Immediate was the brainchild of former Rolling Stones Manager , Andrew
Loog Oldham  and publicist Tony Calder  , and released singles  by the
Small  Faces  ("Itchycoo  Park"  ,  "Lazy  Sunday")  ,  Chris  Farlowe
(the  Jagger/Richards composition  "Out Of  Time") ,  Amen Corner  "If
Paradise Was Half As Nice") and the  McCoys , who gave the label first
hit with "Hang  On Sloopy" . Other top Immediate  acts included Nice ,
Nico  (whose  recordings  featured  Jimmy  Page  in sessioneer mode) ,
P.P.Arnold , Mike  D'Abo , Turtles , Strangeloves  , Fleetwood Mac and
Humble Pie


IM  001  THE MCCOYS       Hang On Sloopy                       08.1965
                          I Can't Believe It
IM  002  5 TH AVENUE      Bells Of Rhymney                     08.1965
                          Just Like Anyone Would Do
IM  003  NICO             I'm Not Sayin'                       08.1965
                          The Last Mile
IM  004  GREGORY PHILLIPS Down In The Boondock                 08.1965
                          That's The One
IM  005  MASTERMINDS      She Belongs To Me                    08.1965
                          Taken My Love
IM  006  POETS            Call Again                           10.1965
                          Some Things I Can't Forget
IM  007  STRANGELOVES     Cara - Lin                           10.1965
                          Roll On Mississippi
IM  008  VAL LENTON       Gotta Get Away                       10.1965
                          You Don't Care
IM  009  FACTOTUMS        In My Lovely Room / Run In The Green 10.1965
                          And Tangerine Flaked Forest
IM  010  GOLDEN APPLES OF THE SUN : Money Time                 10.1965
                          Chocolate Rolls , Tea And Monopoly
IM  011  BARBARA LYNN     You Can't Buy Me Love                10.1965
                          That's What A Friend Will Do
IM  012  JOHN MAYALL'S BLUESBREAKERS : I'm Your Witch Doctor   10.1965
                          Telephone Blues
IM  013  GLYN JOHNS       Mary Anne                            11.1965
                          Like Grains Of Yellow Sand
IM  014  MICK SOFTLEY     I'm So Confused                      11.1965
                          She's My Girl
IM  015  MOCKINGBIRDS     You Stole My Heart                   09.1965
                          Skit Skat
IM  016  CHRIS FARLOWE    The Fool                             09.1965
                          Treat Her Good
IM  017  JOEY VINE        Down And Out                         10.1965
                          The Out Of Towner
IM  018  JIMMY TARBUCK    Someday                              10.1965
                          Wastin' Time
IM  019  VARIATIONS       The Man With All The Toys            10.1965
                          She Will Know I'm Sorry
IM  020  LES FLEUR DE LYS Moondreams                           11.1965
                          Wait For Me
IM  021  THE MCCOYS       Fever                                11.1965
IM  022  FACTOTUMS        You're So Good To Me                 01.1966
                          Can't Go Home Anymore
IM  023  CHRIS FARLOWE    Think                                01.1966
                          Don't Just Look At Me
IM  024  POETS            Baby Don't You Do It                 02.1966
                          I'll Come Home
IM  025  CHARLES DICKENS  So Much In Love                      02.1966
                          Our Soul Brothers
IM  026  GOLDIE           Goin' Back                           02.1966
IM  027  TONY RIVERS & THE CASTAWAYS : Girl Don't Tell Me      02.1966
                          Girl From Salt Lake City
IM  028  THE MCCOYS       Don't Worry Mother , Your Son's Is   10.1966
                          Pure / Ko - Ko
IM  029  THE MCCOYS       Up And Down                          02.1966
                          If You Tell A Lie
IM  030  LONDON WAITS     Softly Softly (BBC TV Theme)         03.1966
                          Serenadio (Italian Serenede)
IM  031  TURTLES          You Baby                             03.1966
                          Wanderin' Kind
IM  032  LES FLEUR DE LYS Cyrcles                              04.1966
                          So Come On
IM  033  TWICE AS MUCH    Sittin' On A Fence                   06.1966
                          Baby I Want You
IM  034  THE MCCOYS       Runaway                              06.1966
                          Come On Let's Go
IM  035  CHRIS FARLOWE    Out Of Time                          06.1966
                          Baby Make It Soon
IM  036  TWICE AS MUCH    Step Out Of Line                     09.1966
IM  037  THE MCCOYS       (You Make Me Feel) So Good           09.1966
                          Everyday I Have To Cry
IM  038  CHRIS FARLOWE    Ride On Baby                         10.1966
IM  039  TWICE AS MUCH    True Story                           11.1966
                          You're So Good For Me
IM  040  P.P. ARNOLD      Everythings Gonna Be All Right       12.1966
                          Life Is But Nothin'
IM  041  CHRIS FARLOWE    My Way Of Giving                     01.1967
                          You're So Good To Me
IM  042  TWICE AS MUCH    Crystal Ball                         04.1967
                          Why Can't They All Go And Leave Me Alone
IM  043  APOSTOLIC INTERVENTION : (Tell Me) Have You Ever      04.1967
                          Seen Me / Madame Garcia
IM  044  NICKY SCOTT      Big City                             06.1967
                          Everythings Gonna Be All Right
IM  045  NICKY SCOTT      Back Street Girl                     01.1967
                          Chain Reaction
IM  046  THE MCCOYS       I Got To Go Back                     01.1967
IM  047  P.P. ARNOLD      First Cut Is The Deepest             04.1967
                          Speak To Me
IM  048  MORT SHUMAN 4    Monday Monday                        06.1967
                          Little Children
IM  049  CHRIS FARLOWE    Yesterday's Papers                   05.1967
                          Life Is But Nothing
IM  050  SMALL FACES      Here Comes The Night                 06.1967
                          Talk You To
IM  051  re-release of IM 012                                  06.1967

IM  052  MARQUIS OF KENSINGTON : Changing Of The Guard         06.1967
IM  053  MURRAY HEAD      She Was Perfection                   06.1967
                          Secondhand Monday
IM  054  AUSTRALIAN PLAYBOYS : Black Sheep R.I.P.              06.1967
IM  055  P.P. ARNOLD      Time Has Come                        07.1967
                          If You See What I Mean
IM  056  CHRIS FARLOWE    Moanin'                              07.1967
                          What Have I Been Doing
IM  057  SMALL FACES      Itchycoo Park                        08.1967
                          I'm Only Dreaming
IM  058  WARM SOUND       Stick And Stones                     07.1967
IM  059  NICE             Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack         11.1967
                          Angel Of Death
IM  060  ROD STEWART      Little Miss Understood               03.1968
                          So Much To Say
IM  061  P.P. ARNOLD      (If I Think You're) Groovy           01.1968
                          Though It Hurts Me Badly
IM  062  SMALL FACES      Tin Soldier                          11.1967
                          I Feel Much Better
IM  063  BILLY NICHOLS    Would You Believe                    01.1968
                          Daytime Girl
IM  064  SMALL FACES      Lazy Sunday                          04.1968
                          Rollin' Over
IM  065  CHRIS FARLOWE    Handbags And Gladrags                11.1967
                          Everyone Makes A Mistake
IM  066  CHRIS FARLOWE    The Last Goodbye                     04.1968
         C.FARLOWE & THE THUNDERBIRDS:Paperman Fly In The Sky
IM  067  P.P. ARNOLD      Angel Of The Morning                 06.1968
                          Life Is But Nothing
IM  068  NICE             America 2nd Amendment                06.1968
                          Diamond Hard Apples Of The Moon
IM  069  SMALL FACES      The Universal                        06.1968
                          Donkey Rides A Penny A Glass
IM  070  DUNCAN BROWNE    On The Bombsite                      07.1968
                          Alfred Bell
IM  071  CHRIS FARLOWE    Paint It Black                       07.1968
                          I Just Need Your Lovin'
IM  072  NICE             Brandenburger                        11.1968
                          Happy Friends
IM  073  AMEN CORNER      (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice        01.1969
                          Hey Hey Girl
IM  074  CHRIS FARLOWE & THE THUNDERBIRDS : Dawn               11.1968
                          April Was The Mouth
IM  075  MICHAEL D'ABO    Gulliver's Travels Part 1            02.1969
                          Gulliver's Travels Part 2
IM  076  THE MCCOYS       Hang On Sloopy                       02.1969
                          This Is Where We Came In
IM  077  SMALL FACES      Afterglow Of Your Love               03.1969
                          Wham Bam Thank You Man
IM  078  CHRIS FARLOWE    Out Of Time                          03.1969
                          Ride On Baby
IM  079  P.P. ARNOLD      First Cut Is The Deepest             03.1969
                          Time Has Come
IM  080  FLEETWOOD MAC    Man Of The World                     04.1969
         / Somebodys   Gonna  Get   Their  Head  Kicked Tonight
         (Note : B-side by Earl Vince & The Valiants)
IM  081  AMEN CORNER      Hello Susie                          06.1969
                          Evil Mans Gonna Win
IM  082  HUMBLE PIE       Natural Born Boogie                  08.1969
                          Wrist Job
         (Note : also available with A-side listed as "Natural
         Born Woman")
IM  083  unissued
IM  084  AMEN CORNER      Get Back                             11.1969
                          Farewell To The Real Magnificent Seven

IMEP 001 CHRIS FARLOWE    IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR EP              11.1966
                          In The Midnight Hour
                          Mr. Pitiful
                          (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
                          Who Can I Turn To
IMEP 002 THE MCCOYS       HITS VOLUME 1                        11.1966
                          Hang On Sloopy
                          You Make Me Feel So Good
                          Up And Down
IMEP 003 THE MCCOYS       HITS VOLUME 2                        11.1966
                          Don't Worry Mother , Your Sons Heart Is Pure
                          Come On Let's Go
IMEP 004 CHRIS FARLOWE    HITS VOLUME 1                        11.1966
                          Out Of Time
                          Ride On Baby

IMMDIATE Records subsidiary labels :

REVOLUTION label : singles distributed by Immediate

REV  001 OWEN GREY & MAXIMUM BREED : Sitting In The Park       03.1969
         PETE HUNT & MAXIMUM BREED : You've Got It
REV  002 JIMMY SCOTT : Ob-La-Di , Ob-La-Da Story Part 1 Allulo 12.1968
                       Ob-La-Di , Ob-La-Da Story Part 2 Doh

INSTANT label    : singles distributed by Immediate

IM   001 OUTER LIMITS     Great Train Robbery                  09.1968
                          Sweet Freedom
IM   002 THE EXCELSIOR SPRING : Happy Miranda                  12.1968
IM   003 EDDIE THORNTON OUTFIT : Baby Be My Girl               01.1969
         SONNY BURKE OUTFIT : All Of You
IM   004 COPPERFIELD      Any Old Time (You're Lonely And Sad)
                          I'm No Good For Her
IM   005 TWINKLE          Micky                                07.1969
                          Darby And Joan

INSTANT label    : albums distributed by Immediate

INLP 001 Recorded Highlights : European Cup Final 1968 (Live)  08.1968
         (Note : extremly rare , price cca. 1000 GBP !)
INLP 002 TONITE LET'S MAKE LOVE IN LONDON                      11.1968
         (Note : film soundtrack , very rare , cca. 100 GBP)
INLP 003 V / A : GULLIVER'S TRAVELS - A Musical Journey        01.1969
         Inspired By Swift's Story
         (Note : withdrawn)
INLP 004 SAMSON           Are You Samson                       08.1969
         (Note : wihtdrawn)

I M M E D I A T E ALBUMS discography

mono  stereo

IMLP         001  THE MCCOYS       Hang On Sloopy              01.1966

Hang On Sloopy /  Fever / If You Tell A Lie /  I Don't Mind / Stubborn
Kind Of Fellow /  I Can't Help Fallin' In Love /  All I Really Want To
Do  / Papa's  Got A  Brand New  Bag /  I Can't  Explain It / High Heel
Sneakers / Stormy Monday Blues
Line up  :  Rick "Derringer" Zehringer  (gt.,vo.)
            Randy Zehringer             (drums)
            Randy Hobbs                 (bass)
            Bobby Paterson              (keyb)
            Bob Feldman,Jerry Goldstein,Richard Gottehrer (producents)
IMLP         002  SAM COOKE        THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF      01.1966

Wonderful World / Desire Me / Summertime / Almost In Your Arms /That's
Heaven To Me / No One //// With You / Blue Moon / Stealing Kisses /
You Were Made For Me / There I've Said It Again

(Note : orig.on Keen Rec. LP 8 6106 , 1960)
                                   Pop Symphony

There's A Place / Rag Doll / I Got You Babe / We Can Work It Out /
Play With Fire / Mother's Little Helper / In The Midnight Hour / Take
It Or Leave It / Sittin' On A Fence / I Don't Want To Go On Without
IMLP  IMSP   004  MARK MURPHY      Who Can I Turn To           03.1966

Who Can I Turned To ? (When Nobody Needs Me) / I Wanna Be Around /
That's What Makes A Girl / Cotton Fields / A Wonderful Day Like Today
/ You'd Better Love Me //// There Is A Time (Le Temps) / My Kind Of
Girl / This Train / Star Sounds / In Love For The Very First Time /
Talk To Me Baby
IMLP  IMSP   005  CHRIS FARLOWE    14 Things To Think About    04.1966

Think / My  Colouring Book / Lipstick Traces /  Summertime / That's No
Big Thing / Don't Play That Song / Looking For You / It's All Over Now
Baby  Blue /  I Just  Don't Know   What To  Do With  Myself /  Rockin'
Pneumonia  / Why  Don't You  Change Your  Ways /  My Girl  Josephine /
Yesterday / Don't Just Look At Me
IMLP  IMSP   006  CHRIS FARLOWE    The Art Of Chris Farlowe    11.1966

What Became Of The Broken Hearted /  We're Doing Fine / Paint It Black
/ Cuttin' In / Open  The Door To Your Heart / North  South East West /
You're So Good For Me / Out Of  Time / I'm Free / I've Been Loving You
Too Long / Life Is But Nothing / It Was Easier To Hurt Her / Reach Out
I'll Be There / Ride On Baby
IMLP  IMSP   007  TWICE AS MUCH    Own Up                      12.1966

I Have A Love / Help / Is This  I Get For Loving You Baby / Night Time
Girl / Life Is But Nothing / The Spinning Wheel / Happy Times / Sha La
La La Lee / We Can Work It Out /  As Tears Go By / The Time Is Right /
The Summer's Ending / Play With Fire / Why Can't They All Go And Leave
Me Alone
Line up  :   David Skinner     (vo)
             Andrew Rose       (vo)
    Plus :   Joe Moretti       (gt.)     Jim Sullivan       (gt.)
             John McLauglin    (gt.)     Jimmy Page         (gt.)
             Andy White        (drums)   Eric Ford          (bass)
             Alan Weighhall    (bass)    Art Greenslade     (keyb.)
             Nicky Hopkins     (pn.)     Red Weller         (percs.)
             Eric Allen        (percs.)  Alan Hakin         (percs.)
             Andrew Loog Oldham (production)
IMLP  IMSP   008  SMALL FACES      Small Faces                 06.1967

(tell  Me) Have  You Ever  Seen Me  / Something  I Want  To Tell You /
Feeling Lonely /  Happy Boys Happy / Things Are  Going To Get Better /
My Way  Of Giving /  Green Circles  /  Become Like You  / Get Yourself
Together / All Our Yesterdays / Talk To You / Show Me The Way / Up The
Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire / Eddie's Dreaming
Line up  :  Steve Marriott    (vo.,gt.,prod.)
            Ronnie Lane       (bass,vo.,prod.)
            Ian McLagan       (org.,vo.)
            Kenny Jones       (drums)
      IMCP   009  BILLY NICHOLS    WOULD YOU BELIEVE           05.1967

Would You Believe / Come Again / Life Is Short / Feeling Easy /
Daytime Girl / Daytime Girl (Coda) //// London Social Degree /
Portobello Road / Question Mark / Being Happy / Girl From New York /
It Brings Me Down

Note : only 100 promo copies were released before Immediate hit crash
       problems and the album was never officialy released. It became
       a legend among fans of UK psych-pop)
      IMCP   010  CHRIS FARLOWE    Best Of Chris Farlowe Vol.1 05.1968

Satisfaction / The Last Goodbye / Mr.  Pitiful / Life Is But Nothing /
What Have I  Been Doing / I'm Free  / In The Midnight Hour  / Everyone
Makes A  Mistake / You're So  Good For Me /  Who Can I Turn  To / What
Becomes Of The Broken Hearted / Ride On Baby
IMLP  IMSP   011  P.P. ARNOLD      First Lady Of Immediate     05.1968

(If You Think You're) Groovy /  Something Beautiful Happened / Born To
Be Together  / Am I  Still Dreaming /  Though It Hurts  Me Badly / The
First Cut  Is A Deepest  / Everything Is  Gonna Be Alright  / Treat Me
Like A Lady / Would You Believe / Life Is But Nothing / Speak To Me /
The Time Has Come
Line up :    P.P.Arnold  (vo.)
Production : Andrew Loog Oldham
             Mick Jagger
             Mike Hurst
IMLP  IMSP   012  SMALL FACES      Ogden's Nut Gone Flake      06.1968

Ogdens  Nut Gone  Flake /  I Can't   Make It  / Green  Cricless /  The
Universal / Wide Eyed Girl / Here  Comes The Nice / Lazy Sunday / Just
Passing / Wham Bam Thank You Mam /  My Way Og Giving / Afterglow / Tin
Line up  :  same as IMLP / IMSP  008
      IMCP   013  TWICE AS MUCH    That's All                  06.1968

Sitting On A Fence / Hey Girl / Listen / You're So Good For Me / Green
Circles /  Medley : Life  Is But  Nothing  Happy Times -  Do You Wanna
Dance / True Story / Simplified /  Step Out Of Line / You'll Never Get
To Heaven / Crystal Ball / Coldest Night Of The Year
Line up  :  David Skinner    (vo.)
            Andrew Rose      (vo.)
            Twice As Much / Andrew Loog Oldham (production)
IMLP  IMSP   014  various artist   Blues Anytime Vol. 1        04.1968

        A.   JOHN MAYAL & THE BLUESBREAKERS : I'm Your Witchdoctor
             ERIC CLAPTON       Snake Drive
             TONY T.S.MCPHEE    Ain't Gonna Cry No More
             SAVOY BROWN BLUES BAND : I Tried
             ERIC CLAPTON       Tribute To Elmore
             JO ANN KELLY       I Feel So Good
        B.   JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS : Telephone Blues
             TONY T.S.MCPHEE    You Don't Love Me
             ERIC CLAPTON       West Coast Idea
             JO ANN KELLY       Ain't Seen No Whiskey
             STONE'S MASONRY    Flapjacks
             SAVOY BROWN BLUES BAND : Cold Blooded Woman

      IMCP   015  various artist   Blues Anytime Vol. 2        06.1968

        A.   JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS : On Top Of The World
             T.S.MCPHEE         Someone To Love Me
             SAVOY BROWN BLUES BAND : Can't Quit You Baby
             ERIC CLAPTON & JIMMY PAGE : Dragging My Tail
             DHARMA BLUES BAND  Dealing With The Devil
             JEREMY SPENCER     Who's Knocking At Your Door
        B.   ERIC CLAPTON & JIMMY PAGE : Freight Loader
             JEREMY SPENCER     Look Down At My Woman
             DHARMA BLUES BAND  Roll 'Em Pete
             ERIC CLAPTON & JIMMY PAGE : Choker
             SAVOY BROWN BLUES BAND : True Blue
             T.S.MCPHEE : When You Got A Good Friend
IMLP  IMSP   016  NICE  :   Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack       06.1968

Flower King Of  Flies / The Thoughts Of Emerlist  Davjack / Bonnie K./
Rondo / War And Peace / Tantalising Maggie / Dawn / The Cry Of Eugene
Line up : Keith Emerson    (pn.,org.,harps.,vo.)
          Brian Davidson   (drums,percs)
          Lee Jackson      (bass , gt.,vo.)
          Davy O'List      (gt.,tpt.,flt.,vo.)
          Nice             (production)
IMLP  IMSP   017  P.P. ARNOLD      Kafunta                     10.1968
Letter  To Bill  / Kafunta  One /  God Only  Knows /  Eleanor Rigby  /
Yesterday / Angel Of The Morning / As Tears Go By / Kafunta Three / To
Love Somebody / Dream-in' / Kafunta Four / Welcome Home
Line up    : P.p.Arnold (vo)
Production : Andrew Loog Oldham
IMLP  IMSP   018  DUNCAN BROWNE    Give Me Take You            10.1968

Dwarf In A  Tree / The Ghost Walks  / Walking You Pt.1 /  Chice In The
Garden / Walking  You Pt.2 / On The  Bombsite / I Was ,  You Weren't /
Gabilan / Alfred Bell / The Death Of Eil
Line up: Duncan Browne        (gt.,vo.)
         Andrew Loog Oldham   (prod.)
IMLP         019  various artist   Blues Anytime Vol. 3        11.1968

        A.   CYRIL DAVIEs & THE ALL STARS : Someday Baby
             THE ALL STARS FT.JEFF BECK : Steelin'
             THE ALL STARS FT.JIMMY PAGE : LA Breakdown
             THE ALL STARS FT.JEFF BECK : Chuckles
             THE ALL STARS FT.JIMMY PAGE : Down In The Boots
             THE ALL STARS FT.NICKY HOPKINS : Piano Shuffle
        B.   ERIC CLAPTON & JIMMY PAGE : Miles Road
             SANTA BARBARA MACHINE HEAD : Porcupine Juice
             SANTA BARBARA MACHINE HEAD : Albert
             SANTA BARBARA MACHINE HEAD : Rubber Monkey
             STUFF SMITH        Howlin' For My Darling
      IMSP   020  NICE             Ars Longa Vita Brevis       12.1968

Daddy  Where  Did  I  Come  From  /  Little  Arabella / Happy Freuds /
Intermezzo From The Karelio Suite /  Don Edito El Gruva / Symphony For
Group And Orchestra
Line up :Keith Emerson   (keyb.)
         Brian Davidson  (drums)
         Lee Jackson     (bass)
         Nice            (production)
IMLP  IMSP   021  CHRIS FARLOWE    The Last Goodbye            05.1969

The Last Goodbye / Think / In The Midnight Hour / Mr.Pitful / (ICan't
Get No)  Satisfaction / Who Can  I Turn To /  You're So Good For  Me /
Dawn / Looking For  You / It Was Easier To Hurt  Her / Don't Just Look
At Me / April  Was The Month / Handbags And Gladrags  / Life Is But No
IMLP  IMSP   022  SMALL FACES      In Memoriam                 06.1969

Small Faces Live / Rollin Over /  If I Were A Carpenter / Every Little
Bit  Hurts /  All Or  Nothing /  Tin Soldier  / Collibosher  / Call It
Something Nice / Red Balloon / Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall / The Autumn
IMLP  IMSP   023  AMEN CORNER      The National Welsh Coast    06.1969
                                   Live Explosion Company
Introduction /  Mac Arthur Park /  Baby Do The Philly  Dog / You're My
Girl / Shake A Tail Feather / So Fine / Our Love Is The Pocket / Penny
Lane / High In The Sky / Gin House / Bend Me Shape Me / Half As Nice
Line up: Andy Fairweather-Low (vo.,prod.)      Neil Jones      (gt)
         Clive Taylor         (bass,pn.)       John Weaver     (keyb)
         Allan Jones          (sax)            Mike Smith      (sax)
         Dennis Byron         (drums)          Shel Talmy      (prod)
IMLP         024  various artist   Blues Leftovers Vol. 4      07.1969

        A.   ALBERT LEE & T.COLTON : The Next Milestone
             EARL VINCE & THE VALIANTS : Somebody's Gonna Get Their...
             DAVE KELLY         New Death Matter
             JO ANN KELLY       Back Water Blues
             ROD STEWART        So Much To Say
             DAVE KELLY         Married Woman Blues
        B.   ALBERT LEE & PAUL WILLIAMS : Water On My Fire
             JO ANN KELLY       Keep Your Hands Out Of My Pockets
             DAVE KELLY         Alabama Woman
             ALBERT LEE         Crosstown Link
             DAVE KELLY         All Night Long
             SIMON & STEVE      Down And Dirty
IMLP  IMSP   025  HUMBLE PIE       As Safe As Yesterday Is     07.1969

Desperation / Stick Shift / Buttermilk  Boy / Growing Closer / As Safe
As Yesterday Is /  Bang / Alabama 69 / I'll Go  Alone / A Nitty Little
Number Like You / What You Will
Line up  :  Steve Marriott     (gt.,vo.)
            Peter Frampton     (gt.,vo.)
            Jerry Shirley      (drums)
            Greg Ridley        (bass)
IMLP  IMSP   026  NICE             The Nice                    08.1969

Arzael revisited /  Hang On To A Dream  / Diary Of An Empty  Day / For
Example / Rondo / She Belongs To Me
Line up : same as IMSP 020
IMLP  IMSP   027  HUMBLE PIE       Town And Country            12.1969

Take Me Back /  The Sad Bag Of Shakey Jake / The  Light Of Love / Cold
Lady / Down Home Again / Ollie Ollie / Every Mothers Son / Heartbeat /
Only You Can Say / Silver Tongue / Home And Away
Line up  :  same as IMLP/IMSP 025
IMLP  IMSP   028  AMEN CORNER      Farewell  To  The  Real     12.1969
                                   Magnificent Seven
Lady Riga / Hello Susie / Proud  Marie / At Last I've Found Someone To
Love /  Scream And Scream  Again / Sanitation  / Mr. Monchalant  / The
Weight / (If Paradise Is) Half As  Nice / Welcome To The Club / Recess
/ When We Make Love / Things Ain't What They Used To Be / Get Back
Line Up: same as IMLP 023
IMAL  01/02  SMALL FACES           The Autumn Stone       2 LP 12.1969

Here Comes The Nice / The Autumn  Stone / Collibosher / All Or Nothing
/ Red Balloon / Lazy  Sunday / Rollin' Over / If I  Were A Carpenter /
Every Little Bit Hurts / My Mind's  Eye / Tin Soldier / Just Passing /
Call It Something  Nice / I Can't Make  It / Afterglow Of Your  Love /
Sha La  La La Lee /  The Universal / Itchycoo  Park / Hey Girl  / Wide
Eyed Girl /  On The Wall / Watcha  Gonna Do About It /  Wham Bam Thank
You Mam
Line up  :  steve Marriott    (vo.,gt.)
            Kenny Jones       (drums)
            Ian McLagan       (org.)
            Ronnie Lane       (bass)
IMAL  03/04  various : Anthology Of British Blues Vol.1   2 LP 12.1969

(Note : IMLP 014 & IMLP 015)
IMAL  05/06  various : Anthology Of British Blues Vol.2   2 LP 12.1969

(Note : IMLP 019 & IMLP 024)
IMLYIM    1  various : Immediate Lets You In                   03.1969
             SMALL FACES : Afterglow
             CHRIS FARLOWE : Handbags & Gladrags
             JOHN MAYALL : Telephone Blues
             ERIC CLAPTON/JIMMY PAGE : Draggin' My Tail
             NICE : Rondo / Happy Freuds
             CYRIL DAVIES : Someday Baby
             P.P.ARNOLD : God Only Knows
             DUNCAN BROWNE : Death Of Neil

IMLYIN    2  various : Happy To Be Part Of The Industry Of     12.1969
                       Human Happiness

        A.   AMEN CORNER        So Fine
             FLEETWOOD MAC      Man Of The World
             ALBERT LEE         Water On My Fire
             CLAPTON/PAGE       Tribute To Elmore
             HUMBLE PIE         Alabama '69
        B.   HUMBLE PIE         Cold Lady
             NICE               Hang On To A Dream
             MAYALL/BLUESBREAKERS : On Top Of The World (w.Clapton)
             AMEN CORNER        Recess
             SMALL FACES        Lazy Sunday
AS        1  SMALL FACES           Small Faces                   .1967
             (Note : one-sided promo only , sampler for "Small
             Faces" album)
AS        2  THE NICE : The Album Sampler / The Thoughts Of      .1968
             Emerlist Davjack
             (Note : one-sided promo onlu sampler)
AS        3  AMEN CORNER           So Fine                       .1969
             (Note : one-sided promo only  for "The National
             West Coast Live Explosion Company" ; sampler)
AS        4  THE NICE : She Belongs To Me / She Belongs To Me    .1969
             (Note : 33 RPM single , sampler for "The Nice")

           (Note : Immediate US - only single)