Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : r&b / blues /

HCR     1       V / A : EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK COL.1                     LP      03.2016

        A1.     Harum Scarums           Come On In (Ain't Nobody Here But Me)
        A2.     Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band : You Rascal You
        A3.     Bobby Leecan's Need-More Band : Wash-board Cut Out
        A4.     Bumble Bee Slim         Greasy Greens
        A5.     Memphis Night Hawks     Come On In, Baby
        A6.     Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom : You Got That Stuff
        A7.     Jack Kelly & His South Memphis Jug Band : Highway No. 61 Blues No. 2
        B1.     Boodle-It Wiggins       Keep A Knockin' An You Can't Get it
        B2.     Henry Brown             Stomp 'Em Down To The Bricks
        B3.     Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley : Every Day In The Week Blues
        B4.     Lucille Hogan           Pot Hound Blues
        B5.     Cannon's Jug Stompers : Viola Lee Blues
        B6.     Nelson's Paramount Serenaders : Nelson Blues
        B7.     Pinetop & Lindberg      4-11-44

First release on the Dutch Hidden Charms Records label. This LP merely brings together
a group of damn fine jazz and blues recordings that make for a musically diverse and
interesting listening experience. The 14 superb songs presented were recorded between
1927-1933 and feature the cream of the crop of Barrelhouse Piano, Country Blues, Jug
Bands, Hokum Groups, Hot Jazz Orchestras and Medicine Show Songsters. Yes people, all
the good stuff!!! Many of the more obscure tracks featured are hard to find on any
other format, and will surely be a new discovery for many listeners. All recordings
areculled from original and rare 78rpm records. Includes a 12 page/A4 booklet with
liner notes by Alex Van Der Tuuk, who did some special research and found some
interesting new facts about the artists. Alex also wrote for 'Blues & Rhythm', '78
Quarterly' 'Frog's Blues & Jazz Annual' and many CD notes. 
HCR     2       V / A : EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK COL.2                     2LP     03.2016

        A1.     Charlie Lincoln         Country Breakdown
        A2.     The Two Poor Boys       Take A Look At That Baby
        A3.     Mae Glover              Shake It Daddy
        A4.     Sam Morgan's Jazz Band : Short Dress Gal
        A5.     Chicken Wilson Skeeter Hinton : Myrtle Avenue Stomp
        A6.     James Cole's Washboard Four : Sweet Lizzie
        A7.     Jabo Williams           Pratt City Blues
        B1.     Dallas String Band      So Tired
        B2.     Johnnie Head            Fare Thee Blues  Part 1
        B3.     Willie Baker            Rag Baby
        B4.     Henry Son Sims          Be True Be True Blues
        B5.     Teddy Darby             Built Right On The Ground
        B6.     Buddy Moss              Hard Times Blues
        B7.     Johnson Nelson Porkchop : In The Mornin'

        C1.     Perry & His Stomp Band : Ash Can Stomp
        C2.     Dixie Four              Kentucky Stomp
        C3.     Tub Jug Washboard Band : San
        C4.     King David's Jug Band : Tear It Down
        C5.     Blythe & Burton         Dustin' The Keys
        C6.     Sylvester Palmer        Do It Sloppy
        C7.     Bee Turner              Rough Treatin' Daddy
        D1.     Johnny Temple           The Evil Devil Blues
        D2.     Marshall Owens          Try Me One More Time
        D3.     Buddy Boy Hawkins       Voice Throwin' Blues
        D4.     Daniels & Torrance      I'm Goin' To Tell God How You Doin'
        D5.     Slim Duckett & Pig Norwood : I Want To Go Where Jesus Is
        D6.     Stump Johnson (As Snitcher Roberts) : Snitcher's Blues
        D7.     Willie Jackson          Long Time Men

The second volume of the 'Every Day In The Week' series once again contains many fine
jazz and blues recordings, taken from rare 78rpm records. This set offers a truly
diverse and interesting listening experience. The full-colour booklet features liner
notes by Alex Van Der Tuuk (co-producer of the two Paramount boxsets on Third Man
Records). The original 78s used for this compilation come from the Hidden Charms
collection, but also from well-known 78rpm collectors Pete Whelan (publisher of 78
Quarterly), filmmaker Terry Zwigoff ('Crumb', 'Ghostworld' and 'Bad Santa') and Sherwin
Dunner of Yazoo Records. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.
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