HOMINID SOUNDS                          London
**************                          Greater London


Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : noise / alternative / stoner / math rock / punk / hardcore /
          sludge metal / art rock /

HOS     001 LP  MELTING HAND            HIGHCOLLIDER                    LP      11.2016

        1.      Drug Cop
        2.      Carcel De Ibiza
        3.      Highcollider
        4.      Chemical Deadline
        5.      Slug Race

(Note : LP is on 140g Black Vinyl in 350gsm DW Rev Board sleeve)

Melting Hand are a psych dirge supergroup 4 piece from Newcastle, London and France.
Black hole feed-backer twin lead guitar freakouts from Russell Smith (ex skullflower
and current member of Terminal Cheesecake) and Mike Vest (current member of BONG, Blown
Out, 11Paranoias). Suspended in the heavy cosmos by sonic basslines from Gordon Smith
(Current member of Terminal Cheesecake and Luminous Bodies) with total concussion tempo
from Tom Fug (Gum Takes Tooth).
HOS     002     WE WILD BLOOD           HOW ABOUT NEVER?                CD      06.2016

        A1      Haunt Yourself                                  4:08
        A2      Primrose Road To Hell                           3:33
        B1      Lets Party                                      4:11
        B2      Red Mist Rising                                 4:48
        B3      The Murky Night World Of The Unconscious        3:03
                (Note : cassette , 50 copies)
HOS     003 LP  CASUAL NUN              SUPER FANCY SKELETON            LP      11.2016

        1.      Green Tea
        2.      Keizoku Wa Chikara Nari
        3.      UUU
        4.      Sacrifice

(Note : LP is on 140g Black Vinyl in 350gsm DW Rev Board sleeve)

Casual Nun are members of Throne, Dethscalator, and Kooba Tercu who came together to
make a sound akin to blending the sonic freakouts of Ash Ra Tempel or Amon Duul with
90ís Japanese noise like Up-Tight or Ohkami No Jikan. Super Fancy Skeleton was recorded
in a few hours at Wayne Adamís Bear Bites Horse studio in Haggerston, East London in
December 2015.
HOS     004     MARK DICKER             FROG EGGS                       CS      07.2016

        A1      Confusing Neutrino Message / Grandmother Dead
                Funeral Wednesday                               6:05
        A2      Tower Of Babel Of Hypotheses                    6:11
        A3      A Pinch Of Amanita                              3:13
        B1      Frog Eggs! Frog Eggs!                           2:58
        B2      Neutrino Fanfare                                7:08
                (Note : cassette , 50 copies)
HOS     005     DEATH PEDALS            MEAT HOUSE                      LP+DLc  11.2016

        D1      Nil By Mouth/Kronk
        D2      Vicious Cycles
        D3      The Sharps Cut Right
        D4      Straight 8's
        P1      Good Dog Pt.1
        P2      Good Dog Pt.2 (Stu's Jazz Odyssey)
        P3      Bad Class
        P4      L.O.W
        P5      Count Of None
        P6      Egon Seymour Hoskins
                (Note : LP/140 g. , ??? black/100 transp.-yellow copies)
HOS     006     CATTLE                  NATURE'S CHAMPION               LP      12.2016

        A1      Tankin' The Piss                                4:37
        A2      Caring                                          3:07
        A3      Acrylic                                         4:19
        A4      Fears And Hestitations                          4:07
        B5      Found In A Tract Of Land                        5:20
        B6      Red, Again                                      3:14
        B7      Moon Crawl                                      6:04
HOS     007     MISTER LIZARD           MISTER LIZARD EP                7"      06.2017
HOS     008     LUSH WORKER             REALMS                          CS      10.2016

        A1      Mild Exorcism                                   6:54
        A2      Surgical Xenocide                               5:52
        A3      Void Fuel                                       10:10
        B1      Lethal Purple                                   6:45
        B2      Out System                                      5:10
HOS     009
HOS     010 LP  USA NAILS               SHAME SPIRAL                    LP+DLc  06.2017

        1       What Is The Price?
        2       Interchangeable Sister
        3       Does Format Matter?
        4       Celebrity Carpet
        5       I Give In
        6       Play It Again Johnny
        7       Prepare Prepare
        8       The Robots
        9       University Home
        10      Eisbaer
                (Note : LP/140 g. , 300 copies)

London based noise-punks USA Nails release their third album. It's been a busy 18
months for USA Nails as they've toured Europe, recorded and released a 7" for Too
Pure Singles Club and have even been played on the actual radio.
HOS     011     BAD GUYS                NO MORE MR. BAD GUY             CDR     01.2017
                (Note : CDr , 26 copies)
HOS     011     BAD GUYS                NO MORE MR. BAD GUY             CS      01.2017

A.      1       Ekranoplan                                      06:01
        2       Boiled Head                                     06:55
        3       Dickhead For Love                               03:25
B.      4       Cordyceps                                       06:03
        5       Weed Money                                      04:20

HOS     013     SLY & THE FAMILY DRONE/DEAD NEANDERTHALS Molar Wrench   LP      07.2017

UK-based purveyors of noise Sly & The Family Drone and Dutch/British free jazz unit
Dead Neanderthals form the ultimate tag-team of the murky European underground.
Expect disgusting noise rock of titanic proportions, ready to pound the muck out of
your ears and the pus out of your eyes. 140 gram transparent blue vinyl; Edition of
300 copies.
HOS     014 LP  BRUXA MARIA/CASUAL NUN : SPLIT                          LP+DLc  03.2018

        1       Bruxa Maria, It's All In The DNA
        2       Bruxa Maria, Rise
        3       Bruxa Maria, People Die In Revolutions
        4       Casual Nun, The Sweet Hereafter
        5       Casual Nun, Easy Now, Cowboy
        6       Casual Nun, Sherry Bell
        7       Casual Nun, Crane In The Water

(Note : 140g black vinyl LP on Hominid Sounds. Edition of 250 copies. Photos by Jose

Collaborative release from hardcore brutalists Bruxa Maria and stoner-metal group
Casual Nun.


HOS     017 LP  DEATH PEDALS            DEATH PEDALS                    LP+DLc  03.2018

Death Pedals have been a must see live band and fixture of the London DIY scene since
around 2010. They've announced that they will be calling time on the band in 2018.
To round off their busiest year yet in 2017, they found the time to record their third
and final album Death Pedals. The recording of the last release, their third album
embraces a more experimental approach than their previous albums. The results are
a continuation of the raw noise punk of Meat House (HOSO 005LP, 2016) whilst also
bringing in new influences, an almost complete departure from any previous work.
With nods to Shellac, Slint, Blacklisters, and Meat Wave, Death Pedals have built on
their rock 'n' roll foundations. Heavyweight cardboard; Includes download code;
Edition of 250.