HOLY F MUSIC                            UK

Distr.  : UK - Norman/Bleep/
          US / Forced Exposure/
Style   : indie / alternative /

HF      001 LP  HOLY FUCK               DELETER                         LP      01.2020
HF      001 CD  HOLY FUCK               DELETER                         CD      01.2020

        1)      Luxe (ft Alexis Taylor)
        2)      Deleters (ft Angus Andrew)
        3)      Endless
        4)      Free Gloss (ft Nicholas Allbrook)
        5)      Moment
        6)      Near Mint
        7)      No Error
        8)      San Sebastian
        9)      Ruby 10

Deleter is the fifth album by Canadian Electronica band with the naughty name, Holy
Fuck.The album goes from reletively minimal sounds to rapturous crescendo via
krautrockís motorik beats to deep house. Features guest performances from Hot Chipís
Alexis Taylor, Angus Andrew of Liars and Nick Allbrook from Aussie band Pond.