Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/
Style   : sound art / experimental /

HR      1       DRUNK ELK               DRUNK ELK                       LP      11.2017

In 2007, the Australian trio Drunk Elk recorded a singular self-titled cassette for
Sean Bailey's Inverted Crux label. Despite limited release, the album circulated
through the freakier channels of the international underground via bootlegs, private
downloads, and whispered praise. While Drunk Elk has since spawned a string of equally
powerful releases, this first album remains exceptional. It is a snapshot of the band
in embryo, exuding the kind of vulnerability only achieved when nobody else is
HR      2       RUSSIAN TSARLAG         GEL STATIONS PAST               LP      11.2017

'Gel Stations Past' brings together tracks from three shadowy self-released cassettes
by Russian Tsarlag: 'Decrepit Gas Station', 'Living In The Past' and 'Dipped In Gel'.
Dubbed in minimal quantities and cloistered for private worship, much of Russian
Tsarlag's recent output remains hard to find. Each of these albums dispersed instantly
among friends and fanatics and receded into legend.
HR      3       GOLDEN TEACHER          G.D.D.E.                        LP      03.2018

Golden Teacher was born in early 2012, when members Ollie, Laurie, Rich, Sam, Cassie,
and Charlie gathered at Glasgow's legendary Green Door Studios and packed 7 cassettes
with raw, rhythmic improvisations. These instrumental sessions, dubbed 'Green Door
Disco Band' (or 'G.D.D.B.'), were a covert prologue to the band's infectious and
hallucinatory dance music. Originally issued via cassette on Golden Teacher's own
Akashic Records, this vinyl edition compiles G.D.D.B.'s most commanding moments for
an explosive re-introduction to the band's emergent boogie.