Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/Norman/
Style   : grime / FWD /

HTS     001     EAST MAN : STOP FLAPPING YOUR GUMS VOL.1                12"     09.2018

        1.      Twilight
        2.      Future Tek
        3.      Nose Bleed
        4.      Mash Head
HTS     002     EAST MAN AND WALTON     HORSE MOUTH/GUNSHOT             12"     06.2019

        A1.     East Man & Walton - Horse Mouth
        B1.     East Man & Walton - Gunshot

East Man (Anthoney Hart) kicked off Hi Tek Sounds back in 2018 with his own Stop
Flapping Your Gums EP. The label’s second drops sees Hart back in East Man mode and
mixing it with Eski-techno specialist Walton. Their collaboration yields expected
results - both ‘Horse Mouth’ and ‘Gunshot’ are po-faced soundsystem bangers full of
snatched hypeman vocals, ‘Pulse X’ bass beats and rumbling sub.