*******************                     Unit 5, Cobden Chambers
                                        Pelham Street
                                        Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 2ED


Distr.  : UK - Norman/Action/
Style   : indie /

Based in Nottingham, Iím Not From London promote events, gigs, parties and festivals,
run two record labels and are also a registered music publisher.

INFL    021     SEAS OF MIRTH : HARK! THE HEADLAND APPROACHETH          CD        .2016

        1       The Curse of the Conniving Lighthouse Sniper
        2       Hark! the Headland Approacheth
        3       Mutiny
        4       Esmeralda
        5       Bamboozled by Booze
        6       It's Raining, Men
        7       Salt Man
        8       Sulphur Bottom Lament (Plankton Song)
        9       Brandywine
        10      The Curse of the Dreaded Devil's Triangle
        11      Apocacalypso
INFL    023     CHAMBERS                SIDTER DOOM                     DL
INFL    025 VR  ARROWS OF LOVE : 'PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack To The       LP      01.2018
                Impending Societal Collapse
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
INFL    025 VRC ARROWS OF LOVE : 'PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack To The       LP      01.2018
                Impending Societal Collapse
                (Note : LP , indies only white vinyl)
INFL    025 CD  ARROWS OF LOVE : 'PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack To The       CD      01.2018
                Impending Societal Collapse

        01      Theme Tune To A Japanese B-Movie Horror
        02      Signal
        03      Predictable
        04      Desire
        05      Tidal
        06      Beast
        07      Toad
        08      Come With Me
        09      Parts That Make The (W)hole
        10      We Are Machine
        11      Restless Feeling

Arrows Of Love, the 5-piece led by co-writers Nima and Nuha, resemble more of a
collective than a band, having collaborated onstage with musicians from Flamingods
to Bo Ningen, Ulrika Spacek to Wolf Alice, and even a performance from newly-acclaimed
LA director Eva Doloveska.
INFL    027     CHAMBERS                DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE            DL      04.2017
INFL    028     ARROWS OF LOVE          SIGNAL                          DL      06.2017
INFL    028     ARROWS OF LOVE          DESIRE                          DL      07.2017