ban Dai San
        B4      To Ryan Se
        B5      Hana Gasa Docki
        B6      Wakare No Isochidori
        B7      Sakura Fantasy Medley
                a. Ame No Jo Cho
                b. Genroku Hanami Octori
                c. Sakura
LP      9121                                                            LP      1961
LP     12058                                                            LP      1961

JIMMIE DODD                     Swing-A-Spell

        1       Rag Mop
        2       Harrigan
        3       M-O-T-H-E-R
        4       Constantinople
        5       Do-Re-Mi
        6       Mickey Mouse Cha- Cha- Cha
        7       Massachusetts
        8       Alphabet Song
        9       "A" You're Adorable
        10      Encyclopedia
        11      L-O-V-E Y-O- U
        12      I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo
LP      9122                                                            LP      1961
LP     12059                                                            LP      1961

RICKY NELSON                    More Songs By Ricky

        A1      I'm Not Afraid                                  2:35
        A2      Baby Won't You Please Come Home                 2:10
        A3      Here I Go Again                                 2:13
        A4      I'd Climb the Highest Mountain                  2:06
        A5      Make Believe                                    2:12
        A6      Ain't Nothin' but Love                          2:22
        B1      When Your Lover Has Gone                        2:23
        B2      Proving My Love                                 2:01
        B3      Hey Pretty Baby                                 2:20
        B4      Time After Time                                 2:11
        B5      I'm All Through with You                        2:44
        B6      Again                                           1:52

LP      London          SAHP 2290       1960    UK
LP      9123                                                            LP      1961
LP     12060                                                            LP      1961


        1       Bohemian Wedding Polka
        2       Helena Polka
        3       Old Fashion Oberek
        4       Frankie's Oberek
        5       Last Kiss Waltz
        6       Monopole Polka
        7       Convention City Polka
        8       Stubborn Girl Oberek
        9       Continental Waltz Medley
        10      Hoosha Shoosha Polka
        11      Last Polka.Crakoviak
LP      9124                                                            LP      1961
LP     12061                                                            LP      1961

VON DEXTER ORCHESTRA            Like Yesterday

        1       Makin' Whoopee
        2       Dinah
        3       That's My Desire
        4       Champagne Waltz
        5       Pennies From Heaven
        6       This Is Your Life
        7       Who Will Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
        8       Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
        9       Hawaiian War Chant
        10      Rose Room
        11      Cheerful Little Earful
        12      Danny Boy
LP      9125                                                            LP      1961
LP     12062                                                            LP      1961

OSCAR CELESTIN                  Dixieland King

        1       Marie Laveau
        2       Tin Roof Blues
        3       Clarinet Marmalade
        4       Indiana
        5       Tailgate Ramble
        6       Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
        7       March Of The Bobcats
        8       World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
        9       When The Saints Go Marching In
        10      Down By The Riverside
LP      9126                                                            LP      1961
LP     12063                                                            LP      1961

V / A                           Tango Album
LP      9127                                                            LP      1961
LP     12066                                                            LP      1961

FATS DOMINO                     A Lot Of Dominos!

        A1      Put Your Arms Around Me Honey                   1:56
        A2      Three Nights a Week                             1:45
        A3      Shurah                                          1:47
        A4      Rising Sun                                      1:59
        A5      My Girl Josephine                               2:00
        A6      The Sheik of Araby                              2:44
        B1      Walking to New Orleans                          1:54
        B2      Don't Come Knockin'                             1:56
        B3      Magic Isles                                     2:57
        B4      You Always Hurt the One You Love                3:46
        B5      It's the Talk of the Town                       2:27
        B6      Natural Born Lover                              4:20
LP      9128                                                            LP      1961
LP     12065                                                            LP      1961

JOHNNY VANDAL                   Lotsa Polkas

        1       Join The Fun
        2       Jolly Five
        3       Pol-Kats Polka
        4       Do I Still Belong To You
        5       Ginny Darling
        6       Pretty Girl Polka
        7       Marilyn
        8       Skipper's Polka
        9       Please Come Back
        10      Bell Polka
        11      Please
        12      Memories Waltz
LP      9129                                                            LP      1961

GARRY MILLS                     Circus Of Horrors
(Note : soundtrack)

        1       Look For A Star Parts 1
        2       Look For A Star Parts 2
LP      9130                                                            LP      1961

JERRY BLOOM                     Do You Want To Become A Movie Star ?
LP      9131                                                            12"     1961

UKIE SHERIN                     Go Make Friends

        A       Go Make Friends
        B       Go Make Friends
LP      9132 W                                                          LP      1961
LP     12068                                                            LP      1961

MAURICE CHEVALIER               Breath Of Scandal
(Note : soundtrack)

        1       Prelude
        2       Marcia Alla Tedesca
        3       Olympia
        4       Can-Can
        5       A Breath Of Scandal
        6       Courtly Humor
        7       Olympia
        8       A Breath Of Scandal
        9       Austrian March No. 1
        10      A Smile In Vienna
        11      Hapsburg Waltz
        12      Austrian March No. 2
        13      Lovely Olympia
        14      Tender Thoughts
        15      A Breath Of Scandal
        16      Lovesick
        17      Prince Phillip Waltz
        18      A Breath Of Scandal
        19      Austrian Dreams Waltz
        20      Finale
LP      9133                                                            LP      1961
LP     12067                                                            LP      1961

ERNIE FREEMAN                   Dark At The Top Of The Stairs

        A1      Save The Last Dance For Me                      2:32
        A2      The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs               2:28
        A3      Night Theme                                     2:53
        A4      My Heart Has A Mind Of It's Own                 2:15
        A5      Only The Lonely                                 2:42
        A6      Come On Home                                    2:28
        B1      The Twist                                       2:34
        B2      Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini2:17
        B3      Volare                                          2:10
        B4      Walking To New Orleans                          2:35
        B5      Devil Or Angel                                  2:45
        B6      O Sole Mio                                      1:54
LP      9134                                                           LP      1961

ISLAND VAGABONDS                Serenade Of Hawaii

        1       Chapel In Hawaii
        2       Hawaii
        3       Hawaiian Honeymoon
        4       Hawaiian Shores
        5       Honolulu Hula Girl
        6       Honolulu Moon
        7       Island Love
        8       Remember Waikiki
        9       Smile As We Say Aloha
        10      Some Night In Hawaii
        11      Waikiki Wiggle
        12      You'll Find Romance In Hawaii
LP      9135                                                            LP      1961
LP     12135                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    First Visit To Britain

        1       I'll Never Stop Loving You
        2       First One To Find The Rainbow
        3       Brahm's Lullaby
        4       Two Loves Have I
        5       Tree In The Meadow
        6       Many Times
        7       Hawaiian Cowboy
        8       I'll Sail My Ship Alone
        9       Fool Such As I
        10      Heartbreak Hill
        11      Never See Maggie Alone
        12      You're The Only One
LP      9136                                                            LP      1961
LP     12089                                                            LP      1961

SANDY NELSON                    He's A Drummer Boy

        A1      Cool Operator                                   2:11
        A2      Feet Beat                                       2:02
        A3      Linda Lou                                       2:41
        A4      Bullfrog                                        3:11
        A5      Tough Beat                                      2:41
        A6      Raunchy                                         2:23
        B1      Jive Talk                                       2:15
        B2      Jumpin' Jungles                                 1:51
        B3      Flip                                            2:45
        B4      Big Noise From the Jungle                       2:55
        B5      Walkin' to Hartford                             2:11
        B6      Time Tam                                        1:51
LP      9137                                                            LP      1961
LP     12137                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    Just Call Me Lonesome

        A1      Vaya Con Dios
        A2      Just Call Me Lonesome
        A3      It's A Sin
        A4      I Love You Because
        A5      Sail Along Silv'ry Moon
        A6      Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You)
        B1      Ramona
        B2      The Old Lamplighter
        B3      I'd Climb The Highest Mountain
        B4      For All We Know
        B5      The Bells That Broke My Heart
        B6      I'll Do As Much For You Some Day

LP      London          HAP 2392        1961    UK      mono
LP      9138                                                            LP    011961
LP     12398                                                            LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     I Miss You So

        A1      I Miss You So                                   2:16
        A2      It Keeps Rainin'                                2:43
        A3      Ain't That Just Like a Woman                    2:36
        A4      Once in a While                                 2:27
        A5      I Hear You Knockin'                             1:54
        A6      Isle of Capri                                   2:14
        B1      What a Price                                    2:20
        B2      When I Was Young                                1:34
        B3      Fell in Love on Monday                          1:55
        B4      My Bleeding Heart                               1:47
        B5      Easter Parade                                   2:25
        B6      I'll Always Be in Love With You                 1:55

LP      London          HAP 2364        1961    UK
LP      9139                                                            LP      1961

LUIS RIVERA                     Filet Of Soul

        A1      Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying              3:50
        A2      Mona's Groove                                   3:15
        A3      Blues For Sylvia, Part 1.                       3:05
        A4      Blues For Sylvia, Part 2.                       4:50
        A5      The Beautiful Truth                             2:40
        B1      Filet Of Soul                                   2:25
        B2      Lonesome Road                                   4:35
        B3      Blues For Terry, Part 1.                        4:08
        B4      Blues For Terry, Part 2.                        2:45
        B5      Home                                            4:49
        B6      That's All                                      3:00
LP      9140                                                            LP      1961

THE SPIDERS                     I Didn't Wanna Do It

        A1      I Didn't Wanna Do It                            2:44
        A2      You're The One                                  2:01
        A3      I'm Slippin In                                  2:32
        A4      Mmm Mmm Baby                                    2:44
        A5      Walking Around In Circles                       2:35
        A6      I'm Searching                                   2:16
        B1      That's Enough                                   2:22
        B2      Sukey, Sukey, Sukey                             ?
        B3      Am I The One                                    2:27
        B4      Don't Knock                                     2:26
        B5      (True) You Don't Love Me                        2:30
        B6      Witchcraft                                      2:35
LP      9141                                                            LP      1961

SMILEY LEWIS                    I Hear You Knocking

        A1      The Bells Are Ringing                           2:25
        A2      Standing on the Corner                          2:36
        A3      Blue Monday                                     2:42
        A4      Down the Road                                   2:14
        A5      Lost Weekend                                    2:21
        A6      Real Gone Lover                                 2:35
        B1      Bumpity Bump                                    2:28
        B2      I Hear You Knocking                             2:44
        B3      I Can't Believe It                              2:13
        B4      Hey Girl                                        2:16
        B5      One Night                                       2:26
        B6      Nothing but the Blues                           2:15
LP      9142                                                            LP      1961

LIL' SON JACKSON                Rockin' An'Rollin'

        A1      Everybody's Blues                               2:15
        A2      Travelin' Woman                                 2:21
        A3      Aching Heart                                    2:19
        A4      Mr. Blues                                       2:30
        A5      Restless Blues                                  2:31
        A6      Wondering Blues                                 2:30
        B1      Time Changes Things                             2:31
        B2      Rockin' and Rollin'                             2:30
        B3      Two Timin' Women                                2:30
        B4      Rocky Road                                      2:33
        B5      New Year's Resolution                           2:32
        B6      Young Woman Blues                               2:30
LP      9143                                                            LP      1961

CECIL L.SHAW                    I Stretch My Hand To Thee

        1       Jesus Be My Keeper
        2       Pray On My Child
        3       Jesus Gave Me Life
        4       See My Jesus By And By
        5       I Got Jesus In My Heart
        6       Heaven Bells Have Called Mother Home
        7       Jesus My Friend
        8       Walk With The Lord
        9       Yes God Knows
        10      Have Mercy My Father
        11      A Christian's Plea
        12      Livin' My Life For Jesus
LP      9144                                                            LP      1961

WEE WILLIE WAYNE                Travelin' Mood

        A1      Hard To Handle
        A2      In Love With You
        A3      Let's Have A Ball
        A4      Sweet Little Woman
        A5      When Night Falls
        A6      Bad Morning Blues
        B1      Ageable Woman
        B2      Vacant Pillow Blues
        B3      A Two-Faced Man
        B4      Bad Weather Blues
        B5      Travellin' Mood
        B6      I Remember
LP      9145                                                            LP      1961

V / A                           My Cup Runneth Over

        1       My Cup Runneth Over             Prophet B.W. West
        2       Laid My Burden Down             Prophet B.W. West
        3       I'm Satisfied                   New Orleans Humming Four
        4       Twelve Gates To The City        New Orleans Humming Four
        5       Testing Faith                   Rev. G.W. Killens
        6       Fighting For Jesus              Rev. G.W. Killens
        7       All Mighty God                  Ethel Davenport
        8       God On My Side                  Ethel Davenport
        9       Unfair Deeds                    Silverlight Quartet
        10      Lend Me A Helping Hand          Silverlight Quartet
LP      9146                                                            LP      1961

T-BONE WALKER                   I Get So Weary

        A1      Here in the Dark                                2:40
        A2      I Miss You Baby                                 2:12
        A3      Life Is Too Short                               2:33
        A4      Welcome Blues                                   2:23
        A5      I Get So Weary                                  2:38
        A6      You Just Wanted to Use Me                       2:22
        B1      Through With Women                              3:07
        B2      Street Walking Woman                            2:33
        B3      Party Girl                                      2:50
        B4      High Society                                    2:50
        B5      Lollie Lou                                      2:53
        B6      Got No Use For You                              2:13
LP      9147                                                            LP      1961
LP     12070                                                            LP      1961

ST.CHARLES CHOIR                Catholic Hymns Volume 2

        A1      All Glory, Praise, And Honor                    1:38
        A2      Ave Verum Corpus                                1:48
        A3      Christus Vincit!                                2:06
        A4      Lourdes Hymn                                    1:51
        A5      Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All                  2:40
        A6      Come Holy Ghost                                 2:26
        A7      Our Father                                      2:27
        B1      Veni, Veni Emmanuel                             1:35
        B2      O Sacred Head, Surrounded                       3:16
        B3      Ave Maria! O Maiden, O Mother                   3:30
        B4      O Bone Jesu                                     2:10
        B5      Tantum Ergo                                     1:24
        B6      Blest Creator Of The Light                      1:50
LP      9148                                                            LP      1961

ERNIE FREEMAN                   Raunchy

        A1      The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise            2:29
        A2      Swamp Meeting                                   2:37
        A3      That's All                                      2:31
        A4      Love And Devotion                               3:04
        A5      Down Town                                       2:41
        A6      Come On Home                                    2:14
        B1      C.C. Rider - Part I                             3:19
        B2      C.C. Rider - Part II                            3:38
        B3      Raunchy                                         2:15
        B4      Up Town                                         3:46
        B5      My Foolish Heart                                2:25
        B6      Play Mr. Freeman                                2:03
LP      9149                                                            LP      1961

OSCAR CELESTIN                  Birth Of The Blues

        A1      Some of These Days
        A2      Dipper Mouth Blues
        A3      Darktown Strutter's Ball
        A4      Exactly Like You
        A5      A-la-bas
        A6      High Society
        B1      Just a Closer Walk with Thee
        B2      Birth of the Blues
        B3      Bye-Bye Blackbird
        B4      Basin Street Blues
        B5      Jazz Me Blues
        B6      Panama Rag
LP      9150                                                            LP      1961
LP     12069                                                            LP      1961

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB : Rutgers University Glee Club

        1       Magnum Mysterium
        2       My Love's An Arbutus
        3       Interrupted Serenade
        4       Drinking Song
        5       Every Time I Feel The Spirit
        6       Rutger's Toast
        7       Bow To Queens
        8       Old Queen's Bell
        9       Loyal Sons Of Rutgers
        10      On The Banks Of The Old Raritan
LP      9151                                                            LP      1961
LP     12072                                                            LP      1961


        A1      In A Little Spanish Town                        2:36
        A2      Parisian Room Boogie                            2:35
        A3      Just A Closer Walk With Thee                    2:57
        A4      Beale Street Blues                              1:56
        A5      Who's Sorry Now                                 2:00
        A6      Rosetta                                         1:50
        B1      Lady Be Good                                    1:53
        B2      That's My Desire                                2:35
        B3      Hindustan                                       2:00
        B4      Little Boy Blue                                 2:02
        B5      When You're Smiling                             1:30
        B6      Any Time                                        1:54
LP      9152                                                            LP      1961
LP     12071                                                            LP      1961

RICKY NELSON                    Rick Is 21

        A1      My One Desire
        A2      That Warm Summer Night
        A3      Break My Chain
        A4      Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
        A5      I'll Make Believe
        A6      Travelin' Man
        B1      Oh Yeah, I'm in Love
        B2      Everybody But Me
        B3      Lucky Star
        B4      Sure Fire Bet
        B5      Stars Fell on Alabama
        B6      Hello Mary Lou
LP      9153                                                            LP      1961
LP     12073                                                            LP      1961

FATS DOMINO                     Let The Four Winds Blow

        A1      Along The Navajo Trail
        A2      You Win Again
        A3      One Night
        A4      I'm Alone Because I Love You
        A5      Won't You Come On Back
        A6      Trouble Blues
        B1      I Can't Give You Anything But Love
        B2      Good Hearted Man
        B3      Your Cheating Heart
        B4      Let The Four Winds Blow
        B5      In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
        B6      Am I Blue

LP      London          HAP 2420        1962    UK
LP      9154                                                            LP      1961
LP     12074                                                            LP      1961

JACKIE MILES                    120 Pounds Dripping Wet
LP      9155                                                            LP      1961

FLIP WILSON                     Flippin'

        A       Part 1                                          21:35
        B       Part 1                                          21:35
LP      9156                                                            LP      1961
LP     12156                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    Once In A Lifetime

        A1      Roll River Roll                                 2:48
        A2      Cool Water                                      2:49
        A3      Poor Little Angeline                            2:08
        A4      Wherever You Are                                2:11
        A5      Too Tired To Care                               2:21
        A6      Once In A Lifetime                              2:10
        B1      Twilla Lee                                      2:32
        B2      The Letter Edged In Black                       2:46
        B3      River Of Tears                                  2:30
        B4      A Lonesome Hearth                               2:19
        B5      Wind                                            2:58
        B6      When I Call On You                              2:48
LP      9157                                                            LP      1961
LP     12081                                                            LP      1961

ERNIE FREEMAN                   Twistin' Time

        A1      The Twist
        A2      Save The Last Dance For Me
        A3      Dumplin's
        A4      Conquest
        A5      Volare
        A6      Live It Up
        B1      Beautiful Weekend
        B2      River Boat
        B3      Night Sounds
        B4      Diane
        B5      Marshmellows, Popcorn And Soda Pop
        B6      Honey Dripper
LP      9158                                                            LP      1961

FRANCIS FAYE                    Sings The Blues

        1       Am I Blue
        2       Why Don't You Do Right
        3       Driftin' Blues
        4       Everybody's Somebody's Fool
        5       Fever
        6       My Babe
        7       Blue Prelude
        8       I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
        9       Since I Fell For You
        10      Basin Street Blues
        11      Blues In The Night
        12      My Blue Heaven
LP      9159                                                            LP      1961
LP     12080                                                            LP      1961

SANDY NELSON                    Let There Be Drums

        A1      Slippin' and Slidin'                            2:05
        A2      Tequila                                         2:49
        A3      My Girl Josephine                               2:26
        A4      Big Noise From Winnetka                         2:11
        A5      Let There Be Drums                              2:14
        A6      Bouncy                                          1:50
        B1      The Birth of the Beat                           10:00
        B2      Quite a Beat                                    1:52
        B3      Get With It                                     2:05

LP      London          HAP 2425        1962    UK
LP      London          SAHP 6121       1962    UK
LP      9160                                                            LP      1962

PUNCH MILLER                    Hongo Fongo

        1       Milenberg Joys
        2       Alexander's Ragtime Band
        3       Ice Cream
        4       Punch Miller Blues
        5       I Ain't Got Nobody
        6       Hongo Fongo
        7       Back In The Good Old Days In New Orleans
        8       I've Been Mistreated
        9       Nelly Gray
        10      Somebody Stole My Gal
        11      I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
        12      Oh Lady Be Good
LP      9161                                                            LP      1961
LP     12075                                                            LP      1961

PAUL MARKS ORCHESTRA            Golden Melodies From Japan

        1       Kempire Fune
        2       Misuiro No Waltz
        3       Yagi Bushi
        4       Sado Okesa
        5       Nuje No Yume
        6       Shina No Yeru
        7       Tokyo Dodon' Pa Musume
        8       Shojoji
        9       Gien Kouta
        10      Dare Yori Mo Kimi Wo Aisu
        11      Koi San No Love Call
        12      Susu Kake No Michi
        13      Oshima Bushi
        14      Sumire No Hana
LP      9162                                                            LP      1961
LP     12076                                                            LP      1961

DAVE BARTHOLOMEW                Fats Domino Prsents Dave Bartholomew
                                And His Great Big Band

        1       Blueberry Hill
        2       Ain't That A Shame
        3       Troubles Of My Own
        4       Blue Monday
        5       So Long
        6       Honey Chile
        7       I'm Walkin'
        8       Going To The River
        9       Let The Four Winds Blow
        10      I'm In Love Again
        11      The Fat Man
        12      Goin' Home
LP      9163                                                            LP      1961
LP     12077                                                            LP      1961

SLIM WHITMAN                    Slim Whitman Sings Annie Laurie

        1       Sweeter than The Flowers
        2       Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
        3       Eileen
        4       Straight From Heaven
        5       Most Beautiful
        6       Molly Darlin'
        7       Annie Laurie
        8       It Sure Looks Lonesome Outside
        9       In A Hundred Years
        10      Old Spinning Wheel
        11      Ten Thousand Teardrops
        12      Yesterday's Love
LP      9164                                                            LP      9161

FATS DOMINO                     What A Party!

        A1      Did You Ever See a Dream Walking
        A2      Rockin' Bicycle
        A3      Before I Grow Too Old
        A4      Ain't Gonna Do It
        A5      Bad Luck and Trouble
        A6      Hold Hands
        B1      Trouble in Mind
        B2      Coquette
        B3      What a Party
        B4      I Just Cry
        B5      I've Been Calling
        B6      Tell Me That You Love Me

LP      London          HAP 2426        1962    UK
LP      9165                                                            LP      1961
LP     12078                                                            LP      1961

CYRIL STAPLETON                 Crown Jewels

        1       Opals
        2       Topaz
        3       Emeralds
        4       Turquoise
        5       Rubies
        6       Jade
        7       Pearls
        8       Ambers
        9       Moonstones
        10      Aquamarine
        11      Diam onds
        12      Sapphire
LP      9166                                                            LP      1961
LP     12079                                                            LP      1961

JOE LOCO ORCHESTRA              Pachanga Twist

        A1      Taffy Twist                                     2:33
        A2      Pachanga Tweest #1                              2:48
        A3      Splish-Splash                                   2:26
        A4      And The Bull Walked Around "Olay"               2:10
        A5      They Didn't Believe Me                          2:16
        A6      Curtain Time                                    3:03
        B1      Fraulein                                        2:34
        B2      I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know             2:23
        B3      Port Of Spain                                   4:00
        B4      The Edge Of The Sea                             3:00
        B5      Pachanga Tweest #2                              2:44
        B6      My Love, My Love                                2:04
LP      9167                                                            LP      1962
LP     12082                                                            LP      1962

RICKY NELSON                    Album Seven By Ricky

        A1      Summertime
        A2      Congratulations
        A3      Baby You Don't Know
        A4      I Can't Stop Loving You
        A5      Excuse Me Baby
        A6      History of Love
        B1      Today's Teardrops
        B2      Mad Mad World
        B3      Thank You Darling
        B4      Poor Loser
        B5      Stop Sneakin' Around
        B6      There's Not a Minute
LP      9168                                                            LP      1962
LP     12083                                                            LP      1962

SANDY NELSON                    Drums Are My Beat

        A1      Drum Roll
        A2      My Blue Heaven
        A3      Hawaiian War Chant
        A4      Twisted
        A5      Caravan
        A6      Drums Are My Beat
        B1      Day Drumming
        B2      Drum Stomp
        B3      Hum Drum
        B4      Topsy
        B5      The City

LP      London          HAP 2446        1962    mono
LP      London          SAHP 6237       1962    stereo
LP      9169                                                            LP      1962
LP     12084                                                            LP      1962

NEIL WOLFE                      Neil Swings Nicely

        1       It Ain't Necessarily So
        2       Out Of This World
        3       What Is This Thing Called Love
        4       Theme In Search Of A Movie
        5       My Shining Hour
        6       Lazy Afternoon
        7       Twistin' Fingers
        8       All The Things You Are
        9       Tonight
        10      Mountain Greenery
        11      Fly Me To The Moon
        12      I Could Write A Book
LP      9170                                                            LP   02.1962

FATS DOMINO                     Twistin' The Stomp

LP      London          HAP 2447        1962    UK      mono

        A1      Twistin' The Spots                              1:43
        A2      The Twist Set Me Free                           2:00
        A3      I Know                                          2:34
        A4      Every Night                                     2:34
        A5      Town Talk                                       2:17
        A6      Wait And See                                    1:58
        B1      Twistin' The Stomp                              1:58
        B2      Don't Decieve Me                                1:52
        B3      A Long Way From Home                            2:06
        B4      The Girl I Know                                 2:05
        B5      Do You Know How It Means To Miss New Orleans    2:38
        B6      South Of The Border                             2:38
LP      9171                                                            LP      1962
LP     12171                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    Forever

        A1      Forever
        A2      You're The Only One
        A3      There'a A Love Knot In My Lariat
        A4      Too Late (With Your Kisses)
        A5      I Leave The Milky Way
        A6      Smoke Signals
        B1      Cold Empty Arms
        B2      Blue River
        B3      Danny Boy
        B4      North Wind
        B5      Darlin' Don't Cry
        B6      I'm A Fool
LP      9172                                                            LP      1962
LP     12087                                                            LP      1962

ST.CHARLES CHOIR                Catholic Hymns Volume 3

        A1      God Father, Praise And Glory                    2:15
        A2      Be Thou My Vision                               2:42
        A3      Adoramus Te                                     2:42
        A4      Hail, Holy Queen Of Heaven                      2:25
        A5      Jesu, Salvator Mundi                            2:39
        A6      Adoro Te                                        1:34
        A7      Ave Maris Stella                                2:55
        B1      Panis Angelicus                                 3:39
        B2      Attende Domine                                  2:09
        B3      Ave Maria                                       2:48
        B4      O Esca Viatorum                                 1:56
        B5      Ave Verum                                       2:55
        B6      Praise To The Lord                              2:04
LP      9173                                                            LP      ????

(Note : unissued)
LP      9174 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12174 A                                                          LP      1962

LLOYD GLENN                     Chica - Boo
(Note : reissue from Score Rec. 4006 and Aladdin Rec. 808)

        A1      Chica-Boo
        A2      Tiddleywinks
        A3      Footloose
        A4      Sunrise
        A5      Still Waters
        A6      Nite-Flite
        B1      Old Time Shuffle
        B2      Southbound Special
        B3      Blue Ivories
        B4      Glenn's Glide
        B5      Shadow Land
        B6      Chocolate Drop
LP      9175 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12175 A                                                          LP      1962

LLOYD GLENN                     After Hours
(Note : reissue from Score Rec. 4020)

        A1      After Hours, Parts I & II
        A2      Strollin'
        A3      Tipsy
        A4      Hyde Park
        B1      Love for Sale
        B2      Rompin'
        B3      The Vamp
        B4      Ballroom Shuffle
        B5      Wildfire
LP      9176 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12176 A                                                          LP      1962

AMOS MILBURN                    Million Sellers

        A1      Chicken Shack Boogie                            2:30
        A2      Trouble in Mind                                 2:25
        A3      I Know You Love Me                              3:00
        A4      Good Good Whiskey                               2:58
        A5      Baby Baby                                       3:07
        A6      Rocky Mountain                                  2:15
        B1      Bewildered                                      2:50
        B2      One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer               2:50
        B3      Let's Have a Party                              2:25
        B4      I'm Still a Fool for You                        2:23
        B5      Bad Bad Whiskey                                 2:58
        B6      My Happiness Depends on You                     2:07
LP      9177 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12177 A                                                          LP      1962

LYNN HOPE                       Tenderly

        A1      Tenderly
        A2      Blues for Anna Bacoa
        A3      Eleven Till Two
        A4      Morocco
        A5      Swing Train
        A6      Blues in "F"
        B1      Blue Moon
        B2      C-Jam Blues
        B3      September Song
        B4      Move It
        B5      Brazil
        B6      Driftin'
LP      9178 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12178 A                                                          LP      1962

CHARLES BROWN                   Million Sellers

        A1      Drifting Blues
        A2      Trouble Blues
        A3      Seven Long Days
        A4      Please Don't Drive Me Away
        A5      Cryin' Mercy
        A6      I Lost Everything
        B1      Black Night
        B2      Get Yourself Another Fool
        B3      Fool's Paradise
        B4      I'm Savin' My Love for You
        B5      Lonesome Feeling
        B6      Evening Shadows
LP      9179 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12179 A                                                          LP      1962

SHIRLEY AND LEE                 Let The Good Times Roll

        A1      Let the Good Times Roll
        A2      Rock All Night
        A3      Feel So Good
        A4      Lee's Dream
        A5      Deed I Do
        A6      Keep On
        B1      I'm Gone
        B2      I Want to Dance
        B3      Sweethearts
        B4      Comin' Over
        B5      Confessin'
        B6      Takes Money
LP      9180 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12180 A                                                          LP      1962

LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS               On Stage
(Note : reissue from Score Rec. 4022)

        A1      Katie May
        A2      My California
        A3      Honey Babe
        A4      Short Haired Woman
        A5      Little Mamma Blues
        A6      So Long
        B1      Feel So Bad
        B2      Shotgun
        B3      Rollin' and Rollin'
        B4      See See Rider
        B5      So Long
        B6      Mistreated Blues
        B7      Abilene
LP      9181 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12181 A                                                          LP      1962

LESTER YOUNG                    The Great Lester Young
(Note : reissue from Score Rec. 4028)

        A1      D.B. Blues
        A2      Lester Blows Again
        A3      Lester Leaps In
        A4      After You've Gone
        A5      Sax-O-Be-Bop
        A6      Just Cooling
        B1      Jammin' With Lester
        B2      You're Driving Me Crazy
        B3      Jumpin' At The Woodside
        B4      She's Funny That Way
        B5      Lester's Be-Bop
        B6      These Foolish Things
LP      9182 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12182 A                                                          LP      1962

PAUL CHAMBERS AND JOHN COLTRANE : Chamber's Music-Jazz Delegation From The East
(Note : reissue from Score Rec. 4033)

        A1      Dexterity                                       6:43
        A2      Stablemates                                     5:50
        A3      Easy To Love                                    3:50
        B1      Visitation                                      4:54
        B2      John Paul Jones                                 6:55
        B3      Eastbound                                       4:20
LP      9183                                                            LP      1962
LP     12183                                                            LP      1962

ANYAOGU UKONU                   Jungle Drums

        1       Bo-Bo-Wero-Foro-Satide
        2       Ade Le
        3       I'm Serious
        4       Afro-Maringa
        5       Mhuru-Gi- Nanya
        6       Where Is My Mama
        7       Sapara
        8       Agnese
        9       Okorobia Oboli
        10      Klenwua
LP      9184 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12184 A                                                          LP      1962

ILLINOIS JACQUET                Flying Home

        1       You Left Me All Alone
        2       Big Dog
        3       For Europeans Only
        4       Jivin' With Jack The Bellboy
        5       Flying Home - Part 1
        6       Flying Home - Part 2

LP      Aladdin         803             1956    US
LP      9185 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12185 A                                                          LP      1962

BILLIE HOLIDAY AND AL HIBBLER : Billie Holiday / Al Hibbler

        1       Blue Turning Gray Over You              Billie Holiday
        2       Be Fair To Me                           Billie Holiday
        3       Rocky Mountain Blues                    Billie Holiday
        4       Detour Ahead                            Billie Holiday
        5       Fat And Forty                           Al Hibbler
        6       I Surrender Dear                        Al Hibbler
        7       I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good        Al Hibbler
        8       Don't Take Your Love From Me            Al Hibbler
        9       How Long                                Al Hibbler
        10      S'posin                                 Al Hibbler
LP      9186 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12186 A                                                          LP      1962

LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS               Lightnin' Hopkins Sings The Blues

        A1      Sis' Boogie
        A2      Come Back Baby
        A3      Daddy Will Be Home One Day
        A4      Baby You're Not Going to Make a Fool Out of Me
        A5      Morning Blues
        A6      Have to Let You Go
        B1      Let Me Play With Your Poodle
        B2      Down Baby
        B3      Fast Mail Rambler
        B4      Thinkin' and Worryin'
        B5      Picture on the Wall
        B6      You're Not Goin' to Worry My Life Anymore
LP      9187 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12187 A                                                          LP      1962

LESTER YOUNG                    The Great Lester Young Volume 2

        A1      One O'Clock Jump                                2:33
        A2      Easy Does It                                    2:30
        A3      East Of The Sun                                 3:07
        A4      No Eyes Blues                                   2:58
        A5      The Sheik Of Araby                              2:38
        A6      Confessin' That I Love You                      2:30
        B1      Something To Remember You By                    2:43
        B2      On The Sunny Side Of The Street                 2:57
        B3      Jumpin' At Mesners                              2:42
        B4      It's Only A Paper Moon                          3:04
        B5      Lover Come Back To Me                           2:37
        B6      Jumpin' With Symphony Sid                       3:10
LP      9188 A                                                          LP      1962
LP     12188 A                                                          LP      1962

V / A                           A Date With Greatness

        A1      Coleman Hawkins         Isn't It Romantic
        A2      Coleman Hawkins         Bean A Re Bop
        A3      Coleman Hawkins         The Way You Look Tonight
        A4      Coleman Hawkins         Phantomesque
        A5      Howard McGhee           Stardust
        B1      Howard McGhee           Life Stream
        B2      Howard McGhee           Mop Mop
        B3      Howard McGhee           Innersection
        B4      Lester Young            Sunday
        B5      Lester Young            S. M. Blues
LP      9189                                                            LP      1962
LP     12189                                                            LP      1962

SANDY NELSON                    Drummin' Up A Storm

        A1      Castle Rock                                     2:02
        A2      Sandy                                           1:57
        A3      I'm in Love Again                               1:50
        A4      All Night Long                                  2:21
        A5      C Jam Blues                                     2:23
        A6      Here We Go Again                                2:03
        B1      All Around the World With Drums                 11:15
        B2      Tub-Thumpin'                                    2:20
        B3      Drummin' Up a Storm                             2:20

LP      London          HAP 8009        1962    UK      mono
LP      London          SHP 8009        1962    UK      stereo
LP      9190                                                            LP      1962
LP     12190                                                            LP      1962

WINGY MANONE                    Wingy Manone And The Jazz Band Bus

        1       Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
        2       Basin Street Blues
        3       Mississippi Mud
        4       Alabamy Bound
        5       I'm Coming Virginia
        6       Sweet Georgia Brown
        7       Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
        8       Carolina In The Morning
        9       Maryland My Maryland
        10      Washington And Lee Swing
        11      Sidewalks Of New York
LP      9191                                                            LP      1962
LP     12191                                                            LP      1961

ERSKINE HAWKINS                 25 Golden Years Of Jazz Vol.1

        1       After Hours
        2       Soft Winds
        3       Take The "A" Train
        4       Margie
        5       Lester Leaps In
        6       Body And Soul
        7       Billie's Bounce
LP      9192                                                            LP      1962
LP     12192                                                            LP      1962

NEIL WOLFE                      One Order Of Blues

        1       It's All Right With Me
        2       Make Someone Happy
        3       Angel Eyes
        4       You And The Night And The Music
        5       My Favorite Things
        6       Invitation
        7       When Johnny Comes Marching Home
        8       Alone Together
        9       One Order Of Blues
        10      My Romance
        11      Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
        12      El Parador
LP      9193                                                            LP      1962
LP     12193                                                            LP      1962

ERNIE FREEMAN                   The Stripper

        A1      The Stripper                                    1:40
        A2      Shine On Harvest Moon                           2:20
        A3      I've Got A Woman                                2:10
        A4      Jambalaya (On The Bayou)                        2:20
        A5      What Am I Living For                            2:03
        A6      I Didn't Want To Do It                          2:17
        B1      For Strippers Only                              2:35
        B2      Night Train                                     1:58
        B3      My Babe                                         2:22
        B4      Travelin' Mood                                  2:05
        B5      Down By The Old Mill Stream                     2:00
        B6      I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town         2:15
LP      9194                                                            LP      1962

SLIM WHITMAN                    Slim Whitman Sings

LP      12194                                                           LP      1962

SLIM WHITMAN                    Anytime
(Note : different mono/stereo album title)

        A1      Love Letters In The Sand
        A2      Anytime
        A3      Tammy
        A4      The Wayward Wind
        A5      Send Me The Pillow (That You Dream On)
        A6      Valley Of Tears
        B1      I'm Walking Behind You
        B2      You You You
        B3      Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)
        B4      There's A Gold Mine In The Sky
        B5      I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (About Her)
        B6      We Live In Two Different Worlds

LP      London          HAP 8013        1962    UK      mono
LP      9195                                                            LP      1962
LP     12195                                                            LP      1966

FATS DOMINO                     Million Sellers By Fat

        A1      Walking to New Orleans
        A2      My Girl Josephine
        A3      Three Nights a Week
        A4      Shu Rah
        A5      My Real Name
        A6      Natural Born Lover
        B1      Let the Four Winds Blow
        B2      What a Price
        B3      Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
        B4      You Win Again
        B5      Ain't Gonna Do It
        B6      My Heart Is Bleeding
LP      9196                                                            LP      1962

THE HEIGHTSMEN                  The Heightsmen

        1       Pollerita
        2       Where Does It Lead
        3       Pastures Of Plenty
        4       Kumbaya
        5       There's Gonna Be A Hangin'
        6       All My Trials
        7       Kretchma (Khrushchev's Weakness)
        8       Seven Daffodils
        9       Eight More Miles To Louisville
        10      I Know Where I'm Going
        11      Johnny Reb
        12      You Can Tell The World
LP      9197                                                            LP      1962
LP     12197                                                            LP      1962

ERSKINE HAWKINS                 25 Golden Years Of Jazz Vol.2

        A1      Dolomite                                        3:00
        A2      Salt Peanuts                                    3:30
        A3      Blues In The Closet                             4:37
        A4      Laura                                           3:28
        B1      Bottoms Up                                      3:30
        B2      Rockin' Chair                                   3:27
        B3      Post Time - Part 1                              3:04
        B4      Post Time - Part 2                              3:06
LP      9198                                                            LP      1962
LP     12198                                                            LP      1962

LEROY KIRKLAND                  Twistin' , Mashin' And All That Jazz

        A1      Stompin` at the Savoy                           3:05
        A2      Cloudburst                                      2:12
        A3      Lullaby of Birdland Twist                       2:58
        A4      Now`s the Time                                  2:56
        A5      Don`t  Be That Way                              2:33
        A6      Lullaby in Rhythm                               2:47
        B1      Undecided                                       3:05
        B2      Perdido                                         2:38
        B3      Swanee River Twist                              2:47
        B4      Give Me the Simple Life                         2:55
        B5      Railroad Twist                                  2:25
        B6      Twistin` Splish Splash                          3:13
LP      9199                                                            LP      1962
LP     12199                                                            LP      1962

OSCAR "PAPA" CELESTIN           New Orleans Jazz Band

        A1      New Orleans                                     2:32
        A2      Tiger Rag - Part I And Part II                  4:44
        A3      Avalon                                          1:54
        A4      Didn't He Ramble                                2:40
        A5      Mama Don't Allow It                             2:24
        B1      That's A Plenty                                 2:38
        B2      Wabash Blues                                    3:05
        B3      Slide, Frog, Slide                              2:32
        B4      It's You I Love                                 2:30
        B5      Coconut Island                                  2:33
        B6      Anybody Wanna Buy My Cabbage                    1:42
LP      9200                                                            LP      1963
LP     12200                                                            LP      1963

ST.CHARLES CHOIR                Catholic Hymns Volume 4

        1       Salutaris Hostia
        2       Hail Holy Joseph Hail
        3       Ecce Panis Angelorum
        4       Veni Sancto Spiritus
        5       Salve Mater Misericordiae
        6       Panis Angelicus
        7       Full Of Glory Full Of Wonders
        8       Jesus Thou Art Coming
        9       Jesu Rex Admirabilis
        10      O Maria Virgo Pia
        11      Soul Of My Savior
        12      Victimae Paschali
        13      Ave Maria
        14      Daily Daily Sing To Mary
LP      9201                                                            LP      1963
LP     12201                                                            LP      1963

WILD BILL DAVIS                 Wild,Wild,Wild,Wild Bill Davis
(Note : recorded 1956-1957)

        A1      Crosstownh                                      2:14
        A2      West of Allah                                   2:00
        A3      Night Time                                      3:15
        A4      No Sweat                                        2:48
        A5      Autumn Leaves                                   2:50
        B1      Inter-Modulation                                8:28
        B2      Hard Blues                                      2:15
        B3      Perdido                                         2:41
        B5      Summer Dreams                                   2:45
LP      9202                                                            LP      1963
LP     12202                                                            LP      1963

SANDY NELSON                    Golden Hits

        A1      Live It Up                                      1:45
        A2      Splish Splash                                   2:14
        A3      Kansas City                                     2:10
        A4      Early in the Morning                            2:32
        A5      Rock House                                      2:08
        A6      Walking to New Orleans                          2:05
        B1      What'd I Say                                    2:37
        B2      Honky Tonk                                      2:50
        B3      Mony Moronie                                    2:27
        B4      I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
        B5      I Want to Walk You Home
        B6      Be Bop Baby
LP      9203                                                            LP      1963
LP     12203                                                            LP      1963

SANDY NELSON                    Country Style

        A1      North Wind                                      2:05
        A2      Wolverton Mountain                              2:27
        A3      The Battle of New Orleans                       2:18
        A4      Geisha Girl                                     2:33
        A5      On a Honky tonk Hardwood Floor                  2:10
        A6      Bimbo                                           2:07
        B1      Waterloo                                        2:10
        B2      The Wild Side of Life                           2:20
        B3      The Tijuana Jail                                2:36
        B4      Fraulein                                        2:35
        B5      Four Walls                                      2:05
        B6      Chew Tobacco Rag                                1:40
LP      9204                                                            LP      1963
LP     12204                                                            LP      1963

SANDY NELSON                    Compelling Percussion

        A1      Civilization                                    8:30
        A2      ...And Then There Were Drums                    2:30
        A3      Alexes                                          2:00
        A4      Chick a Boom                                    2:00
        B1      Drums - For Drummer's Only                      11:37
        B2      Drums - For Stripper's Only                     4:29

LP      London          HAP 8029        1963    UK      mono
LP      London          SPH 8029        1963    UK      stereo
LP      9205                                                            LP      1963
LP     12205                                                            LP      1963

SONNY CRISS                     Criss Cross
(Note : recorded in 1956)

        A1      Willow Weep for Me
        A2      Easy Living
        A3      More Than You Know
        A4      Sunday
        A5      Something's Gotta Give
        A6      Alabamy Bound
        B1      Blue Prelude
        B2      Come Rain or Come Shine
        B3      Sweet Georgia Brown
        B4      The Man I Love
        B5      Love for Sale
        B6      I Get a Kick Out of You
LP      9206                                                            LP      1963
LP     12206                                                            LP      1963


        1       Circassian Circle
        2       Highland Fling
        3       Cambells Are Coming
        4       Strip The Willow
        5       Miss McCleod's Reel
        6       Petronella
        7       Green Hills Of Tyrol
        8       74Th's Farewell To Edinburgh
        9       Millbank Cottage
        10      The Highland Laddie
LP      9207                                                            LP      1963
LP     12207                                                            LP      1963


        A1      La Jesusita
        A2      La Cucaracha
        A3      Mexican Schottis
        A4      Corrido
        A5      Jarabe Tapatio
        A6      La Zandunga
        B1      Chiapanecas
        B2      Cielito Lindo
        B3      Jarana Yucateca
        B4      Fantasia Michoacana
        B5      Las Mananitas
        B6      Las Espuelas
LP      9208                                                            LP      1963
LP     12208                                                            LP      1966

FATS DOMINO                     Just Domino

        A1      Teen Age Love
        A2      Stop the Clock
        A3      Hum Diddy Doo
        A4      Those Eyes
        A5      I Want to Go Home
        A6      Dance With Mr. Domino
        B1      Nothing New (Same Old Thing)
        B2      Birds and Bees
        B3      Wishing Ring.
        B4      La La
        B5      No No
        B6      Goin' Home

LP      London          HAP 8039        1963    UK      mono
LP      9209                                                            LP      1963
LP     12209                                                            LP      1963

SLIM WHITMAN                    Heart Songs And Love Songs

        1       Blues Stay Away From Me
        2       My Heart Is Broken In Three
        3       Restless Heart
        4       I Hate To See You Cry
        5       You Have My Heart
        6       Crying For The Moon
        7       I Must Have Been Blind
        8       Riding The Range For Jesus
        9       Stairway To Heaven
        10      Why
        11      Song Of The Wild
        12      At The Close Of A Long Day
LP      9210                                                            LP      1963

V / A                           A World Of Blues

        A1      T-Bone Walker           Cold, Cold Feeling
        A2      T-Bone Walker           I Get So Weary
        A3      T-Bone Walker           Travelin' Blues
        A4      T-Bone Walker           The Sun Went Down
        A5      Charles Brown           Drifting Blues
        A6      Charles Brown           Black Night
        B1      Amos Milburn            Trouble in Mind
        B2      Amos Milburn            Baby, Baby
        B3      Floyd Dixon             Tired, Broke and Busted
        B4      Floyd Dixon             Call Operator #210
        B5      Lil' Son Jackson        Rockin' and Rollin'
        B6      James Wayne             Tend to Your Business [re-recorded]

LP      London          HAP 8099        1963    UK      mono
LP      9211                                                            LP      1963

LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS               Lightnin' Hopkins And The Blues

        A1      Worried Life                                    2:40
        A2      Change Your Way                                 2:44
        A3      Unpredictable Woman                             2:58
        A4      I Just Don't Care                               2:45
        A5      Drinking Woman                                  3:02
        A6      Tell It Like It Is                              2:30
        B1      Miss Loretta                                    2:40
        B2      Sugar on My Mind                                2:42
        B3      You're Gonna Miss Me                            2:16
        B4      Someday Baby                                    2:37
        B5      Mama's Baby Child                               2:42
        B6      I Can't Stay Here In Your Town                  2:46
LP      9212                                                            LP      1963
LP     12212                                                            LP      1963

RITCHIE ALLEN                   Stranger From Durango

        A1      Stranger From Durango
        A2      Redskin
        A3      Not So Quiet
        A4      Haunted Guitar
        A5      Comin' Back to You
        A6      Touch of Blue
        B1      Cave Man
        B2      Room 304
        B3      Lonely Guitarist
        B4      Breakin' Out
        B5      Swanee River Twang
        B6      Swing Low Sweet Chariot
LP      9213                                                            LP      1963

V / A                           Mexican House Party

        1       Pecadora                        Lalo Guerrero
        2       Frio En El Alma                 Lalo Guerrera
        3       La Mancornadora                 Trio Imperial
        4       La Puchuguilla                  Trio Imperial
        5       Dale Al Dado                    Santiago Jimenez
        6       Traigo Un Recuerdo              Santiago Jimenez
        7       Por Ultima Vez                  Hermanas Mendoza
        8       Petrita                         Lydia Mendoza
        9       La Mula Branca                  Lalo Guerrera
        10      El Barzan                       Lalo Guerrera
        11      Que Te Hado Esa Mujer           Los Madrugadores 
LP      9214                                                            LP      1963

V / A                           Hillbilly House Party

        1       Wild Side Of Life                       Jimmy Heap with Perk Williams
        2       When They Operated On Papa, They Opened:Jimmy Heap with Perk Williams
        3       Freckle Faced Snaggle Tooth Gal         Billy Briggs
        4       Flaming Jewels                          Charlie Walker
        5       Two Red Lips                            Charlie Walker
        6       How Could You                           Tex Atchison
        7       Blame Your Eyes                         Tex Atchison
        8       Oooh How I Love You                     Ed Camp
        9       If I Catch You Flirtin' With My Baby    Ed Camp
        10      Seeing Double Feeling Single            Merle Kilgore
        11      Everybody Needs A Little Lovin'         Merle Kilgore 
LP      9215                                                            LP      1963
LP     12215                                                            LP      1963

SANDY NELSON                    Teen Age House Party

        A1      House Party Rock
        A2      Hearts of Stone
        A3      Let the Four Winds Blow
        A4      Tweedlee Dee
        A5      Let the Good Times Roll
        A6      Feel So Good
        B1      Day Train
        B2      Night Train
        B3      Limbo Rock
        B4      Junior Jive
        B5      Dumplins
        B6      Teen Age Party

LP      London          HAP 8051        1963    UK      mono
LP      London          SHP 8051        1963    UK      stereo
LP      9216                                                            LP      1963
LP     12216                                                            LP      1963

KOLEDY POLSKIE                  Koledy Polskie

        1       Przybiezeli
        2       Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy
        3       Cicha Noc
        4       Dziszaj W Betlejem
        5       Gdi See Chrystus Rodzi
        6       Bog Sie Rodzi
        7       Pasterze Mili-Narodzil Sie Jezus
        8       W Zlobie Lezy
        9       Jezus Maluzienski
        10      Lulajze Jezuniu
        11      Pojdzmy Wszyscy Do Stajenski
        12      Sliczna Panienka
        13      Tryumfy
        14      Cieszmy Sie
LP      9217                                                            LP      1963
LP     12217                                                            LP      1963

DAVE BARTHOLOMEW                New Orleans House Party

A.      1       Concerto For Alto Sax, Parts 1 & 2
        2       Blues In The Night, Parts 1 & 2
        3       Sultan's Dream, Parts 1 & 2
B.      1       Portrait Of A Drummer
        2       A Cool One
        3       Margie
        4       For Dancers Only
        5       Well All Right Tonight's The Night
        6       Charmaine
LP      9218                                                            LP      1963
LP     12218                                                            LP      1966

RICK NELSON                     Best Sellers By Rick Nelson

        A1      Be Bop Baby                                     2:00
        A2      Have I Told You Lately That I Love You          1:56
        A3      Waitin' in School                               2:00
        A4      Stood Up                                        1:57
        A5      Believe What You Say                            2:04
        A6      That's All                                      2:01
        B1      Poor Little Fool                                2:29
        B2      Lonesome Town                                   2:17
        B3      I'm in Love Again                               2:19
        B4      Teenage Doll                                    1:38
        B5      Baby I'm Sorry                                  2:15
        B6      Just a Little Too Much                          2:10
LP      9219                                                            LP      1963

JIMMY MCCRACKLIN                I Just Gotta Know

        A1      Just Got To Know
        A2      My Love For You
        A3      Too Late To Change
        A4      Susie And Pat
        A5      Farewell
        A6      You've Been Missed
        B1      Get Back
        B2      I Don't Care
        B3      Every Night
        B4      Shame, Shame, Shame
        B5      Don't Deceive
        B6      Club Savoy
LP      9220                                                            LP      1963
LP     12220                                                            LP      1963

ST.CHARLES CHOIR                Catholic Hymns Volume 5

        1       Loving Shepherd
        2       Alma Redemptoris Mater
        3       Jesus Jesus Come To Me
        4       Ye Sons And Daughters
        5       Salve Regina
        6       Lo How A Rose
        7       Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
        8       Stabat Mater
        9       Jesu Dulcis Memoria
        10      Hail Virgin Dearest Mary
        11      Rotate Coeli
        12      Jesus The Very Thought
LP      9221                                                            LP      1963
LP     12221                                                            LP      1963

THE HEIGHTSMEN                  In Concert

A.      1       Sleep My Little One Sleep
        2       That Gypsy Rover
        3       Green Stamps
        4       Welcome Home Sally
        5       Civil War Song
        6       Take My Hand
B.      1       Oh Miss Mary
        2       The Olive Grove
        3       Tonga
        4       The Violins Play Along
        5       Blow The Candles Out
        6       Pick A Bale Of Cotton
LP      9222                                                            LP      1963
LP     12222                                                            LP      1963

THE MAJORS                      Meet The Majors

        A1      A Wonderful Dream                               2:02
        A2      Ooh Wee, Baby                                   2:45
        A3      Time Will Tell                                  2:12
        A4      Tra La La                                       2:05
        A5      Twist And Shout                                 2:08
        A6      A Little Bit Now (A Little Bit Later)           2:17
        B1      She's A Troublemaker                            2:35
        B2      Don't You Lose Your Cool                        2:08
        B3      I Wonder Who's Dancing With Her Now             2:14
        B4      What In The World                               2:20
        B5      Come On Come On                                 1:55
        B6      Anything You Can Do                             2:25
LP      9223                                                            LP      1963
LP     12223                                                            LP      1966

RICK NELSON                     It's Up To You

        A1      It's Up to You                                  2:43
        A2      Shirley Lee                                     1:58
        A3      Break My Chain                                  1:53
        A4      Baby Won't You Please Come Home                 2:10
        A5      I'd Climb the Highest Mountain                  2:06
        A6      Again                                           1:52
        B1      I Need You                                      2:24
        B2      Tryin' to Get to You                            2:10
        B3      Boppin' the Blues                               1:52
        B4      Half Breed                                      2:02
        B5      If You Can't Rock Me                            1:50
        B6      Stars Fell on Alabama                           2:34

LP      London          HAP 8066        1963    UK      mono
LP      9224                                                            LP      1963
LP     12224                                                            LP      1963

SANDY NELSON                    The Best Of The Beats

        A1      Let's Go (Pony)                                 2:10
        A2      Yakety Yak                                      2:00
        A3      My Wife Can't Cook                              2:00
        A4      Stagger Lee                                     2:12
        A5      All Shook Up                                    2:10
        A6      Don't Be Cruel                                  2:17
        B1      La Bamba Bossa Nova                             2:15
        B2      Wiggle Wobble                                   2:05
        B3      Ooh Pooh Pah Doo                                2:25
        B4      Willie and the Hand Jive                        2:09
        B5      Stood Up                                        2:00
        B6      Mother-in-Law                                   2:25
LP      9225                                                            LP      1963
LP     12225                                                            LP      1963

JOHNNY GILBERT TRIO             That's All

        A1      Sweetheart                                      4:00
        A2      Willow Weep For Me                              2:04
        A3      Love For Sale                                   2:55
        A4      Easy To Love                                    2:05
        A5      Fly Me To The Moon                              3:40
        A6      Bye Bye Blackbird                               1:15
        B1      Get Out Of Town                                 2:21
        B2      Just Friends                                    2:35
        B3      This Can't Be Love                              2:15
        B4      What More Can I Say                             2:15
        B5      She                                             2:44
        B6      That's All                                      3:10
LP      9226                                                            LP      1963
LP     12226                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    I'm A Lonely Wanderer

        A1      Prisoner's Song                                 2:33
        A2      (I'm A) Lonely Wanderer                         1:55
        A3      What Kind Of God (Do You Think You Are)         2:39
        A4      Cryin' For The Moon                             2:15
        A5      Tell Me                                         2:37
        A6      You've Got Warm Lips (But A Cold Cold Heart)    1:51
        B1      Backward Turn Backward (O Time In Your Flight)  2:35
        B2      In A Hundred Years Or More                      3:01
        B3      My Love Is Growing Stale                        2:35
        B4      Since You've Gone                               2:40
        B5      Roundup In Glory                                2:35
        B6      Ride Away (With A Song In Your Heart            2:23

LP      London          HAP 8093        1963    UK      mono
LP      9227                                                            LP      1963
LP     12227                                                            LP      1966

FATS DOMINO                     Walkin' To New Orleans

LP      London          HAP 8084        1962    UK      mono

        A1      How Can I Be Happy                              2:17
        A2      One Of These Days                               2:11
        A3      So Glad                                         2:12
        A4      Oh Wee                                          2:04
        A5      Sailor Boy                                      2:06
        A6      Lazy Woman                                      1:49
        B1      Walking To New Orleans                          1:54
        B2      My Love For Her                                 2:40
        B3      What's Wrong                                    2:15
        B4      Little Mama                                     2:40
        B5      I Guess I'll Be On My Way                       2:17
        B6      Goin' Back Home                                 1:55

LP      London          HAP 8084        1963    UK      mono
LP      9228                                                            LP      1963
LP     12228                                                            LP      1963

LOU BLACKBURN                   Jazz Frontier

        A1      Harlem Bossa-Nova                               3:47
        A2      New Frontier                                    4:35
        A3      Perception                                      5:25
        A4      Luze Bluze                                      3:10
        A5      I Cover the Waterfront                          3:08
        B1      17 Richmond Park                                5:05
        B2      The Clan                                        3:00
        B3      Scorpio                                         4:24
        B4      Jazz-A-Nova                                     3:45
        B5      Stella by Starlight                             2:50
LP      9229                                                            LP      1963
LP     12229                                                            LP      1963


        A1      The Rising Surf
        A2      Surfer's Delight
        A3      Undercurrent
        A4      Foot Stomp USA
        A5      The Quiet Surf
        A6      Breakin' Out
        B1      Skeg-Along-Pete
        B2      Ground Swell
        B3      Push Off
        B4      Swanee River Twang
        B5      Put It On
        B6      Rumble
LP      9230                                                            LP      1963
LP     12230                                                            LP      1966

V / A                           Solid Gold Hits

        A1      Fats Domino             Blueberry Hill
        A2      Fats Domino             I'm Walkin'
        A3      Ernie Freeman           Raunchy
        A4      Ernie Freeman           Lost Dreams
        A5      Shirley And Lee         Feel So Good
        A6      Shirley And Lee         Let The Good Times Roll
        B1      Sandy Nelson            Let There Be Drums
        B2      Sandy Nelson            Birth Of The Beat
        B3      April Stevens           Teach Me Tiger
        B4      April Stevens           That's My Name
        B5      The Velvetones          Glory Of Love
        B6      The Velvetones          I Found My Love
LP      9231                                                            LP      1963
LP     12231                                                            LP      1963

TYRONE [JEROME]PARSONS          Organ - Eyes

        1       Gravy Waltz
        2       Azure Te
        3       Yellin'
        4       Twoozin'
        5       Begin The Beguine
        6       No Place To Go
        7       Organ-D Waltz
        8       Stolen Sweets
        9       I'll Be Seeing You
LP      9232                                                            LP      1963
LP     12232                                                            LP      1963

RICK NELSON                     Million Sellers

        A1      Travelin' Man                                   2:20
        A2      Never Be Anyone Else But You                    2:15
        A3      It's Late                                       1:47
        A4      My One Desire                                   2:14
        A5      I Wanna Be Loved                                2:40
        A6      Young Emotions                                  2:30
        B1      Hello Mary Lou                                  2:17
        B2      Right By My Side                                2:35
        B3      I'm Not Afraid                                  2:33
        B4      Yes Sir, That's My Baby                         1:56
        B5      You Are the Only One                            2:11
        B6      Milk Cow Blues                                  2:13

LP      Liberty         LBY 3027        1964    UK      mono
------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------
LP      9233                                                            LP      1963

V / A                           Jazz Festival

        1       Be Fair To Me                   Billie Holiday
        2       Rocky Mountain Blues            Billie Holiday
        3       Blue Turning Grey Over You      Billie Holiday
        4       Detour Ahead                    Billie Holiday
        5       Isn't It Romantic               Coleman Hawkins All Stars
        6       The Way You Look Tonight        Coleman Hawkins All Stars
        7       Jammin' With Lester             Lester Young & His Band
        8       Jumpin' With Symphony Sid       Lester Young & His Band
        9       No Eyes Blues                   Lester Young & His Band
        10      Take The "A" Train              Wild Bill Davis
        11                                      Sonny Criss
        12                                      Sonny Criss
LP      9234                                                            LP      1963

V / A                           Dixieland Festival

        1       Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home : Oscar "Papa" Celestin
        2       Just A Closer Walk With Thee            Oscar "Papa" Celestin
        3       Slide Frog Slide                        Oscar "Papa" Celestin
        4       Sweet Georgia Brown : Frank Assunto & Dukes Of Dixieland
        5       Bourbon Street Blues : Frank Assunto & Dukes Of Dixieland
        6       Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans : Frank Assunto
                & Dukes Of Dixieland
        7       Pawn Shop Blues                         Wingy Manone
        8       Box Car Blues                           Wingy Manone
        9       When The Saints Go Marching In          George Girard
        10      Coquette                                George Girard
        11      Beale Street Blues : Tony Almerico's New Orleans Band 
LP      9235                                                            LP      1963
LP     12235                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    Yodeling

        A1      Chimebells                                      2:16
        A2      Would You String Along With Me                  2:06
        A3      Hi Lili, Hi Lo                                  2:07
        A4      Cowboy's Heaven                                 2:03
        A5      Weary and Blue                                  1:58
        A6      Sioux City Sue                                  2:06
        B1      Mockin' Bird Hill                               2:05
        B2      Gonna Find Me a Blue Bird                       2:07
        B3      Swiss Lullaby                                   2:16
        B4      Over the Hill                                   2:25
        B5      My Little Lady                                  1:59
        B6      Rainbow on the Rio Colorado                     2:05
LP      9236                                                            LP      1963

KING NARCISSE                   Learning On Jesus

        A1      Give Me Two Wings                               4:45
        A2      Move Up A Little Higher                         3:38
        A3      I Have A Friend                                 3:45
        A4      No Changes In Jesus                             2:13
        A5      Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior                    3:12
        B1      Leaning On Jesus                                2:28
        B2      Somebody Cares                                  3:22
        B3      Walk In Jerusalem                               2:26
        B4      Following Jesus                                 3:40
        B5      It's Nice To Be Nice                            2:25
LP      9237                                                            LP      1963
LP     12237                                                            LP      1963

SANDY NELSON                    Beat That Drum

        A1      You Name It                                     3:00
        A2      Shuckin'                                        2:34
        A3      Turf Rider                                      2:16
        A4      Here We Go                                      2:03
        A5      Puttin' It On                                   2:15
        A6      Diddley Walk                                    2:20
        B1      Lonesome Drums                                  1:50
        B2      A Rockin' Party                                 2:00
        B3      A Drummin' Good Time                            1:54
        B4      Viva Nelson                                     2:49
        B5      Alexes                                          2:00
        B6      The Wiggle Walk                                 2:00
LP      9238                                                            LP      1963

V / A                           Jazz Festival Volume 2

        1       Blue Turning Grey Over You              Billie Holiday
        2       Detour Ahead                            Billie Holiday
        3       Lester's Be-Bop Boogie                  Lester Young & His Band
        4       Just Coolin'                            Lester Young & His Band
        5       D.B. Blues                              King Pleasure
        6       I'm In The Mood For Love                King Pleasure
        7       I'm Old Fashioned                       Kenny Drew
        8       Pepper Returns                          Art Pepper Quintet
        9       Angel Wings                             Art Pepper Quintet
        10      Funny Blues                             Art Pepper Quintet
LP      9239                                                            LP      1963
LP     12239                                                            LP      1966

FATS DOMINO                     Let's Dance With Domino

        A1      Ain't It A Shame                                2:26
        A2      I Don't Want To Walk With Out You               2:10
        A3      I Lived My Life                                 2:00
        A4      Someday                                         2:19
        A5      Telling Lies                                    2:20
        A6      When I See You                                  2:00
        B1      Just A Little While (To Stay Here)              2:19
        B2      Oh Ba-a-by                                      2:20
        B3      When You're Smiling                             2:10
        B4      Don't You Know I Love You                       2:10
        B5      Yes My Darling                                  2:00
        B6      True Confession                                 2:07
LP      9240                                                            LP      1963
LP     12240                                                            LP      1963

V / A                           Gospel Hootenanny

        1       I Got Shoes                             Traveling Four
        2       This Little Light Of Mine               Traveling Four
        3       Traveling Shoes                         Trumpeteers
        4       Leave That Lie Alone                    Trumpeteers
        5       The Mighty Number                       Trumpeteers
        6       His Eye Is On The Sparrow               Soul Stirrers
        7       There'll Be No More Sorrow              Soul Stirrers
        8       Lift Him Up                             Soul Stirrers
        9       Glory Glory Hallelujah                  Soul Stirrers
        10      Come Over Here                          Zion Travelers
        11      Walkin' Up The King's Highway           Zion Travelers
LP      9241                                                            LP      1963

JOHNNY GILBERT TRIO             It Happens Here

        A1      Hello Young Lovers                              2:35
        A2      O In Love                                       2:10
        A3      Speak Low                                       4:00
        A4      Polka Dots & Moonbeams                          2:28
        A5      I Get A Kick Out Of You                         2:20
        A6      Have You Met Miss Jones                         2:22
        B1      It Could Happen To You                          3:50
        B2      You Stepped Out Of A Dream                      2:45
        B3      You're Mine You                                 4:10
        B4      I'll Remember April                             4:15
        B5      Summertime                                      2:35
LP      9242                                                            LP      1963
LP     12242                                                            LP      1963

LOU BLACKBURN                   Two Note Samba

        A1      Manha De Carnaval
        A2      Jean-Bleu
        A3      Blues for Eurydice
        A4      Grand prix
        B1      Two-Note Samba
        B2      Song of Delilah
        B3      Dear Old Stockholm
        B4      Secret Love
LP      9243                                                            LP      1963
LP     12243                                                            LP      1963


        1       Tidal Wave
        2       Surfer's Slide
        3       Surfman
        4       Maliburon
        5       Swing Low Sweet Chariot
        6       Undercurrent
        7       Surfer's Hop
LP      9244                                                            LP      1963
LP     12244                                                            LP      1966

RICK NELSON                     A Long Vacation

        A1      A Long Vacation
        A2      Mad Mad World
        A3      Honeycomb
        A4      Baby Won't You Please Come Home
        A5      I Can't Stop Loving You
        A6      Stars Fell On Alabama
        B1      Excuse Me Baby
        B2      Unchained Melody
        B3      I'll Walk Alone
        B4      It's All In The Game
        B5      Someday
        B6      I'm Confessin'
LP      9245                                                            LP      1963

SLIM WHITMAN                    Irish Songs , The Whitman Way

        A1      My Wild Irish Rose                              2:31
        A2      40 Shades Of Green                              2:12
        A3      Eileen                                          4:12
        A4      Galway Bay                                      3:02
        A5      Dora, My Darling                                2:18
        A6      I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen              2:38
        B1      Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral                           2:24
        B2      Gortnamona                                      2:54
        B3      Stone Outside Dan Murphy's                      2:53
        B4      Londonderry Air                                 3:00
        B5      Peggy O'Neil                                    1:57
        B6      Where The River Shannon Flows                   2:40

LP      Liberty         LBS 83019       1963    UK      mono
LP      9246                                                            LP      1963
V / A                           Just Jazz

        A1      Erroll Garner           White Rose Bounce       2:58
        A2      Erroll Garner : Twisting' The Cats's Tail       2:50
        A3      Erroll Garner           Night And Day           3:12
        A4      Lester Young : You're Driving Me Crazy          3:02
        A5      Lester Young            Lester Leaps In         2:55
        B1      Lester Young : Something To Remember You By     2:43
        B2      John Coltrane, Paul Chambers : Visitation       4:53
        B3      John Coltrane, Paul Chambers : Eastbound        4:20
        B4      Billie Holiday          Be Fair To Me           2:35
        B5      Billie Holiday          Rock Mountain Blues     3:09
LP      9247                                                            LP      1963
LP     12247                                                            LP      1963

HAROLD LAND QUINTET             Jazz Impressions Of Folk Music

        A1      Tom Dooley
        A2      Scarlet Ribbons
        A3      Foggy Foggy Dew
        A4      Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
        B1      On Top Of Old Smokey
        B2      Take This Hammer
        B3      Blue Tail Fly
        B4      Hava Nagila
LP      9248                                                            LP      1963
LP     12248                                                            LP      1966

FATS DOMINO                     Here He Comes Again !

        A1      Goin' Home                                      2:27
        A2      Trouble In Mind                                 2:33
        A3      Every Night                                     2:35
        A4      When I See You                                  2:08
        A5      Oh Ba-A-By                                      2:19
        A6      Ain't Gonna Do It                               2:04
        B1      Your Cheatin' Heart                             2:04
        B2      I Can't Give You Anything But Love              2:08
        B3      Along The Navajo Trail                          1:43
        B4      South Of The Border                             2:37
        B5      Lil' Liza Jane                                  1:51
        B6      Telling Lies                                    2:20
LP      9249                                                            LP      1963
LP     12249                                                            LP      1963

SANDY NELSON                    Sandy Nelson Plays

        A1      Rockhouse                                       2:10
        A2      What'd I Say                                    2:39
        A3      Don't Be Cruel                                  2:16
        A4      All Shook Up                                    2:11
        A5      Be Bop Baby                                     2:05
        A6      Stood Up                                        2:00
        B1      Splish Splash                                   2:15
        B2      Walking To New Orleans                          2:03
        B3      My Girl Josephine                               2:25
        B4      I'm In Love Again                               1:50
        B5      I Want To Walk You Home                         2:10
        B6      I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday                    1:58

LP      Liberty         LBY 3007/LP 9249   1963 UK      mono
LP      9250                                                            LP      1963
LP     12250                                                            LP      1963


        AA1     We Wish You A Merry Christmas                   2:27
        AA2     O Tannenbaum
        AA3     The Wassail Song
        AB1     O Come All Ye Faithful                          2:22
        AB2     O Little Town Of Bethlehem
        AC1     Silent Night                                    2:58
        AD1     Hark, The Herald Angels Sing                    2:22
        AD2     Angels We Have Heard On High
        AE1     It Came Upon A Midnight Clear                   3:09
        AE2     I Saw Three Ships
        AF1     Carol Of The Bells                              3:00
        AF2     We Three Kings
        BA1     Joy To The World                                2:42
        BA2     Carol Of The Drum
        BA3     Deck The Halls
        BB1     O Holy Night                                    3:40
        BB2     Christ Was Born On Christmas Day
        BC1     God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen                     1:57
        BC2     Good King Wenceslas
        BD1     The First Noel                                  2:25
        BD2     Away In A Manger
        BE1     Twelve Days Of Christmas                        3:00
LP      9251                                                            LP      1964
LP     12251                                                            LP      1964

RICK NELSON                     Rick Nelson Sings For You

        A1      Today's Teardrops
        A2      Lucky Star
        A3      One of These Mornings
        A4      There Goes My Baby
        A5      Be True to Me
        A6      Thank You, Darlin'
        B1      Congratulations
        B2      I'll Make Believe
        B3      I'm All Through With You
        B4      Don't Leave Me
        B5      I Can't Help It
        B6      Excuse Me Baby
LP      9252                                                            LP      1964
LP     12252                                                            LP      1964

SLIM WHITMAN                    All Time Favorites

        A1      So Long Mary
        A2      Nobody's Darling But Mine
        A3      Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
        A4      Broken Down Merry Go Round
        A5      There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
        A6      Somebody Loves You
        B1      What'll I Do
        B2      Never
        B3      Suppose I Had Never Met You
        B4      Tell Me Pretty Words
        B5      They Didn't Believe Me
        B6      Ages And Ages Ago
LP      9253                                                            LP      1963

CARL MYLES & LEE BEDFORD        Square Dances With Calls Volume 2

        1       Lady Round The Lady                     Carl Myles
        2       Bird In The Cage                        Carl Myles
        3       Missouri Hoedown                        Carl Myles
        4       Bell Bottom Trousers                    Lee Bedford
        5       Texas Whirlwind                         Lee Bedford
        6       Shoot The Owl                           Lee Bedford
        7       Mountain Music                          Lee Bedford
        8       Railroad Track                          Lee Bedford
        9       Star By The Right                       Lee Bedford
        10      Glory Hallelujah                        Lee Bedford
        11      Rose Of San Antone                      Lee Bedford
        12      Swanee River                            Lee Bedford
LP      9254                                                            LP      1963


        1       Sioux City Sue
        2       Red River Valley
        3       Glory Glory Hallelujah
        4       Oh Johnny
        5       Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
        6       Hinky Dinky Parley-Voo
        7       Jingle Bells
        8       Oh Susanna
        9       Wabash Cannon Ball
        10      Goodbye My Lover Goodbye
        11      Pop Goes The Weasel
        12      My Pretty Girl
LP      9255                                                            LP      1963

HARLEY LUSE AND ORCHESTRA       American Folk Dances

        1       Turkey In The Straw
        2       Varsouvianna
        3       Chicken Reel
        4       Soldier's Joy
        5       Buffalo Gals
        6       Mississippi Sawyer
        7       Arkansas Traveller
        8       Cotton-Eyed Joe
        9       California Schottische
        10      Red Wing
        11      Darling Nellie Gray
        12      She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain
LP      9256                                                            LP      1964

MANUEL ACUNA                    Mexican Folk Dances Volume 2

        1       Chiapanecas
        2       Lentejuela
        3       Las Altenitas
        4       La Bamba
        5       La Mesticita
        6       La Joaquinita
        7       Mexican Waltz (Mexican Hat Dance)
        8       Kalvelis
        9       De La Vega Grenadine
        10      Novillero
        11      Cielito Lindo
        12      El Relicario
LP      9257                                                            LP      1964
LP     12257                                                            LP      1964

V / A                           Best Of Blues Volume 1

        A1      Jimmy McCracklin        Just Got To Know
        A2      Jimmy McCracklin        I Don't Care
        A3      Jimmy McCracklin        Bitter Pill
        A4      Jimmy McCracklin        Sooner Or Later
        A5      T-Bone Walker           Cold, Cold, Feeling
        A6      T-Bone Walker           The Sun Went Down
        B1      Charles Brown           Drifting Blues
        B2      Charles Brown           Black Night
        B3      Charles Brown           Trouble Blues
        B4      Charles Brown           Fool's Paradise
        B5      Charles Brown           Seven Long Days
        B6      Charles Brown           Get Yourself Another Fool
LP      9258                                                            LP      1964
LP     12258                                                            LP      1964

SANDY NELSON                    Be True To Your School

        A1      Be True to Your School
        A2      School Days
        A3      High School USA
        A4      Hey Little Girl (In the High School Sweater)
        A5      Waitin' in School
        A6      Teen March
        B1      Cheer Leader
        B2      School Is Out
        B3      Rock Around the Clock
        B4      Charlie Brown
        B5      Moments to Remember
        B6      Graduation Day
LP      9259                                                            LP      1964
LP     12259                                                            LP      1964

V / A                           Best Of The Blues Volume 2

        A1      Lightnin' Hopkins       Feel So Bad             2:05
        A2      Lightnin' Hopkins       Shot Gun                2:36
        A3      Lightnin' Hopkins       Katie May               3:00
        A4      Lightnin' Hopkins       My California           2:30
        A5      Floyd Dixon             Call Operator 210       2:55
        A6      Peppermint Harris       I Got Loaded            2:30
        B1      Amos Milburn            Trouble In Mind         2:35
        B2      Amos Milburn            Bad Bad Whiskey         2:56
        B3      Amos Milburn            Baby Baby               3:00
        B4      Amos Milburn            Bewildered              2:55
        B5      Fats Domino             Every Night             2:35
        B6      Fats Domino             Goin' Home              2:27
LP      9260                                                            LP      1964
LP     12260                                                            LP      1964

V / A                           New Orleans , Our Home Town

        1       Walking To New Orleans                  Fats Domino
        2       Blueberry Hill                          Fats Domino
        3       Two Winters Long                        Irma Thomas
        4       Hittin' On Nothing                      Irma Thomas
        5       You're The One                          Spiders
        6       I Didn't Want To Do It                  Spiders
        7       Mother- in- Law                         Ernie K-Doe
        8       A Certain Girl                          Ernie K-Doe
        9       Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Part 1                 Jessie Hill
        10      Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Part 2                 Jessie Hill
        11      I'm Gone                                Shirley & Lee
        12      Let The Good Times Roll                 Shirley & Lee
LP      9261                                                            LP      1964
LP     12261                                                            LP      1964

THE SWINGING BLUE JEANS         Hippy Hippy Shake

        A1      Good Golly Miss Molly
        A2      Angie
        A3      It's Too Late Now
        A4      Think of Me
        A5      Do You Know
        A6      Hippy Hippy Shake
        B1      Shaking Feeling
        B2      Shake, Rattle & Roll
        B3      Shakin' All Over
        B4      Now I Must Go
        B5      Wasting Time
        B6      Save the Last Dance for Me

LP      Capitol         T 6069          1964    UK      mono
LP      9262                                                            LP      1964
LP     12262                                                            LP      1964

THE FABULOUS WAILERS            Tall Cool One

        A1      Tall Cool One                                   2:35
        A2      Seattle                                         2:03
        A3      Hokey                                           2:00
        A4      Louie Louie                                     2:32
        A5      Doin' the Seaside                               2:15
        A6      We're Goin' Surfin'                             2:05
        B1      Frenzy                                          2:09
        B2      Shake Down                                      1:59
        B3      Party Time U.S.A.                               2:04
        B4      Tough Walk                                      2:00
        B5      Isabella                                        2:18
        B6      Mashi                                           1:59

LP      Etiquette       LP 022          1963    US      mono
LP      9263                                                            LP      1964
LP     12263                                                            LP      1964

TOM TEDESCO                     The Electric 12 String Guitar

        A1      Pretty Wildwood Flower                          2:24
        A2      The Pink Panther Theme                          2:38
        A3      Bonaparte's Retreat                             1:51
        A4      Cotton Field                                    2:47
        A5      I Walk The Line                                 2:01
        A6      Detroit City                                    2:07
        B1      Bonanza                                         2:06
        B2      Memphis                                         2:02
        B3      Silver Threads And Golden Needles               2:17
        B4      Java                                            2:06
        B5      Abiliene                                        2:06
        B6      Freight Train                                   2:08
LP      9264                                                            LP      1964
LP     12264                                                            LP      1964

JOHNNY RIVERS                   At The Whisky A Go-Go

        A1      Memphis                                         2:35
        A2      It Wouldn't Happen With Me                      3:30
        A3      Oh Lonesome Me                                  2:45
        A4      Lawdy Miss Clawdy                               3:30
        A5      Whiskey ä Go Go                                 3:50
        B1      Walkin' the Dog                                 3:45
        B2      Brown-Eyed Handsome Man                         3:00
        B3      You Can Have Her (I Don't Want Her)             3:10
        B4      Multiplication                                  2:50
        B5      Medley: La Bamba/Twist and Shout                6:00

LP      Liberty         LBS 83299x      1964    UK      stereo
LP      9265                                                            LP      1964
LP     12265                                                            LP      1964

THE HOLLIES                     Here I Go Again !

        A1      Here I Go Again
        A2      Stay
        A3      Memphis, Tennessee
        A4      Lucille
        A5      You Better Move On
        A6      Talkin' 'Bout You
        B1      Just One Look
        B2      Keep Off of That Friend of Mine
        B3      Rockin' Robin
        B4      Do You Love Me
        B5      What Kind of Girl Are You
        B6      It's Only Make Believe

LP      Parlophone      PCS 3054        1964    UK      stereo
LP      9266                                                            LP      1964
LP     12266                                                            LP      1964

IRMA THOMAS                     Wish Someone Would Care

        A1      Wish Someone Would Care                         2:20
        A2      I Need Your Love So Bad                         3:10
        A3      Without Love (There Is Nothing)                 2:57
        A4      Please Send Me Someone to Love                  2:28
        A5      Another Woman's Man                             3:03
        A6      Sufferin' With the Blues                        2:18
        B1      Time Is on My Side                              2:53
        B2      While the City Sleeps                           2:25
        B3      Straight From the Heart                         2:26
        B4      I've Been There                                 2:39
        B5      I Need You So                                   2:21
        B6      Break-a-Way                                     2:30
LP      9267                                                            LP      1964
LP     12267                                                            LP      1964


        A1      Wish Someone Would Care                         2:20
        A2      I Need Your Love So Bad                         3:10
        A3      Without Love (There Is Nothing)                 2:57
        A4      Please Send Me Someone to Love                  2:28
        A5      Another Woman's Man                             3:03
        A6      Sufferin' With the Blues                        2:18
        B1      Time Is on My Side                              2:53
        B2      While the City Sleeps                           2:25
        B3      Straight From the Heart                         2:26
        B4      I've Been There                                 2:39
        B5      I Need You So                                   2:21
        B6      Break-a-Way                                     2:30

LP      Capitol         T 6091          1964    UK
LP      9268                                                            LP      1964
LP     12268                                                            LP      1964

SLIM WHITMAN                    Country Songs , City Hits

        A1      It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'
        A2      You're The Reason
        A3      Ramblin' Rose
        A4      Little Bitty Tear
        A5      Born To Lose
        A6      From A Jack To A King
        B1      I'll Hold You In My Heart
        B2      I Fall To Pieces
        B3      I Can't Stop Loving You
        B4      No Other Arms, No Other Lips
        B5      Bouquet Of Roses
        B6      Just Out Of Reach

LP      Liberty         LBL/LBS 83022   1964    UK      mono/stereo
LP      9269                                                            LP      1964
LP     12269                                                            LP      1964

THE RISERS                      She's A Bad Motorcycle

        A1      Pico Hornet #28                                 1:57
        A2      Cruising                                        2:01
        A3      Knobber Hill                                    1:52
        A4      305 Dream                                       2:05
        A5      The Steel Shoe                                  2:04
        A6      250 Scrambler                                   2:15
        B1      She's A Bad Motorcycle                          2:25
        B2      650 Cc                                          1:28
        B3      Turn Her On                                     1:41
        B4      Wash Wax And Shine                              1:56
        B5      Match The Test                                  2:02
        B6      Chopped And Bobbed 74                           2:03
LP      9270                                                            LP      1964
LP     12270                                                            LP      1964

THE FANTASTIC BAGGYS            Tell 'Em I'm Surfin'

        A1      Tell 'em I'm Surfin'                            2:02
        A2      Let's Make the Most of Summer                   1:59
        A3      Surfin' Craze                                   1:56
        A4      Big Gun Board                                   2:20
        A5      Alone on the Beach                              1:44
        A6      This Little Woody                               1:48
        B1      Surfer Boy's Dream Come True                    2:39
        B2      When Surfers Rule                               2:13
        B3      Wax Up Your Board                               2:06
        B4      Summer Means Fun                                1:57
        B5      Surfin's Back Again                             1:42
        B6      Surf Impersonations                             1:13
LP      9271                                                            LP      1964
LP     12271                                                            LP      1964

V / A                           Great Instrumental R & B Hits

        1       Raunchy                                 Ernie Freeman
        2       Diane                                   Bo Rhambo
        3       Chicka-Boo                              Lloyd Glenn
        4       Tenderly                                Lynn Hope
        5       Lost Dreams                             Ernie Freeman
        6       Take The "A" Train                      Erskine Hawkins
        7       After Hours                             Erskine Hawkins
        8       Jivin' Around, Parts 1 & 2              Ernie Freeman
        9       Flying Home, Parts 1 & 2                Illinois Jacquet
        10      Old Time Shuffle                        Lloyd Glenn
LP      9272                                                            LP      1964
LP     12272                                                            LP      1964

SANDY NELSON                    Live ! In Las Vegas

        A1      Let There Be Drums                              2:45
        A2      Memphis                                         2:30
        A3      Johnny B. Goode                                 1:55
        A4      Mr. John Lee (Part 1)                           2:35
        A5      Mr. John Lee (Part 2)                           3:19
        B1      Teen Beat '65                                   2:48
        B2      El Bandido                                      2:15
        B3      Skokiaan                                        2:20
        B4      Drum Bay                                        2:25
        B5      Live It Up                                      1:42
        B6      Drum Stuff                                      3:43
LP      9273                                                            LP      1964
LP     12273                                                            LP      1964

BILLY J.KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS : I'll Keep You Satisfied

        A1      I'll Keep You Satisfied                         2:05
        A2      I Call Your Name                                2:00
        A3      Beautiful Dreamer                               2:25
        A4      The Twelfth of Never                            2:52
        A5      Sugar Babe                                      2:30
        A6      I'll Be on My Way                               1:10
        B1      From a Window                                   1:55
        B2      Second to None                                  2:19
        B3      Anything That's Part of You                     2:21
        B4      Still Waters                                    2:21
        B5      Yes                                             2:30
        B6      The Cruel Surf                                  2:12
LP      9274                                                            LP      1964
LP     12274                                                            LP      1964

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Here We A Go-Go Again !

        A1      Maybelline
        A2      Dang Me
        A3      Josephine
        A4      High Heel Sneakers
        A5      Can't Buy My Love
        A6      I've Got a Woman
        B1      Baby What You Want Me to Do
        B2      Midnight Special
        B3      Roll Over Beethoven
        B4      Walk Myself on Home
        B5      Johnny B. Goode
        B6      Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
LP      9275                                                            LP      ????
LP     12275                                                            LP      ????

(Note : unissued)
LP      9276                                                            LP      1964
LP     12276                                                            LP      1964

SONNY CURTIS                    Beatle Hits Flamenco Guitar Style

        A1      She Loves You                                   2:30
        A2      Ringo's Theme (This Boy)                        ?
        A3      Please Please Me                                1:58
        A4      Do You Want to Know a Secret                    2:02
        A5      Ballad for a Beatle                             1:44
        A6      Hard Day's Night                                2:12
        B1      All My Loving                                   1:43
        B2      And I Love Her                                  2:55
        B3      Things We Said Today                            2:16
        B4      Little Child                                    1:40
        B5      P.S. I Love You                                 2:23
        B6      If I Fell                                       2:10
LP      9277                                                            LP      1964
LP     12277                                                            LP      1964

SLIM WHITMAN                    Love Song Of The Waterfall

        A1      Love Song Of The Waterfall
        A2      You Belong To My Heart
        A3      In The Misty Moonlight
        A4      Down In The Valley
        A5      Virginia
        A6      Melody Of Love
        B1      Silver Threads Among The Gold
        B2      When I'm Gone, You'll Soon Forget
        B3      On The Sunny Side Of The Rockies
        B4      My Heart Cries Out For You
        B5      Ah ! The Sweet Mystery Of Life
        B6      La Colondrina
LP      9278                                                            LP      1965
LP     12278                                                            LP      1965

SANDY NELSON                    Teen Beat '65

        A1      Teen Beat '65                                   2:30
        A2      Rauchy '65                                      3:00
        A3      20 - 75                                         2:26
        A4      Come on, Do the Jerk                            2:24
        A5      Scratchy                                        2:32
        B1      Bongo Rock                                      1:47
        B2      Honky Tonk '65                                  3:07
        B3      Wipe Out                                        1:47
        B4      The Jerk                                        2:10
        B5      Beat From Another World                         7:05
LP      9279                                                            LP      1965
LP     12279                                                            LP      1965

P.J.PROBY                       Go P.J. (Aka Somewhere)

        1       Somewhere
        2       Just Call And I'll Be There
        3       Que Sera Sera
        4       Stagger Lee
        5       Linda Lu
        6       Together
        7       Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
        8       Glory Of Love
        9       The Masquerade Is Over
        10      Hold Me
        11      Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
        12      Question
LP      9280                                                            LP      1965
LP     12280                                                            LP      1965

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Johnny Rivers In Action !

        A1      Mountain of Love                                2:38
        A2      Promised Land                                   2:34
        A3      I Should Have Known Better                      3:22
        A4      I'm in Love Again                               1:53
        A5      Rhythm of the Rain                              2:17
        A6      He Don't Love You Like I Love You               2:56
        B1      Cupid                                           2:35
        B2      Oh, Pretty Woman                                2:46
        B3      It's All Over Now                               2:40
        B4      What Am I Doin' Here With You                   2:28
        B5      Moody River                                     2:24
        B6      Keep a-Knockin'                                 2:18
LP      9281                                                            LP      1965
LP     12281                                                            LP      1965

PETULA CLARK                    Uptown With Petula Clark

        A1      If I Had My Way                                 2:45
        A2      Dear Daddy                                      2:55
        A3      Baby Lover                                      2:24
        A4      Ever Been In Love                               2:40
        A5      Suddenly                                        2:42
        A6      Mama's Talkin' Soft                             2:10
        B1      Alone                                           2:42
        B2      Sonny Boy                                       3:16
        B3      I Wish I Knew                                   3:13
        B4      I'm In Love Again                               2:31
        B5      As Time Goes By                                 2:50
        B6      Goodnight My Love                               3:03
LP      9282                                                            LP      1965
LP     12282                                                            LP      1965

GEORGIE FAME                    Yeh Yeh

        A1      Let the Sunshine In                             2:37
        A2      Yeh Yeh                                         2:20
        A3      Get on the Right Track, Baby                    2:52
        A4      The Monkey Time                                 2:38
        A5      Preach and Teach                                1:54
        A6      Gimme That Wine                                 3:05
        B1      I'm in the Mood for Love                        4:23
        B2      Pride and Joy                                   2:24
        B3      I Love the Life I Live                          3:20
        B4      Point of No Return                              3:27
        B5      Monkeying Around                                2:12
        B6      Pink Champagne                                  3:55

LP      Columbia        33SX 1638       1965    UK      mono
LP      9283                                                            LP      1965
LP     12283                                                            LP      1965

SANDY NELSON                    Drum Discotheque

        A1      Let There Be Drums '66                          2:29
        A2      Sidewinder                                      2:55
        A3      Twine Time                                      2:36
        A4      Tim Tom Drum                                    2:43
        A5      Teen Beach                                      4:44
        A6      El Pussycat                                     2:25
        B1      Drum Discotheque                                2:44
        B2      The Jolly Green Giant                           2:09
        B3      Shotgun                                         2:25
        B4      Go Go-á-Go Go                                   2:55
        B5      Drum Dance                                      2:29
        B6      Land of a Thousand Dances                       2:45
LP      9284                                                            LP      1965
LP     12284                                                            LP      1965

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Meanwhile Back At The Whisky A Go-Go

        A1      Seventh Son
        A2      Greenback Dollar
        A3      Stop! In the Name of Love
        A4      Un-Square Dance
        A5      Silver Threads and Golden Needles
        A6      Land of 1000 Dances
        B1      Parchman Farm
        B2      I'll Cry Instead
        B3      Break Up
        B4      Work Song
        B5      Stagger Lee
        B6      Susie Q
LP      9285                                                            LP      1965
LP     12285                                                            LP      1965

JIMMY MCCRACKLIN                Every Night , Every Day

        A1      Every Night, Every Day
        A2      Can't Raise Me
        A3      Believe in Me
        A4      Someone
        A5      I Did Wrong
        A6      Summertime
        B1      Let's Do It All
        B2      You're the One
        B3      Just Like It Is
        B4      Looking for a Woman
        B5      That's the Way It Goes
        B6      The Walk
LP      9286                                                            LP      1965
LP     12286                                                            LP      1965

JACKIE DE SHANNON               This Is Jackie DeShannon

        A1      What the World Needs Now is Love                3:10
        A2      Take Me Away                                    3:00
        A3      Summertime                                      2:01
        A4      Am I Making It Hard on You                      2:31
        A5      Go on Your Way                                  2:44
        A6      After Last Night                                2:24
        B1      A Lifetime of Loneliness                        2:34
        B2      Take Me Tonight                                 2:50
        B3      Hellos and Goodbyes                             2:07
        B4      I'm Gonna Be Strong                             2:07
        B5      Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying              3:52
        B6      I Remember the Boy                              2:55
LP      9287                                                            LP      1965
LP     12287                                                            LP      1965

SANDY NELSON                    Drums A Go-Go

        A1      Drums a Go-Go                                   2:35
        A2      (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction                   2:44
        A3      I Like It Like That                             2:02
        A4      Casbah                                          2:13
        A5      Boot-Leg                                        2:32
        A6      Wooly Bully                                     2:25
        B1      You Turn Me On (Turn on Song)                   2:56
        B2      Whittier Blvd                                   2:31
        B3      Do the Boomerang                                2:42
        B4      Kitty's Theme                                   2:20
        B5      The Clapping Song                               2:49
        B6      Soul Drums                                      3:33
LP      9288                                                            LP      1965
LP     12288                                                            LP      1965

SLIM WHITMAN                    Reminiscing

        A1      Reminiscing
        A2      I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
        A3      Please Help Me, I'm Falling
        A4      Careless Hands
        A5      Tell me Pretty Words
        A6      Be Honest With Me
        B1      Have You Ever Been Lonely
        B2      Mansion on a Hill
        B3      Bells of Memory
        B4      River of Tears
        B5      Since You've Gone
        B6      When I Grow Too Old to Dream
LP      9289                                                            LP      1965
LP     12289                                                            LP      1965

MEL CARTER                      Hold Me , Thrill Me , Kiss Me

        A1      Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me                     2:27
        A2      The Richest Man Alive                           2:59
        A3      Detour                                          2:03
        A4      Funny World                                     2:11
        A5      A Sweet Little Girl                             2:12
        A6      I Need You Now                                  4:20
        B1      Wanted
        B2      I Just Can't Imagine                            2:49
        B3      High Noon                                       2:34
        B4      I'll Never Be Free                              2:33
        B5      What's On Your Mind                             2:55
        B6      I Am                                            2:45
LP      9290                                                            LP      1965
LP     12290                                                            LP      1965

O'JAYS                          Comin' Through

        A1      Whip It on Me Baby
        A2      Think It Over, Baby
        A3      Lipstick Traces (On a Cigarette)
        A4      Let It all Out
        A5      I've Cried My Last Tear
        A6      I'm Gonna Make It
        B1      Lonely Drifter
        B2      Stand Tall
        B3      Oh how You Hurt Me
        B4      The Storm Is Over
        B5      Girl Machine
        B6      Time Is on My Side
LP      9291                                                            LP      1965
LP     12291                                                            LP      1965

BILLY J.KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS    : Trains And Boats And Planes

        A1      Trains and Boats and Planes                     2:34
        A2      Mad, Mad World                                  2:17
        A3      Twilight Time                                   3:03
        A4      Under the Boardwalk                             2:49
        A5      When You Walk in the Room                       2:45
        A6      Sneaking Around                                 2:41
        B1      To Take Her Place                               1:53
        B2      When You Ask About Love                         2:05
        B3      Don't Do It No More                             2:27
        B4      I Live to Love You                              2:15
        B5      Tennessee Waltz                                 3:05
        B6      Irresistable You                                2:30
LP      9292                                                            LP      1965
LP     12292                                                            LP      1965

CHER                            All I Really Want To Do

        A1      All I Really Want to Do                         2:56
        A2      I Go to Sleep                                   2:28
        A3      Needles and Pins                                2:26
        A4      Don't Think Twice, It's Alright                 2:25
        A5      She Thinks I Still Care                         2:15
        A6      Dream Baby                                      2:58
        B1      The Bells of Rhymney                            3:07
        B2      Girl Don't Come                                 2:05
        B3      See See Rider                                   2:38
        B4      Come and Stay With Me                           2:45
        B5      Cry Myself to Sleep                             2:18
        B6      Blowin' in the Wind                             3:24

LP      Liberty         LBY 3058        1965    UK      mono
LP      9293                                                            LP      1965
LP     12293                                                            LP      1965

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Johnny Rivers Rocks The Folk

        A1      Tom Dooley
        A2      Long Time Man
        A3      Michael (Row the Boat Ashore)
        A4      Blowin' in the Wind
        A5      Green Green
        A6      Where Have All the Flowers Gone
        B1      If I Had a Hammer
        B2      Tall Oak Tree
        B3      Catch the Wind
        B4      500 Miles
        B5      Mr. Tambourine Man
        B6      Jailer Bring Me Water
LP      9294                                                            LP      1965
LP     12294                                                            LP      1965

JACKIE DE SHANNON               You Won't Forget Me

        A1      You Won’t Forget Me                             2:11
        A2      The Prince                                      2:32
        A3      Should I Cry                                    2:23
        A4      Hold Your Head High                             2:37
        A5      Did He Call Me Today, Mama?                     2:15
        A6      She Don’t Understand Him Like I Do              3:07
        B1      When You Walk in the Room                       2:37
        B2      Oh Boy                                          1:50
        B3      Maybe Baby                                      1:58
        B4      Over You                                        2:01
        B5      Be Good Baby                                    2:46
        B6      Try to Forget Him                               2:05
LP      9295                                                            LP      1965
LP     12295                                                            LP      1965

        A1      Our Day Will Come
        A2      La Montana
        A3      Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
        A4      Sleepers Wake
        A5      Meditation
        A6      A Taste Of Honey
        B1      Dee Dee's Dilemma
        B2      Suelo Espanol
        B3      Sweet September
        B4      Brazil
        B5      Honeysuckle Rose
        B6      Samba De Orfeu
LP      9296                                                            LP      1965
LP     12296                                                            LP      1965

JACKIE DE SHANNON               In The Wind

        A1      Blowin' in the Wind                             3:02
        A2      Walkin' Down the Line                           2:40
        A3      Don't Think Twice, It's All Right               3:25
        A4      If I Had a Hammer                               2:16
        A5      Jailer Bring Me Water                           2:30
        A6      Baby, Let Me Follow You Down                    1:52
        B1      Needles and Pins                                2:30
        B2      Little Yellow Roses                             2:00
        B3      500 Miles                                       2:46
        B4      Oh Sweet Chariot                                2:31
        B5      Puff, the Magic Dragon                          3:20
        B6      Don't Turn Your Back on Me                      2:10
LP      9297                                                            LP      1965
LP     12297                                                            LP      1965

JIMMY MCCRACKLIN                Think

        A1      Think                                           2:25
        A2      Slightest Idea                                  2:18
        A3      The Bitter & The Sweet                          2:02
        A4      Just Pretending                                 1:58
        A5      My Best Friend                                  3:13
        A6      Speak Up                                        2:18
        B1      Steppin' Up In Class                            2:31
        B2      I'm The One                                     2:48
        B3      My Life                                         2:28
        B4      Head Over Flip                                  2:42
        B5      Advice                                          2:39
        B6      I'll See It Through                             2:05
LP      9298                                                            LP      1965
LP     12298                                                            LP      1965

SANDY NELSON                    Boss Beat

        A1      Papa's Got a Brand New Bag                      2:05
        A2      Slow Down                                       2:12
        A3      A Taste of Honey                                2:31
        A4      A Lover's Concerto                              2:16
        A5      The "in" Crowd                                  2:54
        A6      Treat Her Right                                 1:51
        B1      Boss Beat                                       1:58
        B2      Louie Louie                                     2:28
        B3      Hang on Sloopy (My Girl Sloopy)                 2:21
        B4      Down in the Boondocks                           2:38
        B5      Drums in a Sea Cave                             3:36
        B6      The Third Man Theme                             2:37
LP      9299                                                            LP      1965
LP     12299                                                            LP      1965

THE HOLLIES                     Hear ! Hear !

        A1      I'm Alive
        A2      Very Last Day
        A3      You Must Believe in Me
        A4      Put Yourself in My Place
        A5      Down the Line
        A6      That's My Desire
        B1      Look Through Any Window
        B2      Lawdy Miss Clawdy
        B3      When I Come Home to You
        B4      So Lonely
        B5      I've Been Wrong
        B6      Too Many People

LP      Parlophone      PMC 1261        1965    UK      mono
LP      9300                                                            LP      1965
LP     12300                                                            LP      1965

MEL CARTER                      (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings

        A1      (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings                2:42
        A2      Love Is All We Need                             1:47
        A3      Band of Gold                                    2:17
        A4      If You're Wondering                             2:38
        A5      I Wish I Didn't Love You So                     ?
        A6      A Taste of Honey                                2:12
        B1      (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons            2:05
        B2      I Miss You So                                   2:25
        B3      When I Hold the Hand of the One I Love          2:20
        B4      It's Not Unusual                                2:18
        B5      You've Got to Take the Bad With the Good        3:05
        B6      Hold My Hand                                    2:05
LP      9301                                                            LP      1965
LP     12301                                                            LP      1965

CHER                            The Sonny Side Of Cher

        A1      Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)                2:40
        A2      A Young Girl (Une Enfante)                      3:22
        A3      Where Do You Go                                 3:12
        A4      Our Day Will Come                               2:12
        A5      Elusive Butterfly                               2:30
        A6      Like a Rolling Stone                            3:45
        B1      Ol' Man River                                   2:50
        B2      Come to Your Window                             2:48
        B3      The Girl From Ipanema                           2:09
        B4      It's Not Unusual                                2:08
        B5      Time                                            3:16
        B6      Milord                                          2:43

LP      Liberty         LBY 3072        1966    UK      mono
LP      9302                                                            LP      1966
LP     12302                                                            LP      1966

IRMA THOMAS                     Take A Look

        A1      Take a Look
        A2      Teasing But You're Pleasing
        A3      I Haven't Got Time to Cry
        A4      You Don't Miss a Good Thing (Until It's Gone)
        A5      Some Things You Never Get Used To
        A6      Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)
        B1      It's Starting to Get to Me Now
        B2      Times Have Changed
        B3      He's My Guy
        B4      Baby Don't Look Down
        B5      What Are You Trying to Do
        B6      Wait Wait Wait
LP      9303                                                            LP      1966
LP     12303                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    More Than Yesterday

        A1      More Than Yesterday
        A2      I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows
        A3      Beautiful, Beautiful Blue Eyes (I'll Never Love Brown Eyes Again)
        A4      I Went To Your Wedding
        A5      Faded Love
        A6      Maria Elena
        B1      So Long, Mary
        B2      The Twelfth Of Never
        B3      A Satisfied Mind
        B4      I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair
        B5      Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me
        B6      Tennessee Waltz
LP      9304                                                            LP      1966
LP     12304                                                            LP      1966


        A1      Goldfinger                                      2:28
        A2      The River (Le Colline Sono In Fiore)            2:50
        A3      Mister Lonely                                   2:25
        A4      Theme From "Zorba The Greek"                    3:37
        A5      I Wanna Know                                    2:23
        A6      What's New Pussycat?                            2:16
        B1      Help                                            2:03
        B2      Thunderball                                     2:39
        B3      Yesterday                                       2:43
        B4      My Captive Heart                                2:29
        B5      Aline                                           2:26
        B6      The Sky, The Sun, And The Sea                   2:18
LP      9305                                                            LP      1966
LP     12305                                                            LP      1966

SANDY NELSON                    The "In" Beat

        A1      Uptight (Everything's Alright)                  2:23
        A2      A Hard Day's Night                              2:25
        A3      Day Tripper                                     2:44
        A4      Just Like Me                                    2:09
        A5      No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)        2:17
        A6      The Batman Theme                                2:05
        B1      My World is Empty Without You                   2:27
        B2      Jenny Take a Ride                               3:05
        B3      My Love                                         2:35
        B4      Secret Agent Man                                2:16
        B5      The 'in" Beat                                   2:58
        B6      The Duck                                        2:14
LP      9306                                                            LP      1966
LP     12306                                                            LP      1966

JIMMY MCCRACKLIN                My Answer

        A1      My Answer
        A2      Beulah
        A3      Every Night, Every Day
        A4      Believe In Me
        A5      I Don't Care
        A6      I Did Wrong
        B1      Think
        B2      Steppin' Up In Class
        B3      Someon
        B4      Let's Do It
        B5      Just Got To Know
        B6      Farewell
LP      9307                                                            LP      1966
LP     12307                                                            LP      1966

JOHNNY RIVERS                   And I Know You Wanna Dance

        A1      The Snake
        A2      I Can't Help Myself
        A3      You Must Believe
        A4      Uptight (Everything's Alright)
        A5      Respect
        A6      In the Midnight Hour
        B1      Secret Agent Man
        B2      Every Day I Have to Cry
        B3      You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
        B4      Foolkiller
        B5      Run for Your Life
        B6      You Dig
LP      9308                                                            LP      1966
LP     12308                                                            LP      1966

SANDY NELSON                    God's Hand In Mine

        A1      With God's Hand in Mine
        A2      He Bought My Soul at Calvary
        A3      What a Friend We Have in Jesus
        A4      He Reached Down His Hand
        A5      The Miracle of Love
        A6      He Set My Tears to Music
        B1      My Father Watches Over Me
        B2      How Great Thou Art
        B3      Carried on the Shoulders of the Shepherd
        B4      Who at My Door Is Standing
        B5      He'll Understand and Say Well Done
        B6      Love of God
LP      9309                                                            LP      1966
LP     12309                                                            LP      1966

TEX WILLIAMS                    Voice Of Authority

        1       You're Everywhere
        2       Hammer And Nails
        3       Smoky Hollow
        4       Long John
        5       Closer Closer Closer
        6       Suspicion
        7       Between Today And Tomorrow
        8       Where The Sad People Are
        9       Pickin' White Gold
        10      Empty Letter
        11      Late Movie
LP      9310                                                            LP      1966
LP     12310                                                            LP      1966

JIMMY BRYANT                    Bryant's Back In Town

        A1      Peach Grove Express
        A2      Elena Goodbye
        A3      Rattle Dance
        A4      Fraulein
        A5      Scottish Eagle
        A6      Blow Your Hat In the Creek
        B1      Buggy Ride
        B2      Lonesome
        B3      Fender Bender
        B4      Happy Guitar
        B5      Julie's Gone
        B6      Model 400 Buckboard
LP      9311                                                            LP      1966
LP     12311                                                            LP      1966


        A1      My Heart Reminds Me                             2:09
        A2      Forgive Me, Beethoven                           2:21
        A3      Secret Services                                 2:21
        A4      Ruffles                                         2:41
        A5      Camp Capers                                     2:28
        A6      Mumph?                                          2:53
        B1      A Lover's Concerto                              2:34
        B2      Meat Hand Symphony                              2:00
        B3      Ludwig's Lament                                 2:24
        B4      Snuff                                           1:55
        B5      Symphonic Nights                                2:11
        B6      Harumphfft                                      1:58
LP      9312                                                            LP      1966
LP     12312                                                            LP      1966

THE HOLLIES                     Beat Group !

        A1      I Can't Let Go
        A2      That's How Strong My Love Is
        A3      Running Through the Night
        A4      Oriental Sadness (She'll Never Trust in Anybody No More)
        A5      A Taste of Honey
        A6      Mr. Moonlight
        B1      Don't You Even Care
        B2      Hard, Hard Year
        B3      Take Your Time
        B4      Fifi the Flea
        B5      I Take What I Want
LP      9313                                                            LP      1966
LP     12313                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    A Travelin' Man

        A1      A Travelin' Man
        A2      Blueberry Hill
        A3      I'll Never Find Another You
        A4      At Mail Call Today
        A5      No One To Cry To
        A6      Lorena
        B1      I Remember You
        B2      Take It From Me
        B3      Hopeless
        B4      I'm Throwing Rice (at the Girl I Love)
        B5      Behind the Tear
        B6      At the End of the Day
LP      9314                                                            LP      1966
LP     12314                                                            LP      1966

SANDY NELSON                    Superdrums !

        A1      Good Lovin'
        A2      Got My Mojo Working
        A3      Monday Monday
        A4      Gloria
        A5      Kicks
        A6      Cool Jerk
        B1      Superdrums
        B2      Love Is Like an Itching in My Heart
        B3      Time Won't Let Me
        B4      Nothing's too Good for My Baby
        B5      Come on Let's Go
LP      9315                                                            LP      1966
LP     12315                                                            LP      1966

JIMMY BRYANT                    Laughing Guitar , Crying Guitar

        A1      Laughing Guitar                                 1:57
        A2      Joy Ride                                        2:16
        A3      Spanish Two Step                                2:03
        A4      Freight Train, Take Me Home                     1:58
        A5      Shivaree Mountain                               1:49
        A6      Corn Ball                                       2:10
        B1      Crying Guitar                                   2:05
        B2      I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry                     2:22
        B3      Crying in the Chapel                            2:03
        B4      Why Should I Cry                                2:11
        B5      Laughing Face, Crying Heart                     1:54
        B6      The Heart of a Clown                            1:57
LP      9316                                                            LP      1966
LP     12316                                                            LP      1966

JIMMY MCCRACKLIN                The New Soul Of Jimmy McCracklin

        1       These Boots Are made For Walkin'
        2       Sorry
        3       R-M Blues
        4       You Don't Know
        5       Tomorrow
        6       Don't Suffer
        7       Come On Home (Back Where You Belong)
        8       Just Let Me Cry
        9       Something That Belongs To Me
        10      Convince Me
        11      Self Experience
        12      Thinking Back
LP      9317                                                            LP      1966
LP     12317                                                            LP      1966

TONY TERRAN                     The Song's Been Sung

        1       Tammy
        2       Mister Sandman
        3       Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
        4       Volare
        5       Over The Rainbow
        6       True Love
        7       My Heart Belongs To Daddy
        8       The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
        9       Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)
        10      The Little White Cloud That Cried
        11      Dominique
        12      Don't Answer Me (Ti Vedo Uscire)
LP      9318                                                            LP      1966
LP     12318                                                            LP      1966

BUDDY CAGLE                     The Way You Like It

        A1      Tonight I'm Coming Home                         2:00
        A2      Help's On The Way                               2:16
        A3      The Wild Side Of Life                           2:50
        A4      Jack Of All Trades                              2:27
        A5      I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know             2:13
        A6      Who You Gonna Believe                           2:14
        B1      Be Nice To Everybody                            1:50
        B2      Apologize                                       2:15
        B3      People Are Always Taking Things Away From Me    2:17
        B4      Don't Look So Surprised                         2:07
        B5      One Too Many                                    2:33
        B6      Honky Tonk College                              2:24
LP      9319                                                            LP      1966
LP     12319                                                            LP      1966

MEL CARTER                      Easy Listening

        A1      You're Gonna Hear From Me                       2:55
        A2      Strangers In The Night                          3:09
        A3      The More I See You                              2:25
        A4      Alfie                                           2:40
        A5      Take Good Care Of Her                           2:47
        A6      You Don't Have To Say You Love Me               2:36
        B1      Can I Trust You?                                2:50
        B2      Love Letters                                    2:58
        B3      Somewhere, My Love                              2:14
        B4      Tar And Cement                                  2:59
        B5      You And You                                     2:33
        B6      The Impossible Dream                            2:14
LP      9320                                                            LP      1966
LP     12320                                                            LP      1966

CHER                            CHER

        A1      Sunny                                           3:06
        A2      The Twelfth of Never                            2:14
        A3      You Don't Have to Say You Love Me               2:45
        A4      I Feel Something in the Air                     3:38
        A5      Will You Love Me Tomorrow                       2:55
        A6      Until It's Time for You to Go                   2:45
        B1      The Cruel War                                   3:40
        B2      Catch the Wind                                  2:13
        B3      The Pied Piper                                  2:22
        B4      Homeward Bound                                  2:24
        B5      I Want You                                      2:53
        B6      Alfie                                           2:48

LP      Liberty         LBY 3081        1966    UK      mono
LP      9321                                                            LP      1966
LP     12321                                                            LP      1966

TOM TEDESCO                     Calypso Soul

        A1      Try to Remember                                 2:26
        A2      Day-O                                           2:21
        A3      Come Back Liza                                  1:58
        A4      (Build Me a House) Hosanna                      2:04
        A5      Island in the Sun                               2:48
        A6      Matilda                                         2:23
        B1      Scarlet Ribbons                                 2:20
        B2      Jamaica Farewell                                1:35
        B3      Mama Look a Boo Boo                             2:03
        B4      I Do Adore Her                                  2:06
        B5      The Jack-Ass song                               1:37
        B6      Marianne                                        2:19
LP      9322                                                            LP      1966
LP     12322                                                            LP      1966

FRANK POURCEL ORCHESTRA         Beautiful Obsession

        A1      Beautiful Obesession                            2:00
        A2      There Is A Time (Le Temps)                      2:40
        A3      While I Live (Ma Vie)                           3:00
        A4      Les Indiens                                     2:25
        A5      Venice Blues (Que C'est Triste Venise)          2:45
        A6      Les Pins Du Bord De L'eau                       2:10
        B1      Circle Of Love (La Ronde)                       2:50
        B2      Any Old Time Of Day (Chaque Instant De Chaque
                Jour)                                           2:20
        B3      Just You (Avec)                                 2:30
        B4      La Playa                                        3:05
        B5      Amour, Exucse-Moi (Amore Scusami)               2:30
        B6      She'll Come Back To Me (A Bientot Nous Deux)    2:30
LP      9323                                                            LP      1966
LP     12323                                                            LP      1966

SUE RANEY                       Alive And In Love

        A1      Who's Afraid?                                   2:16
        A2      Any Old Time of Day                             2:01
        A3      I'm Looking (Uh-Uh)                             2:20
        A4      Little Things Mean a Lot                        3:06
        A5      Once Upon a Time Impossible                     2:11
        A6      (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me   2:32
        B1      Now Is The Hour (Maori Farewell Song)           2:34
        B2      Before the Rain                                 2:33
        B3      Smile                                           3:00
        B4      My Love, My Love                                2:47
        B5      Goodbye Darling, Hello Friend (C'est fini)      2:25
        B6      Walk on By                                      2:35
LP      9324                                                            LP      1966
LP     12324                                                            LP      1966

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Golden Hits

        A1      Memphis                                         2:35
        A2      Mabellene                                       2:12
        A3      Midnight Special                                2:24
        A4      Where Have All the Flowers Gone?                3:52
        A5      John Lee Hooker                                 3:50
        A6      Seventh Son                                     2:50
        B1      Secret Agent Man                                3:02
        B2      Muddy Water                                     3:02
        B3      Mountain of Love                                2:38
        B4      La Bamba/Twist and Shout                        6:00
        B5      It Wouldn't Happen to Me                        3:30
LP      9325                                                            LP      1966

IRMA THOMAS                     It's A Man's Man's World
(Note : unissued)
LP      9326                                                            LP      1966
LP     12326                                                            LP      1966

FRANK POURCEL                   Somewhere My Love

        A1      Somewhere, My Love (Lara's Theme From "Doctor
                Zhivago")                                       2:26
        A2      L'Epervier (The Hawk)                           2:08
        A3      Elle Etait Belle Pourtant (However She Was
                Beautiful)                                      3:04
        A4      Merci Cherie (Thank You Dear)                   2:49
        A5      Dans Le Creux De Tes Mains (In The Palm Of
                Your Hand)                                      2:13
        A6      Un Jour Se Leve (Sunrise)                       2:39
        B1      Seul Sur Son Etoile (Alone On His Star)         2:16
        B2      Juanita Banana                                  2:01
        B3      Je L'Aime (Girl)                                2:46
        B4      Deja Marie (Already Married)                    2:38
        B5      Une Meche De Cheveux (A Lock Of Hair)           2:36
        B6      Solenzara                                       2:30
LP      9327                                                            LP      1966
LP     12327                                                            LP      1966

GEORGE SEMPER                   Makin' Waves

        A1      Collard Greens                                  2:06
        A2      I Can't Stop Loving You                         2:37
        A3      (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction                   2:48
        A4      Hog Maws N' Cabbage                             2:48
        A5      Get Out Of My Life Woman                        2:45
        A6      Medley: Where Did Our Love Go, 1-2-3, I Can't
                Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)             2:35
        B1      Corn Bread N' Chitlins                          2:41
        B2      What Now My Love (Et Maintenant)                2:28
        B3      Memphis                                         2:20
        B4      Green Onions                                    2:21
        B5      Shortin' Bread                                  2:25
        B8      Soldier Boy Blues                               4:03
LrP     9328                                                            LP      1966
LP     12328                                                            LP      1966

JACKIE DE SHANNON               Are You Ready For This ?

        A1      I Can Make It With You
        A2      Music and Memories
        A3      Will You Love Me Tomorrow
        A4      Are You Ready for This
        A5      To Be Myself
        A6      Love Is Leading Me
        B1      Windows and Doors
        B2      You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me
        B3      So Long Johnny
        B4      To Wait for Love
        B5      Call Me
        B6      Find Me Love

LP      Liberty         LBY 3085        1966    UK      mono
LP      Liberty         SLBY 3085       1966    UKD     stereo
LP      9329                                                            LP      1966
LP     12329                                                            LP      1966

SANDY NELSON                    Beat That # @ * Drum

        A1      Sock It to 'em J. B.
        A2      Beat That #?!* Drum
        A3      The Charge
        A4      Wild Thing
        A5      Wipe Out
        A6      The Work Song
        B1      Sunshine Superman
        B2      Sunny
        B3      Summer in the City
        B4      Over Under Sideways Down
        B5      Hanky Panky
LP      9330                                                            LP      1966
LP     12330                                                            LP      1966

THE HOLLIES                     Bus Stop

        A1      Bus Stop                                        2:51
        A2      Candy Man                                       2:28
        A3      Baby That's All                                 2:15
        A4      I Am a Rock                                     2:50
        A5      Sweet Little Sixteen                            2:22
        A6      We're Through                                   2:15
        B1      Don't Run and Hide                              2:33
        B2      Oriental Sadness (I'll Never Trust in Anybody)  2:35
        B3      Mickey's Monkey                                 2:30
        B4      A Little Love                                   2:00
        B5      You Know What He Did                            2:02
        B6      Whatcha Gonna Do About It?                      2:17
LP      9331                                                            LP      1966
LP     12331                                                            LP      1966

GEORGIE FAME                    Get Away

        1       Yeh Yeh
        2       Green Onions
        3       Let the Good Times Roll
        4       Sitting in the Park
        5       Funny How Time Slips Away
        6       Shop Around
        7       Baby Please Don't Go
        8       Get Away
        9       Eso Beso
        10      In the Meantime
        11      Sunny
        12      Ride Your Pony
        13      Night Train
        14      I Love the Life I Live
LP      9332                                                            LP      1966
LP     12332                                                            LP      1966

JOEY DANIELS                    Settle Down
(Note : unissued ???)
LP      9333                                                            LP      1966
LP     12333                                                            LP      1966

SLIM WHITMAN                    A Time For Love

        1       Jerry
        2       If I Lost You
        3       If I Had My Life To Live Over
        4       Seven Roses
        5       You Bring Out The Best In Me
        6       One Dream
        7       What's This World A-Comin' To
        8       Afraid
        9       Promises
        10      Think I'll Go Somewhere
        11      Nothing New
LP      9334                                                            LP      1967
LP     12334                                                            LP      1967

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Changes

        A1      By the Time I Get to Phoenix                    2:42
        A2      A Taste of Honey                                3:22
        A3      Days of Wine and Roses                          4:05
        A4      California Dreamin'                             2:28
        A5      Do You Want to Dance                            2:58
        A6      Cast Your Fate to the Wind                      3:19
        B1      Poor Side of Town                               3:03
        B2      If I Were a Carpenter                           2:34
        B3      Softly as I Leave You                           2:56
        B4      The Shadow of Your Smile                        3:30
        B5      Strangers in the Night                          2:15
        B6      Getting Ready for Tomorrow                      2:38
LP      9335                                                            LP      1967
LP     12335                                                            LP      1967

BABY RAY (RAY STEVENS)          Where Soul Lives

        A1      There's Something on Your Mind                  2:37
        A2      Harpoon Man                                     2:25
        A3      Sadie (The Avon Lady)                           2:08
        A4      Mercy Have Pity                                 2:30
        A5      When Are We Gonna Get Married                   2:43
        A6      Valley of Tears                                 2:45
        B1      The House on Soul Hill                          2:04
        B2      What Am I Living For                            2:23
        B3      The Wild Side of Life                           2:28
        B4      Saving My Love for You                          2:18
        B5      Just Because                                    2:45
        B6      Promised Land                                   2:08
LP      9336                                                            LP      1967
LP     12336                                                            LP      1967

GEORGE SEMPER                   Midnight Hour
LP      9337                                                            LP      1967
LP     12337                                                            LP      1967

TONY TERRAN                     So Nice
LP      9338                                                            LP      1967
LP     12338                                                            LP      1967

JIMMY BRYANT : We Are Young-The Country Guitar Of Jimmy Bryant

        A1      For We Are Young                                2:35
        A2      Island Of Corina                                2:43
        A3      Tabasco Road                                    1:47
        A4      Moody Afternoon                                 2:23
        A5      Melissa                                         2:20
        A6      Come Alive Polka                                1:40
        B1      Little Star                                     2:20
        B2      Pedro's Guitar                                  1:48
        B3      Long Walk Home                                  2:32
        B4      Lazy Guitar                                     2:12
        B5      Whistle Stop                                    1:45
        B6      Rapid Transit                                   1:08
LP      9339                                                            LP      1967
LP     12339                                                            LP      1967

THE HOLLIES                     Stop ! Stop ! Stop !

        A1      What's Wrong With the Way I Live
        A2      Pay You Back With Interest
        A3      Tell Me to My Face
        A4      Clown
        A5      Suspicious Look in Your Eyes
        A6      It's You
        B1      High Classed
        B2      Peculiar Situation
        B3      What Went Wrong
        B4      Crusader
        B5      Don't Even Think About Changing
        B6      Stop! Stop! Stop!
LP      9340                                                            LP      1967
LP     12340                                                            LP      1967

SANDY NELSON                    Cheetah Beat

        A1      Happingings Ten Years Time Ago                  2:28
        A2      Money                                           2:25
        A3      You Got Me Hummin'                              2:43
        A4      I Don't Need No Doctor                          2:23
        A5      Mustang Sally                                   2:26
        A6      Words of Love                                   3:14
        B1      Winchester Cathedral                            2:19
        B2      Good Thing                                      2:30
        B3      Please Don't Ever leave Me                      1:56
        B4      Freak Beat                                      6:00
        B5      Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies                 3:23
        B6      I Need Somebody                                 2:27
LP      9341                                                            LP      1967
LP     12341                                                            LP      1967

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Rewind

        A1      The Tracks of My Tears                          2:53
        A2      Carpet Man                                      3:02
        A3      Tunesmith                                       3:10
        A4      Sidewalk Song/27th Street                       2:25
        A5      It'll Never Happen Again                        3:25
        A6      Do What You Gotta Do                            2:19
        B1      Baby I Need Your Loving                         3:08
        B2      For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her              2:47
        B3      Rosencrans Boulevard                            2:31
        B4      The Eleventh Song                               2:19
        B5      Sweet Smiling Children                          2:10
LP      9342                                                            LP      1967
LP     12342                                                            LP      1967

SLIM WHITMAN                    15th Anniversary Album

        A1      Indian Love Call                                3:12
        A2      Bandera Waltz                                   2:21
        A3      China Doll                                      3:00
        A4      I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen              2:48
        A5      Tumbling Tumbleweeds                            2:10
        A6      Serenade                                        2:15
        A7      More Than Yesterday                             2:40
        A8      Love Song Of The Waterfall                      2:35
        B1      North Wind                                      2:20
        B2      Rose Marie                                      2:20
        B3      Cattle Call                                     2:07
        B4      Keep It A Secret                                2:33
        B5      I'm A Fool                                      2:56
        B6      There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop             2:12
        B7      Valley Of Tears                                 2:05
        B8      Secret Love                                     2:36
LP      9343                                                            LP      1967
LP     12343                                                            LP      1967


        A1      A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme)
        A2      My Childhood (Mon Enfance)
        A3      Little Man
        A4      Here, There And Everywhere
        A5      Traveller (Voyageur)
        A6      En Bandouliere
        B1      Is Paris Burning? (Paris Brule-i-ll?)
        B2      Miss Felicity Gray
        B3      Black Is Black
        B4      Under Which Star Was I Born? (Sous Quelle Etoile Suis-Je Né?)
        B5      Manchester And Liverpool
        B6      Love Me, Please Love Me
LP      9344                                                            LP      1967
LP     12344                                                            LP      1967

JACKIE DE SHANNON               New Image

        A1      Come on Down (From the Top of That Hill)
        A2      The Carnival Is Closed Today
        A3      I'll Be Seeing You
        A4      Sunday Kind of Love
        A5      The Wishing Doll
        A6      Night and Day
        B1      I Haven't got Anything Better to Do
        B2      Time
        B3      Proper Girl
        B4      Where Does the Sun Go
        B5      That's the Name of the Game
        B6      Poor Someone
LP      9345                                                            LP      1967
LP     12345                                                            LP      1967

SANDY NELSON                    The Beat Goes On

        A1      The Beat Goes On                                3:10
        A2      Can't Get Enough Of You, Baby                   2:20
        A3      A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You               2:00
        A4      Blue's Theme                                    1:55
        A5      Mercy, Mercy, Mercy                             3:05
        A6      Lawdy Miss Clawdy                               1:55
        B1      Niki Hoeky                                      2:15
        B2      Western Union                                   2:10
        B3      El Greco                                        1:55
        B4      Back To The Beginning                           6:30
        B5      Ruby Tuesday                                    2:44
        B6      Kansas City                                     2:06

LP      Liberty         LBL 83043       1967    UK      mono
LP      9346                                                            LP      1967
LP     12346                                                            LP      1967

GLEN GARRISON                   Country ! Country !

        1       Goodbye Swingers
        2       Where Do I Go From Here
        3       Hello Mama
        4       Wild Goose Chase
        5       You Can't Win 'Em All
        6       Strong And Handsome
        7       My New Creation
        8       Your Side Of Me
        9       Gigawackem
LP      9347                                                            LP      1967
LP     12347                                                            LP      1967

JOHNNY CARVER                   Really Country

        A1      Gotta Go Home (And Lie to My Baby)
        A2      Jeannie's Waiting
        A3      Yours and His
        A4      I'll Cheat Again
        A5       What if It Happened to You
        A6      With Every Heartbeat
        B1      Fool's Names Fool's Faces
        B2      I Can't Tell My Right From My Wrong
        B3      Does He Love You Like I Do
        B4      You Are That Something
        B5      Sure as Death and Taxes
        B6      If We'd Let Us
LP      9348                                                            LP      1967
LP     12348                                                            LP      1967

BUDDY CAGLE                     Mi Casa , Tu Casa

        1       Casa De Llorando
        2       In A Mansion Stands My Love
        3       Blue House Painted White
        4       When Your House Is Not A Home
        5       Livin' In A House Full Of Love
        6       Shutters And Boards
        7       Our House On Paper
        8       My Adobe Hacienda
        9       A Mansion On The Hill
        10      I'm Gonna Change Everything
        11      To A House From A Home
LP      9349                                                            LP      1967
LP     12349                                                            LP      1967

NORVAL & IVY                    Winging It With Norvel & Ivy

        A1      Shinbone                                        2:00
        A2      Slow Poke                                       2:23
        A3      Buckaroo                                        1:45
        A4      Tabasco Road                                    1:54
        A5      Please Pass The Biscuits                        2:52
        A6      Cotton Fields                                   2:00
        B1      Cotton Pickin'                                  2:15
        B2      Waterloo                                        2:10
        B3      Yakety-Axe                                      1:45
        B4      Oh, Lonesome Me                                 1:57
        B5      Trevor's Theme                                  2:15
        B6      Flowers On The Wall                             2:05
LP      9350                                                            LP      1967
LP     12350                                                            LP      1967


        A1      Bus Stop                                        2:51
        A2      Pay You Back With Interest                      2:39
        A3      Here I Go Again                                 2:17
        A4      Tell Me to My Face                              3:02
        A5      I'm Alive                                       2:22
        A6      Look Through Any Window                         2:16
        B1      Stop Stop Stop                                  2:52
        B2      Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It                       2:17
        B3      Just One Look                                   2:30
        B4      Memphis                                         2:30
        B5      I Can't Let Go                                  2:25
        B6      On a Carousel                                   3:08

LP      Parlophone      PCSM 6047       1967    UK      stereo
LP      9351                                                            LP      1967
LP     12351                                                            LP      1967

THE LOVE GENERATION             Groovy Summertime

        A1      Groovy Summertime                               2:24
        A2      The Love in Me                                  2:25
        A3      A Touch of Love                                 2:52
        A4      You Took the Happiness (Out of My Head)         2:25
        A5      Hey, Look Around                                2:30
        A6      Not to Be Found                                 2:37
        B1      She Touched Me                                  2:47
        B2      Meet Me at the Love-In                          2:16
        B3      There She Goes Away                             2:25
        B4      When the Sun Goes Down                          2:13
        B5      Playin' on the Strings of the Wind              2:35
LP      9352                                                            LP      1967
LP     12352                                                            LP      1967

JACKIE DE SHANNON               For You

        A1      Don’t Dream of Anybody but Me
        A2      When I Fall in Love
        A3      It’s All in the Game
        A4      No Easy Way Down
        A5      Dream
        B1      If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody
        B2      Are We Dancing?
        B3      Changin’ My Mind
        B4      Merry Go Round in the Rain
        B5      Think of Rain
        B6      Everything Under the Sun
LP      9353                                                            LP      1967
LP     12353                                                            LP      1967

TOTAL ECLIPSE                   Symphony For Soul

        A1      Devil or Angel                                  2:53
        A2      Hold What You've Got                            2:32
        A3      Searching for My Love                           2:10
        A4      Hi-Heel Sneakers                                2:42
        A5      When a Man Loves a Woman                        2:29
        A6      Hold On! I'm a Comin'                           1:53
        B1      In the Midnight Hour                            2:02
        B2      I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)        2:18
        B3      Six O'Clock                                     2:27
        B4      Happy Together                                  2:27
        B5      Release Me                                      2:37
        B6      Respect                                         2:22
LP      9354                                                            LP      1967
LP     12354                                                            LP      1967

LARRY BUTLER                    Take Me

        1       All The Time
        2       Tip Of My Fingers
        3       Don't Touch Me
        4       My Elusive Dreams
        5       Laura
        6       Break My Mind
        7       Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
        8       King Of The Road
        9       Misty Blue
        10      Green, Green Grass Of Home
        11      There Goes My Everything
LP      9355                                                            LP      1967
LP     12355                                                            LP      1967

SUE RANEY                       New And Now

        A1      Groovin'                                        2:20
        A2      We'll Be Together Again                         3:00
        A3      I Can Hear The Music                            2:23
        A4      Once Was A Time I Thought                       1:52
        A5      (I Stayed) Too Long At The Fair                 2:58
        A6      Yesterday                                       2:36
        B1      Open For Business As Usual                      2:20
        B2      Love Me Tender                                  3:10
        B3      Holiday For Strings                             2:38
        B4      Where's The Love                                2:51
        B5      Georgy Girl                                     2:49
LP      9356                                                            LP      1967
LP     12356                                                            LP      1967

SLIM WHITMAN                    Country Memories

        A1      Broken Wings                                    2:25
        A2      Need You                                        2:20
        A3      Hasta Luego                                     2:20
        A4      The Keeper Of The Key                           2:35
        A5      I'll Never Pass This Way Again                  3:01
        A6      Chained To A Memory                             2:39
        B1      Yearning (Just For You)                         2:26
        B2      Kentucky Waltz                                  2:15
        B3      Roses Are Red (My Love)                         2:30
        B4      Don't Be Angry                                  2:55
        B5      I Walk Alone                                    2:20
        B6      Tears On My Pillow                              2:20

LP      Liberty         LBL 83093       1968    UK      mono
LP      9357                                                            LP      1967
LP     12357                                                            LP      1967


        A1      All                                             2:03
        A2      Let's Fall In Love                              2:17
        A3      Lady                                            2:08
        A4      Penny Lane                                      2:14
        A5      Sweet Maria                                     3:06
        A6      Music To Watch Girls By                         2:19
        B1      Free Again                                      3:04
        B2      Sunrise Sunset                                  2:00
        B3      The Corrupt Ones                                1:31
        B4      My Cup Runneth Over                             2:11
        B5      Voyager                                         2:00
        B6      There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)     2:23
LP      9358                                                            LP      1967
LP     12358                                                            LP      1967

CHER                            With Love

        A1      You Better Sit Down Kids                        3:42
        A2      But I Can't Love You More                       3:34
        A3      Hey Joe                                         3:26
        A4      Mama (When My Dollies Have Children)            3:24
        A5      Behind the Door                                 3:36
        B1      Sing for Your Supper                            2:34
        B2      Look at Me                                      3:10
        B3      There But for Fortune                           3:25
        B4      I Will Wait for You                             3:12
        B5      The Times They Are a-Changin'                   3:07
LP      9359                                                            LP      1967
LP     12359                                                            LP      1967

THE SUNSHINE COMPANY            Happy Is The Sunshine Company

        A1      Children Could Help Us Fine the Way             2:16
        A2      Up, Up and Away                                 2:10
        A3      I Need You                                      3:14
        A4      Just Beyond Your Smile                          2:22
        A5      I Just Want to be Your Friend                   2:23
        A6      Four in the Mornin'                             2:59
        B1      Warm in My Heart                                2:42
        B2      A Year of Jaine Time                            2:35
        B3      Rain                                            2:40
        B4      Love is a Happy Thing                           2:45
        B5      Back on the Street                              2:28
        B6      Happy                                           1:55
LP      9360                                                            LP      1967
LP     12360                                                            LP      1967

JIMMY BRYANT                    Fastest Guitar In The Country

        A1      Twelfth Street Rag
        A2      Little Rock Getaway
        A3      Caravan
        A4      Down Yonder
        A5      Georgia Boogie
        A6      Orange Blossom Special
        B1      Tico-Tico
        B2      Indiana (Back Home Again in Indiana)
        B3      Ten Wheels
        B4      Stumbling
        B5      Voxwagon
        B6      Sugarfoot Rag
LP      9361                                                            LP      1967
LP     12361                                                            LP      1967

BUDDY CAGLE                     Longtime Traveling

        A1      Longtime Traveling                              2:35
        A2      Ramblin' Man                                    2:45
        A3      Gotta Travel On                                 2:10
        A4      I've Been Everywhere                            2:40
        A5      Travelin' Man                                   2:17
        A6      I Won't Be Long In Your Town                    2:32
        B1      Walking On New Grass                            2:15
        B2      My Elusive Dreams                               2:55
        B3      As Long As I'm Travelin'                        2:20
        B4      Waikiki Sand                                    2:05
        B5      Cincinatti Stranger                             2:35
LP      9362                                                            LP      1967
LP     12362                                                            LP      1967

SANDY NELSON                    Soul Drums

        A1      Uptight (Everything's Alright)
        A2      Soul Finger
        A3      Groovin'
        A4      I'll Go Crazy
        A5      Tossin' and Turnin'
        A6      Swamp Beat
        B1      The Happy Organ
        B2      Baby Love
        B3      Shake a Tail Feather
        B4      What'd I Say
        B5      Hey, Harmonica Man
LP      9363                                                            LP      1967
LP     12363                                                            LP      1967

SANTO AND JOHNNY                Brilliant Guitar Sounds

        A1      Rosana's Theme
        A2      Born Free
        A3      What Now My Love
        A4      Who Can I Turn To
        A5      Lady
        A6      See You in September
        B1      Spanish Eyes
        B2      Help Me
        B3      Music to Watch Girls By
        B4      There Will Always Be Tomorrow
        B5      Bird Paradise
        B6      Life Is But a Moment
LP      9364                                                            LP      1967
LP     12364                                                            LP      1967

THE LOVE GENERATION             A Generation Of Love

        A1      Hey, Girl
        A2      Consciousness Expansion
        A3      You
        A4      Leaves Grow Grey
        A5      A Groovy Kind of Love
        A6      The Bummer (Guide Me Home)
        B1      Workin' My Way Back to You
        B2      Epitaph (A World Without Love)
        B3      Maman (Mama)
        B4      Stop! in the Name of Love
        B5      Fluffy Rain
        B6      W.C. Fields
LP      9365                                                            LP      1967
LP     12365                                                            LP      1967

LARRY BUTLER                    12 Top Country Hits Of The Years

A.      1       There Goes My Everything
        2       Green Green Grass Of Home
        3       Misty Blue
        4       King Of The Road
        5       Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
        6       Break My Mind
B.      1       Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)
        2       My Elusive Dreams
        3       Almost Persuaded
        4       Don't Touch Me
        5       The Tip Of My Fingers
        6       All The Time
LP      9366                                                            LP      1967
LP     12366                                                            LP      1967

SANTO AND JOHNNY                Golden Guitars

        1       Hello Goodbye                                   2:19
        2       Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)                 2:35
        3       It Must Be Him                                  2:36
        4       Woman, Woman                                    2:47
        5       Sleep Walk                                      2:23
        6       She's A Rainbow                                 2:25
        7       Daydream Believer                               2:09
        8       I Say A Little Prayer                           2:18
        9       Live For Life                                   2:50
        10      It's Wonderful                                  2:20
        11      By The Time I Get To Phoenix                    3:23
        12      Spooky                                          2:51
LP      9367                                                            LP      1967
LP     12367                                                            LP      1967

SANDY NELSON                    Boogaloo Beat

        A1      Alligator Boogaloo
        A2      Funky Broadway
        A3      I Second That Emotion
        A4      Expressway to Your Heart
        A5      Boogaloo Down Broadway
        A6      Midnight Magic
        B1      Buckaroo Boogaloo
        B2      Get on Up
        B3      Karate Boogaloo
        B4      Soul Man
        B5      Mystery Boogaloo
        B6      Stagger Lee
LP      9368                                                            LP      1967
LP     12368                                                            LP      1967

THE SUNSHINE COMPANY            Sunshine Company

        A1      Look, Here Comes the Sun                        2:53
        A2      Reflections on an Angel                         2:38
        A3      Love, That's Where It Is                        2:09
        A4      Sunday Brought the Rain                         2:41
        A5      I Can't Help but Wonder                         2:11
        A6      I, to We, and Back Again                        3:33
        B1      It's Sunday                                     2:15
        B2      You Don't Know Her Like I Do                    3:10
        B3      Your Heart Is Free Just Like the Wind           2:27
        B4      If You Only Knew                                2:50
        B5      Darcy Farrow                                    2:35
        B6      Without Really Thinking                         3:36
LP      9369                                                            LP      1967
LP     12369                                                            LP      1967

CHER                                    Golden Greats
(Note : unissued ; issued later as LP 12406)
LP      9370                                                            LP      1968
LP     12370                                                            LP      1968

BONZO DOG BAND                  Gorilla

        A1      Cool Brittannia                                 0:55
        A2      The Equestrian Statue                           2:49
        A3      Jollity Farm                                    2:23
        A4      I Left My Heart in San Francisco                1:02
        A5      Look Out, There's a Monster Coming              2:53
        A6      Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold            3:07
        A7      Death-Cab for Cutie                             2:53
        A8      Narcissus                                       0:20
        B1      The Intro and the Outro                         3:06
        B2      Mickey's Son and Daughter                       2:39
        B3      Music for the Head Ballet                       1:41
        B4      Piggy Bank Love                                 2:58
        B5      I'm Bored                                       2:58
        B6      The Sound of Music                              1:17
LP      9371                                                            LP      1968
LP     12371                                                            LP      1968

CLASSICS VI                     Spooky

        A1      Daydream Believer                               2:12
        A2      You Are My Sunshine                             3:00
        A3      The Letter                                      1:54
        A4      By the Time I Get to Phoenix                    2:16
        A5      Goin' Out of My Head                            2:19
        A6      Mary, Mary Row Your Boat                        2:04
        B1      Bus Stop                                        2:28
        B2      Just Between You and Me                         2:25
        B3      Poor People                                     3:00
        B4      Book a Trip                                     2:20
        B5      Spooky                                          2:50
LP      9372                                                            LP      1968
LP     12372                                                            LP      1868

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Realization

        A1      Hey Joe
        A2      Look to Your Soul
        A3      The Way We Live
        A4      Summer Rain
        A5      Whiter Shade of Pale
        B1      Brother, Where Are You
        B2      Something Strange
        B3      What's the Difference
        B4      Going Back to Big Sur
        B5      Positively 4th Street
LP      9373                                                            LP      1968
LP     12373                                                            LP      1968

CHER                            Backstage

        A1      Go Now                                          3:56
        A2      Carnival (Manha de Carnaval) (Canción de Orfeo) 3:26
        A3      It All Adds Up Now                              2:57
        A4      Reason to Believe                               2:26
        A5      Masters of War                                  4:09
        A6      Do You Believe in Magic?                        2:36
        B1      I Wasn't Ready                                  2:59
        B2      A House Is Not a Home                           2:14
        B3      Take Me for a Little While                      2:40
        B4      The Impossible Dream (The Quest)                2:25
        B5      The Click Song                                  2:53
        B6      Song Called Children                            3:35
LP      9374                                                            LP      1968
LP     12374                                                            LP      1968

BUDDY CAGLE                     Through A Crack

        A1      Through A Crack In A Boxcar Door                2:48
        A2      Detroit City                                    2:50
        A3      A Railroad Bum                                  1:55
        A4      Wanderlust                                      2:18
        A5      Five Miles South Of Nowhere                     2:12
        A6      Home Is In My Shoes                             2:07
        B1      Charlotte, North Carolina                       2:40
        B2      King Of The Road                                2:28
        B3      I've Wondered Where She's Been                  2:58
        B4      I Wanna Go Bummin' Around                       2:07
        B5      Good Morning Roseanna                           2:03
        B6      Last Ride                                       2:25
LP      9375                                                            LP      1968
LP     12375                                                            LP      1968

SLIM WHITMAN                    Slim In Love , The Whitman Way

        A1      Rainbows Are Back In Style
        A2      Just Loving You
        A3      Yesterday's Roses
        A4      Walk Through This World With Me
        A5      Unchained Melody
        A6      Just A Few Sweet Kisses
        B1      Little Green Valley
        B2      South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
        B3      My Heart Is In The Roses
        B4      How Could I Not Love You
        B5      Jerry
        B6      I'll Never Let You Cry
LP      9376                                                            LP      1968
LP     12376                                                            LP      1968

SUE RANEY                       With A Little Help From My Friends

        A1      With a Little Help From My Friends              2:36
        A2      Sunday Mornin'                                  2:16
        A3      Live for Life                                   2:24
        A4      Our Day Will come                               2:16
        A5      Take My Word                                    1:47
        A6      Without Me                                      2:46
        B1      Breathless                                      2:03
        B2      A Certain Misunderstanding                      2:19
        B3      Where Does Love Go? No One Will Ever Know       4:12
        B4      Five Definitions of Love                        2:28
        B5      Does Anyone Here Love Me?                       2:11
        B6      Vaya con Dios                                   2:50
LP      9377                                                            LP      1968
LP     12377                                                            LP      1968

HAPSHAHS & THE COLOURED COAT    ft.The Human Host & The Heavy Metal Kids

        A1      H-O-P-P-Why?                                    3:32
        A2      A Mind Blown Is a Mind Shown                    2:26
        A3      The New Messiah Coming 1985                     6:57
        A4      Aoum                                            3:34
        B       Empires of the Sun                              15:50
LP      9378                                                            LP      1968
LP     12378                                                            LP      1968

GLEN GARRISON                   If I Lived Here-The Country Soul Of

        A1      Gotta Travel On
        A2      If I Lived Here (I'd Be Home Now)
        A3      Sing Me Back Home
        A4      Yesterday
        A5      You Can't Win 'em All
        A6      Tobacco Road
        B1      Wild Wild Rose
        B2      Just For You
        B3      With Or Without Your Love
        B4      Silver Threads And Golden Needles
        B5      Your Side Of Me
        B6      Take Me Home
LP      9379                                                            LP      ????
LP     12379                                                            LP      ????

(Note : unissued)
LP      9380                                                            LP      1968
LP     12380                                                            LP      1968

JOHNNY CARVER                   You're In Good Hands

        A1      Your Lily White Hands
        A2      Sybil's Rights
        A3      So Goes My World
        A4      New Lips
        A5      What if It Happened to You
        A6      You're in Good Hands
        B1      Lie to Me
        B2      Senses
        B3      Apartment No 9
        B4      Tip of My Fingers
        B5      You Are that Something
        B6      Don't Monkey with Another Monkey's Monkey
LP      9381                                                            LP      1968
LP     12381                                                            LP      1968

THE MOON                        Without Earth

        A1      Mothers and Fathers                             2:04
        A2      Pleasure                                        3:19
        A3      I Should Be Dreaming                            2:34
        A4      Brother Lou's Love Colony                       4:59
        A5      Got to Be on My Way                             2:01
        A6      Someday Girl                                    2:41
        B1      Papers                                          1:00
        B2      Faces                                           2:04
        B3      Never Mind                                      1:48
        B4      Give Me More                                    2:45
        B5      She's on My Mind                                2:24
        B6      Walking Around                                  1:52
LP      9382
LP     12382

(Note : unissued)
LP      9383                                                            LP      1968
LP     12383                                                            LP      1968

FRANK POURCEL                   Love Is Blue

A.      1       Love is Blue
        2       The Last Waltz
        3       Aranjuez, d'apres l'Adagio
        4       San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)
        5       Yeh, Yeh
        6       You Only Live Twice
B.      1       The World We Knew (Over and Over)
        2       The Importance of the Rose
        3       Live for Life
        4       Moon River
        5       Casino Royale
        6       Somethin' Stupid
LP      9384                                                            LP      ????
LP     12384                                                            LP      ????

(Note : unissued)
LP      9385                                                            LP      ????
LP     12385                                                            LP      ????

(Note : unissued)
LP      9386                                                            LP      1968
LP     12386                                                            LP      1968

JACKIE DE SHANNON               Me About You

        A1      Me About You
        A2      I’m With You
        A3      I Keep Wanting You
        A4      Didn’t Want to Have to Do It
        A5      What Ever Happened to Happy
        A6      Baby Close Its Eyes
        B1      Music Man
        B2      The Girls’ Song
        B3      Splendor in the Grass (Version #2)
        B4      Nobody’s Home to Go Home To
        B5      Nicole
        B6      High Coin
        B7      I’ll Turn to Stone
In 1968 , Imperial began issuing albums in stereo format only !
LP      12387                                                           LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     Rock And Rollin' With Fats Domino
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9004)

        A1      The Fat Man
        A2      Tired Of Crying
        A3      Goin' Home
        A4      You Said You Love Me
        A5      Going To The River
        A6      Please Don't Leave Me
        B1      Rose Mary
        B2      All By Myself
        B3      Ain't It A Shame
        B4      Poor Me
        B5      Bo Weevil
        B6      Don't Blame It On Me
LP      12388                                                           LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     Rock And Rollin' With Fats
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9009)

        A1      My Blue Heaven                                  2:08
        A2      Swanee River Hop                                2:47
        A3      Second Line Jump                                2:33
        A4      Goodbye                                         2:14
        A5      Careless Love                                   2:16
        A6      I Love Her                                      2:06
        B1      I'm In Love Again                               1:56
        B2      When My Dreamboat Comes Home                    2:19
        B3      Are You Going My Way                            2:40
        B4      If You Need Me                                  2:04
        B5      My Heart Is In Your Hands                       2:42
        B6      Fats' Frenzy                                    2:25

LP      London          HAU 2028        1957    UK      mono
LP      12389                                                           LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     This Is Fats Domino
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9028)
LP      12390                                                           LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     Here Stands Fats Domino
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9038)
LP      12391                                                           LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     This Is Fats
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9040)
LP      12392                                                           LP      1968

RICKY NELSON                    Ricky
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9048)

        A1      Honeycomb
        A2      Boppin' the Blues
        A3      Be-Bop Baby
        A4      Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
        A5      Teenage Doll
        A6      If You Can't Rock Me
        B1      Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
        B2      Baby I'm Sorry
        B3      Am I Blue
        B4      I'm Confessin'
        B5      Your True Blue
        B6      True Love
LP      12393                                                           LP      1968

RICKY NELSON                    Ricky Nelson
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9050)
LP      12394                                                           LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     The Fabulous Mr.D
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9055)

        A1      The Big Beat                                    2:00
        A2      I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You    2:35
        A3      What Will I Tell My Heart                       2:35
        A4      Barrel House                                    2:32
        A5      Little Mary                                     1:59
        A6      Sick And Tired                                  2:32
        B1      I Want You To Know                              1:59
        B2      "44"                                            2:30
        B3      Mardi Gras In New Orleans                       2:15
        B4      I Can't Go On                                   2:05
        B5      Long Lonesome Journey                           2:24
        B6      Young School Girl                               1:55
LP      12395                                                           LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     Let's Play Fats Domino
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9065)
LP      12396                                                           LP      1968

T-BONE WALKER                   T-Bone Walker Sings The Blues
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9098)

        A1      Strollin' With Bones                            2:27
        A2      You Don't Love Me                               2:31
        A3      You Don't Understand                            2:35
        A4      Say! Pretty Baby                                2:15
        A5      Tell Me What's the Reason                       2:31
        A6      Blue Mood                                       2:50
        B1      The Sun Went Down                               2:20
        B2      Travelin' Blues                                 2:20
        B3      Evil Hearted Woman                              2:30
        B4      Cold Cold Feeling                               3:07
        B5      I Got the Blues Again                           3:07
        B6      Blues Is a Woman                                2:47

LP      12397                                                           LP      1968

T-BONE WALKER                   Singing The Blues
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9116)

        A1      Glamour Girl                                    2:28
        A2      The Hustle                                      2:30
        A3      Alimony Blues                                   2:35
        A4      News for My Baby                                3:00
        A5      Love Is Just a Gamble                           2:43
        A6      I'm Still in Love With You                      2:14
        B1      I'm About to Lose My Mind                       2:28
        B2      I Got the Blues                                 3:01
        B3      Everytime                                       2:45
        B4      Bye, Bye, Baby                                  2:32
        B5      I'll Understand                                 2:05
        B6      Teen Age Baby                                   2:15
LP      12398                                                           LP      1968

FATS DOMINO                     I Miss You So
(Note : stereo reissue of LP 9138)

        A1      I Miss You So                                   2:16
        A2      It Keeps Rainin'                                2:43
        A3      Ain't That Just Like a Woman                    2:36
        A4      Once in a While                                 2:27
        A5      I Hear You Knockin'                             1:54
        A6      Isle of Capri                                   2:14
        B1      What a Price                                    2:20
        B2      When I Was Young                                1:34
        B3      Fell in Love on Monday                          1:55
        B4      My Bleeding Heart                               1:47
        B5      Easter Parade                                   2:25
        B6      I'll Always Be in Love With You                 1:55
LP      12399                                                           LP      1968

THE SUNSHINE COMPANY            Sunshine And Shadows

        A1      On A Beautiful Day                              2:15
        A2      To Put Up Without You                           2:33
        A3      Let's Get Together                              3:12
        A4      I'm Gonna Love You                              2:50
        A5      Out On The Town                                 1:56
        A6      Love Poem                                       2:40
        A7      Wingate Square                                  3:55
        B1      Sunshine Theme                                  2:51
        B2      Willie Jean                                     4:25
        B3      Springtime Meadows                              4:27
        B4      A Stitch In Time Saves None                     2:46
        B5      Ways And Means                                  2:27
        B6      Bolero                                          2:30
        B7      I Hate Pigeons                                  1:10

LP      Liberty         LBS 83159       1968    UK      stereo
LP      12400                                                           LP      1968

SANDY NELSON                    Rock And Roll Revival

        A1      Summertime Blues
        A2      Yakety Yak
        A3      Shake Rattle and Roll
        A4      All Night Long
        A5      Splish Splash
        A6      Rock Around the Clock
        B1      Peggy Sue
        B2      Be-Bop-A-Lula
        B3      I Hear You Knocking
        B4      Don't Be Cruel
        B5      Great Balls of Fire
        B6      Blue Seude Shoes
LP      12401                                                           LP      ????

GIL BERNAL                      It's The Beginning
(Note : unissued)
LP      12402                                                           LP      1968


        A1      If Noone Sang / Where From Where To
        A2      I've Got a Feeling
        A3      In a Matter of a Moment
        A4      Mrs. Thursday
        A5      Zabadak
        A6      Mama Mama
        B1      If I Were a Carpenter
        B2      The Legend of Xanadu
        B3      Look at Me
        B4      The Tide Is Turning
        B5      Breakout
        B6      Time to Take Off / If  Noone Sang

LP      Fontane         TL 5471         1968    UK      mono
LP      Fontana         STL 5471        1968    UK      stereo
LP      12403                                                           LP      1968

FRANK POURCEL ORCHESTRA         A Man Without Love
LP      12404                                                           LP      1968

JACKIE DE SHANNON               What The World Needs Now

        A1      What The World Needs Now Is Love                3:19
        A2      You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Io Che Non
                Vivo) (Senza Te)                                2:31
        A3      It's All In The Game                            2:15
        A4      So Long Johnny                                  2:41
        A5      Changin' My Mind                                2:15
        A6      Windows And Doors                               2:49
        B1      A Lifetime Of Loneliness                        2:34
        B2      Everything Under The Sun                        3:44
        B3      To Wait For Love                                2:40
        B4      Where Does The Sun Go?                          3:15
        B5      Little Yellow Roses                             2:00
        B6      Call Me                                         2:16

LP      Sunset          SLS 50158       1968    UK      stereo
LP      12405                                                           LP      1968

DANNY WAGNER                    Kindred Soul

        A1      Harlem Shuffle                                  3:12
        A2      Unchained Melody                                4:00
        A3      Out of the Shadows of Love                      3:02
        A4      My Buddy                                        2:20
        A5      Little Children                                 2:26
        A6      When Johnny Comes Marching Home                 2:36
        B1      Big Boy Pete                                    2:45
        B2      Bring It on Home to Me                          3:05
        B3      This Thing Called Love                          2:25
        B4      I Lost a True Love                              2:08
        B5      Claudia                                         2:15
        B6      Sonny Boy                                       2:58
LP      12406                                                           LP      1968

CHER                            Golden Greats

        A1      You Better Sit Down Kids
        A2      Sunny
        A3      Come and Stay With Me
        A4      Alfie
        A5      Take Me for a Little While
        A6      All I Really Want to Do
        B1      Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
        B2      Needles and Pins
        B3      Dream Baby
        B4      Elusive Butterfly
        B5      Where Do You Go
        B6      Hey Joe
LP      12407                                                           LP      1968

CLASSICS VI                     Mama's And Papa's/Soul Train

        A1      Soul Train                                      2:40
        A2      Bed of Roses                                    2:12
        A3      Strange Changes                                 2:22
        A4      Ladies Man                                      2:15
        A5      Waves                                           2:14
        B1      Stormy                                          2:45
        B2      Mama's and Papa's                               2:06
        B3      Pity the Fool                                   2:08
        B4      It Ain't Necessarily So                         1:45
        B5      24 Hours of Loneliness                          2:05
        B6      The Girl From Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema)       2:28
LP      12408                                                           LP      1968

THE LOVE GENERATION             Montage

        A1      Montage From How Sweet It Is (I Knew That You Knew)
        A2      Let The Good Times In
        A3      I Keep On Talking
        A4      Love And Sunshine
        A5      A Touch Of Love
        A6      Candy
        B1      Love Is A Rainy Sunday
        B2      The PIll
        B3      Sunrise Highway
        B4      Magic Land
        B5      You
        B6      Consciousness Expansion
LP      12409                                                           LP      1968

THE PACKERS                     Hitch It Up

        A1      Soul Concerto No. 1
        A2      Ta Ta Baby
        A3      A Tear and a Smile
        A4      Come Here My Love
        A5      Amore D'Estate (Summer Love)
        A6      Chili of Soul
        B1      Endless Memories
        B2      Unborn Tomorrow
        B3      Tresa
        B4      Mia Cara, Mia Cara (My Dear, My Dear)
        B5      Enchilada Soul
        B6      Soul Serenade
LP      12410                                                           LP      1968

LARRY BUTLER                    A Thing Called Love

        1       Where There's Love
        2       Lonely Wine
        3       Just For You
        4       Honey
        5       Till October
        6       Another Place Another Time
        7       Sunday Morning Meetin'
        8       Rose
        9       Love Of The Common People
        10      I Wanna Live
        11      How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
LP      12411                                                           LP      1968

SLIM WHITMAN                    Happy Street

        A1      Happy Street
        A2      Heaven Says Hello
        A3      You've Still Got A Place In My Heart
        A4      Star Of Hope
        A5      My Heart Was Made For Loving You
        A6      Something Pretty
        B1      When My Dreamboat Comes Home
        B2      Livin On Lovin
        B3      My Blue Heaven
        B4      I Love You A Thousand Ways
        B5      My Happiness
        B6      Love Lanes Of Yesterday
LP      12412                                                           LP      1968

JOHNNY CARVER                   Leaving Again

        A1      Leaving Again
        A2      An Old Bridge
        A3      Little Things
        A4      Angels Don't Lie
        A5      Does She Still Get Her Way
        A6      I Can't Promise You Won't Be Lonely
        B1      I Still Didn't Have The Sense To Go
        B2      Big Sally
        B3      I Hope I Lose My Memory
        B4      Will You Visit Me On Sunday
        B5      When He Gets Big Enough
        B6      Feelin Kinda Sunday In My Thinkin
LP      12413                                                           LP      1968

KIM FOWLEY                      Born To Be Wild

        A1      Born to Be Wild                                 2:45
        A2      I Can't Stop Dancing                            2:05
        A3      Shake a Lady                                    2:10
        A4      Hello I Love You                                2:05
        A5      Soul Limbo                                      2:45
        A6      Space Odyssey                                   2:45
        B1      Wild Weekend                                    2:25
        B2      Pictures of Matchstick Men                      3:00
        B3      Savage in the Sun                               2:45
        B4      Sunshine of Your Love                           2:30
        B5      Classical Gas                                   2:25
        B6      Fresno, 1963                                    2:30
LP      12414

(Note : unissued)
LP      12415                                                           LP      1968

JACKIE DE SHANNON               Laurel Canyon

        A1      Laurel Canyon
        A2      Sunshine of Your Love
        A3      Crystal Clear
        A4      She's My Best Friend
        A5      I Got My Reason
        A6      Holly Would
        B1      You've Really Got a Hold on Me
        B2      The Weight
        B3      Bitter Honey
        B4      Come and Stay With Me
        B5      L.A.
        B6      Too Close
LP      12416                                                           LP      ????

(Note : unissued)
LP      12417                                                           LP      1968

WICHITA FALL                    Life Is But A Dream

        A1      Morning Sun
        A2      Once In The Morning
        A3      Sunny Road
        A4      Going To Ohio
        A5      Playground
        A6      Ornamental Sideshow
        B1      Poor Mr. Drake's Afternoon Show
        B2      Crystal Rain
        B3      Hectivity
        B4      Schubert's Theme
        B5      Night Time Suite
        B6      Are You Sleeping
        B7      Life Is But A Dream

LP      Liberty         LBL/LBS 83208E  1969    UK      mono/stereo
LP      12418                                                           LP      1968

SANTO AND JOHNNY                On The Road Again

        A1      On the Road Again                               2:24
        A2      Hush                                            3:03
        A3      Indian Lake                                     2:38
        A4      Sealed With a Kiss                              2:32
        A5      Mr. Businessman                                 2:43
        A6      Apache                                          3:01
        B1      Revolution                                      2:00
        B2      Six Man Band                                    2:08
        B3      Aranjuez                                        3:02
        B4      The Fool on the Hill                            2:25
        B5      Let's Go                                        2:29
        B6      Indian Reservation                              2:28
LP      12419                                                           LP      1968

JIMMY AND VELLA                 Heartbeat

        A1      Well                                            2:45
        A2      Hey Boy Over There                              2:49
        A3      Tomorrow                                        4:28
        A4      Yes or No                                       3:40
        A5      People Make the World                           4:37
        A6      Such a Mystery                                  3:30
        B1      Picking a Flower or Two                         3:51
        B2      You Should Be Ashamed                           2:16
        B3      Nights in White Satin                           2:13
        B4      Love Brothers Love                              3:35
        B5      Mr. Hope                                        3:08
        B6      Love Is Everywhere                              3:50
LP      12420                                                           LP      1968

BOBBY AND I                     Bobby And I

        A1      Love Is for the Sharing
        A2      5:09
        A3      Michael From Mountains
        A4      Everyone's Gone to the Moon
        A5      Hurt So Bad
        A6      Ben Lomond Lament
        B1      Catching the Time in Your Hand (Jan's Waltz)
        B2      The Traffic Song
        B3      Afternoon Sky
        B4      Mohair Sam
        B5      Sweet Talkin' Guy
        B6      Best of Both Worlds
LP      12421                                                           LP      1968

HOUSTON FEARLESS                Anywhere

        A1      Not Foolin' Me                                  4:05
        A2      His Eye Is on the Sparrow                       3:10
        A3      Only for You                                    3:42
        A4      Blue Bones and Ashes                            2:43
        A5      Race With the Devil                             2:27
        B1      Mr. Soul                                        5:03
        B2      What Are Those Things                           2:13
        B3      Knock Knock                                     3:16
        B4      Joshua                                          2:12
        B5      Love Has a Habit                                3:20
        B6      Hold Me                                         2:53
LP      12422                                                           LP      1968

LES WILLIAMS                    Works Of Donovan

        A1      Poor Cow                                        3:47
        A2      Jenifer Juniper                                 2:38
        A3      Oh Gosh                                         2:42
        A4      Be Not Too Hard                                 2:45
        A5      Sunshine Superman                               3:00
        A6      Mellow Yellow                                   2:40
        B1      Catch the Wind                                  2:15
        B2      Skip Along Sam                                  3:10
        B3      There Is a Mountain                             2:25
        B4      Wear Your Love Like Heaven                      2:23
        B5      Sunny Goodge Street                             3:08
        B6      Colours                                         2:25
LP      12423                                                           LP      1968

KIM FOWLEY                      Outrageous

        A1      Animal Man                                      2:37
        A2      Wildfire                                        4:00
        A3      Hide and Seek                                   2:07
        A4      Chinese Water Torture                           0:43
        A5      Nightrider                                      2:16
        A6      Bubble Gum                                      2:45
        B1      Inner Space Discovery                           4:05
        B2      Barefoot Country Boy                            2:00
        B3      Up                                              4:05
        B4      Caught in the Middle                            5:40
        B5      Down                                            5:00
        B6      California Hayride                              1:10
LP      12424                                                           LP      1968

SANDY NELSON                    Rebirth Of The Beat

        A1      Rebirth of the Beat                             2:41
        A2      Magic Carpet Ride                               2:55
        A3      Soulful Strut                                   2:19
        A4      Come on React                                   1:48
        A5      Drums Along the Strip                           1:50
        A6      Out of Limits                                   1:53
        B1      Going Up the Country                            2:50
        B2      I Feel Free                                     2:45
        B3      Mendocino                                       2:38
        B4      Sunshine of Your Love                           3:45
        B5      The Lion in Winter                              2:32
        B6      My Own Thing                                    3:44
LP      12425                                                           LP      ????

THE SUNSHINE COMPANY             Think
(Note : unissued)
LP      12426                                                           LP      1968

JOHNNY CARVER                   Sweet Wine / Hold Me Tight

        A1      Sweet Wine
        A2      I'll Keep Comin' Back
        A3      I'd Miss You More
        A4      One More Night
        A5      I'll Do Anything
        A6      It Doesn't Matter Anymore
        B1      Hold Me Tight
        B2      My Childhood Friends
        B3      Road to Nowhere
        B4      Keep Me Till Tomorrow
        B5      My Heart's Been Marchin'
        B6      Take Sadie out to the Country
LP      12427                                                           LP      1968

JOHNNY RIVERS                   A Touch Of Gold

        A1      Summer Rain                                     3:38
        A2      Poor Side of Town                               3:36
        A3      A Better Life                                   4:14
        A4      The Tracks of My Tears                          2:54
        A5      You Better Move On                              3:02
        A6      Going Back to Big Sur                           3:25
        B1      Baby I Need Your Lovin'                         3:07
        B2      City Ways                                       3:10
        B3      Look to Your Soul                               3:15
        B4      Do What You Gotta Do                            2:19
        B5      By the Time I Get to Phoenix                    2:37
        B6      Ode to John Lee                                 7:40
LP      12428                                                           LP      1968

ALBERT COLLINS                  Love Can Be Found Anywhere

        A1      Do the Sissy                                    4:04
        A2      Collins' Mix                                    2:20
        A3      Let's Get It Together                           2:14
        A4      Got a Good Thing Goin'                          3:10
        A5      Left Overs                                      2:08
        A6      Doin' My Thing                                  1:35
        B1      Let's Get It Together Again                     2:38
        B2      Ain't Got Time                                  3:00
        B3      Turnin' On                                      2:47
        B4      Whatcha Say (I Don't Know)                      1:41
        B5      Pushin'                                         2:20
        B6      Stump Poker                                     2:35
LP      12429                                                           LP      1968


        A1      Everday With You Girl                           2:34
        A2      Mr. Blue                                        2:31
        A3      Sunny                                           2:40
        A4      Free                                            2:27
        A5      Traces                                          2:45
        B1      Something I'll Remember                         2:30
        B2      Our Day Will Come                               2:12
        B3      Rainy Day                                       2:37
        B4      Traffic Jam                                     2:18
        B5      Sentimental                                     2:24
        B6      Nobody Loves You but Me                         3:11
LP      12430                                                           LP      1968

HAPSHASH & COLOURED COAT        Western Flier

        A1      Telephone Budreaux                              1:00
        A2      Colinda                                         2:50
        A3      Chicken Run                                     5:40
        A4      Big Bo Peep                                     3:25
        A5      Blue Narcissus                                  4:20
        B1      Car-Car                                         2:10
        B2      Milk Shake Knock                                2:05
        B3      The Wall                                        4:50
        B4      You for Ophelia                                 4:20
        B5      Fare You Well                                   8:35
LP      12431                                                           LP   03.1969

JOHNNY WINTER                   The Progressive Blues Experiment

        A1      Rollin' and Tumblin'                            3:09
        A2      Tribute to Muddy                                6:20
        A3      I Got Love If You Want It                       3:52
        A4      Bad Luck and Trouble                            3:43
        A5      Help Me                                         3:46
        B1      Mean Town Blues                                 4:26
        B2      Broke Down Engine                               3:25
        B3      Black Cat Bone                                  3:46
        B4      It's My Own Fault                               7:20
        B5      Forty-Four                                      3:28
LP      12432                                                           LP      1968

BONZO DOG BAND                  Urban Spaceman

        A1      I'm the Urban Spaceman [bonus track]            2:24
        A2      We Are Normal                                   4:49
        A3      Postcard                                        4:22
        A4      Beautiful Zelda                                 2:26
        A5      Can Blue Men Sing the Whites?                   2:48
        A6      Hello Mabel                                     2:48
        A7      Kama Sutra                                      0:41
        B1      Humanoid Boogie                                 3:04
        B2      Trouser Press                                   2:18
        B3      My Pink Half of the Drainpipe                   3:33
        B4      Rockaliser Baby                                 3:28
        B5      Rhinocratic Oaths                               3:22
        B6      11 Moustachioed Daughters                       3:52
LP      12433                                                           LP      1968

TIM HOLLIER                     Message To A Harlequin

        A1      Message To A Harlequin
        A2      Bird Of Paradise
        A3      Hanne
        A4      Jimmy
        A5      Do You Remember When
        A6      Streets Of Gold
        B1      And Where Were You That Morning Mr. Carroll
        B2      Full Fathoms Five
        B3      And I
        B4      In The Light Of Sadness
        B5      In Silence

LP      United Artists  UAS 9036        1969    UK      stereo
LP      12434                                                           LP      1968

V / A : The Anthology Of British Blues - Me And The Devil

        A1      Jo Ann Kelly            Rollin' and Tumblin'    2:27
        A2      Andy Fernbach           Duckin' and Dodgin'     3:08
        A3      Tony T.S. McPhee        Death Letter            4:10
        A4      Steve Rye               Elevator Woman          2:50
        A5      Jo Ann Kelly : Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor   3:20
        A6      Simon & Steve           Heart Struck Sorrow     4:05
        A7      Dave Kelly : When You Got a Good Friend         3:15
        A8      Tony T.S. McPhee        Me and the Devil        3:55
        B1      Simon & Steve           You Better Mind         2:28
        B2      Andy Fernbach           Hard Time Killing Floor 5:55
        B3      Jo Ann Kelly            Same Thing on My Mind   1:48
        B4      Andy Fernbach           Broke Down Engine       4:05
        B5      Dave Kelly              Arkansas Woman          3:32
        B6      Tony T.S. McPhee        No More Doggin'         3:48
        B7      Jo Ann Kelly & Dave Kelly : Diamond Ring        2:13
LP      12435                                                           LP      1968

SANTO AND JOHNNY                The Best That Could Happen

        A1      You Showed Me                                   2:23
        A2      Try a Little Tenderness                         2:29
        A3      Guide to Love                                   2:50
        A4      Wichita Lineman                                 2:56
        A5      Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero                          2:25
        A6      White Bench in the Rain                         2:35
        B1      Traces                                          2:28
        B2      Street of Dark Flowers                          2:16
        B3      Cycles                                          2:52
        B4      Dream a Little Dream of Me                      2:30
        B5      Love How You Love Me                            2:05
        B6      Where Do I Go?                                  2:07
LP      12436                                                           LP      1968

SLIM WHITMAN                    Slim !

        A1      Irresistible
        A2      Walking In The Sunshine
        A3      Stranger On The Shore
        A4      The Angel Song (When The Angels Turn The Lights On In Heaven)
        A5      I Walk Alone
        A6      Let The Rest Of The World Go By
        B1      Flower Of Love
        B2      Little Arrows
        B3      When There Is Lo
        B4      My Special Angel
        B5      Each Time
        B6      When You Were Sixteen
LP      12437                                                           LP      ????

(Note : unissued)
LP      12438                                                           LP      1969

ALBERT COLLINS                  Trash Talkin'

        A1      Harris County Line-Up                           2:20
        A2      Conversation With Collins                       5:19
        A3      Jawing                                          2:12
        A4      Grapeland Gossip                                2:50
        A5      Chatterbox                                      2:28
        A6      Trash Talkin'                                   4:07
        B1      Medley: Baby What You Want Me to Do / Rock Me
                Baby                                            4:05
        B2      Lip Service                                     3:18
        B3      Talking Slim Blues                              3:22
        B4      Back-Yard Back-Talk                             2:51
        B5      Tongue Lashing                                  2:55
        B6      And Then It Started Raining                     2:45
LP      12439                                                           LP      1969

SANDY NELSON                    Manhattan Spiritual

        A1      Manhattan Spiritual                             2:32
        A2      So Rare                                         2:14
        A3      Peter Gunn                                      1:51
        A4      In the Mood                                     2:25
        A5      Woodchopper's Ball                              2:08
        A6      Moonlight Serenade                              2:32
        B1      Let There Be Drums and Brass                    2:19
        B2      Big Noise From Winnetka                         2:27
        B3      (Everytime They Play the) Sabre Dance           2:20
        B4      The Stripper                                    2:05
        B5      Leap Frog                                       2:36
        B6      Caravan                                         2:38
LP      12440                                                           LP      1969

DICK ROSMINI                    A Genuine Rosmini

        A1      Paradise Thursday                               2:12
        A2      The Fool on the Hill                            2:42
        A3      Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind          2:19
        A4      Licks for Sale                                  2:42
        A5      Trains and Boats and Planes                     2:47
        A6      El Funko                                        2:20
        B1      Let's Go Get Stoned                             2:48
        B2      The Duchess                                     2:22
        B3      People Got to Be Free                           2:27
        B4      With a Little Help From My Friends              2:17
        B5      I Heard It Through the Grapevine                2:49
        B6      Wichita Lineman                                 3:56
LP      12441                                                           LP      1969

BILLY MIZE                      This Time And Place

        1       While I'm Thinkin' About It                     2:32
        2       A Fool Never Learns                             1:59
        3       I've Been Needing Someone Like You              2:17
        4       Walk Right Back                                 2:23
        5       You Done Me Wrong                               2:15
        6       Make It Rain                                    2:44
        7       Games People Play                               2:55
        8       Lay A Little Love On Me                         2:30
        9       There's Better Things In Life                   3:53
        10      Life In Coleman County                          2:30
        11      The Absence Of You                              2:55
        12      Little Bitty Bubbles                            2:00
LP      12442                                                           LP      1969

JACKIE DE SHANNON               Put A Little Love In Your Heart

        A1      Put a Little Love in Your Heart                 2:40
        A2      You Are the Real Thing                          1:55
        A3      River of Love                                   2:50
        A4      Keep Me in Mind                                 2:00
        A5      Mama's Song                                     3:17
        A6      Movin'                                          3:12
        B1      You Can Come to Me                              2:17
        B2      You Have a Way With Me                          2:10
        B3      I Let Go Completely                             2:46
        B4      Always Together                                 2:40
        B5      Love Will Find a Way                            2:38
        B6      Live                                            3:45
LP      12443                                                           LP      1969

KIM FOWLEY                      Good Clean Fun

        A1      One Man Band                                    2:14
        A2      Ode to Sweet Sixteen                            1:25
        A3      Good Clean Fun                                  2:15
        A4      Search for a Teenage Woman                      2:15
        A5      Energy                                          2:03
        A6      Baby Rocked Her Dolly                           2:20
        A7      Motorcycle                                      2:20
        B1      Kangaroo                                        3:54
        B2      Lights the Blind and Lame Can See               1:54
        B3      Good to Be Around                               2:13
        B4      The Great Telephone Robbery                     6:29
        B5      I'm Not Young Anymore                           4:25
LP      12444                                                           LP      1969

THE MOON                        The Moon

        A1      Pirate                                          2:56
        A2      Lebanon                                         1:43
        A3      Transporting Machine                            1:37
        A4      Mary Jane                                       2:10
        A5      Softly                                          2:56
        A6      Not to Know                                     2:40
        B1      The Good Side                                   2:55
        B2      Life Is a Season                                2:19
        B3      John Automation                                 2:15
        B4      Come Out Tonight                                2:45
        B5      Mr. Duffy                                       2:52
LP      12445                                                           LP      1969

BONZO DOG BAND                  Tadpoles

        A1      Hunting Tigers in "Indiah"                      3:06
        A2      Shirt                                           4:28
        A3      Tubas in the Moonlight                          2:23
        A4      Doctor Jazz                                     2:41
        A5      Monster Mash                                    3:02
        A6      Ready-Mades                                     3:10
        B1      Ali-Baba's Camel                                3:30
        B2      Laughing Blues                                  3:44
        B3      By a Waterfall                                  3:10
        B4      Mr. Apollo                                      4:20
        B5      Canyons of Your Mind                            3:00

LP      Liberty         LBS 83257       1069    UK
LP      12446                                                           LP      1969

CLASSICS VI                     Golden Greats , Vol.1
(Note : unissued ; re-numberes as LP 16000)
LP      12447                                                           LP      1969

RAY SANDERS                     Feeling Good Is Easy

        A1      Three Tears (For The Sad, Hurt And Blue)
        A2      Honky Tonk Man
        A3      Lonely Eyes
        A4      Red Red Wine
        A5      Lucille
        A6      Beer Drinkin' Music
        B1      Me And Bobby McGee
        B2      Who Will Buy The Wine
        B3      Waikiki Sand
        B4      Your Sweet Love Is Keeping Me In Line
        B5      Gotta Find A Way
        B6      Put A Little Love In Your Heart
LP      12448                                                           LP      1969

SLIM WHITMAN                    Christmas Album

LP      12449                                                           LP      1969

ALBERT COLLINS                  The Complete Albert Collins

        A1      Soul Food
        A2      Jam It Up
        A3      Do What You Want to Do
        A4      Black Bottom Bayou
        A5      Junkey Monkey
        A6      69 Underpass Roadside Inn
        B1      I Need You So
        B2      Bitsey
        B3      Coon 'n Collards
        B4      Blend Down and Jam
        B5      Sweet 'n Sour
        B6      Swamp Sauce
LP      12450                                                           LP      1969

THOMAS AND RICHARD FROST        Thomas And Richard Frost

        A1      Desert Islands                                  5:14
        A2      Waving Me Goodbye                               3:44
        A3      St. Petersburgh                                 4:43
        A4      Fighting My Way                                 4:14
        A5      Don't Lose Your Way                             4:14
        B1      Old Heartbreak                                  3:43
        B2      Don't Cross My Heart                            2:40
        B3      The Way I Feel For You                          3:44
        B4      Close The Door Behind You                       4:17
        B5      Got To Find The Light                           2:40

LP      UNI             73124           1969    US      stereo
LP      12451                                                           LP      1969

SANDY NELSON                    Groovy

        A1      Groovy Grubworm                                 2:45
        A2      Little Bitty Pretty One                         2:25
        A3      Little Woman                                    2:27
        A4      Smile a Little Smile for Me                     2:50
        A5      The Swingin' Shepherd Blues                     2:00
        B1      Take a Letter Maria                             2:59
        B2      Tracy                                           2:10
        B3      Put a Little Love in Your Heart                 2:26
        B4      The Happy Whistler                              2:17
        B5      Sugar, Sugar                                    2:26
        B6      Gimme Some Skin                                 2:25
LP      12452                                                           LP      1969

GROUNDHOGS                      Blues Obituary

        A1      B.D.D.                                          3:45
        A2      Daze of the Weak                                5:15
        A3      Times                                           5:15
        A4      Mistreated                                      4:00
        B1      Express Man                                     3:55
        B2      Natchez Burning                                 4:35
        B3      Light Was the Day                               6:50

LP      Liberty         83253           1969    UK
LP      12453                                                           LP      1970

JACKIE DE SHANNON               To Be Free

        A1      Livin' on the Easy Side                         2:40
        A2      What Was Your Day Like                          2:54
        A3      Child of the Street                             2:32
        A4      Sooner or Later                                 2:45
        A5      Mediterranean Sky                               2:37
        A6      Medley:                                         3:57
                i.  You Keep Me Hangin' On
                ii. Hurt So Bad
        B1      It's So Nice                                    2:47
        B2      Francoise                                       3:30
        B3      When Morning Comes Again                        2:47
        B4      Brighton Hill                                   2:17
        B5      Bird on the Wire                                3:55
LP      12454                                                           LP      ????

(Note : unissued)
LP      12455                                                           LP      1970

V / A : I Asked For Water , She Gave Me ... Gasoline

        A1      Jo-Ann Kelly & Tony 'T.S.' McPhee : Oh Death    3:13
        A2      Andy Fernbach Connexion : She's Gone            3:47
        A3      Graham Hines            Factory Blues           3:55
        A4      John Lewis              Boogie Woman            3:08
        A5      Jim Pitts               Nervous                 2:47
        A6      Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts : Crazy With
                The Blues                                       2:55
        A7      Jim & Raphael           Lord I Feel Tired       4:04
        A8      Tony 'T.S.' McPhee      Gasoline                4:47
        B1      Jo-Ann Kelly & The Groundhogs : Rock Me         2:45
        B2      John Lewis              London's Got The Blues  3:25
        B3      Graham Hines            Love's In Vain          3:15
        B4      Jo-Ann Kelly & Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts
                : Dust My Blues                                 2:30
        B5      Andy Fernbach : Built My Hopes Too High         4:45
        B6      Tony 'T.S.' McPhee : Don't Pass The Hat Around  3:42
        B7      Jim & Raphael : When My Woman Is With Me        3:30
        B8      Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts : I'm So Tired  4:24
LP      12456                                                           LP      1970

WARREN ZEVON                    Wanted Dead Or Alive

        A1      Wanted Dead or Alive                            2:36
        A2      Hitchhikin' Woman                               2:16
        A3      She Quit Me                                     4:48
        A4      Calcutta                                        2:19
        A5      Iko-Iko                                         1:54
        B1      Traveling in the Lightning                      3:05
        B2      Tule's Blues                                    3:32
        B3      A Bullet for Ramona                             3:50
        B4      Gorilla                                         3:23
        B5      Fiery Emblems                                   3:14
LP      12457                                                           LP      1970

BONZO DOG BAND                  Keysham

        A1      You Done My Brain In                            1:40
        A2      Keynsham                                        2:20
        A3      Quiet Talks And Summer Walks                    3:15
        A4      Tent                                            2:30
        A5      We Were Wrong                                   2:30
        A6      Joke Shop Man                                   1:23
        A7      The Bride Stripped Bare By 'Bachelors'          2:35
        A8      Look At Me I'm Wonderful                        1:45
        B1      What Do You Do?                                 3:15
        B2      Mr. Slater's Parrot                             2:18
        B3      Sport (The Odd Boy)                             3:20
        B4      I Want To Be With You                           2:15
        B5      Noises for the Leg                              2:15
        B6      Busted                                          5:47

LP      Liberty         LBS 83290       1969    UK
LP      12458                                                           LP      ????

FANTASY                         Stone Cowboy
(Note : unissued)
LP      12459                                                           LP      1970

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Slim Slo Slider
(Note : unissued ; renumbered as LP 16001)
LP      16000                                                           LP      1969

DENNIS YOSY & CLASSICS VI       Golden Greats , Volume 1

        A1      Everyday With You Girl                          2:34
        A2      Spooky                                          2:50
        A3      24 Hours of Loneliness                          2:05
        A4      Mary, Mary Row Your Boat                        2:04
        A5      Something I'll Remember                         2:30
        A6      Change of Heart                                 2:55
        B1      Stormy                                          2:45
        B2      Traces                                          2:45
        B3      Sunny                                           2:40
        B4      Strange Changes                                 2:22
        B5      Waves                                           2:14
        B6      Soul Train                                      2:40
LP      16001                                                           LP      1970

JOHNNY RIVERS                   Slim Slo Slider

        A1      Slim Slo Slider                                 0:57
        A2      Wrote a Song for Everyone                       4:02
        A3      Muddy River                                     3:34
        A4      Rainy Night in Georgia                          4:02
        A5      Brass Buttons                                   2:00
        A6      Glory Train                                     4:58
        B1      Jesus Is a Soul Man                             3:46
        B2      Apple Tree                                      3:23
        B3      Into the Mystic                                 4:38
        B4      Resurrection                                    3:36
        B5      Enemies and Friends                             2:36
        B6      Slim Slo Slider                                 3:04
Legandary Masters series:

LM      94001   V / A : RURAL BLUES VOL.1-GOIN' UP THE COUNTRY          LP (m)    .1969

        A1      Nathaniel Terry         Take It Easy
        A2      Manny Nichols           Forgive Me
        A3      Country Jim             Avenue Breakdown
        A4      Lil' Son Jackson        Disgusted
        A5      Thunder 'N' Lightnin'   West Coast Blues
        A6      Lightnin' Hopkins       Howling Wolf Blues
        A7      Snooks Eaglin           Nobody Knows
        B1      Nathaniel Terry         I Don't Know Why
        B2      Manny Nichols           Worried Life
        B3      Country Jim             Phillipine Blues
        B4      Lil' Son Jackson        Thrill Me Baby
        B5      Thunder 'N' Lightnin'   Can't Do Like You Used To
        B6      Lightnin' Hopkins       Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind
        B7      Snooks Eaglin           By The Water

LP      Liberty         LBL 83213       1969    UK      mono
LM      94001   V / A : RURAL BLUES VOL.2-SATURDAY NIGHT FUNCTION       LP (m)    .1969

        A1      Papa Lightfoot : When The Saints Go Marching In
        A2      Snooks Eaglin           Travelin' Mood
        A3      Boogie Bill Webb        I Ain't For It
        A4      Clifton Chenier         Country Bred (Nobody Loves Me)
        A5      Slim Harpo              A Man Is Crying
        A6      J.D. Edwards            Cold In The Evening
        A7      Boozoo Chavis           Paper In My Shoe
        B1      Papa Lightfoot          Wine, Women, Whiskey
        B2      Snooks Eaglin           See See Rider
        B3      Boogie Bill Webb        Love Me Mama
        B4      Clifton Chenier         Just A Lonely Boy
        B5      Slim Harpo              Something Inside Me
        B6      J.D. Edwards            Crying
        B7      Boozoo Chavis           Boozoo Stomp

LP      Liberty         LBL 83214       1969    UK      mono
LM      94002   V / A : URBAN BLUES VOL.1-BLUES UPTOWN                  LP        .1969

        A1      Fats Domino             Don't Lie To Me
        A2      Dirty Red               Mother Fuyer
        A3      T-Bone Walker           Vida Lee
        A4      Smiley Lewis            Too Many Drivers
        A5      Roosevelt Sykes         Sweet Old Chicago
        A6      Joe Turner              Story To Tell
        A7      Mercy Dee Walton        Empty Life
        B1      Fats Domino             Rose Mary
        B2      Dirty Red               You Done Me Wrong
        B3      T-Bone Walker           I Get So Weary
        B4      Smiley Lewis            Tee Nah Nah
        B5      Roosevelt Sykes : You Can't Be Lucky All The Time
        B6      Joe Turner* & Wynonie Harris : Battle Of The Blues (Part 1)
        B7      Mercy Dee Walton        Danger Zone

LP      Liberty         LBL 83215       1969    UK      mono
LM      94003   V / A : RHYTHM'N'BLUES VOL.1-THE END OF AN ERA          LP        .1969

        A1      The Shaweez             No One To Love Me
        A2      The Jewels              Keep Your Feet On The Floor
        A3      The Dukes               Teardrop Eyes
        A4      The Sharp Tones         Made To Love
        A5      The Mellow Drops        I Want Your Love
        A6      The Bees                Darling Please
        A7      The Kidds (Pelicans)    Are You Forgetting Me
        B1      The Spiders             You Played The Part
        B2      The Barons              My Secret
        B3      The Pelicans            Chimes
        B4      The Hawks               He's The Fat Man
        B5      The Jewels              Please Return
        B6      The Five Keys           Red Sails In The Sunset
        B7      The Jivers (Centars)    Ray Pearl
LM      95004   V / A : URBAN BLUES VOL.2-NEW ORLEANS BOUNCE            LP        .1969

        A1      Fats Domino             Help Me
        A2      Fats Domino             I've Got Eyes For You
        A3      Fats Domino             Stay Away
        A4      Smiley Lewis            Slide Me Down
        A5      Smiley Lewis            It's So Peaceful
        A6      Smilin' Joe             ABC's Parts 1 & 2
        B1      Archibald               Shake Baby Shake
        B2      Archibald               Soon As I Go Home
        B3      Little Sonny            Goin' Back To The Country
        B4      Fats Matthews           I'm Thankful
        B5      Joe Turner With Fats Domino : Lucille
        B6      Wee Willie Wayne        Travelin' Mood
        B7      Amos Milburn            Chicken Shack Boogie

LP      Liberty         LBL 83227       1969    UK      mono
LM      94005   V / A : RHYTHM'N'BLUES VOL.2-SWEET N' GREASY            LP        .1969

        A1      Shades                  Dear Lori               2:45
        A2      Shades                  One Touch Of Heaven     2:28
        A3      Pelicans                Miss Lucy               2:04
        A4      Pelicans                Down In Mexico          2:11
        A5      Sha-Weeze               You Made Me Love You    2:18
        A6      Sha-Weeze               Feeling Sad             2:15
        A7      Savoys : Hopin' For Your Return #4              1:45
        B1      The Jewels              No Shoulder To Cry On   2:05
        B2      Fidelitones             Is It Too Late          2:24
        B3      Crystals                I Love My Baby          2:16
        B4      Crystals                I Do Believe            2:20
        B5      Robins                  Around About Midnight   2:43
        B6      Avalons                 I Miss You              2:52
        B7      Avalons                 Love Me                 2:04

LP      Liberty         LBL 83328       1969    UK      mono
LM      94006   V / A : RURAL BLUES VOL.3-DOWN HOME STOMP               LP        .1970

        A1      Papa Lightfoot          Jump The Boogie         2:20
        A2      Papa Lightfoot          Mean Ol Train           2:30
        A3      Boogie Bill Webb        Boogie                  2:35
        A4      Boogie Bill Webb        Bad Dog                 2:18
        A5      J.D. Edwards            Playboy Blues           2:50
        A6      J.D. Edwards            Hobo                    2:31
        A7      Lowell Fulsom           Stormin' And Rainin'    2:50
        B1      Roosevelt Sykes         Hush Oh Hush            2:47
        B2      Roosevelt Sykes         I'm Tired               2:26
        B3      Manny Nichols           No One To Love Me       2:43
        B4      Country Jim             Sad And Lonely          2:26
        B5      Country Jim             Good Lookin' Woman      2:26
        B6      Little Son Jackson      Rock & Rollin' #2       2:43
        B7      Little Son Jackson      Sad Letter Blues        2:20

LP      Liberty         LBL 83329       1969    UK      mono
LM      94007   V / A                   GOSPEL MUSIC VOL.1              LP        .1970

        A1      Glory, Glory Hallelujah                         2:24
        A2      End Of My Journey                               2:49
        A3      My Life Is In His Hands                         2:24
        A4      This Is My Prayer                               2:52
        A5      Seek And Ye Shall Find                          2:42
        A6      Pearl Harbor, Parts 1 & 2                       5:05
        B1      Jesus Prays For You And Me                      2:05
        B2      Life's Journey                                  3:21
        B3      His Eye Is On The Sparrow                       2:45
        B4      One Day                                         2:47
        B5      Soldier In The Army Of The Lord                 2:46
        B6      Why I Like Roosevelt, Parts 1 & 2               6:39

stereo   - mono

LP-12001 - LP-9057
LP-12002 - LP-9058
LP-12003 - LP-9007 
LP-12004 - LP-9051
LP-12005 - LP-9052
LP-12006 - LP-9053
LP-12007 - LP-9059
LP-12008 - Not Released
LP-12009 - LP-9066
LP-12010 - LP-9067
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LP-12031 - Not Released
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LP-12038 - LP-9094
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LP-12046 - LP-9108
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LP-12049 - LP-9111
LP-12050 - LP-9112
LP-12051 - LP-9113
LP-12052 - LP-9114
LP-12053 - LP-9115
LP-12054 - LP-9117
LP-12055 - LP-9118
LP-12056 - LP-9119
LP-12057 - LP-9120
LP-12058 - LP-9121
LP-12059 - LP-9122
LP-12060 - LP-9123
LP-12061 - LP-9124
LP-12062 - LP-9125
LP-12063 - LP-9126
LP-12064 - LP-9107
LP-12065 - LP-9128
LP-12066 - LP-9127
LP-12067 - LP-9133
LP-12068 - LP-9132
LP-12069 - LP-9150
LP-12070 - LP-9147
LP-12071 - LP-9152
LP-12072 - LP-9151
LP-12073 - LP-9153
LP-12074 - LP-9154
LP-12075 - LP-9161
LP-12076 - LP-9162
LP-12077 - LP-9163
LP-12078 - LP-9165 
LP-12079 - LP-9166
LP-12080 - LP-9159
LP-12081 - LP-9157
LP-12082 - LP-9167
LP-12083 - LP-9168
LP-12084 - LP-9169
LP-12085 - Not Released
LP-12086 - Not Released
LP-12087 - LP-9172
LP-12088 - LP-9054
LP-12089 - LP-9136
LP-12090 - LP-9061
LP-12091 - LP-9062
LP-12092 - Not Released
LP-12093 - Not Released
LP-12094 - Not Released
LP-12095 - Not Released
LP-12096 - Not Released
LP-12097 - Not Released
LP-12098 - Not Released
LP-12099 - Not Released
LP-12100 - LP-9003
LP-12101 - Not Released
LP-12102 - LP-9102
LP-12103 - LP-9103
LP-12104 - LP-9026
LP-12105 - LP-9056
LP-12106 - LP-9064