IMC                                     Rotterdam
***                                     NETHERLANDS

Distr.  : NE Clear Spot/Shiny Beast
Style   : jazz / free jazz /

IMC     1       MARK RITSEMA'S ROXY JAZZ MUSIC : S/T                    LP      11.2018

The first release on the Rotterdam-based label IMC Records is a live album by Mark
Ritsema's Roxy Jazz Music consisting of five free and jazzy interpretations of songs
by British artrock band Roxy Music. Recorded end 2017 in Rotown, Rotterdam and mixed
by Reinier Rietveld (De Staat, The Kik, Spasmodique). Featuring Mark Ritsema
(Spasmodique, Cobraz, Raskolnikov) and renowned jazz musicians Eddy Nielsen, Frans
Blanker and Friso van Wijck.