ICE MACHINE                             CANADA

Canadian electro imprint Suction Records.

Distr.  : CA -
          UK - Norman/Bleep/
Style   : post punk / minimal wave /

iMACH   001     CERAMIC HELLO           THE ABSENCE OF A CANARY         LP      04.2020

        A1.     The Diesquad
        A2.     Ex / Im
        A3.     Climatic Nouveaux
        A4.     Conversation Between Units
        A5.     Geometry
        A6.     StatiCarnival
        B1.     Symphony Of Shudders
        B2.     A Grey Man
        B3.     Footsteps In The Fog
        B4.     Ringing In The Sane
        B5.     Trio
        B6.     Gestures
        B7.     Little Tune (Warlike)
        B8.     Dig That Crazy Beat

Reissue LP on Ice Machine housed in a recreation of the original silver jacket,
with an insert/poster + 4-page-lyric-sheet and equipment list.
For all you out there who like a bit of vintage Canadian minimal synth music then
check out this re-issue of Ceramic Hello's 1981 era opus entitled The Absence of
a Canary.  It's one of those legendary records with a back story to die for  - this
early day synth-pop was half made by Brett Wickens who went onto work with Peter
Saville helping to create record sleeves for Joy Division and New Order amongst
iMACH   002     CERAMIC HELLO           CLIMATIC NOUVEAU                7"      05.2020

        1       Climatic Nouveaux
        2       Theatre Matrix

Ice Machine, a sub-label of the Canadian electro imprint Suction Records, focuses
on old-school wave/post-punk sounds. It continues its Ceramic Hello reissue series
with the very first ever reissue of their 1980 7" debut, 'Climatic Nouveaux'.
iMACH   003     ANALYTICA               ANALYTICA                       LP      03.2020

        1.      Soft Power
        2.      Blackwing
        3.      Submission
        4.      Counterfeit
        5.      Midnight
        6.      Reason Man
        7.      King Lobster
        8.      Floodland
        9.      Warships
        10.     Little Tiger Cats
        11.     Oblivion

(Note : LP , edition of 500. Housed in a reverse-board jacket)
iMACH   004     STEPHEN MALLINDER       POW WOW                         2LP     06.2020
iMACH   004 CD  STEPHEN MALLINDER       POW WOW                         CD      06.2020

        1.      Cool Down (edit)
        2.      The Devil In Me
        3 .     0-58
        4.      Pow-Wow
        5.      Three Piece Swing
        6.      1-20
        7.      1-37
        8.      In Smoke
        9.      1-59
        10.     Length Of Time
        11.     Going Out
        12.     Del Sol
        13.     Temperature Drop
        14.     Cool Down

2LP     Comes in a reverse board sleeve with poster insert.
CD      Comes in a reverse board 6-panel digipak.

2-11 from the Pow-Wow LP on Fetish Records, 1982.

13-14 from the Temperature Drop / Cool Down 12” on Fetish Records, 1981.

12 from the Fetish Records compilation The Last Testament, 1983.

1 edit from the Pow-Wow Plus LP on Fetish Records (Japanese pressing), 1984.

A deluxe, expanded re-issue on vinyl for Pow Wow, the debut solo album from Cabaret
Voltaire member Stephen Mallinder. Originally released in 1982, it’s an essential
look at one of the people behind one of Britain’s most icon(oclast)ic bands
- particularly as Mallinder wouldn’t release any more solo material until 2019!
Vinyl edition includes 12”x24” folded poster/insert, featuring unused elements from
sleeve designer Neville Brody’s artwork.