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          US - Forced Exposure
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HT      9001
HT      9002    INDIAN PUDDIN' & PIPE   INDIAN PUDDIN' & PIPE           CD      11.2017

        01      Morning Delight                                 05:03
        02      A Penny                                         03:44
        03      Shadowlarks                                     09:55
        04      Mr. Blue                                        06:43
        05      Spirit                                          11:28
        06      Planetary Road                                  04:45
        07      It's Not Good                                   04:15
        08      Beyond This Place                               02:32
        09      Hashish                                         03:02
        10      Water Or Wine                                   03:39

Indian Puddin' & Pipe emerged from the Pacific Northwest in 1966, as West Coast
Natural Gas. That familiar name would soon be erased by mogul Matthew Katz in favor
of Indian Puddin' & Pipe for his Fifth Pipedream Volume One production venture in
1968. When the band split up shortly after, they were revived by Pat Craig and
Steve Mack to return to Coast Recorders for one final session in 1969. Hiatus
present the entire recorded legacy of one of San Francisco's finest underground
bands from the 1960s psychedelic era. For a band that was cruelly denied proper
recognition at the time, they have since become an integral part of Bay Area music
HT      9003 CD ELECTRIC SANDWICH       ELECTRIC SANDWICH               CD      11.2017

        01      China                                           08:11
        02      Devil's Dream                                   06:23
        03      Nervous Creek                                   05:06
        04      It's No Use to Run                              04:06
        05      I Want You                                      05:31
        06      Archie's Blues                                  04:58
        07      Material Darkness                               05:06
        08      On My Mind                                      03:27
        09      China (Single Version)                          03:07

Hiatus present a reissue of Electric Sandwich's self-titled album, originally released
in 1972. Bonn, Germany, the birthplace of not only Ludwig van Beethoven, but Arktis,
Satin Whale, and Electric Sandwich. The stature of progressive rock or what we term
as "krautrock" is not widely considered to be quite as tall as the classical giants,
but Jochen Carthaus, Jörg Ohlert, Klaus Lormann, and Wolf Fabian made their own
impressive and historic niche in 1972 with the release of their eponymous self-titled
album for Hamburg's progressive outlet: Brain Records. Includes two bonus tracks;
professionally re-mastered from original sound recordings; Includes interviews,
background liners, and rare archival photographs.
HT      9004 CD MOUNTAIN ASH BAND       THE HERMIT                      CD      12.2017

Hiatus presents a reissue of Mountain Ash Band's The Hermit, originally released in
1976. Emanating from the curious urban landscape of the west midlands in the early
1970s, the Mountain Ash Band emerged in the midst of a sustained interest in folk
music. Cambridge-born writer Colin Cripps led the band up to the beautiful moors of
Ilkley in Yorkshire, providing an idyllic backdrop for their concept album The Hermit
in 1975. Cripps's network of friends from the Coventry arts scene would prove vital in
bringing the album to fruition, but wouldn't be able to envisage its continuing infl.
and its hefty price tag decades later. Hiatus present their 1976 classic album here
with previously unreleased material, restorative audio remastering, interviews,
background liners, and rare archival memorabilia.
HT      9005    NARNIA                  ASLAN IS NOT A TAME LION        CD      12.2017

Hiatus present a reissue of Narnia's Aslan Is Not A Tame Lion, originally released
in 1974. Narnia's acid folk masterpiece from 1974 remains one of progressive rock's
most inspired and enchanting rarities. Narnia emerged from the Christian rock scene
with bands such as Parchment, merging their faith with a modern rock format. Pauline
Filby and an early incarnation of After The Fire were both established names in their
own right, but joined forces in 1974 to record this classic album. Playing alongside
acts such as Blodwyn Pig, Budgie, and Savoy Brown, Narnia were about to take evangelist
Britain through a major shift and Aslan Is Not A Tame Lion is an incredible testament
to this chapter in both Christian music and British acid folk rock. Includes five bonus
tracks from Pauline Filby's 1969 solo album Show Me A Rainbow, including the rare
single cut "I'm Hungry". Professionally remastered; Includes background liners and
rare archival memorabilia.