I OWN YOU RECORDS                       Nottingham
*****************                       UK

Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : punk / noise / 

OWN     0001    WHITE FINGER : 18 MINUTES UNDER SNEINTON                CS      11.2014
OWN     0002    RATTLE                  RATTLE EP                       7"      11.2014
OWN     0003    TURKSIB                 BRONNT INDUSTRIES KAPITAL       LP      02.2018
OWN     0003    TURKSIB                 BRONNT INDUSTRIES KAPITAL       CD      02.2018

'Turksib is the 4th long player from Bristol-based producer and multi-instrumentalist
Guy Bartell, AKA Bronnt Industries Kapital. The album marks Bronnt’s first full length
release since 2009’s Hard For Justice (released on Berlin’s Get Physical Records),
praised as a “pumped up and muscle-shirted Eurodisco epic” by The Wire.
OWN     010 LP  BRONNT INDUSTRIES KAPITAL : ARSENAL                     LP      06.2019

        A01     There Was A War 
        A02     Oh, A Mother Had Three Sons 
        A03     I Will Become An Engine Operator 
        A04     Who 
        A05     Dreadnought Maria 
        A06     Tymish Marshes 
        B07     Arsenal 
        B08     Let Us Start Working! 
        B08     Kiev Qui Dort 
        B09     Petliura Wounded Me With A Bullet 
        B10     Vilna Ukrainia 
        B11     Where Is The Husband, Where Is The Son

British multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell returns with his fifth LP under his BRONNT
OWN     012 LP  MOSCOW YOUTH CULT       BRUTALIST                       LP      10.2018
OWN     012 CD  MOSCOW YOUTH CULT       BRUTALIST                       CD      10.2018

        1.      Beton Brut
        2.      Dream Console
        3.      Lux
        4.      Build V1.0
        5.      Crawl
        6.      Blood In The Concrete
        7.      Less Hiker I
        8.      Low Vision
        9.      Makes Never Myth
        10.     Build 2.0
        11.     Frustum
        12.     Beyond The Black Veil
        13.     Build V3.0
        14.     Hospice
        15.     A Body Hung On The Bellrope